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  1. Doesn`t seem to be active here like it used to be. 

  2. I know i`ve been gone for quite a bit but wow so much has changed here.


    1. Westwind


      *chuckles* Folks always want to change things once in awhile.  Nice to see ya 'round!

  3. Bah life let me be, I want to sit on the internets all day

    1. Rogamark


      I had one of these days myself today, I hear you :(

  4. Allready got Mill to set it up for the updates. What type of area do you guys want for this? Really we can just place most of the lectures in the auditorim, with some non lecture threads in the main uni area.
  5. Forgot to slip on last night, makeing up time

  6. Kinzvlle

    University forum requests

    The unis rebuilding. When you admins have time I have a few sugestoins of how to make all my subfourms look neater. some of these may be leaving or changing we shall see. Depends on what dierectoin I want to take. For now: Put the clubs under the auditorium subfourm Put specie projects under the study hall. I`ll talk with Ham and Huts on the upcoming event and get back to you and threads for that if we need any. Mainly what the auditoriums for but still want to talk with the home office incase Hut has another of his famous good ideas. I`ll get back to you.
  7. *wears fancy dean hat* Sounds good to me! Might want to see if we can get a few more last mintue lectures but if not we should be fine, I hope. West would be good being that at this point he`s a walking history book but he`s said lectures aren`t his style before IRC. Mabye try and get some people who have varying POV to other lectures, to add some flare spice, and well draw more people in. Wider pool if you will. Also what lectures and such do we have planned so far? I skimmed the post but it`s midnight, soo.
  8. Kinzvlle

    This or That?

    Snuffly noise, less loud then coughing mostly, and I tend to get mini coughing fits and people start to notice and just....no no coughing. *ahem* toothache or headache?
  9. Kinzvlle

    This or That?

    Blue best color ever! Even my name is blue! Buying goods with money or the barter system?
  10. MAKE SURE TO WEAR HARD HATS IN A CONSTRUCTION ZONE! With my return I wlll begin changes somethings in the uni. Right now this is just a notice but later on this thread will be used to announce changes and plans.
  11. (I`ve been slacking on my times dutys, but wanted you guys to see this) [big][big]"Back to School" for NS Universities? [/big][/big] FEATURE | KINZVLLE Are NationStates Universities a "dying breed"? Kinzville considers possible causes of their decline... Earlier this year I became the dean of Equilism University. When I first arrived in Equilism, I was engulfed in the sheer wonderment of the university. The dean at the time had worked tremendously hard before classes ended and the whole institution grinned to a halt. The same phenomenon repeated itself again when all of the teachers, besides my Assistant Dean, failed to accomplish anything with their courses. Granted, this is partly because I started right before the dreaded "summer hole". However, I reckon this is not the only factor playing a role in the decline in the University, 1. Real life: This is all a game. Real life comes first, surely, in all matters. Sadly when it comes to something like teaching a course, this can take time that many simply do not possess. Between typing documents, researching, editing, and teaching a class is no "lunch break" feat. Make no mistake: I am in no way blaming professors, just merely identifying real life as a key factor. 2. Losing interest: At one time or another, we are all guilty of doing this . In fact, the more you do something the less dopamine intake you get from that activity (brain fact). While losing interest halfway is by no means not a sin, it is a problem for the University. While a student losing interest is normally not a huge issue, a teacher is a whole new can of worms. Especially, if you are using the "class system" which Equilism uses, where any truancy by professors leaves a class stranded with no teacher. 3. Focus on the wrong subjects: Courses on World War II or the culture of Finland are amazing and fascinating, but they should not be the focus of a NS University. The last term the university was active, all of the courses were Non NS based (with the exception of Role Playing 101). We have to remember this is NationStates, the school ought to train new (and veteran) members in the fields of fancy and interest in regards to the actual gameplay sphere. 4. Necessity: As dean, I did attempt to get classes restarted but there was one snag... they weren't seen as necessary, and really are they? Most military training is done internally for good reason, same with Foreign Affairs and Diplomacy. With countless guides available on a range of subjects, I had to wonder if these classes really were needed... We at the Equilism University are considering new arrangements, while those at the Europeia University are already transitioning from ongoing classes to pre-made courses with detailed guides. With this method, all the materials and information are provided, but can be worked on at a student's own pace and, since it is all to be presented as a finished project rather than post-by-post, a teacher's departure does not affect the overall system as much. Of course, as with every system, there are flaws. First, it takes quite a long time to, not only get a class prepared and refined, but for an entire class to be completed. With this preparation time, I have to wonder whether this process is any slower or faster than that of open classes? It varies but the benefits outweigh this, I believe. The biggest issue with guide-led classes, however, is that just reading a guide isn't always what is needed to learn! Hands-on, practical learning can be extremely critical. The East Pacific may have found a compromise, however, between Europeia and Equilism's education systems: a system based on guides, in addition to a number of Q&A sessions, and supervised practices. Regardless, there is still one more factor that help determines a university's survival. Are they relevant? As I stated earlier: with the way most subjects are taught there may not seem a pressing need for more training for these areas. Without that need what purpose does a university fill? This answer varies from region to region, topic to topic. Some fields like speech and debate fair better in a classroom than say immigration. Some regions would rather outsource training of ambassadors and such to public-run universities, while others still would view that as unsafe and prefer to keep it in house. Rounding back to the topic, are NS Universities a dying breed? Regardless of the ideal system, the pulse rate of an academic institution is tied to its relevance. Not just in terms of actual relevance, but also in term of the public's perception of their relevance. If players see a value in keeping these institutions afloat, investing their time in there and maybe even attending classes, then mark my words: there will life. Sadly most universities nowadays have not found that enthusiasm and their "pulse lines" slowly but surely flat-line. As with past universities, many do hold great potential, but they may never live to realize it. There are some regions where universities may still grow and prosper, but for the most part, "the university" as a institution has outlived its relevance.
  12. Kinzvlle

    This or That?

    I don`t like nether, nor bread but roast beef is better then turkey I suppose. E book or pyschil book?
  13. Kinzvlle

    The FUTURE!

    I wamt to see if the other region is willing before making anything official. Though I feel I should talk with Mill and the FA department, about it.
  14. *blows dust off of the deans desk and sees all these people in the schools courtyard* Huh, oh guess I came back in time. I like the ideas put forth so far. As for drawing farther from each NS feild and landscape we could talk with FA about posting about it in Embassy's and such. Get some people from toher regions and such.