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    - Ambassador's Report -

    I hadn't even thought about what kind of trouble you could get into with time free!
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    - Ambassador's Report -

    I thought I'd give your normal ambassador the week off of posting a report, so that I could visit all the regions during my third term. Report from Canada 2 January 2006 Prepared by Judith Gap Forum (171,131 posts) - Wiki - Webpage Population: 273 Delegate: Carbanousa (74 endorsements) Diplomatic Events Special Welcome to Fenure of The United Federation of PlanetsRegional Affairs: Special welcome to new member: Genevive.Governmental Affairs Recent Elections Results Prime Minister/Delegate: Carbanousa (passed vote of confidence) Minister of Regional Affairs: 4:20 Celebrants (acclaimed) Minister of Defence: Daemon (acclaimed) Minister of Justice: Parrrrtay (acclaimed) Minister of Foreign Affairs: Judith Gap (acclaimed) Minister of Beer and Doughnuts: NoFunNinjas Repeal of UN Resolution #48: Save the forests of the World. It is hoped that this resolution will be replaced with a stronger proposal.Random Quotes from Discussion Boards
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    - Ambassador's Report -

    I wanted the honor of reporting the last ambassadorial report of the year. Report from Canada 26 December 2005 Prepared by Judith Gap Forum (169,090 posts) - Wiki - Webpage Population: 283 Delegate: Carbanousa (74 endorsements) Diplomatic Events Cabinet voted against creating a formal diplomatic relationship with Gatesville at this time. Next week's report will be delayed so that election results can be posted.Regional Affairs: In sporting news, Canada6 continues to lead Canada's hockey league. The Nooterland Nets continue to lead Equilism's basketball league. Special welcome to new members: Romaniaa, Dawson City, Carlton Rebels, Lawrence of the Arabs, Majesto, and Omnipotent_One. Unexpected flurries began falling a day before Christmas and have yet to stop. No significant accumulation is expected, except for the area surrounding Equilism's embassy, which has been temporarily lost in a snow drift. We are working on a tunnel.Governmental Affairs Canada gave the newly elected Delegate/Prime Minister, Carbanousa, a VOTE OF CONFIDENCE to grant him administrative rights on the forum. Campaign threads have been leading to some interesting activities, including a variety of cheerleading activities and a beer and doughnut fight. Canada voted FOR a repeal of the UN proposal - Right to Divorce. Canada gave Interim Minister of Defence, Liarg, a VOTE OF CONFIDENCE to grant him the title and portfolio of Minister of Defence.OOC Happenings: Parrrrtay and Judith Gap opened a Kissing Booth a few weeks ago. Much kissing had occurred. I reckon if you want a kiss from either, we could probably drive the kiss-mobile to our embassy in your region! Kana da has this thing for FB (French-class Boy). Kana Da and FB sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G.... Crazygirl came back to visit Canada after having joined 1.5 years ago! Some people apparently ate ham and some didn't. There is no particular context for this news bulletin.Random Quotes from Discussion Boards [sic]
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    Canadian Embassy

    I wanted to drop by to wish everyone a merry Christmas, joyous Hanukka, and peaceful Solstice. I'm forgetting other holidays at this time of year but not intentionally.
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    Resignation of Checkers McDog

    During the past week, our Prime Ministress, Checkers McDog, made an announcement that came as a complete surprise to the region. I am quoting her message for you: Currently Canada is in the midst of discussions and realigning of endorsement figures to support the person who will be the next delegate. At present, Parrrrtay, Daemon, and Carbanousa have announced their intentions to run for the delegacy. A few other nations who do not participate on the regional discussion board would also appear to be running for the delegacy: Ishmiel, Meldrum, Jaldar, and Hougadouga. The current endorsement count is being updated each day by Daemon so that everyone can tell who seems to be seeking endorsement. With all of the new constitutional provisions that had been drafted in case of just this sort of emergency, we are confident that the region will select candidates that it supports. Consequently, the cabinet of Canada has not restrcited any member nation's ability to seek the delegacy. Since the election of the deleagte occurs entirely in the NS site, the off-site forum boards serve as a place for the all of the nations to discuss candidates and endorsing strategies. If I can answer any questions about this situation, please don't hesitate to ask me. Judith Gap Minister of Foreign Affairs, Canada
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    - Ambassador's Report -

    Actually, we've had a bit of a storm in Canada. We found your car. We're not sure where the embassy is now.
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    Caption Contest 16

    Honestly, I thought he was a swimming pool, and I was just diving in.
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    - Ambassador's Report -

    It's a fun report to write!
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    Word Association Game

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    Word Association Game

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    Word Association Game

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    Who Will Post Next?

    Surprise! (To quote my favorite Monty Python skit: "Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition...") Nooterland?
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    Canadian Embassy

    Heck, I'm moving into a new place. Can I answer incorrectly for roofing and bedding materials?
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    Ambassador's Report, July 11th, 2005

    Canada6 has been delayed in arriving, so I thought I'd send along this report. If you have questions or comments, I'd be happy to respond. Judith Gap ---------- Report from Canada July 11, 2005 Reported by Beaver-Country-Canada Forum - Wikipedia - Webpage Population: 311 Delegate: Checkers McDog (109 endorsements) Note from Canada During the past week, London suffered both a horrible human tragedy as well as a test of human endurance. Our best hopes go out to the citizens of London and Great Britain. May this tragedy be remembered and inspire us to strive for a more united global community. Regional Happenings: Election Results were posted. Although there were only two posts being fought over, these are the results: Minister of Regional Affairs - Daemon (acclaimed) Minister of Defence - Carbanousa (acclaimed) Minister of Justice - Parrrrtay Minister of Foreign Affairs - Judith Gap Minister of Doughnuts and Beer - Redundancies (acclaimed) and the Deputy Ministers include: Deputy Prime Minister - Almonaster Deputy Minister of Regional Affairs - Kana Da Deputy Minister of Defence - Liarg Deputy Minister of Justice - Hudson Bay Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs - Beaver Country Canada Deputy Minister of Doughnuts and Beer - Where Are The CBs Congratulations to all candidates who ran, the new Cabinet and their new deputies! Sparta Territories was given a warning about a series of comments he made about our Prime Ministress Checkers McDog.United Nations: Canada voted no to the Nuclear Armaments Resolution Canada voted no to the United Nations Security ActOOC Happenings:Our newest game, Stupid answer, stupid question was created! Give a stupid answer, get a stupid question!The Village was created! Come and take a look around our new Village, complete with Shay's Bella Riva, our girls and guys clubhouses, our new Canada Mall and our Shoreline Spot! We discussed gas prices in our relative areas.Quotes from the Brady Bunch