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    Albion's Gaming Tournament, August 2015 Click for higher Resolution. What's this? A Tournament? You heard that right! There's going to be a Tournament for Gaming, and anyone's welcome to join! The schedule is right there, starting on August the 29th and running until and after September the 13th. There will be prizes for certain games, which range from unique Elite:Dangerous skins to Beta Codes for Total War: Arena. Join in! And, check out the details below! If you're keen to join, add the username 'bert862' on Steam, or add bert.kk.callens on Skype! I've got no money / no games / my computer is terrible! What can I do? That's absolutely fine. We've made sure to include games that are free and either downloadable or online (in a web browser). I want to win! Which games have prizes?Civ 5 will have 1 Winner, for whomever achieves a victory first. The Competitive game will be played on Sunday the 6th of September, at 12AM GMT.Guns Of Icarus will have 1 Team Winner, for a random ship on the winning Team. Cooperative play will net bonus points! The Competitive Game will be played on Saturday the 12th of September, at 4PM GMT.Don't Starve will have 1 Winner - Whomever doesn't starve last. The Competitive game will be played on Saturday the 12th of September, at 8PM GMT.League Of Legends will have 3 winners - Teams need to let me know who's with who beforehand, and Competitive dates will be arranged.Dota 2 will have 3 winners - Teams need to let me know who's with who beforehand, and Competitive dates will be arranged.Team Fortress 2 will have 2 winners - those with the most kills at the end of a half an hour. The Competitive Game will be played on Saturday the 12th of September, at 11PM GMT.Go will have 1 Winner. The Competitive Tournament will be paced throughout the entire Tournament - for those who're interested in playing competitively, let me know through Steam or Skype.Cards Against Humanity will have 1 Winner. The Competitive game will be played on Saturday the 29th of August, at 6PM GMT.Elite: Dangerous will meet up on Saturday the 5th of September, at 2PM GMT. Those interested in winning a Unique Cobra Skin should arrive in an Eagle at Sagittarius A* Almad. Be ready for dogfighting! (Haha, not going to make you go to Sag A, not really. )Tiny tanks will have 1 Winner, and the competitive game with be on the 3rd of September, at 9PM GMT.Portal 2 will have 2 Winners, for whomever completes the first level of coop the quickest. Videos can be submitted at any time during the two weeks!XCOM: Enemy Unknown will have 1 Winner - The smartest commander. Anyone who'd like to compete, send me a message! The competitive games will be held on Tuesday the 1st, 9PM GMT.Altitude wil have two winners, for the MVP of both teams. The competitive game will be played onPlanetary Annihalation will have a single winner, whomever survives the last. The competitive game will be played on Sunday the 13th of September, at 6PM GMT.Which Games are free?Free Games: Town Of Salem, which is online!League Of Legends, We'll be using either the EUW Servers. Teams are 3 people.Dota 2, Teams are 3 people.Team Fortress 2, Teams are any number of people.Go, Online! a board game that's found a setting in Euro. Look below for more details!Cards against Humanity, Online.Tiny Tanks, another online game from Euro!Altitude, a personal favourite. Check below for Details!Town Of SalemLink to Game. Town of Salem is a browser-based game that challenges players on their ability to convincingly lie as well as detect when other players are lying. The game ranges from 7 to 15 players. These players are randomly divided into alignments - Town, Mafia, Serial Killers, Arsonists and Neutrals. If you are a Town member (the good guys) you must track down the Mafia and other villains before they kill you. The catch? You don't know who is a Town member and who is a villain. If you are an evil role, such as a Serial Killer, you secretly murder town members in the veil of night and try to avoid getting caught.Civilisation 5Civ 5 On Steam! It's a turn-based strategy game based around building up a selected society into a world power. In the Gaming Tournament, we'll have any number of players and whomever wins first will end the round! Depending on time, we may or may not play longer. For anyone who's into strategy, it's a great game.Guns Of IcarusSteam Link! Being stuck on an airship with a skeleton crew of strangers tasked with keeping it from being blown out of the sky makes Guns of Icarus Online one of the most thrilling multiplayer co-op experiences and also the most aggravating. On deck, everyone has a role to fill: someone has to steer the hulking bird, man its guns, and make repairs when things catch fire and go to hell. If anyone slacks off or performs their duties haphazardly, everyone dies. But despite some glitches and the occasional frustrations of wrangling inconsistent crewmates, there's a certain undeniable satisfaction that comes from surviving an intense battle with your ship held together by duct tape and chicken wire. In the Tournament, we'll have teams of 4 people per ship (Or less, if you want to risk using the AI!) and we'll balance teams at the time of gaming.Don't Starve (Together!)Steam Link! Don’t Starve Together is the sort of stern instruction that was once delivered by frowning parents to their newly married offspring as they set out to find a partner for life. Or at least, that's what RPS says.League Of LegendsWebsite! Simple, 3 v 3 matches. Make yourself a team, and welcome, Summoner.Dota 2Steam Link! "Dota 2 is simply a team game – a battle to destroy the other side’s ancient bonsai tree thing using a collection of weird and wonderful heroes and their combinations of skills. It’s resistant to new players, particularly those relatively new to PC gaming. It’s also incredibly time consuming to dig into. You can spend hours on Reddit watching discussions about different item builds unfurl. But if you stick with it you’ll find an incredibly rewarding game accompanied by a hugely creative community (the people who make items and run events, obv – not the fools who instapick Pudge and whine about having no wards despite there being FOUR OF THE DAMN THINGS ON THE MAP THIS VERY MOMENT)." - Taken from RockPaperShotgun.Age Of Empires 3 & Age Of MythologySteam Link for AOE 3 Steam Link for AOM If you enjoy real time strategy games, enjoy managing an economy, epic large battles, and don't like excessive micromanaging then this is the game for you. It offers brilliant combat with amazing scenery. The unit mapping is rather brilliant and the variety of maps keeps you constantly wanting to play more. We'll be playing with as many people as we can get, in a Free for All on a random map!Left 4 Dead 2Steam Link! I’d almost forgotten those moments. There’s only three of you still alive, the rescue helicopter is right there, in view, and you can’t move. One companion is pinned to the ground by a frenzied Hunter, another is barely alive, fallen from the path, trying to negotiate a route back, and you – you simply can’t move. There’s so many of the Infected surrounding you, pouring from over fences and climbing from a hole in the ground, swamping you, and no matter how many you kill more take their place. And the rescue boat is just there, you can almost touch it, and you can’t move. - Taken from RPS.Team Fortress 2Webpage! Steam Link! "Because I am a warrior, from the very beginning, and I have returned. Kill me and I will only gain the power of your strategy. Become my nemesis and incur my wrath. For when you least expect it… I will slap you to death with a fish and spank myself over your corpse. That is the way of the warrior." TF2! Most Gamers should know this - it's a legendary game, with legendary backing. We'll be playing all v all, and may the best team win!Go!Online Link! Go is an old Chinese board game, with simple rules but hard to master. Head over to the site and give it a shot, or ask someone from your region for help if you know others! If not, talk to me on Skype! I've got a few techniques to share.Cards Against HumanityOnline Link (May not always work)! Not even going to say what goes on in this game, but be warned - it's not for the faint hearted.Elite: DangerousSteam Link! I could talk for ages about this game. If you've got it, you'll know about the vastness of it, or what it even is. We'll hopefully meet up in Almad, maybe have a dogfight.Wargame: Airland BattleSteam Link! "1985. After several months of tension between NATO and the Warsaw Pact, an incident in the North Sea suddenly sets the world on fire, starting an all-out war. Command the entire military resources of the period, and plunge into the heart of a new dynamic campaign! With the arrival of air forces, select from a phenomenal array of 750 units (including tanks, planes, helicopters, and infantry) to build your army. Engage in spectacular battles with unmatched strategic depth, on huge battlefields as large as 150km², powered by a new graphics engine." - Store PageTiny TanksLink! Great game, not much to say. Try it!Portal 2Steam Link! Test subjects are woken from their enforced comas every few years, medical reasons, and so it is that Chell is awoken in a run-down, faded, eroding room by the frantic knocking on the door. It’s Wheatley, one of GLaDOS’s former personality cores, desperate to get your attention. He’s to be your guide, an occasional companion as you explore the derelict remains of the testing facilities, now overgrown with plants.XCOM: Enemy UnknownSteam Link! It works. It better than works. XCOM is muscular, tense, thoughtful, mutable turn-based strategy with the dramatic, explosive presentation of a contemporary all-action game. Also, the environments get unavoidably trashed on a grand-scale, in a fashion all too rarely seen in either strategy or action games: these are true battlegrounds. No matter how well you do in a mission, you’ll leave a bombsite behind you. Frankly, you’re probably doing more harm than good to the world.Payday 2Steam Link! "We were outside a jewellery store, on an easy mission plucked from the baffling server browser that I’ll be angry about in a bit. Owen was explaining how the heist would drop: he and Andy would take the back alley, kill the security guards and answer their pagers. I’d be out front with Emily, killing the two cops and taking out any the fleeing pedestrians who might report on us. Then we could grab the loot and escape. Nothing could go wrong, apart from all the bits that went wrong. But that’s the point." Taken from RPS!AltitudeLink! Steam Link! Take a look at the Tournament!Planetary AnnihalationSteam Link! "Colonize solar systems, annihilate homeworlds, and exterminate your foes in epic interplanetary battles with multiple players and thousands of units. Planetary Annihilation takes strategy gaming to a never-before-seen scale -- and gives players powerful tools to control the action. Blow up everything, anywhere; dominate with punishing spacecraft, robots, and other futuristic machines of war. Arm asteroids and send them on planet-destroying collision courses. And take over an entire galaxy in a dynamic single-player mode with procedurally generated content. Don’t just win, annihilate!" - Taken from Steam Store Page So don't forget to contact Sir Bert, our Knight Interior (his details are above) should you wish to join the fun. On behalf of the region, we look forward to seeing you on the gaming field! Yours, Albion
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    Mordor Dispatch #6

    Sorry about the little BBC issues in this.
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    Mordor Dispatch #6

    [small]Fines are forced to be paid in Mordor[/small] Mordor Forced to Pay $37,000,000 in Settlement for "Emotional Abuse"The region of Mordor was ordered to pay $37,000,000 to "Hector" following the culmination of the lawsuit Hector v. Hobbits. The case, which was delayed due to wrangling over the proper jurisdiction for the case to take place in, was marked by Hector breaking down in court, claiming that the "emotional abuse" that he suffered at the hands of the denizens of Mordor left him "scarred" and "having nightmares of Hobbits eating frosted cinnamon buns." Hector, who "just wanted to be a diplomat" even though he had been banned from the game, portrayed the Mordor leadership as "heartless and mean." Sauron tried to argue that Hector was victimizing himself, but the judge, Daniel Nelson of the Sixth Judicial District Court of Idaho, condemned the members of Mordor for their treatment of "poor Hector." The settlement included $36,999,997 in punitive damages and $3 for a new cinnamon bun. NationStates pundits believe that the settlement will really hurt Mordor's ability to buy telegram stamps in the future, but that they should still "have enough money for a few thousand." [small]Charax, Vladisvok and PhDre queue up to hand in their Nazgul ID Cards[/small] Nazgul drop like fliesIt's been an unprecedented time in Mordor's history this Nazgul term, with more than half of the regions Councillors failing to complete their tenure. The first to fall was Charax, who stepped aside due to RL circumstances meaning he would be unable to fulfil his duties. This was troubling for Intelligent Holograms, the White Wizard Saruman, who had caused controversy early into his term by attempting to wrest control of the Ulaires (Ministers) from the control of the Witch-King, against tradition. However Charax was swiftly replaced with West Dhaka, seen as a solid choice by many. As it turned out, Charax's resignation would not reflect too badly on IH after all. One of the Dark Lord's choices, PhDre, was anathematised following extended inactivity. This was swiftly followed by the resignation of Vladisvok, who departed saying that he had irresolvable problems with the way the region was run. Speculation occurred as to whether this was in any way related to the Treaty of Sandbox: an alliance between Spiritus and Mordor that caused turbulence between he and Charax, as well as much of the region's IRC community. This has not been confirmed or denied, however. PhDre was replaced by Majestas, a hot favourite for the post. She was elected Wormtongue Delegate two months prior, and had been hinting (and occasionally outright stating) that she desired a place on the council since she joined the region. Some were mystified at how she had managed to go without being elected or appointed before; none questioned the Dark Lord's judgement. [small]Aule uses his sinister powers to gain a place on the team[/small] The return of AulePerhaps the most shocking event of the entire month however, was the sudden return of Aule. Aule is the root administrator of Mordor and it's first White Wizard, but has not been seen in months. Then, unannounced and without warning, he began to post and participate as though he'd never been away. Sauron immediately provided Aule with a Nazgul role, which didn't come as much of a shock to anybody. It could be argued that Aule has shown himself to be reckless in power before, if you read our first dispatch you'll know he appointed himself to the Nazgul, sparking mass protest from the Denizens. How he fits in to his new role remains to be seen. https://encrypted-tbn2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQHc4ovC52IPf7I_SDHGbItgjchkHDtPHcEzp0f7p_ZO8YXAVbELQ [small]Majestas looks concerned as the state of Mordor's WA affairs becomes clear.[/small] The WA Bill Review CommitteeIn a bid to create some momentum in the WA affairs of Mordor, Wormtongue Majestas has brought into being the first ever 'WA Bill Review Committee' of the region. Under the guise of helping the Denizenry to write and pass their own WA legislation, enthusiasm for the cause has been somewhat lacking. It has not gone unnoticed that the creation of this Committee comes towards the end of the Wormtongue's electoral term, and that this sudden announcement could represent nothing more than a desperate attempt by the up-for-election Majestas to appear to have achieved some success in developing the WA elements of the region. Even more shocking is the suggestion of an attempt by Majestas to place the responsibility of WA affairs in the hands of others, and so further distance himself from the apathy that has plagued this important part of our region over the last months. All of this leaves the Denizenry with a great deal to consider in this Wormtongue election season, and an even greater deal for our esteemed Wormtongue to bite their nails about. [small]General Jahmurai assembling troops for the Dark Lord[/small] Forces of Mordor make their come-backNationStates must have noticed, the Forces of Mordor are flying their flags again during updates. In an effort to revitalise the ailing Forces of Mordor, the Dark Lord appointed Jahmurai to the rank of General with the task of inspiring a new wave of enthusiastic recruits. Already, denizens are signing up to aid Mordor in the noble quest of defending those whom cannot defend themselves. Easily picking up where they left off, the Forces of Mordor have started reclaiming lost territory in the Warzones. Those who would seek to keep the Warzones from the rightful ownership of Mordor be warned, the Eye is watching and our troops are always armed. Mordor offering help to other defenders Aside from the forays into the Warzones, Mordor still places an emphasis on defending helpless regions from raiders and liberating the taken ones. Since the rebirth of the Forces of Mordor, Mordor has had a hand in the liberation and support of many regions, including: Reaganomic Paradise, Anime city, Punjab and The Impact Federation. Mordor has offered to liaise with the defender organisations UDL and FRA in order to offer support when needed.
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    Still needing a sub-forum. Anyway, I tried to post the next update, but your forum really hates me.... Mordor update: June It says it all, we need a new amendment Legislative Validity Amendment A few short days ago, the Government of Mordor amended the constitution of Mordor to include the 'Procedures for Legislation' section. This amendment allows the constitution of Mordor to recognise Laws in the region. Laws may now be passed if the Nazgul are in agreement with one of the Two Towers of Mordor (Dark Lord and White Wizard) or the Two Towers may bypass the Nazgul and pass laws providing the they are both in agreement. The amendment also granted the Two Towers the ability to make 'proclamations' as long as these proclamations do not conflict with already existing law, treaty or the constitution. The Amendment also gives constitutional recognition to treaties. Perhaps most importantly this section defines each type of legislation to be passed and notes how each one is to be passed, along with the effect each one would have.Like so, Proclamations are subject to Treaties, which are subject to Law, which are subject to the constitution. [center][img=400,200]http://images.tribe.net/tribe/upload/photo/95d/42b/95d42b26-c81f-4fae-8902-c20ccfd04425[/img] [small]A denizen hoping to vote[/small][/center] [b] Election Procedure Amendment[/b] After a unanimous vote, the Nazgul officially sent another constitutional amendment off to the White Wizard and Dark Lord to receive a stamp of approval. This amendment specifies when each election is to be held so as to maximize the efficiency of the government and create an evenly distributed amount of elections throughout a year. In addition, this amendment puts restrictions upon how many seats and positions in Government on denizen may hold at a time, something Mordor has had problems with in the past. These problems were evident following the race for the Denizen elected seat on the Nazgul. This election saw both the Dark Lord and an already appointed Nazgul member try to secure the denizen chosen seat. This was not marked as approved until the 3rd of July due to the White Wizard overlooking the document in this office. [center][img]http://i904.photobucket.com/albums/ac242/ZetantheWizard/forum/Sauron.jpg[/img] [small]Sauron convincing his people to recruit.[/small][/center] [b]Recruitment Act[/b] Following the passing of the Legislative Validity Amendment, the White Wizard and Dark Lord have announced that they have come together to pass a new law, the Recruitment Act. This law requires that the members of the Nazgul must send fifty recruitment telegrams per week in order to combat the recent lull in new recruits to the region. Also included were the requirements that the Dark Lord and White Wizard send 100 recruitment telegrams per week and the Witch-King, 75. At the end of the week, the Nazgul, White Wizard and Witch-King were ordered to send their telegram reports to the Dark Lord for checking; if any party did not complete their mandatory recruitment, the offending individual may face severe consequences, being put on trial. The Dark Lord and White Wizard enacted this bill to combat the lack of recruitment in the region and they believed it would help to get the best out of their Government, they did not foresee that certain members of the Nazgul were so opposed to recruitingFrom the Nazguls point of view some have taken this in an insulting manner, noting other government branches have been exempted from involvement. To arguments that this requirement interferes with existing duties. An enormous argument erupted on the forums between the Witch-King and White Wizard as they debated the merits of having the current recruitment law in place. There have been loud cries for the Bill to be nullified which the Two Towers have ignored, stating that the Nazgul are well within their power to debate a new law to replace the current one whilst it remains in place. The issue of recruitment is not new in Mordor, many bills have been proposed over the last year and they are all being looked at as a potential successor to the current recruitment law. [center][img]https://encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTLBUi5VhbkTtyDh85UgeiTzBI3g3X47BO7NaE6fAKFBBjeT5Q2[/img] [small]A different sort of invasion[/small][/center] [b]Avatar Theme Week 4[/b] That's right folks, its back!. The Avatar Theme Week (ATW) has returned after a brief hiatus and its coming back with a bang! Declared on the 30th of June, the new theme is to be [u]Angels and Demons[/u]. Not only is it coming back, it is going to have a new twist. This time, the week will be divided into two halves. In the first half, nations are to suit their nation to their favorite superhero and defend why it is the best one. Then, in the latter house of the week, nations take on the opposite side of the spectrum, and expose to the NS world who their favorite villain is. It appears we are in for a super week! [center][img]https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRQ7Uux0qzmv658dxSE5f1hfgUfM6BlohUzpKfBRhvqjMKwb_Zd[/img] [small]Wormtongue watches the vote go south[/small][/center] [b]WA Affairs[/b] While there were a limited number of votes throughout this month, these are the standings of Mordor on several of the debates: [u]Outer Space Peace Act:[/u] 0-4 [u]Repeal "International Competition Law":[/u] 2-0 [u]Repeal "Freedom in Medical Research":[/u] 2-1 [center][img]http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20120227211428/lotr/images/1/1b/Armies_of_Sauron.png[/img] [small]Sauron's army charges into battle.[/small][/center] [b]Forces of Mordor[/b] It has been a quiet month for the Forces of Mordor, who have been given a temporary break from their back breaking work by the ever present and watchful leader, the Dark Lord Sauron. Despite this, however, the troops of Mordor have engaged in a number of restoration missions, of Killaz and Josesa, before aiding natives to refound Rhineland. We assisted our friends in TITO with a defence of Progcadia, before helping out in a spectacular defence of The True Rebirth, but sadly saw it fall in the next update. However, The Cosmos successfully took part in his first liberation expertly aiding FRA, Spiritus and UDL in a large scale liberation of The Global Revolutionary Workers Union. Warzone Australia was also returned to the rightful ownership of the Dark Lord, which has remained under the Dark Lords rule almost constant rule since January. The FOM are currently deployed in Osiris helping restore the legitimate government to power. If anyone doubts the power of the Forces of Mordor, where there is a whip, there is a way. [url] [/url] [center][img]https://encrypted-tbn2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcS4_aXpdXvlVvXBfvMaFviWAarwYTiJVpUyRw3zm_MBAbr7UHJbpA[/img] [small]The people of Mordor meet and discuss.[/small][/center] [b]IRC - The best of the best[/b] Seeing as Mordor has a large community of nations who exchange banter daily upon the IRC, it is bound to have some good quotes. [spoiler=Not for the faintest of hearts] [10:47pm] • thecosmos appears in a dark flash of sewage [10:48pm] Charax{M}: [10:48pm] • thecosmos says hi to Charaz [10:48pm] thecosmos: *Charax [10:49pm] thecosmos: Wait, I do have to go. [10:49pm] • thecosmos says bye to Charax [10:49pm] • thecosmos opts for a more dramatic exit [10:49pm] • thecosmos disappears in a golden shower of stale urine [10:50pm] Sauron: .... [10:50pm] Charax{M}: LOL[/spoiler] [quote][u]emergency_medical_android:[/u]The Eye of Sauron sees all in this land of NationStates. [u]shaggai:[/u] What about the Ear of Sauron? Does it hear all? Or the Nose of Sauron? The Mouth of Sauron? The Hand of Sauron?[/quote][quote][u]Paliven:[/u]lolplolkcjrxkcbsludktjd jjtjrzjt i forgot how to english[/quote]
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    I am not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I am an ambassador from Mordor.
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    Unfortunaly, your forum won't let me post the images, so I just provided the links for those of you who are curious. Mordor Monthly April and May http://z5.ifrm.com/30078/33/0/f5170371/mordor_2_zps6daf1ef9.png ]http://images.tribe.net/tribe/upload/photo/95d/42b/95d42b26-c81f-4fae-8902-c20ccfd04425 [small]Denizens queueing to vote[/small] Elections Mordor has just recently come out of a busy election period as the Denizens voted on who they thought should take seats in the Nazgul, should become White Wizard and should become Wormtongue/Delegate. The Wormtongue elections culminated in the rise of Majestas to the WA seat after a close run off election against RMB veteran The Cosmos. Majestas took the WA seat 11 votes to 9. The White Wizard elections saw Charax, Intelligent Holograms, Lolol-Copter, Dictatorship of the Panem Nation and Sauron all voted upon during the first round. The voting was so close after this first battle, a run-off election was declared between Charax and Intelligent Holograms as they both had 5 votes. The run-off lasted for three more days until, finally, Intelligent Holograms was announced as the new White Wizard of Mordor by 11 votes to 7. Intelligent Holograms quickly set about rebranding his position as White Wizard Picard and the infamous "Make it so" continues to ring through the tower of Orthanc in Isengard. The White Wizard's office is the highest elected position in Mordor. https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSeJGHIDkhewVtkiLMHDRAP4Ii7FbOGtbMyneOIcli1yKmk7kBI [small]The new Nazgul rises[/small] Nazgul It was also time to renew the Nazgul. As is customary in Mordor, His Malevolance, The Dark Lord Sauron chose Vladisvok and PhDre to take a seat amongst the Nazul. The newly elected White Wizard, Intelligent Holograms, elected Hellhound and Charax. For the final seat, many denizens were nominated, including: Beian, Charax (to hold two seats, something that is not expressly forbidden in the constitution), Jahrumai, Lolol-Copter, Majestas, and Wibblefeet. The first vote saw Wibblefeet and Charax tied with 4 votes each, they moved on with Jahmurai (3 votes) to a run-off election. The run-off election ended with Wibblefeet being elevated to the Nazgul with 8 votes to Jahrumai's 4 and Charax's 3. During the run-off election, the rest of the Nazgul voted Hellhound to the position of Witch-King of Angmar and head of the Nazgul. As one of his alleged responsibilities, Hellhound promptly choose the Ulaires, much to the White Wizard's dismay. Intelligent Holograms had set himself on trying to get the various departments back in production and wished to choose the Ulaires (ministers) himself since it was not written in the constitution that the Witch-King must choose the Ulaires. The Ruling Party of Mordor as it stands: His Malevolance, The Dark Lord Sauron remains as Head of State White Wizard Saruman: Intelligent Holograms Wormtongue/Delegate: Majestas Witch-King: Hellhound Nazgul: Phdre - Vladislok Destino - Charax - Wibblefeet Ulaires: Jahrumai (Culture) - Vladisvok Destino (Welcoming) - Majestas (Foreign Affairs) - Seven Deaths (Role-Play) - Intelligent Holograms (Recruiting) http://images.wikia.com/uncyclopedia/images/5/56/The_Council_of_Sauron.png The [small]Government of Mordor[/small] http://images1.fanpop.com/images/photos/2500000/Saruman-christopher-lee-2509888-505-655.jpg [small]Saruman plots in Isengard[/small] Ulaire Debate Upon his ascension to White Wizard and before the election of the newest Nazgul Council, Intelligent Holograms surveyed the ministries of Mordor and found that a few were lacking in content and activity, Foreign Affairs most notably. In order to to improve FA and to get the department working again, Intelligent Holograms assumed control of FA and began to turn it into a functioning department once more, assigning ambassadors and seeking relations with foreign entities. The prospect of activity didn't appeal to some in the incumbent cabinet and an almighty argument erupted on the IRC between the White Wizard and those that opposed him. Those arguing against fought under the banner that the Witch-King always selected the Ulaires and this should not change. During the course of the debate, it transpired that the constitution of Mordor does not recognise Ulaires or, indeed, who should select them. It was also during this debate that the White Wizard announced that he would be selecting all of the Ulaires as the constitution does not specify which governmental figure should select them. Many in Mordor were unsure as to whether the White Wizard would go through with his intended plans only to find out that he did. Intelligent Holograms announced on the Witch-King election thread that the Witch-King would not be needed in selecting the Ulaires this term, much to the dismay of newly elected Witch-King, Hellhound. Hellhound fought for the right to select the Ulaires and deservedly won the battle. All the while, the White Wizard Intelligent Holograms sits in the tower of Orthanc, Isengard, plotting his revenge. (Can't find a LOTR related court picture) The new courtroom of Mordor The Court Sauron attempted to create a court without the consent of the Nazgul, which was the target of fierce debate until the Nazgul passed a legislation that nullified it. Sauron's court was aimed at bringing justice to Mordor and Intelligent Holograms was designated as Head (and only) Judge and Chief Prosecutor.Justice clearly wasn't a high priority to the sitting Nazgul (last term) as they sought to remove it on the basis that it had no grounding in the consitution. A poor reason as most of Mordor doesn't have a grounding in the constitution. Nevertheless, being the great leader that he is, His Malevolence, Sauron ordered the Courtroom to carry out a constitutional review on the subject of the Courtoom's legality. The Courtroom ruled that Constitution dictates that a Court must be in operation in Mordor. Regardless, The Nazgul voted in favour of removing the Coutroom and the denizens right to a fair trial, rendering the denizens of Mordor silenced and unable to give their voice in their own trial. In his wisdom, Sauron created the Courtroom in the belief that denizens should have the ability to comment and actively defend themselves against the actions of the powers in the region; the Nazgul decided that this was not something that the denizens should have and reduced the rights of the denizens. It is a sad day in any region when the ruling forces of a region decide that its people have to many rights. The legislation removing Sauron's court invovled several drafts, pages and pages of posts to sort through and a big ol' stamp of approval from the previous White Wizard Alancar. Then, after much discussion, a new court system was finally put in place as part of the constitution. While it has yet to be put in use, an executive branch has been formed in Mordor. It should be noted that the Courtroom has yet to be used as the Nazgul decided to ignore the issue of a legislature once the Bill had passed. Apparently, the Nazgul believe that denizens should have little rights and they should be powerless to defend the rights they do have. https://encrypted-tbn2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSnmZAecnGPJ5S2sASRLrTPbHGbS-hYpTP0-QCdzdQrEWMH9X5F [small]The face of the first Avatar Theme Week[/small] Avatar Theme Week The Department of Cultural Events created the Avatar Theme Week (ATW), in which nations on both the forum and on Nation States styled their nation to a particular theme. For the first week, pandas marched through the Black Gate and took up residence in Mordor. Rustantinople won the NationStates category and Wibblefeet, the forum. Majestas won the overall competition for the complete transformation of both her NS account and forum account, her prize was to choose the next theme; she selected the interesting theme of Real Life National Pride. This caused some debate due to the fact that most people did not wish to participate using their birth nations or nations of residence, rather another nation around the world or in the fictional universe. While some took the side of the USSR (Intelligent Holograms) or North Korea (Beian and Charax), Alancar won with the use of the United Federation of Planets. Alancar's choice of theme Mecha is in the process of being organised. https://encrypted-tbn2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRUSGI_4ox6vr_BNYDVazX0bzDAgjv9xluBWtt6de1kdrWpe6jQBA [small]Lord Sauron looking over his forces[/small] Forces of Mordor The Forces of Mordor have been very busy recently participating in numerous attacks on some of the warzones and the liberation of the South Pacific, along with helping to defend the International Commonwealth of Nations. A great step was taken with several joint defenses including some with the FRA, UDL, and TITO. Mordor thanks these organisations for cooperating with us.
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