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  1. The Grim Reaper

    Charter Day Parade

    So many floats o_o Pretty hard keeping up with the parade - I might just stop to catch my breath over here... But I'm going to keep the energy up with a good sea shanty sing-along, before we get back on the road!
  2. The Grim Reaper

    Become a Citizen!

    I, Siam Meow, do solemnly affirm that I will uphold the Charter of the Town of Equilism, its laws and treaties, and I affirm that I will defend the security and build the prosperity of the region, all to the best of my best ability. I will treat all Equilism citizens with dignity and endeavour toward diplomacy and common understanding. I understand that the Town may revoke my citizenship in case of criminal proceedings and that I am free to resign my citizenship at any time.
  3. The Grim Reaper

    Northwest Limited [Open RP]

    Sender: Richard Abercrombie Recipient: Jen Fields Subject: RE: RE: RE: RE: Routine Security Check Jen, you know perfectly well that's crossing the line. I still care about you Jen, no matter what you think of me. I wouldn't hurt you. I'm doing the best I can. Richard AbercrombieEmergency Response CoordinatorHead of Security
  4. The Grim Reaper

    Northwest Limited [Open RP]

    Sender: Richard Abercrombie Recipient: Jen Fields Subject: RE: RE: Routine Security Check Thank you Jen : ) With all the work we've had to do lately, every little thing is really helpful. I know David's been having issues juggling his family life and all the overtime we've been offering him. Just between us old friends, it's been really upsetting for him - he wants to do all the overtime we can offer him, but he needs to spend time with his kids and all. It's just been really hard - he's basically doing a trained employee's job on a cheap contractor's salary. I know he'll really appreciate taking the load off him with the fridge : ) I heard his manager brought in breakfast for him one day, he's just had no time. A lot of his workmates are in the same place. Thanks so much Jen, you have no idea how much this means to me : ) Security's a family, and it's just so hard to feel like I'm letting down family, you know? I'm happy to know you're onboard with our family : ) Richard AbercrombieEmergency Response CoordinatorHead of Security Sender: Richard Abercrombie Recipient: David Lindersson Subject: Holiday Deals Hey Dave, want extra holidays? I just need you to put in some overtime planning some teambuilding stuff. I'm doing a thing with Jen, you know - a distraction from all the security hullabaloo. You know what office management is like about keeping things orderly, and I've had to pull a lot of strings. It would really be helpful if we had something to distract her. If you could do some extra overtime and put in a few requests for some extra holiday days with my recommendation soon, I think that would be really good. I'll send you some details about the overtime - I'm thinking some team-building activities, to help bolster the message behind the Security Games. Play up the theme of, say, "Security is a Family". I'm thinking DIY ID cards for next week, and a few lunchtime activities. I'm thinking we take some guys out for breakfast every couple of days, I think I could sell that to Jen. At the very least, see if you can make any extra work for her. Already had to blow her off regarding some touchy routine security stuff in my last email - fluffed it up with a bit of stuff about the great overtime work you've been trading me for break room duty. Richard AbercrombieEmergency Response CoordinatorHead of Security
  5. Man, this RP is the /best/. Northwest Limited 4lyfe

    1. Vesica


      *peeks into RP and is impressed*

  6. The Grim Reaper

    Northwest Limited [Open RP]

    Sender: Richard Abercrombie Recipient: All Staff Subject: Routine Security Check Hey everyone - it's that time of year again. We're making sure that all of our security protocol are in order, and double-checking that we're all on the same page about safety, right guys? I know it's early, but it's good to get these things out of the way. So, yeah - this year, I've extended the schedule just a bit. So, yeah - the theme this year is "Security is Everyone's Business!". The onus isn't just on Security - your safety is everyone's business! So yes, later this week, we'll be setting up some fun games for people to play! The games are as follows: - File Tag: We will be running a masterclass on file organization. Remember that checking the last edit time of your files is helpful for making sure that everything is working and up-to-date. If you notice anything strange about the last edit time, send an email IMMEDIATELY to Stewart Johnson (Technical Support Specialist) and you could go into the draw to win a great prize! Only the first few employees to report these issues go into the draw, so be quick! - Pin the Tail on the Alarm: All these week, we will be putting small red stickers on randomly selected fire alarms, covering up the low battery signal light. If you see a small red sticker, tell your closest Security Employee so they can replace the battery, and you'll go on the Safe Employee board in the break-room. - Spotlight at the Sink: We'll have a random employee leaving their dishes in the break-rooms sinks, as a special lesson in noticing suspicious behaviour. Remember - if you see someone trying to conceal their behaviour, hide what they're doing, or lying about their activities, they could be our secret agent! Report their name and department to our break room duty security officer, and they'll pass it along to our Routine Security Check Administration Team. If you do, you'll go into our secret draw for a great prize! - Loose Lips Sink Ships: There will be a special "Ship-Shape" set up in Security's meeting room. Every time a Security Officer finds out about a conversation regarding any of these three games that is not someone reporting it to Security, they put a token on the Ship-Shape. If the Ship-Shape is entirely filled up, no prizes will be awarded! So remember, check fire alarm batteries, report people who leave their dishes in the sink, and make sure your files are safe! And whatever you do, tell NOBODY ABOUT IT. You could be putting your chances at winning our special prize draws in jeopardy - and in future, you could be putting all our futures in jeopardy. Richard AbercrombieEmergency Response CoordinatorHead of Security
  7. The Grim Reaper

    Northwest Limited [Open RP]

    Sender: Richard Abercrombie Recipient: Jen Fields; Fred Matthews Subject: RE: RE: RE: Cubicles are not for Hide and Seek Hmm - creative? I had a productive chat with a couple of their guys a while ago. They explained to me in detail the intricacies of their job details. You'll understand that being an artsy bunch, some of them do need the flexibility in their schedules. I'll have a chat to Security - we might need to implement a case-by-case policy on this. I'm sure my staff won't mind facilitating the creative process, for people who are contributing to particularly important projects. A bit of knucklework will do my men good, I think. And Fred, if you need it, I have a lock guy. He keeps in good terms with Central Filing, knows the locking requisition form backwards and forwards - wrote it out by hand once and no-one could tell the difference (Jen: We threw it out and didn't use it, of course, but we forwarded a copy to a Legal intern as a lesson in appreciating fine detail : ) ). Love to put you in touch, if you want. Richard AbercrombieEmergency Response CoordinatorHead of Security Sender: Richard Abercrombie Recipient: Jack Butler; Stewart Johnson Subject: RE: Data Security Well, shit. There's not much I can do without IT's go-ahead, Legal's go-ahead, HR's go-ahead, or a damn strong alibi. That being said, I think I know how to get the alibi. I have my suspicions about this - me and Jen had to deal with a particular tricky piece of work back when I still worked in Admin and we were in the same team. But that one's absolutely hush-hush. Jen would lose her nut if she found out I'd so much as mentioned it on email. Not a word about it to anyone but us three - not even within your departments. Don't even mention my time in Admin until this is over - hell, if anyone asks, I was hired as Head of Security from the very beginning, Jack. I think it's related. If IT confirms it's malicious, then I can deal with it if it's internal. I don't think Admin would raise any concerns - I'm sure someone still owes me a favour, maybe even from that project. But if it's external, this'll take a fairly concerted response. I'm expecting an airtight report on this one, Stewart. And also, regarding your last e-mail to me, my name's Richard, as it says in the signature. Not Rich. Not Richie. Not Rick. Not Ricky. Richard AbercrombieEmergency Response CoordinatorHead of Security
  8. Abercrombie's Personal Files, and the Water Cooler outside his office Northwest Limited Discussion Thread and Character Dossiers (The In-Character Thread) (Note: The logo at the top of the In-Character thread is a hyperlink to this one) Sometimes we just need to put our feet up, take a moment to discuss where we need to go, and perhaps plot a bit of inter-office politics. Yeah, we need to show the proper 'decorum' when sending emails, using NEMS, leaving a paper-trail, but here? We can speak freely without need for that mess. And, also, perhaps introduce ourselves to everyone else. This thread serves as both the Water Cooler for discussion (if others are online, you can use the Equilism IRC as the official live-chat for this RP instead of this thread, although remember that there are other Equilismers who like to use that IRC too) and as the thread where everyone can post any pertinent information about their character that everyone should know. Important Features: Departments [Common short-forms] (Department Head if Established): The Accounting Department [Accounts] The Administration Department [Admin; Management] (Jen Fields (Office Manager)) The Appraisals and Acquisitions Department [Appraisals; Acquisition; A&A] The Creative Department The Human Resources Department (Fred Matthews) The Information Technology Department [iT; Tech] (Melanie Ford)The Legal Department The Maintenance Department The Marketing Department The Quality Assurance Department [QA] The Research and Development Department [R/D; RnD; Research] (Jack Butler) The Security Department (Richard Abercrombie) Player Characters: (Sorted Alphabetically by Last Name) Richard Abercrombie [The Grim Reaper] - Head of Security, Emergency Response Coordinator [security] Katharine Beals [Riazoaen] - [Marketing] Dr. Jack Butler [Zeorus] - Head of Research and Development Jen Fields [Astarial] - Office Manager [Head of Administration] Stewart Johnson [severisen] - Technical Support Specialist [iT] Fred Matthews [Lord Ravenclaw] - Head of Human Resources Minor Characters: Melanie Ford [severisen] - Head of IT 'That New Girl in Marketing' [Zeorus; The Grim Reaper] - Marketing Consultant Al Robinson [Zeorus]- Assistant Head of Research and Development Bill [The Grim Reaper] - [security] Sarah [The Grim Reaper; Zeorus] - [Accounting] Mary [Zeorus; The Grim Reaper] - Dr. Jack Butler's ex-wife, [Human Resources]
  9. The Grim Reaper

    Northwest Limited [Open RP]

    Sender: Richard Abercrombie Recipient: Jack Butler Subject: RE: Her desk Ok, that one wasn't me. I only found out about that one when you did - turns out one of Maintenance's guys forgot to report routine maintenance. She's been temporarily moved to some overflow cubicles while Maintenance handles the electrical situation - I think she's next to Katherine Beal. Take that one up with Marketing. But she wasn't at lunch because the break room was closed for a bit - she had to attend a security interview after my guy in there noted "irreparable damage" to a poster. He crossed a line there, though. I'll have a chat with both of them alone, make sure everything's above-board in future. ; ) Richard AbercrombieEmergency Response CoordinatorHead of Security Sender: Richard Abercrombie Recipient: All Staff Subject: RE: Bug Reports and 'Reply All' Hey Stewart, long time no see. BTW, my computer needs a routine anti-virus scan. Can you take care of that? Also, you left some personal effects in my desk the last time you were here - I've saved them in a brown paper bag, I know they're the sort of thing you'd rather keep private. They're in the top-left desk drawer, and I've switched the padlock with a #109 - same key as your office. Wouldn't want anyone else seeing them, right? Richard AbercrombieEmergency Response CoordinatorHead of Security Sender: Richard Abercrombie Recipient: Katherine Beal Subject: RE: Cake Hey Katherine - nice to see someone stepping up and taking one for the team. In future though, can you specifically save a piece for the Security employee in the Break Room? We need one to be brought to my office in case there are any OH&S complaints - I need to know what's in them and all, make sure it looks firm and not undercooked. And it would be awfully nice of you to save another for the poor guy - half-day shifts in that Break Room doing paperwork and memorizing everyone who comes in, a hard job. It's worth it to keep Jen happy, though, right? : ) On a similar note, thanks for helping Security with finding a good place for the Project 21 Marketing Team. A lot of them are new, and I'm sure they'd appreciate you showing them the ropes - the brand new consultant, for instance. Could you do me a favour? Everyone's so busy, I'm not sure she's gotten the full spiel. If you show her around, I'll take a note of it - I think I might be able to have your desk moved closer to the door? Your current place is getting terribly crowded. Hell, I'll take you both out to dinner sometime. My treat. Anything for someone who's putting in the hard yards to make Security's job easier. Richard AbercrombieEmergency Response CoordinatorHead of Security
  10. The Grim Reaper

    Northwest Limited [Open RP]

    Sender: Richard Abercrombie Recipient: Jen Fields; Fred Matthews (BCC: Security Department Managers; Archives Department Managers) Subject: RE: Cubicles are not for Hide and Seek Fred, noted. I'll reiterate the message with my staff in Security and note that the roof is off-bounds without a valid work-permit or patrol access. Unfortunately, we won't be able to extend patrols to the roof unless it remains a danger, given that we are already being overextended by Jen's break room duty. We still have the manpower for spot-checks, but patrols will have to be a low priority. We might be able to take up patrols later, after "OH&S season". We have a backlog of routine health and safety interviews to conduct this year, thanks to the trouble we've had procuring the necessary records from Archives - something about a wave of badly filed accounts and tax-related reports. Richard AbercrombieEmergency Response CoordinatorHead of Security
  11. The Grim Reaper

    Northwest Limited [Open RP]

    Sender: Richard Abercrombie Recipient: Jen Fields (BCC: Security Department Managers) Subject: RE: RE: RE: RE: Break Room No problem, I'll have someone write up a roster this very moment. : ) The changes to Form 106 a and c are noted - they'll be very useful, I'm sure. We've had a chat with Accounting about the Incident, and based on our own records we don't think it'll happen again. Although, you know what Accounting are like - having a few issues following up with their copies. We'll need a copy of Form 106 a - we might pass on Form 106 c for the moment, until Accounting catches up with us. Richard AbercrombieEmergency Response CoordinatorHead of Security Sender: Richard Abercrombie Recipient: Security Department Managers Subject: FWD: RE: RE: RE: RE: Break Room Yo, two pieces of info from the forwarded letter. 1) I need senior management to start doing daily rosters of Break Room Duty. Cushy job - we remind Jen she authorized it when we start looking for more hands on deck, and whoever's on Break Room duty spends half the time doing my paperwork and the other half doing whatever they want. BYO Device. Until Jen cottons on, Break Room Duty will be an all-day job, from opening to closing. Shift changes at lunch hour. 2) Changes to Form 106 a and a new Form 106 c. Senior managers take note of the change to Form 106 a - I need someone to volunteer to send in a copy of the old one to Legal and see if they go through with it. We'll need to play it safe until someone from our Department can strong-arm one of the Legal interns into going over the forms for loopholes. We won't be using Form 106 c until I know what it is - can someone explain what autonomous installation is? Sounds like outsourcing - do not acknowledge it exists AT ANY COST. Richard AbercrombieEmergency Response CoordinatorHead of Security
  12. The Grim Reaper

    Northwest Limited [Open RP]

    Sender: Richard Abercrombie Recipient: Jack Butler Subject: RE: Mrs Butler Hah - you couldn't even manage Sarah. What makes you think you'll get anywhere near Marketing without her calling for Security? Might have to move her desk to my end of the office, for her own safety and all. Hey, by the way, I was considering asking Mary to help me out with an OH&S check. Might need to ask her to interview you - after-hours perhaps. Been a loooongg time since you two were on speaking terms. But I'm always happy to help. Richard AbercrombieEmergency Response CoordinatorHead of Security
  13. The Grim Reaper

    Northwest Limited [Open RP]

    Sender: Richard Abercrombie Recipient: Jen Fields (BCC: Security Department) Subject: RE: RE: Break Room Hey Jen, it's Richard Abercrombie from Security. FYI, we think that it might be someone from Accounting, but we're not sure. I've got a guy doing a report on the whole thing, as it seems to be a blind spot in the office security system - reckons it might be a repeat offender. You know what the culture in Accounting's like. We're thinking that we might need to start restricting access to the break room for Accounting employees until we've installed a new camera with better resolution, or at the very least have a Security guy rostered onto the break room at all times. It'll be your posters first, but something really important in future - lots of fire hazards there, lots of foodstuffs. Richard AbercrombieEmergency Response CoordinatorHead of Security
  14. The Grim Reaper

    Northwest Limited [Open RP]

    Sender: Richard Abercrombie Recipient: Security Department Subject: FWD: Break Room Look, kids. I know it was one of you patrol grunts who's been messing around with Jen's posters in the break room. Our cameras might be surplus Soviet stock, but they're not grainy enough to hide your patrol uniforms. Whoever's doing it, knock it off. We can't afford the stationery to draw all over them. Accounting already hates our guts for that time Bill got drunk and tried to get Sarah to buy us a company car by threatening to have her desk moved to outside the men's bathroom because of a 'bomb scare'. We don't need them hassling us for even more forms written in the 80s by a monkey with a typewriter. Just pull the posters down and recycle them like everyone else does. Costs less. Richard Abercrombie Emergency Response Coordinator Head of Security
  15. The Grim Reaper

    Northwest Limited [Open RP]

    Welcome to Northwest Limited! Northwest Limited is the region's foremost investment opportunity and top employer [pg 2, September 2014 issue of the Northwest Limited Local Inquirer]. As an employee at our head office, you have a unique opportunity to shape the future of this company as we march onward into the future, marrying old-fashioned, local values with expansion and our great brand. As you know, this is the Northwest 'Electronic Mail' for Events, Services, and Invitations System, called 'NEMS' (Northwest E-Mail System), for short. A cutting edge piece of software, it allows you to instantly send a message to any other employee you wish, in the following format: Sender: Your name is displayed here. Recipient: The recipients' names are displayed here, separated by ';' - semicolons. You may also address an e-mail to a whole department ('Legal Department'), or to all staff ('All Staff'). Subject: The subject of your message should be brief and discuss the topic of your contents. If replying to someone, you should use their subject, prefixed by "RE:", which means "reply". Contents: Your message goes here. As you can see, it is a simple and efficient system. We hope to see you making good use of it, as it has been implemented only recently. We hope that employees are quick to adopt it, given the many advantages of use documented in many other companies for the past decade or so. OOC: Rules 1. While office stereotypes and a degree of absurdity are encouraged, please remember that this is collaborative, undirected storytelling and events described should remain within normally plausible real-world limits unless otherwise granted permission by a thread OP (Myself - the Grim Reaper, and Astarial). 2. Participants should, to start, stick to a single persona only in order to encourage depth and character development, though there is complete freedom to invent and refer to other employees who are not player characters. In keeping with the idea of collaborative storytelling, NPCs should be treated as plausible individuals with collaboratively developed personas. As the thread grows, OPs may grant additional characters at their discretion.