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  1. New Eunomia

    God doesn't work, faith is a trick.

    I thought this satirical clip was pretty thought provoking, referring to a few themes that were discussed in this monumental thread. Try to imagine a celestial committee presided by God, around 6 B.C. It kicks-off with some of the regular Deuteronomy gags, but it gets very interesting around the 2 min. mark. I think there can be no question: An omnipotent God could have, and should have done better. To say nothing of the evidence.
  2. New Eunomia

    Creation vs Evolution

    Substitute "eternal fate of the soul" with "pot of gold at the end of the rainbow" or any other object with the same mythological unverified status and perhaps you'll understand the venting. Murder statutes and intent of action have nothing to do with the soul.
  3. New Eunomia

    Right to Die?

    Let's assume she's an otherwise sane mother and that suicidal tendencies have no genetic origin for you eugenicists out there. Also, what constitutes a genetic improvement isn't determinable unless the person responsible provides an ultimate goal for the species. To my knowledge there is no such thing and I'm quite satisfied there isn't.
  4. New Eunomia

    Creation vs Evolution

    This idea that temporal suffering is meaningless compared to the fate of the eternal soul needs to be dragged out into the street and beat to a pulp. How exactly is material harm meaningless compared to the ultimate fate of an inadequately verified object/property/entity such as a soul? A bridge to moral relativism (or at best amoral indifference) if I ever saw one. In the ODB, nonsense has never had much of a shelf life when trying to pass for arguments.
  5. New Eunomia

    Right to Die?

    As before, to me it makes perfect sense that individual self-extermination should be respected so long as it results from an unequivocal and lucid request. But Nai's post raises an issue. Ending one's life also means terminating all the contracts that bind us to a social existence. Consider a single mother of 4 children with no family who spontaneously wishes to terminate her own life? Doesn't happen everyday of course, but does the right to die exist here, or does the welfare of the children overrule it as a conflicting right?
  6. New Eunomia

    World Financial Crisis

    Montana isolationism ftw. Seriously though, the situation is actually turning out better than I expected. For example, the EUROzone economies are sinking but are doing fine and dandy when compared to non-Eurozone states, so-called "New Europe", mostly in double digit GDP % loss.
  7. New Eunomia

    Creation vs Evolution

    One could argue, that deep down inside every single messianic prophet with a considerable following, there is a man laughing his head off.
  8. New Eunomia

    Caption Contest #35

    George Best said it best (no pun intended): "He can't kick with his left foot, he can't tackle, he can't head the ball and he doesn't score many goals. Apart from that, he's all right.” I'd add to that, he can't run or dribble worth a lick. Most overrated player of his generation. As for the caption: "A Brit, an Italian and a Dutch walk in a bar..."
  9. New Eunomia

    reason for obama's election

    It's called the IVA (imposto de valor acrescentado) in Portugal and it's currently at 20%. (!!!) 5% for certain items. It's been used as a political prop in recent years. It's been placed as high as 21% and I never recall it being lower than 15%. I actually wouldn't mind the high sales tax, if it meant a lower income tax. "Luckily" it seems Portugal has the worst of both worlds in that regard. Strange country.
  10. New Eunomia

    reason for obama's election

    Not particularly intelligible, but at any rate, it's a follow up. Obama did not propose universal health care at any time during the campaign and I frankly doubt that tax-brackets and food stamps were such vote getters. Pinning the result of an epic election on those trivialities is to miss the point entirely, and I say this with some restrain.
  11. New Eunomia

    Caption Contest #34

  12. New Eunomia

    Caption Contest #34

  13. New Eunomia

    reason for obama's election

    I've posted most of my views on Obama in the later pages of this thread. I'd be repeating myself to post them here. To cut a long story short, considering the opposing candidates, specifically the "safe Christian" - but grossly underwhelming - Palin, I don't believe there was any logical reason for Obama not to win the election. I've noted, from a source I've since forgotten, that Obama is currently enjoying post-presidential opinion polls that surpass Ronald Reagan.
  14. New Eunomia

    Caption Contest #34

    "Hey Rahm. Whatever happened to Truman's 'Buck stops here' thingamajig?"
  15. New Eunomia

    2008 American Elections

    Oh and what about that inauguration, eh? Obamamania unleashed.