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  1. Blackshear

    Weekly Update from The North Pacific

    Thanks guys. It's an exciting time in our region. The good kind of exciting.
  2. Blackshear

    Welcome Back!

    Thanks, Astarial. I've learned to cherish semi-normalcy.
  3. Blackshear

    Weekly Update from The North Pacific

    Curious what we've been up to in the North Pacific lately? Here's the latest report. The North Pacific Regional Update August 14, 2005 Current Population: 6,451 Current Delegate: Stars of Sky (interim) TNP Links: TNP forum|TNP Wire Recent Events: The North Pacific held its first democratic elections under its recently ratified Constitution. The following nations were elected to three-month terms of office: Delegate: Flemingovia Prime Minister: Tresville Minister of Defense: Grimtash Minister of Culture and Education: Ator People Minister of Communication: Sydia Minister of External Affairs: Blackshear Minister of Immigration and Internal Affairs: Baribeau Minister of Arts and Entertainment: Democratic Donkeys Minister of Justice/Attorney General: Great Bights Mum Speaker of the Regional Assembly: Romanoffia Security Council Great Bights Mum Grosseschnauzer Baribeau Blackshear Ator People Free4All Complete voting results can be found here: Delegate election General election In a separate vote, the registered voters of the North Pacific confirmed the appointments of Grosseschnauzer, Byardkuria and Thyatira to six-month terms as the first justices of the Court of The North Pacific. Grosseschnauzer will serve as Chief Justice. The region was saddened to learn of the passing of Gina Marie Hope, the player behind the nation of Bluftuney. Noted for her passion and her humour, she was an undeniable inspiration to those lucky enough to know her. She will be sorely missed. Long-time member, former minister and spamming superstar, James2Spooky, retired from the forum to focus on something called real life. Forum activity quieted somewhat as many TNPers exercised their more war-like tendencies and became involved in the world domination, online, multi-player game, The Last Knights For all the latest in TNP news, be sure to check out The North Pacific Wire. Recent stories include interviews with the recently re-elected Prime Minister, Tresville, and the new Speaker of the Regional Assembly, Romanoffia. UN voting: The North Pacific voted FOR the Mitigation of Large Reservoirs resolution.
  4. Blackshear

    Welcome Back!

    Thank you for the warm welcome, Neo-Conservatism. It's nice to be among friends. With the election of our new government, the NPC officially ceased to exist. I think it would be best to close the consulate and to leave it's contents where they are.