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  1. Hallo daar goede oude vriend Haken. 👋

  2. Haken

    Uganda Anti Gay Laws

    Hmm, I checked the Dutch Wiki-page on Uganda because of this article (I was wondering if they were a Belgian colony once, I must have mistaken it for Burundi, which apparentely has also implemented laws in 2009 to make being gay a crime). 1/3 of their history section talks about the first hunter-gatherers living there. 1/3 talks about the infamous dicatator Idi Amin (Last King of Scotland). The remaining 1/3 is about those stricter anti-gay laws they imposed this year. They really should work on their pr...
  3. Haken

    New Forum

    TWO MEN ENTER! One man leaves.
  4. Haken

    We're Back

    Yup, dusty, as in an old man with a blanket in a rocking chair-dusty. But in a good way, ofcourse, mister Ancien. I believed I brought this up already here once, but apparentely not. The natives of the regions Nederland and Belgium, the two largest predominately Dutch-speaking regions, are going to work tighter together. Everyone has agreed to move all to a shared forum. I think we're going to work together as one concerning regional politics, foreign affairs and defense. For Equilism this will probably mean one shared embassy (which I believe you will appreciate, since both tend to fluctuate in activity a bit too much). At the moment Equilism doesn't have an embassy in the Belgium-forum, but it's very basic since it's being cleaned up (or was being), but when we move to the new forum it will be on the top of my mind. That is, if you want an embassy there. At the moment this is all very near-distant future, since we're still arguing over a catchy name.
  5. Haken

    We're Back

    Weird that the embassy was closed, we never had been so active. Just look at how much WA-support our delegate has. And there are plenty more WA-members! I kid, I kid! I don't know if this has been mentioned to the fair folks of Equilism yet, but if we have to give up Belgium, we have voted to go to the region Belgie. Its "Belgium" in Dutch and a puppet region of one of our most dusty natives.
  6. Haken

    Embassy Reopening Request

    Activity was flaring up before the invasion, to be clear. We don't want to suggest ANYTHING good came out of the invasion, now do we?
  7. Haken


    *yawns* *stretch* Why did you wake us up?
  8. Haken

    Europe - The thread

    We already have a lot of countries in Europe. I think a new rule should be, so to limit seperation, that only aspirant new countries that can propose a cool flag, are granted sovereignty. In this, Kosovo fails.
  9. Haken


    Heh, it seems our NS political situation isn't much better as in RL.
  10. Haken

    The Peace Summit

    ooc: http://www.equilism.org/forum/index.php?sh...=87&st=1425
  11. Haken

    The Peace Summit

    ooc: Now let's do a 19th century steampunk RolePlay, because Thoughtful Ideas doesn't have a picture of himself up.
  12. Haken

    Caption Contest #32 Poll

    Good picture, good captions.
  13. Haken

    The big bang theory

    But I choke on bananas. See? There you go. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9zwbhAXe5yk]Banana! I like how he uses one type of fruit as a testimony of the brilliance of god behind the entire creation and completely ignores the hundreds and hundreds of other fruits.
  14. Haken

    Caption Contest #32

    "You were only allowed to drink two glasses at the AA-meeting"