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  1. Seven Deaths

    Raider Vision 2017 Invite!

    Hey there guys and gals! We know it's been a while since you've heard from us, but we've been quite busy rebuilding our forum to better suit what we want out of our region. In the meantime, you may have heard that Raider Vision 2017 will soon be upon us. Last year, Albion managed to clinch a win with this beautiful parody of Let it Go entitled Post it All! Well, now we're hosting this year's Raider Vision on theRaider Con forum and we're more than eager to see what you can bring to the table. What can you submit? To quote the handbook, "You can submit any sort of song you like. It can be a cover of a real song (e.g. you can sing something by Lil’ Dicky, Death Cab for Cutie, or The Killers), you can write an original work, or it can be related to your nation. Writing lyrics related to NS is another fun option. It's your choice, and long as it involves your own work in some way!" You can read more rules and see dates in the official 2017 Raider Vision Event Handbook located here! For now though, know that submissions are being accepted June 16th through June 30th, with voting taking place during Raider Con. If you have questions, please add me as a friend on Discord at Seven Deaths#7248 as I will definitely not have the time to check back to this post. Good luck everyone! And may the Lord of Song grace all your efforts!
  2. Seven Deaths

    Albion Diplomatic Feed

    For Those Who Know [12/17/16] [7-5, Deputy Esquire] ~~~:::~~~ -Former Warden Palatine of Brightwall, Lynneiah, has resigned her position in a formal topic. She stated her citizenship as forfeit as well and that she was moving to greener pastures. We all wish ol’ Lynn the best and god speed! -The Chief & Vice Knight Elections have concluded. And with only the two original candidates having been nominated, there wasn’t so much an election as there was an appointment! Congratulations to Cad & Olde Delaware. Here’s to you making Albion great again! -Local guy-who-never-changes-his-avatar-anymore 7-5 has called for a revolution in the Albion City-State of Brightwall. No plans or initiatives were spoken on in his call to arms for revolution and so no one is quite certain what he’s shooting for. But, given that it’s the guy who made this (https://soundcloud.com/user-422594675) it’s sure to be interesting! -Queen MagentaFairy has appointed power-player Seven Deaths as King of Albion after some months of them being married. He accepted the position with gusto and many a discussion has been had about how we can make Albion the best region ever! Our congratulations to the new king! And our anticipation goes out to his new ideas that he’ll tell us about whenever he tells us about them! -The Grand Council Elections have concluded! Notable Albion Citizens Vaclav Vinograd, Satya Romefeller, Mysty Saxton and Those_Idiots were lifted to the prominent positions of Grand Councilmen/women. Congrats to all who won! -Speaking of the newly elected GC; Those_Idiots has begun crowdsourcing plans to up recruitment and RMB activity. So far, no real proposals have come up. But, seeing as how Those_Idioits began crowdsourcing just this evening, that's not really surprising. What big initiatives and plans will come up? Only time (and the crowd) will tell. ~~~:::~~~
  3. Seven Deaths

    Albion Diplomatic Feed

    For Those Who Know [11/11/16] 7-5, Deputy Esquire -The previously mentioned Demesne roleplay is still going strong. Seriously, skim it if you haven’t already. Super well-made! -There is a 12th Amendment to Shire Law III allowing City-States in Albion to nominate A Chief Knight (and Vice Knight!). How this will affect the political intrigue of the region is still up for debate as this news is so fresh it hasn’t even been signed into extra-official law yet! (as of this date) -Tumultuous times in Albion! The family of Struenhof has decided to vacate the Realm! How will the power-vacuum of this notable family be filled? Who will step up to fill the shoes that the Struenhofs have left unfilled and hanging from power lines in the street? Only time will tell. -In better news, Albion City-State Brightwall is in the midst of choosing a new revolutionary council AND sheriff! Some have stepped up to the role, others needed to be goaded into it. Why not stop by and usurp some of that delicious power for yourself? Or enact meaningful reform and legislation? Either way, we’d love to see you! -Local Curmudgeon 7-5 has been caught singing for the Queen of Albion! https://soundcloud.com/coolas-kim-deal/jlondonnskara -Will anyone step up to out-sing said local curmudgeon and crooner? Maybe Seven Deaths, who has many karaoke songs under his belt? Or some unforeseeable newcomer, riding into town without a name or backstory? Maybe it will be someone reading this?
  4. Seven Deaths

    Albion Diplomatic Feed

    For Those Who Know [11/3/16] 7-5, Deputy Esquire -There is now an Albion Diplomatic Feed! It is here to inform you of all updates as they happen, no more waiting around for long-winded Foreign Updates! (But we’ll still be doing those in some capacity, don’t worry.) -Chief Knight Seven Deaths, in a night of merry cavorting, recorded himself singing karaoke with friends in a bar. It was all the rage in our Town Square, going so far as to influence one crazy local to get others to follow suit. What far reaching effects will this have? Will Albion become a region of crazed, half-drunk karaoke singers? Chief Knight Seven Deaths has already been back to the bar, maybe we’ll soon see all the local haunts of every Albioneer? -Amongst other things our Chief Knight has been up to, he has been updating and motivating the region at large real horror show. (for those who don’t dig on “A Clockwork Orange”, that basically means he’s doing it a lot and well.) -Albion once experimented with the well-known Mixlr internet radio app. But now our Round Table has an official broadcast that was met with some success! Check it out here: http://mixlr.com/bert862/showreel/radio-albion-2-interview-with-calvin-od-fairy/ -Do you like Epic Dark Fantasy? How about Roleplay? How about people named “Plaguelord”? If you answered yes to all, or at the very least two, of those things: check out our very well written RP “Demesne”. I’d explain it, but you don’t have to take my word for it! http://w11.zetaboards.com/The_Realm_of_Albion/forum/6003305/ -GC By-Elections have been held. Christopher Bishop & Mysty Saxton ran against each other. Mysty won out and everyone felt good for Mysty! -Albion’s Halloween Festivities were/are a big success. If you missed out, don’t worry! We can scare you into submission next year with our audio introductions and well-crafted RPs.
  5. Seven Deaths

    Halloween Invite

    Greetings all! This is Seven Deaths, Chief Knight of Albion, inviting you to our Halloween Festival starting on October 26th and running until the 31st. Come and take part in all the wonderful festivities! We have spam games! We have a scary story writing competition! We have a Last Nation Standing competition where, if you lose, you die! So, seriously, we're doing a lot of cool shit. Stop by and partake with us! Just be careful because I may have forgotten to feed the werewolves... Oh well, listen to this song to get into the mood! The Best of Halloween
  6. Seven Deaths

    Albion Update XIX

    Queen: Her Imperial and Royal Majesty, Clarissa MagentaFairy Cerebella Prince: His Royal Highness, Lord Cassius Cerebella Princess: Her Royal Highness, Lady Olivia Calidan de Cerebella Chief Knight: Lord Bert Arch-Mage: His Highly Learned Magnificence, Lord Moly Calidan Knight War/Lord High Constable: The Warbringer, Prince Christopher Bishop Knight Foreign: His Scheming Excellency, Sir Cadmus Saxton Knight Interior: Dame Mysty Saxton Knight Cultural: Sir Tyras Calidan Chief Bard: Lord Calvin Coolidge Region | | Forum | | Twitter 464,215 forum posts | | 308 Nations After almost nine months of morning sickness, ultrasound screenings, and weird cravings for ice cream with pickles, we've finally birthed you our long-awaited baby; look! It's an update! Departure of the King If you had not received a Letter of Affirmation from us previously, you may not have known about the departure of our beloved King Charles, with Queen Fairy being the sole monarch now in his departure. Much has already been said of his leaving, and if you had not been informed previously you may read the letter at our NationStates embassy here. Cere was a true legend; a titan who played the NationStates game very well. He defined the very facets of the Imperialist sphere and was instrumental in the many reincarnations of the United Imperial Armed Forces. Though you may not have agreed with him politically, he was always cordial, inviting, and welcoming, to all in any sphere. From Europeia and Alexandria, TNI, LKE, and KGB, the Pacifics, Rejected Realms, and even the Sinkers, Cere had been received with positive remarks on how he was as a real person, and we can never forget that. Cere's legacy and memory will continue to push on ever onward, and we hope that Ph.D. in History also does him proud as well. In happier news, our Queen finally married herself off to Seven Deaths Saxton, doting father to Knight Foreign Cadmus Saxton in the most touching and sweet wedding we've ever seen in recent memory, and this one's definitely a keeper! Apart from the usual drink, food, and revelry, it was a joyous occasion to be had by all involved! Perish the thought if they would ever separate, I'm sure you couldn't pry Cadmus off of Queen Fairy's arms regardless! Look at this smexy graph! We've had a bit of a few hiccups in recruitment this month when our API borked on us out of nowhere! The region at its lowest had gone down to ~230 nations up until our API had gone back up again, but we certainly thank some generous stamp donors for helping us continue our recruiting manually, and we have amassed over 300 nations again! Yay! Our forum is also looking for new themes! The Queen decided to finally retire that horrid Pink theme and is still searching for new ones. Many were discussed, such as Doctor Who, Pandas, Tentacles, Harambe, and Unicorns & Rainbows. We're still trying to find more, so stay tuned! Speaking of staying tuned, JOURNALISM has returned to Albion! le gasp! The Trusty Messenger has been revamped by none other than Seven Deaths, wishing to bring back our well-trusted and publicly endorsed state newspaper! Cranking out hits like little Weekend Games sessions such as Escape the Office with Tyras Calidan beating everyone in escaping in 7:04, and a silly caption contest before its first issue rolled off the presses! There's a great brewing guide inside if you ever want to make some bathtub gin or whatnot in your home! Of course not everyone thinks our Trusty Messenger is at all Trusty... our favorite weird water knight Freddie, had declared war against the Trusty from his own private newspaper, Ask Freddie, believing that the Crown is scandalously corrupt due to Fairy and her cavorting with SD mainly, has been slandering the Trusty, and in return has made a stunning reply to Ask Freddie in return. The crazy dolt had even been bold to get an interview from the Queen herself to corroborate! Build that wall around Albion and have Alexandria pay for it! We rewind you back four months ago to our previous Chief Knight Election, where TNI veteran and recent newcomer to Albion, Olde Delaware, won the CK seat handily to the surprise of, just him. Beating Quickzand, he endeavoured to add Evanei Riket-Saxton as Chief Bard, Bert as Knight Interior, and Freddie as Knight Culture. Much squacking was to be had behind the scenes and apart from Evanei having to vacate her position and Lynneiah taking her place, they had finally worked on finishing a beautiful Minecraft Festival (more on that later). Apart from hiccups on his first term as Chief Knight, he maintained a great first run and we couldn't be more proud of his work, especially in a position that had seen previously with many absences and resignations. Our current Chief Knight saw Bert as the rising star here; he was so good at his job in Interior that virtually no one opposed his candidacy and won unopposed! We have seen on his Round Table Calvin Coolidge as Chief Bard, Tyras as Knight Culture, and Mysty Saxton as Knight Interior! Although his term is not finished yet, recruitment and reforming seems to be the focus of the RT currently. It seems Shalefields this time has been going through the works on leadership lately. Previously Evanei had been Archduchess up until she had to vacate her position here as well, as Archduke Olde Delaware stepped in in turn. It wasn't long from that either that OD too had disappeared primarily for some medical emergency (we blame it on the village idiots spiking the mead again) and we saw Albion newcomer and TNI vet H_I take the reins as Regent up until the true Archduke returns, at least that's how the true story was told... Brightwall had also been quiet up until Lord Mayor Seven-Five finally relayed a particular problem; Albion's bastion of democracy saw that 7-5's term had largely been up yet nobody bothered to say otherwise! So he took it upon himself to fix that; I hear they talk of democratic reform, we wonder how that would look for Brightwall democracy. Perhaps anarchy would be nice this time of year. Silverpine remains quiet and stable as always, hiding behind their walls with their fancy magic and lawyers and archaeologists, though it is said the Royal College of Magic may get another revamp soon. As you may have heard previously from a separate personal notice, we have ourselves a new Knight Foreign! Our dear Olivia had decided to step down in her capacity of her role to continue forward, what with the dreaded *real life* striking up on us. However in her place, her deputy Esquire Cadmus has been appointed to her position as the new KF! We wish Cadmus the same diplomatic successes as his predecessors had before him. Exciting happenings in the Grand Council are heating up lately as some important things are in discussion. No, it's not the Marriage Act that had finally been written after all these years (took them long enough to get that settled officially) but no; we're talking REFORM. That dreaded word. The GC is discussing Executive Restructuring at the moment. As it stands, the City-States have never been used effectively; now that's about to change. The current proposal sees elections to be a candidate for CK changed where there can only be three, one from each CS. Adding onto that, the other three Knights part of the RT will no longer be delegated any official role in the cabinet. Instead, three citizens will still be chosen, but the CK may delegate these to do whatever they wish them to handle, in an effort to get all Knights involved in projects without being stopped by their official roles. If passed, this may invoke a new and different age for governance in Albion, one that we hope will be better! This is a cat fountain. ...your logic is now irrelevant. There was lots of pixelated blocky fun to be had when we had our Minecraft Festival four months ago, and it was on current version too! Oh the joys of starting on a brand new server, trying quickly not to die on the first night while looking for new things they've added, like polar bears existing! So let's recap the events that happened: The crafting competition to see who can make the most of the best items was very productive, with some great turnout points! Overall Point Count: Moly - 25 Points. Tullievo - 20 Points Kuramia - 15 Points Griffindor13 - 10 Points Yaglaboth - 5 Points Bert - 5 Points Ah, Hunger Games; do I need to say more? There were three separate games, but it was clear that a certain Magical Panda had these in the bag all day! Hunger Games 1 Tyras - 1st Place - 20 Points MagentaFairy - 2nd Place - 15 Points Tullievo - 3rd Place - 10 Points Nik - 5 Points Nethernoise - 5 Points Maje - 5 Points Bert - 5 Points ProffessorHenn - 5 Points Moly - 5 Points Hunger Games 2 Moly - 1st Place - 20 Points Bert - 2nd Place - 15 Points Tullievo - 3rd Place - 10 Points Nik - 5 Points Nethernoise - 5 Points Maje - 5 Points MagentaFairy - 5 Points ProffessorHenn - 5 Points Hunger Games 3 Moly - 1st Place - 20 Points MagentaFairy - 2nd Place - 15 Points Tullievo - 3rd Place - 10 Points Nik - 5 Points Nethernoise - 5 Points Maje - 5 Points Bert - 5 Points There was great fun to be had and we thank all those who participated from foreign regions! We should play again more often! In RP, The Crucible has been pretty quiet lately, except for a notable couple roleplays from the brink! The first is Cassius' Horizons RP, something of his own design where your actions in the RP can lead you to some interesting consequences, and maybe not the ones you'd like...the first post is indeed intriguing. Bit chilling huh? Oh but wait, it gets worse. The second RP to open up quite recently is created out of the mind of our resident deviant of everything devious, the Plaguelord, and knowing how he always is, expect his RP's to be classically...tragic; The Demesne. The Demesne takes place in the gothic fantasy realm of Duniya, Duniya itself is not a world but an infinite plane where the Lunar and Solar spirits compete to reign over all, bringing night and day to eversprawling lands below them as the spirits of nature bring about the four seasons as they are known. Duniya is the demesne of the spirits, connected by magical tethers known as the Igiya to the two realms Sama and Gidan Wuta, the realms of the Seelie (light spirits) and Unseelie (dark spirits) respectively, the various mortal races are the descendants of unions between nature spirits and the Seelie/Unseelie, their special lineage grants them certain 'yancin or rights to the lands of Duniya allowing them to live out their days in the realms as they see fit, many among the Unseelie were not pleased with this arrangement and have since travelled through the Igiya and entered Duniya, seeking to destroy the mortal races of the realm. Players will take on the role of a member of the mortal races who has joined the fight against the Unseelie who have claimed vast domains of Duniya and perverted them into nightmare realms known as M Wuri from which monstrous beasts spill forth and foul magic emanates, it is up to the players, members of the Mai Tsaro, a force created to defend against the Unseelie, to venture into these lands and slay the Unseelie, ending their menace once and for all. How are tigers like sergeants in the army? ...They both wear stripes! The RAL has been going strong and active these past few months, starting off with our support of the Black Hawks occupation of Heroes Rise, which at the time we had at least 8 within the region supporting, a nice veritable sum. Lord High Constable Christopher Bishop has been starting to train some promising proteges known by Bert, H_I and Edward Leben to scout, setup triggers and hit targets, and with a veritably rough wedding present to Queen Fairy and her King Consort SD, they hit up three tiny regions as practice runs. Leben wanted to travel NS a bit before the summer ended, so he brought a few friends along to 'visit' three small regions and say hi! Afterwards the RAL continued to show its stuff by successfully engaging in nine tag raids, excellent work! The North Pacific soon called and we helped greatly assist their occupation of The United Reddit Nations, we even got to be point this time! #narwhalbacon Now to top it off for the update, we engaged ourselves in an occupation of our very own, the occupation of the Philippines! Tropical drinks and pork lechon were to be had while we subverted the native govt for a few days. Thank you to Europeia, Alexandria, LKE, and KGB for supporting our occupation of the archipelago! Did you hear about the cat who drank 5 bowls of water? ...He set a new lap record. Did you know that Albion was one of the first NS regions to invest in using a Discord Chat server? Good luck finding it and getting invited in though... Rumour has it that Cadmus is up to nine husbands and counting! Where does he get all these random husbands from in greater NationStates and why or how does he rope them into his Husbocracy? No one may ever truly know. Is Brightwall ever planning another Chicken Festival? Maybe bugger Lord Mayor Seven-Five instead. In even stranger news, Cadmus is also apparently a child loomed from Detritus Saxton and Erebos Janmaren, of which Detritus is already Cadmus' uncle! So now he has three fathers and a mother, and there may be even more parents chiming in! Don't ask how any of this all works. Seems during CK Bert's administration, the Ask Me Anything (AMA) trend started slightly returning to the Town Square. Of course, many scandalous questions were asked, usually involving complex mathematical hypotheses, potatoes, cats, and tentacles. Can confirm our University is filled with dead people; might as well be utilized as a graveyard or a retirement village for academically-inclined zombies. Recently we democratically voted to rename the Grand Citadel to the Heroes Guild instead; we also voted for Calvin to marry Cassius on the same poll. I'm pretty sure you know what option won out, but there hasn't been a yes or no to the big question yet..! Edward Leben looks great in a yellow sundress. Inquire below for exclusive photos. Ever wonder how those steampunk airships float? Veritable news sources confer to huge supplies of handwavium. ...and now finally for something cute. Yours, Albion
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    Why hello

  8. Seven Deaths

    Why hello

    Son, you don't need to come and check up on your father. He's doing his job. I promise.
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    Letter of Affirmation

    Many thanks, Isaris. Albion appreciates your kind words.
  10. Seven Deaths

    Letter of Affirmation

    The sound of her footsteps bounced to and fro off the stone castle walls as she made her way to the tallest tower of Fairfax Castle. The Queen’s heart raced with something that was a mixture of excitement and worry. For as long as anyone can remember the tower in questions, colloquially known as the King’s Respite, had been off-limits to everyone save the King himself. Not even the castle staff were allowed up there to clean for fear they’d mess with the ‘magic of the room’ as King Charles had put it. When he disappeared and Christopher was King for a short time, the room had locked itself from within, impervious to many a mage’s attempts to gain entry, which gave rise to the rumor that Charles had locked himself within for some unknown reason. All these thoughts swirled in Clarissa’s head as she ascended the stairs at a run, pulling up on her dress so as not to trip herself, for if Charles was summoning her now, to this room, there had to be some reason. She feared the worst. Finally, the door was before her and it appeared so...ordinary. Made of some rough cut wood from the forests that lay nearby, the door held none of the sophistication that should have marked a room of such import. There was no ornate carvings, no gloss or gleam, it hadn’t even been sanded down. She felt as if she could get a splinter just looking at it. This was a peasant’s door. She took a deep breath and knocked loudly. “Come in.” Her hand found the handle of the door easily enough, but her heart stopped beating temporarily, as she pushed the door open, not sure what to expect. What she found wasn’t what she expected. It was small, much too small to be the fabled King’s Respite. One of the most widely spread rumors was that when SD was Arch-Mage, he mixed magic with Time Lord science to expand the room, making it larger on the inside. Some even said that the tower held an entire universe inside. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Every inch of wall space was covered with shelving and those shelvings were crammed full with books. Old and new, large and small, some written in other languages, some in their native tongue, but it seemed improbable that one person could own this many books. Charles sat in the middle of the literary chaos at a desk that looked ready to fall apart, pouring over books. Pages upon pages of notes, scribbled in his hasty scrawl lay strewn everywhere in what Clarissa could only assume constituted an organized chaos. He looked up from his notetaking and spoke. “Clarissa.” He said formally, before smiling. The smile softened his face, removed the King from him and replaced it with friend; father. Charles was never a malevolent ruler, but he could be stern when he needed to be and sometimes his face wore it like a hat, no where else to put it, but easily tossed aside. “Claire.” He stood from the desk and came around the side, careful not to knock over any book or loose parchment, and embraced her. “I’m glad you’re here. How was the honeymoon?” “It was beautiful, thank you. Currently, we’re arguing about whether to make our summer home at Shalefields or Arcadia.” “Ahh, the squabbles of newlyweds. When I married your fathers, we had twice as many homes to choose from and it was a nightmare to sort out. Consider yourself lucky you only have one husband.” He smiled and gestured for her to follow him. There was a break in the wall that led to a small balcony that overlooked the whole of Bowerstone. From their vantage point, you could see the cogs turning down below as merchants sold their goods, townsfolk ate and laughed and worked, cats chased rats down alleys, dogs begged for scraps at the butchers, everything in Bowerstone had it’s place and kept the wheel moving. “Father?” Clarissa has a tone of worry in her voice that was hard to hide. “Why did you summon me up here? Especially now, after all this time?” “I didn’t summon you, my dear. I invited you as my equal. I’m leaving.” “Leaving?” Her tone suggested the incredulousness of his declaration. “Do you know why I decided to build Fairfax Castle on this hill?” Clarissa thought about this for a moment. “Because the hill gave us a better advantage against any who might try to take the castle.” Charles chuckled. “No, child. It was a long time ago when our small party landed on the shores of Albion, but to me it seems like yesterday. We crested the hill this castle was built on and I looked across at all the open land and do you know what I saw? I didn’t see the planes or the marshes that used to be there. I saw this.” He gestured out at the city now, bustling away unaware that their King was looking down on them, smiling gleefully. “I saw the potential and the future that we could have and though I am King, most of the credit isn’t mine and nor is it yours. It’s theirs.” Once more, he gestured to the city. “Albion has been lucky to have the best of souls leading her, but we are nothing without the folk down there. That’s why the King’s Respite is so ordinary. It keeps me grounded in reality and after I am gone, I’d like you to keep that in mind as you redecorate.” “But you haven’t said why you’re leaving…” “We all have a destiny, out there waiting for us, but if we sit cooped up in our tall towers all day, it’ll never find us. I love Albion. I cherish her, the people I’ve met and all the memories it’s given me. I’ll hold all of it in my heart for the rest of my life, but I have another love filling my heart. History. I intend to delve into the scholarly arts, but I can’t do that with a Kingdom to run, so I’m leaving my Kingdom with the person I trust most in this world. You.” “So, just like that, you’re leaving us so you can study history?” She seemed more hurt than angry, but her tone just didn’t come out right. “There’s more to life than this. Staying tethered here… I’m standing still when I should be running towards the future with nothing more than my books and the knowledge that everything I’ve built behind me is safe. You’ll do that for me, won’t you? You’ll keep Albion safe for me while I’m gone?” Clarissa broke slightly, a tear forming in her eye and running down her cheek. “Of course, father.” She smiled and turned to look at the city. The shops were closing and people were beginning to turn in for the night as the setting sun signaled the end to another day. They were her people now. Not to rule over, but to protect and inspire for years to come. “How do I know if I’m ready to lead alone?” Silence met her words so she turned and was faced only with an empty room. The rickety old desk, the walls of books, all of it was gone. The only thing that remained in the entire tower was a piece of parchment paper. She picked it up and written on it was a single word in her father’s heavy scrawl. “Faith.” It is with heavy heart that I make this official. Our beloved King Charles Cerebella has decided not to return to NationStates and Albion. Originally he went on a leave to complete his PhD, however now he feels that he shouldn't and can't return. He wants everyone to know that he says hello and thinks about us all. Any announcement of mine wouldn't be complete without a little emotional rollercoaster. Charles Cerebella has been one of my closest friends, greatest mentor and dedicated teachers. He was patient and kind. A true leader who inspired people to discover their strengths and work around their weaknesses. The loyalty and love he felt for Albion has always been genuine. Working tirelessly, he ensured we survived and thrived. With his leaving, I become the sole monarch of Albion. Of course I still have the wonderful support from you all, so I'm not alone in taking care of the region. I've always adored this region and the people in it. I'd like to give a big thank you to SD for writing the wonderful and emotional story. I still tear up reading it. The word 'faith' has a whole new meaning to it. As we mourn his leaving, remember and celebrate his hard work. Let's make Albion thrive, just like Cere did for us.
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    Bloodfang Festival Invitation

    As a reminder, this has now started. Come in and join the festivities.
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    Albion Update XV

    King: His Imperial and Royal Majesty, Christopher BishopCrown Prince: His Imperial Highness, Lord Seven DeathsPrincess: Her Royal Highness, Dame MagentaFairyPrince: His Royal Highness, Sir Joshua IX Chief Knight: Lord Seven DeathsArch-Mage: His Highly Learned Magnificence, Cassius CerebellaKnight of War and Lady High Constable: The Warbringer, Dame MagentaFairyKnight Foreign: Her Scheming Excellency, Dame OliviaKnight Interior: Moly CalidanKnight Cultural: Sir Tyrion Cerebella-SaxtonChief Bard: Tyras CalidanChief Recruiter: Sir Enahsian Calidan Region | | Forum | | Twitter 245,258 forum posts | | 408 Nations Politicians and diapers have one thing in common... They should both be changed regularly. Guess what? That’s right! Albion once again saw the (re)cycle of Lower Council elections. This term however, the table seats members who are distinguishably established within our fair realm. Including the regional return of Lords Fenris and Isidor. Sitting with them is Lady Fleur de Mal, Sir Freddie and Miss Junona. Eager to get things underway they began the process (which is still in healthy discussion) of changes to both the World Assembly Delegate Act and the Introduction of a Cultural Visa Act. The Round Table too, has seen new members as well as former members taking their seats. Lead by the Crown Prince; Seven Deaths himself as Chief Knight. Sitting beside him we see Tyras Calidan as Chief Bard, Moly Calidan as Knight Interior, Sir Tyrion Cerebella-Saxton as Knight Cultural and Sir Enahsian Calidan as Chief Recruiter. (Just in case you missed it on the first page.) With little time to call “dibs” on their chairs, our Round Table was sent off with a list of tasks respective to their Chambers. Including but not limited to; A new Guild for Console and PC Gamers, reorganization of the market place, overhaul of the University, spiffy new telegrams, a new take on the Trusty Messenger and a general census. Ever the busy bees these political folks. Diligently dedicated to improving and growing Albion for the comfort of her citizens, officials and foreign diplomats. -- Speaking of “diligence,” previous rumours ring true. The Round Table has opened its doors to Squires. Whereby citizens who are apart of The Companions may choose one of several Knightly Virtues to participate under; Liberality (Knight Cultural), Prudence (Knight Interior), Resolution (Knight Foreign), Diligence (Chief Recruiter) and Valour (Chief Bard) so they may be introduced to the workings of The Round Table and thus build a stronger community. Valour seems to be the most popular choice so far. We really do like our Role Play. Golems: Pottery in Motion The City of Silverpine saw a boom in activity as an improved Royal College of Magic materialized into place creating the first Silverpine role play open to those outside of the city. It is here, where citizens of Albion can participate in adventurous missions to collect mysterious artefacts that have been brought to the College’s attention. Not all artefacts are as simple as going to a destination and picking them up, however. Adventurers may find artefacts of more hostile nature or various creatures and beings who may attempt to sabotage the mission. Those wishing to run their own campaign are welcome to use the Job Request Journal to notify others of their adventure, or otherwise choose to participate in one listed. Arr! Pirates ye be! Albion’s latest role-play is currently under development. Prepare for sea shanties and battles upon the sea! As always, both Chaos Knights and Gods Among Men see new characters arrive regularly to keep the stories alive. Furthermore, the team (and players) over at A Galactic Republic continue to dominate space, conquering all the battles they encounter. He stared at his belly button that much... he was promoted to navel officer. The UIAF juggled new ranks with a statement released by General Christopher Bishop in late January. With this all member regions aim to collaborate more to further our prosperous success. Recently the UIAF participated in and led victorious military manoeuvres. Most significant is the kick in the butt that we gave to the FRA and UDL for not being able to stop the invasion of Eastern Europe. Again. In less than fourteen hours, forty units had been moved in to endorse the UIAF delegate with the aid of Europeia, The Black Riders and The Black Hawks, with troops from The Communist Bloc also joining the party. The UIAF thanks these regions for their aid in battle, although next time we might want to consider getting bigger ships. And finally, after some time to sharpen axes and drink too much mead, the troops helped form a shieldwall for The North Pacific (a.k.a. helping the delegate transfer, for anyone who doesn't speak Viking). But let’s just take some time to admire all those UIAF flags at any operation we like to participate in. I'm just as impressed as you are. The the longest two-word sentence in English is… "I do." Albion recently celebrated His recently appointed Majesty’s coronation. Plenty of drink and food to be had as is Albion’s style. Her Royal Highness, MagentaFairy once again outdoing herself, with breathtaking decor, and plenty of food and drink to satisfy every palette. As coronation festivities came to a close, others continued the celebrations throughout the evening leading to His Royal Highness, Seven Deaths popping the big question to fellow Dame Olivia. Thankfully she said yes. A date for the wedding is yet to be set, but congratulations to the newly engaged couple. Love continues to filter the region, this time with a shot gun wedding! I kid you not. One of our newer, but not so new any more citizens, Myst won the Chief Magistrate Detritus' heart and they were wed. It was that heart-felt and quick, citizens still question if they’re actually married. Congratulations to the happy couple. The Arch Mage is rumoured to be starting his own fan club. Unfortunately he’s hit a snare. Albion’s mailmen are in short supply due to mysterious disappearances. The Fox being the prime suspect. Ominous objects popping up around the place seem to be an Albion trend. Disgruntled citizens are often seen leaving Moly’s market stall, as they try to figure out what it was they actually just saw. To continue the trend, discussions of mythology currently circulates the University. Yours, Albion
  13. Seven Deaths

    Albion Update XIV

    King: His Imperial and Royal Majesty, Christopher BishopCrown Prince: His Imperial Highness, Lord Seven DeathsPrincess: Her Royal Highness, Dame MagentaFairyPrince: His Royal Highness, Sir Joshua IX Chief Knight: Sir SethArch-Mage: His Highly Learned Magnificence, Lord Cassius CerebellaKnight of War and Lady High Constable: The Warbringer, Dame MagentaFairyKnight Foreign: Her Scheming Excellency, Dame OliviaKnight Interior: Dame Fleur de MalKnight Cultural: Sir ZackChief Bard: Sir Aedan Mac RiketChief Recruiter: Enahsian Calidan Region | | Forum | | IRC | | Twitter 230,238 forum posts | | 362 Nations A New King is Born On the 26 December 2014 His then Royal Majesty, Charles Cerebella emerged from the Keep calling upon the Court and citizens of Albion to attend a meet within the heart of Bowerstone. It is here where our now former King addressed the regions peers with a notice of abdication. My thanks go out to every member of the region as well. You have all made this place the special place it is and nothing would ever have been possible without you all. I can't possibly convey my appreciation to you that you decide to call this place your home." Our former Majesty expressed to the community as a whole. Charles Cerebella was crowned the first King of Albion on 22nd April, 2013, the time when Albion officially became a region and her forums founded. With the assistance of others whom now form the Order of Origin, Charles created the prospering community so cherished today. "It has been an absolute pleasure to be King of this region. It has been a wonderful experience with many more highs than there were ever lows and I look forward to being a part of the community for a long time to come." He admitted fondly when queried later on Albion's achievements. Stepping forth to reign as the new King of Albion, is Charles' son and previous Crown Prince Christopher Bishop. Chris worked closely with Charles during his dynasty and has always proven trustworthy and dedicated to Albion's growth and success both at home and on the battlefield. Albion is a great and vibrant community that is willing to accept anyone right out of the woodwork. The community is friendly enough to allow for members to be open with each other. At times a little too open at times, but nothing out of turn. I like to thank my predecessor, Charles Cerebella, for his hard work in found the region and bringing the region where it is today. I can only hope that I can live up to the example that he has set forth. I now come before you as the new King of Albion. I can say for sure that Albion will have a bright future. It is with this great community that Albion can rise to any occasion to face the challenges that put before it. We have overcome the smallest of squabbles and the few threats that would disrupt the peaceful region. The region has always come out stronger because of it. I will work closely with my trusted advisors and the government to put forth grand plans that will lead able forward. I like to welcome Seven Deaths to the royal line as I present him the position of Crown Prince. He may stylize himself as His Royal Highness. Seven Deaths been a contributing member ever since the founding of Albion. He has been Charles right hand man and has probably a lot for the region, much more than anyone else that comes to mind. Let him continue to serve the region as the new Crown Prince as I know he will continue to do great things. Taking Seven Deaths place as Arch-Mage is Cassius, who has contributed much over the year from Chief Knight and until only recently as Knight Foreign. There is a lot that I am probably forgetting, but I am sure he will remind me and whoever asks what he has done. Cassius may stylize himself as His Highly Learned Magnificence. First on the list of honors, I like to present Fleur de Mal the title of Baroness of Westcliff. She has served the region in multiple cabinet positions and in various roles in the region. Fleur has also proven to be a capable commander on the battlefield. In addition to her title, I shall make her a Knight Ordinary of the Order of the Helm. For his contributions to the active Roleplays in the Crucible I like to present Knight Commander of the Order of the Quill to Harald Von Thuringen. I like to present Knight Ordinary of the Order of the Quill to Seth Redfield. I like to make Tyrion Saxton the Knight Commander of the Order of the Flagon due to continued contribution to the design of Albion. For Enahsian Calidan has done much in contribution to Albion and her activity. He has proven that he is devoted to the region and I like to present him Knight Ordinary of the Order of the Flagon. Serving the region on the Lower Council for several consecutive terms and as Speaker of the Lower Council, I like to present Zack Saxton with Knight Ordinary of the Order of the Mace. Freddie has been the region's most active World Assembly Delegate with continued updates on all resolutions that are currently at vote. Freddie has also been helpful in keeping the RMB active. I like to present Freddie with the Knight Ordinary of the Order of the Mace. For final honors, I like to present Olivia with Knight Ordinary of the Order of Laurel. She has done a great job as taking over Cassius as the Knight Foreign. I am sure that Olivia will continue to do great work as she helps shape Albion's foreign policy. Long Live Albion! Long Live the King! Congratulations to all those honoured with new titles, to our new Crown Prince and an even bigger congratulations to our new King! Politics is the skilled use of blunt objects - Lester B. Pearson Once again Albion was thrown into electoral frenzy with the Fox stepping down as Chief Knight and the bribes began to line the pockets of those standing to take the position. Sir Seth Redfield Calidan won the honour by a hair of the fox, taking to the seat for the first time. Proving more than capable of throwing peacock feathered wings into the role, Sir Seth, with a plethora Christmas cheer began the planning of this season's festival and promoting the restructure of Albion's finest civil service. Joining him for his crusade is another new face to the Round Table; Sir Zack Saxton taking on the position of Knight Cultural. Dame Fleur de Mal re-appointed as Knight Interior with Sir Hound snapping yet again at heels as Chief Bard and finally, Olivia Calidan (albeit temporarily) resuming her position as Chief Recruiter. As things settled and citizens happily toddled about their daily tasks, the Regency and Round Table were left floundering.Lord Cassius Cerebella had recently returned from a short trip to the isles of AFK, he announced with a heavy heart his resignation as Knight Foreign. How long had Lord Cassius had served as Knight Foreign for? “...a very long time,” he replied when asked. Would seem the Reptillians has nothing on our newest Arch Mage. In his stead, the Crown has appointed Olivia to fill his shoes, with Enahsian taking her place as Chief Recruiter. One ring to rule them all – at least from a civilian standpoint – the Lower Council elections went under-way with the return of a few familiar faces. Sir Zack Saxton, and Maxim Cerebella dedicated to serving another term. Monotony failing to exist in Albion yet again with "fair-go" policies through the roof as Enahsian, the delegable Freddie and Cadmus sit with the Lower Council for the first time. I made a rogue-sorcerer once.. It wasn't too bard Despite the quietness the silly season brings across nation states, the ever defiant Gods Among Men simply refuses to follow the flock and remains afloat with new character arrivals, and not from the same people, either! The latest demi-god to grace the halls is Chatur. A son of Vishnu adding his own fuel to the fire as a team of misfits are being round-up as we speak, to shake the very foundations of their lives. Chaos Knights has also returned to the forefront of popularity and is now going strong alongside Gods Among Men. Since the time of the last update, two new role-plays have surfaced. First conjuration is Summoners Abyss, where you create a character who has command over an element of your choice and a creature to summon along with it. You, as a part of the carefully selected team of Summoners have embarked on a journey to close a rift of impending doom before it's too late. There's no shaymin pokepuns! -- er -- ehem --- no matter where you go, you can't escape it. Not even in Albion. Create your trainer and select your starter Pokemon. The battles have begun! Those who wear sleeveless shirts.. like to defend the right to bare arms It has been a busy the last two months for the Royal Albion Legion alongside the United Imperial Armed Forces (UIAF). From amongst its ranks, Fleur de Mal found herself appointed to Brigadier and further becoming an Adjutant Commander of the UIAF. During November, the UIAF led a movement into the region of Portugal with Fleur de Mal taking the leading reins on the operation. She demonstrated her skills in maintaining control of the region with no interference from defender forces or their allies. Early in December, the UIAF assisted The Black Hawks (TBH) with the invasion of the region of Equestria. Like any pony would do, instead of retaliation they chose to just accept their temporary overlords with love. Just as their motto says, "Friendship is Magic." A belief held close even when under the boot of invading forces. Continuing its practice and militaristic style, the UIAF was clearly the largest flagged force present. A gossip is someone with... a great sense of rumour Revitalization of the University has gone underway to promote more activity beginning with Sir Zack appointing Cadmus as it's Provost. Albion's favourite group, the Companions has undergone an overhaul with the introduction of Pages. Each Companion is to choose a Knightly Virtue they wish to represent, and learn what goes on in the offices of Albion's elite. Albion Officials introduce achievement into the region with Pages proving their virtue for there is with only one opening for the title of Squire per office. Albion lately has seen the return of many who just simply can't stay away! (Cue Hotel California here) Romance had been all but forgotten in Albion, until two citizens decided to tie the knot upon re-arrival. Congratulations to Salt and Sir Fenris, may their marriage last longer than her last! The one known as The Fox is rumoured to finally be wearing a collar. No one's really sure how to feel about this, but we -- no -- I’ve got nothing. Sorry. The latest elixir to hit the streets is rumoured to cause vivid hallucinations and erratic movements. Just ask one of our more recent citizens, he was all but arrested not too long ago for Riding Under the Influence of Sorcery. Always yours,Albion
  14. Seven Deaths

    Albion Update XII

    King: His Imperial and Royal Majesty, Charles CerebellaCrown Prince: His Imperial Highness, Sir Christopher BishopPrincess: Her Royal Highness, Dame MagentaFairyPrince: His Royal Highness, Sir Joshua IX Chief Knight: Sir FoxArch-Mage: His Highly Learned Magnificence, Lord Seven DeathsKnight of War and Lady High Constable: The Warbringer, Dame MagentaFairyKnight Foreign: His Scheming Excellency, Lord Cassius CerebellaKnight Interior: Dame Aynia de AntovignKnight Cultural: Seth SaxtonChief Bard: Aedan O'Feargail Region | | Forum | | IRC | | Twitter 183,780 forum posts | | 388 Nations Round Table Gets Foxy The Fox guilt trips people into voting for him The hustings, our local vote casting and political blathering arena, saw a burst of activity as it was once again election season in Albion. For Chief Knight, the head of Albion's domestic government, there was actually only one candidate who stepped forward! The Fox, formerly known as Mister Riket, self nominated himself early on, and subsequently received so much support from all across Albion that nobody dared stand against him. This writer suspects the lack of competition was not due to a lack of interest in the role, as it is usually hotly contested, but rather that everyone knew standing against the might of the Panzer Fox would only result in a crushing defeat! At the conclusion of the oddly long nomination period, Sir Fox was admitted to the office of Chief Knight without contest or protest. We look forward to seeing what brilliant feats of stuff and things he will accomplish in the term that awaits him. The Lower Council also endured a barrage of recent electoral activity. In a vicious battle for votes, where the aspiring candidates sought to rally voters to their cause with largely uninspired campaigns, we saw a new council of five which included a surprising amount of completely new legislators. These victors were Nakon Ank Arnulf, Seth Redfield, Killian Saxton, Sir Odin Pendragon, and Zack Shepard. We are looking forward to seeing what this council can accomplish with their term. Considering almost every single reform proposal their recent predecessors had made was rejected by the Grand Council, they certainly have their work cut out for them. At the moment, discussion revolves around the idea of allowing the King to grant honorary citizenship to members, a proposal suggested by former Chief Knight Pandora. We're also pleased to announce that we have a new World Assembly Delegate. Nakon Ank Arnulf has replaced the long standing Markus Angelus, better known as Vandelstein, after the latter announced he no longer had enough time to continue in the position. Not One Step Back! The walls of Nazi Europe fall The Royal Albion Military remains ever active across the wet and wild battlefields of NationStates, pillaging helpless regions of their muffins and gallantly rushing to the aid of our noble allies when we have nothing better to do. Recent times have seen deployments in a number of regions, but most notably in the notorious stronghold of hate known as Nazi Europe. As a part of the United Imperial Armed Forces, Albion soldiers participated in both the initial raid and recapture of the region from RWU forces, fighting alongside a number of other militaries to ensure that this long standing target was finally vanquished. The refound of the region ensured a lasting permanent victory over the forces of fascism, and represents a major victory in the ongoing war against ideologies of hate in NationStates. It also marks a continuation of our cooperation with The North Pacific, and we hope our regions will continue to grow closer together in both military affairs and otherwise. A massive shout out to Evil Wolf for making this happen, after he suddenly realised that he had the password to the region, and actually had possessed it for a significant amount of time! Following this fantastic event, our forces subsequently deployed into the long time role playing region Ixnay, in support of the rampant marauders from The Black Riders. Nothing like a good side of pillaging and looting to finish off the week! Would You Like Fries With That? Some of the food served in the Shalefields Lunch Cantina This month saw a rather odd burst of activity in the city states of Albion, as certain individuals who shall remain nameless descended upon one of the official information threads for Shalefields. Curiously, their only demand was that they be provided with lunch as they proceeded to occupy the thread. Eventually, the Archduchess gave in to the insidious plot, and the thread was renamed the Shalefields Lunch Cantina. Of course, it then became apparent that we also required a place for Breakfast and Dinner. Brightwall and Silverpine thus suffered similar fates, as the diabolical diners mauled threads across the cities in search of other venues for munching on food. Albion's crazy yet brilliant minecraft world has undergone something of an upgrade, as we realised that Lord Seven Death's computer was dying a slow and painful death from struggling to host all our nonsense. As such, we've shifted to a more proper server actually capable of providing a stable connection without risk of spontaneous periodic internal explosions. The move also allowed us to activate a number of world mods to allow better management of our ever growing world, including a handy map feature so that we can all see exactly just how far Dame Aynia traveled across the world in her long and arguous journey to the North, where she now lives in total isolation. Viewing the entire world in 3D via the map feature certainly makes it all look rather impressive! Currently the highlight event in Albion is the Wolfwood tournament. This is essentially a variant of the famous last nation standing competition, where a new region is created, nations moved in, and the lowest ranked by the survey each day is sent packing to TRR. Our unusual twist is that each of these nations represents a character, a champion who is fighting to the death for the honour of their fiefdom in the Albion of Today role play. Which means that when your nation is rejected, your hero dies. The winner each day gets to watch their character brutally slaughter the losers character, in combat posts that will be gloriously composed by our resident Arch-Mage. There can only be one winner, and certain Lords and Knights of the Realm have already started a betting pool. Imagine that, betting money on peoples lives! How very barbaric. I mean, who even uses money, other than peasants? Lords should be betting entire castles. They have enough of them. Albion News NetworkThe following may or may not be true, which is true is for you to decide We now have a Cthulhu emote. That's right. Cthulhu. He's in ur posts now. Fear him, etc. The point is that by now we think we have amassed one of the best emote collections of any NS forum. Anyway, Sir Detritus Saxton recently declared himself Lord of Limes, based on some convoluted theory that if his brother is the Lord of Time then he should rule over something that rhymes with that. For some reason. Yeah. Silverpine very nearly declared war on Shalefields after a citizen of the latter city did something mildly insulting somewhere. Sir Fox claimed total credit for almost destroying the fragile unity of the Realm. Speaking of Sir Fox, shortly after his election he promptly fled the country and celebrated his victory in China. Fortunately he was GPS implanted, and so through a series of smoke signals, telepathic devices, and cell phones, he was able to return to us. The region is rather excited at the prospect of BACON, the movie. Let's be honest, who wouldn't be? Well, actually, it wouldn't be all that great really, because it would just be one big teaser. You can't exactly eat a movie. A lot more has happened since the last update, but recording everything that happens in Albion would be a full time job in itself. So here you get but a taster. A delicious appetizer. The main course is steak. And bacon. Lots of bacon. #AlbionForever #SevenDeaths #ErebosInfinity #LizLovesLimes Such activity. Much content. Very update. Always yours,Albion.