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  1. Small Huts

    United Federation Delgateless

    So I've learned that Legacy Mode isn't a thing. I'm trying to determine if Nations can be blocked from even entering a password to enter, but that doesn't even matter at this point. The question is, Is it worthwhile to spend a large amount of time and effort to try and overcome the influence of the three campers who are there or to simply try and wait them out. I've been holding my WA status there for a long while already to no avail and would like to do something more useful with it. I should hear from Wham at least before I retire that WA since technically it is a military enterprise, Unless it falls under Section Sigma?
  2. Small Huts

    Foreign Affairs Update - January 2019

    Thanks for the update, Overthinkers.
  3. Small Huts

    United Federation Delgateless

    Welllll. It appears the Region is in Legacy Mode or something and noone can get in. *sigh*. I think I need to get informed about that since it wasn't a thing before last year. I think it's going to be stuck that way which I guess is better than letting it be a front line in the R/D war again. If that's the case I'd happily move my WA membership elsewhere and have more fun. If that's not the case then I'd grudgingly move my WA membership elsewhere and still have more fun.
  4. The United Federation of Planets just lost its Delegate. I think we are long overdue for a discussion on how to proceed with this long standing attempt to refound. I have not been able to attract the endorsements needed to overcome the campers and I don't see how that will change. As much as I hate to admit it, unless we can get some extended support from a handful of nations we're never going to overcome them. I also see around the other Trek themed Regions that they are largely operating without Founders. Who can weigh in on this?
  5. Small Huts

    WA Confirmation Vote

  6. Small Huts

    June 2017 Mayoral Election Vote

    Leo Draken
  7. i disagree. I feel that this is badly reasoned.
  8. Small Huts

    May 2017 Town Moderator Vote

  9. Small Huts

    Admin Request Thread

    Is Nai not citizen for life?
  10. Small Huts

    Ambassador from Europeia

    In the fullness of time. It is my understanding that King Westwind has been quite occupied RL so your patience is appreciated.
  11. Small Huts

    Recruiter of the Week/Month

    This week's recruiter of the week is Mayor Isaris. Good work!
  12. Small Huts

    - Ambassador's Report -

    I'm pretty sure I know what that pic is. Thanks for the update!
  13. Small Huts

    List of Recruited Nations

    recruited 80 nations