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  1. Tranquillity

    A Grave Problem?

    A Grave Problem? Irony is a clear consciousness of an eternal agility, of the infinitely abundant chaos. Nobody gave fendas the message that today was the last day of school. In a display of prowess, the Lone Wolves United have now ended their occupation of Eternal Scholars. After holding the region for five days, with no fendas looking for a proper education, the Lone Wolves encountered the hitherto-unanticipated opportunity to devise a devious exit plan. Having noticed fendas suddenly displaying interest in the intellectual arena, Scribe Amenemope changed the Welcome Telegram with an especial message for Raiderdoms apathetic and lethargic antagonists. In the minutes before the update, while the fendas crammed for their final exams, Scribe Amenemope resigned from the World Assembly, rendering the considerable effort of the foe to overcome their numbers moot. The Wolves congratulate the fendas on having raised so many endorsements for this operation. They also find it a shame that Atlantic and Land of the Dead were regions not worth the time and effort the fendas have devoted to the two recent raids conducted by LWU, one of which was successfully liberated by all standards. The Eternal Scholars proved to be amenable hosts for the Wolves and their allies. The stay was informative in all the right ways. With the occupation having reached a conclusion considerably less tedious than the intended simple exit at the start of update or an aspirant capture by the fendas, the Wolves may return to their den at last and plan for their next hunt. After 10 active updates of intense yet unrewarded digilent anticipation whilst hovering over the eject+ban feature, the Raider Wolf point relaxes.
  2. Tranquillity

    Is Our Lone Wolves Learning?

    Thank you, Cormac.
  3. Tranquillity

    Is Our Lone Wolves Learning?

    Is Our Lone Wolves Learning? LWU Takes the Fendas to School Headmaster Evil Wolf institutes some changes in ES. I begin by taking. I shall find scholars later to demonstrate my perfect right. Whether or not the scholars agree, the deed is done. The Eternal Scholars found their studies disrupted by the 10th anniversary raid of the Lone Wolves United. Despite technical difficulties at Major update, neither defenders nor the incumbent Delegate took action in time to spare the orderly, if somewhat lethargic, Scholars from the invasion of wild, untamed Wolves. DEN made a special appearance at the behest of Raid Commander Tabaqui when it seemed as if LWU numbers alone would not be sufficient to ensure success should the defenders fulfill their calling that night. Alas, the region did not receive the aid it needed. A recent addition to the Scholars, Scribe Amenemope, took the fore at the following Minor update, supported initially by fellow Wolves also known as fellow historical icon Heraclitus, The Erstwhile Professor, and Elite Literati. Reinforcements from friends in Europeia and The East Pacific as well as allies in The Land of Kings and Emperors and The Black Hawks have since gathered in the region, ostensibly to share in gathering up the wealth of knowledge surely present in the region. The region has seen a rise in activity on the Regional Message Board from its inhabitants, whose interest has been repeatedly roused by the very lupine howls interrupting their regularly scheduled study regimen. It is the unknown that excites the ardor of scholars, who, in the known alone, would shrivel up with boredom.
  4. Tranquillity

    Missing Missive

    Any time! *tips hat* It's a great pleasure to be here.
  5. Tranquillity

    Missing Missive

    No he offered help but it was declined. He was like get an API you really need to auto recruit and I was like nah. I just got a book of stamps and recruited manually. I have not raided with him and nor is he an unofficial advisor.
  6. Tranquillity

    Missing Missive

    Lone Wolves United, the legendary crasher region that's been on the raiding scene since 2005, is back. Last year we were announcing victories against the Lazarus Liberation Army after talks with the People's Republic of Lazarus broke down following the unilateral cancellation of their treaty with us. Let me bring you up to speed. Long-time raider and covert instigator Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds was sadly branded Delete-on-Sight by the game moderators due to infringements of the NationStates rules. LSD, one-time Khan of Lone Wolves United, recently held the positions of DIE Director and saKhan, and was a mastermind of many plots and schemes over the years which we cannot rightfully claim the credit for. LSD worked tirelessly to revive Lone Wolves United, from February until July 2014, amongst his many accomplishments as saKhan were a successful takeover of Hogwarts, a computerised raiding simulation for training recruits, and a thawing of tensions with the Unknown Empire of Incognita. Tragedy struck in the last week of July, a dispute over the leadership of LWU led him to attempt to coup the organization using his control of the forum as leverage. Khan and Founder Evil Wolf didn't bow to this frankly treacherous and underhanded manoevre, citing that the organization could never be placed in the hands of a DoS player, and that LWU would never cave to such a threat even if it was destroyed in the process. The forums were deleted and remained an unspeakable mess until it was eventually tidied up by the remaining admins and quietly re-opened in February 2015. Tabaqui as Raider Commander has been organizing military operations in the intervening time, progress has been painfully slow, with setbacks in ITALIA, Renegade Islands Alliance, and Portugal. Dissatisfied raiders in the organization, stirred up by ex-wolf he-who-must-not-be-named, instigated a mutiny against Tabaqui's de facto leadership on 23rd March 2015. This was fortunately quelled by the timely return of Evil Wolf who has been busy elsewhere. In April, ex-wolf 94 Block offered some friendly advice on recruiting and the massive D.I.R.E. engine was turned on the Rejected Realms, yielding an inspiring total of 2 recruits. The newbies turned out to be pretty darn competent, as a practice raid resulted in five hits (Sons of Islam, A More Peaceful World, A State of Confidentiality, Krystallmacht and Former United States) on Saturday 18th April at the major, a most pleasing result considering tags are not our strong suit. More raids will be coming although we obviously can't tell you what to expect, you'll have to wait and see! We wish all our friends and enemies warm regards and thank you for sticking with us through a long and frustrating slow spell. Particularly we want to shout out to Unknown for being a friend to us and seriously reforming, to the South Pacific for making Wolf so welcome over there, to The East Pacific for opening relations with us, to the LKE for diligently exchanging ambassadors and Glass Gallows just for being you. Actually I want to go further and thank the Rejected Realms for writing about us this year, even when we weren't doing anything! On a personal note from Tabaqui, everybody who has no dealings with us who helped make operations happen and gave their support, you know who you are.
  7. Tranquillity


    Hi Raxion! I've definitely seen you around, were you involved in Asgard?
  8. Tranquillity

    Word Association Game

  9. Tranquillity

    Awards from the Chief Minister

    I would like to congratulate former Chief Ministers Tarricoe, Zeorus, Felasia and Kubrikistan on their awards for excellence. From a foreign perspective it is even more obvious that Astarial deserves to be highly praised for her dedication and achievements. Well done everybody!
  10. Tranquillity

    LWU Embassy Application

    Thank you o lord of Obsidian
  11. Tranquillity

    Victory in the Soviet Bloc

    Victory in The Soviet Bloc Announcement of Mission Conclusion Eight Defender Thugs Removed From The Region Without Contest! If I occupy your region, ain't nothing to it The LLA made me do it [For Your Protection] The Soviet Bloc has returned to health under the stewardship of Lone Wolves United. The quaint, serene pastoral hills of the Soviet Bloc seem to sing to themselves as a light breeze dances through the rolling landscape, over fecund soil dotted with color that pops; red, pink and yellow flowers bud among a peaceful portrait of lush green grass, and what was once an LLA hellhole now resembles an Elysium, confined not to the dead alone, but instead generously open to all those whom have been touched by the select few who willingly serve He who ordains them, Death himself; his Wolves. Where there was barbed wire and high walls, and avarice that poisoned the land as a drunken wastrel corrupts his own soul, the Wolves have cleared these egregious Defender constructions, and reminded the native population - which had suffered delusions at the hands of these monstrosities - of their own constitutions, of their own humanity. The Soviet Bloc had resembled a dsytopian prison under the LLA. Without Death, there cannot be Life. He who seeks to abolish the former, seeks ultimately to dispense with the latter. Corollary Communist notions were also dispensed with during the occupation of the Soviet Bloc, with as much ease as the LLA scourge itself, at the hands of the ganja infused saKhan and the formidable philosopher and Wolf that is, Bankai Kurosaki. The most vociferous of the Communists was determined to be a Defender saboteur, and of course this is fitting, for Unibot -foremost of the Defender propagandists - is a well-known apologist when it comes to the Great Leap Forward, and other justified massacres. Lazarus has been silent - both on the forums and on the battlefield - on its crimes in the Soviet Bloc. While Socialist notions continue to fester in the Soviet Bloc, that Lone Wolves United command has determined that with the LLA fortifications, soldiers and commander removed, the Soviet Bloc has been sufficiently purged of its malignant forces, and is prepared to return to self-government that which was initially violated by the LLA, and never compromised by the Lone Wolves United. He who builds walls is a master; he who lights fires is a liberator. The saKhan, LSD, contemplates Carta, high among the Lazarene Communists and Defender Agents. Self-government is that which Defenders have no belief in; theirs is an interposition between the nation and his fellow nations, the nation and his region, and the region with its own natural and rightful decay, demise and rebirth. The clear defeat of the LLA, which failed to even attempt to regain control of the region, is itself the clearest augury and indication of the righteousness of the Lone Wolves United cause, for the Fates do not curse the righteous, and it is only the damned that are condemned sleep without hope. The Lone Wolves United has slept soundly, knowing that LLA defeat was imminent, that they would be purged with success, and that the Soviet Bloc, which has been a captive and slave to designs of the LLA, would emerge freer, stronger and better for having been visited by the forces of the Lone Wolves United. Or else, they will suffer at the hands of Raider hands again. But to fall in defeat independently is more desirable than that of LLA supervision, who can not contend with corpses, but only with zombies animated by their own hand. We are as always, for your protection. Fate has embarrassed the region of Lazarus, and scorned her. For it was the Communist government of Lazarus that not long ago sought to embarrass the Lone Wolves United, after the Wolves approached Lazarus to negotiate a mutual treaty in good faith. In an episode that is typical of Defender double-dealing, Lazarus turned away the Lone Wolves United in an attempt at a raucous, public bitchslap, saying that it had kept the old, useless, and duplicitous Wolves at bay. Oh, really? The delegate of Lazarus is an equal among his Communist brothers. It was the Lone Wolves United who struck true to their word and made Lazarus pay, not with words, for any idiot can sling insults, but where it matters, on the field of battle - where Lazarus had asserted the Lone Wolves United no longer had a place. The LLA has been summarily and totally defeated by the Lone Wolves United in the Soviet Bloc, with not even a whisper of competent resistance. Seven clearly marked Lazarene defenders were ejected and banned from the region, while another saboteur was also purged. What was once an LLA puppet-region is now a sovereign entity, free to prosper or suffer as their own lines are drawn. Our line has been drawn. Ours is the path of victory, the LLA is and always will be, the path of defeat. The Lone Wolves United thanks our friends in The Black Riders, The Brotherhood of Malice, The Black Hawks and The United Imperial Armed Forces for their invaluable assistance during this mission.
  12. Name of region: Lone Wolves United Forum: s1.zetaboards.com/Invader_Haven/index/ Ambassador: Tabaqui (Tranquillity) Description of region: Lone Wolves United has a proud history of crashing and strives to add new accolades to their invader achievements. In other words we like to dream, explore, and discover. Other notes: We respect the history and region of Equilism and through the reworking of our forums we have made space for an Equilism embassy.
  13. Tranquillity

    Hello Equilism!

    How do I apply to be a foreign diplomat, and would I lose any of my access?
  14. Tranquillity

    Have You Ever?

    no Have you ever walked on hot coals?
  15. Tranquillity

    Corrupt a Wish

    Granted, however, your plane goes missing. I wish that I could be in the cellars of the sea.