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    Update IV

    ~ The Republic of The Communist Bloc ~Established December 29th, 2013 Population: 235 Government of the Republic President: ZennyHead of State/Founder: KovatskVice President: WestnesiaMinister of Information: LentrotkaMinister of Education: Edward FominovMinister of Foreign Affairs: VacantMinister of Defense: ZennyMinister of Immigration: Modern Sin Fominov Legislative & Judicial Elections Completed Another step forward for the Republic and its people! Elections came to a close 8PM EST on Wednesday, finishing the first elections for the Assembly Council of the People's Democratic Assembly since new reforms were passed in its previous session, creating the council. Elections were also completed for the Senior & Junior justices of The People's Court, a day after Comrade Kenneth Cochrane was appointed as Chief Justice by the Dear Leader. The further development of our court and legislature will be key during this legislative term. A proper regional criminal code is expected to be a large focus of the Assembly as well as re-consideration of multiple major constitutional amendments. As the court race became a simple electoral technicality because only 1 candidate (Comrade ASSR/American Soviet Socialist Republics) stood for Senior Justice and only 1 candidate (Comrade The Steppe Peoples) stood for Junior Justice, the Assembly Council race became competitive and extremely close. When polls closed, all 7 candidates received between 10 and 12 votes, 4 of them receiving 11 and nearly leading to a large runoff. The result is a very split result among all internal political groups in the region. The Socialist Party of The Communist Bloc (SPCB) was one of the obvious winners in this election, gaining another seat on the Assembly Council (Comrade Togeria) as well as a Junior Justice on the Court (Comrade Lentrotka). The newly formed One Country Policy, a newer party focused upon expanding military power and strongly pro-Zennyism, gained its first seat in the Assembly (Comrade Grin) and the Senior Justice seat on the court (Comrade ASSR). The Democratic Action Front, the region's first political party led by the Dear Leader, lost one its representatives: 1st Son of the Dear Leader Modern Sin Fominov. Replaced by Comrade Safyire, the party neither loses nor gains. Independent candidates Comrade Tactia and Comrade Westnesia also won. The full results are listed below:New Assembly Council:Westnesia (Independent)..............................................14.3%Safyire (Democratic Action Front).................................14.3%Togeria (Socialist Party of The Communist Bloc).........15.6%Lentrotka (Socialist Party of The Communist Bloc)......14.3%Tactia (Independent).....................................................14.3%South Estovakia (One Country Party)..........................14.3%Modern Sin Fominov (Democratic Action Front)..........13% Senior Justice: American Soviet Socialist Republics (One Country Party) 92.9% Approval Junior Justice: The Steppe Peoples (Socialist Party of The Communist Bloc) 92.3% Approval Population Spikes As Region Continues Moving Forward Chart showing the regional population through our region's different Presidencies. We did it! As we near the 1 year anniversary of our Republic being founded, we have broke the 200 nation mark after a lot of effort, time, and plenty of stamps. Comrade Minister & 1st Son of the Dear Leader Modern Sin Fominov has spearheaded the region's recruitment policies and has worked tirelessly for the growth of the region and creating a stronger more unified regional culture. In his report to the region on the progress of the Immigration Minister, the Comrade Minister stated "According to a recent graph composed by the Dear Leader Zenny, our rate of growth has increased exponentially in the last week or so, and I have every intention of capitalizing on this momentum by reviewing and improving my recruitment strategies across the board in the coming days. Our regional RMB is as active as it has ever been, with a healthy blend of political discussion, small talk, RP, joking, news and policy updates, and well-deserved praise for the Zenny administration and its Zennyist ideology." Along with recruitment policies, the People's Revolutionary Armed Forces has quadrupled in size to almost 20 enlisted men & women. Operations & training are conducted 5 days a week by the Dear General President Zenny. The Armed Forces has captured tens of regions in the last 30 days and has continued to train for offensive campaigns and holds. The men and the women of the armed forces are of course showered with praise from all members of our region as well as regular award ceremonies. The people are determined to keep up the giant momentum boost the region has seen and are ready to work tirelessly for the Republic. Headlines from the Bloc! The following headlines were published in the last week of TCB Central News Agency coverage: September 22nd ~ The People's Democratic Assembly has passed reforms allowing all citizens to take part in crafting legislation and give their opinions on bills/amendments making their way to a vote. 1st Son of the Dear Leader Comrade Modern Sin Fominov initiated these reforms and worked with Assemblymen like Tactia, Lentrotka, and Togeria to accomplish these very important reforms adhering to the principles of Zennyism.September 23rd ~ The Republic has seen a surge of citizenship requests in the last 72 hours, with almost 15 new citizens, including notable figures such as UIAF General North East Somerset & King of La France Edward Fominov. As the Republic quickly approaches 200 nation and is expected to enter the top 50 regions by Thursday as well as being 26th in WA voting power, we marvel at the success of the Zennyist Renaissance and the obvious accomplishment of our region's policies. We must continue developing and pushing forward our revolution!September 25th ~ The Assembly Council of the People's Democratic Assembly has voted 4-0 on Comrade Tactia's amendment to the Constitution, creating a Judicial Branch for the region. The proposal creates 3 judges. 2 of them, the Junior and Senior justices, would be elected, with a Chief Justice appointed by the President.September 26th ~ As Zennyism propels our region to new heights, multiple political parties have been established with Zennyism as a key belief. The Socialist Party of TCB, founded by Comrade Minister Lentrotka, states that "The SPCB supports Zennyism, noting that it is a Socialist variant". The One Country Party, founded by Comrade American Soviet Socialist Republics states that "The One Country Party, or O.C.P., is rooted in the belief that The Communist Bloc must take a strong cultural and militaristic leadership position among its peer regions if international communism is to be achieved. Zennyism is viewed as a critical component to this idea, and its spread is of utmost importance to the O.C.P." As the region pushes forward under the strong and wise command of the Dear Leader, let us look to enlighten other struggling regions to the proven benefits of the Zennyist ideology and create International Zennyism!October 4th ~ Both parties have presented treaties between our Republic and Kingdom of Great Britain. With the Dear Leader President Zenny stating that she favored KGB's proposal, it is expected to be the chosen version of the treaty. The deal includes creating identical rank structures between our militaries, a provision to mandate at least 2 missions conducted together each month, a mandatory embassy in each others regions, and sets up a chance for regional festivals between our regions to celebrate our friendship.October 5th ~ Comrade Skydivera has resigned both of his roles on October 4th. No official statement was released, nor any kind of message to the Administration on the matter. Rather, the Comrade resigned from the WA and took his name off of the World Factbook Entry. Skydiveria was the 2nd President of the Republic and served as Vice President and Minister of Foreign Affairs. A new Vice President has been selected by the Dear Leader, and is expected to be announced later today.October 6th ~ The Dear Leader President Zenny has appointed a new Vice President. 2nd Son of the Dear Leader, Comrade Westnesia (Tommy-dono) was appointed this morning by the Great Leader, replacing former citizen Skydiveria. The President asked that all WA nations within the region endorse him as soon as possible so that we may continue moving forward without any worries as to the Delegate seat. We wish Westnesia a productive and successful term in office!October 8th ~ The Dear Leader President Zenny has appointed Kenneth Cochrane/Northumbrian England as Chief Justice of the People's Court. Comrade Kenneth (formely know as Aleksandr) is a PRAF veteran who served as a Colonel and a former Assemblyman in the People's Democratic Assembly. Dear Leader Report The following are excerpts from TCB Central News Agency coverage specifically of the Dear Leader President Zenny, her cabinet, and her family:September 26th ~ The Great Guide of the Zennyist Renaissance President Zenny has announced an addition to the First Family of the Republic. Comrade Westnesia was adopted as the Dear Leader's son this evening after the adoption finalized. He has been bestowed the title of 2nd Son of the Dear Leader. He is the newest addition to the great Fominov family, which also rules the regions of Kingdom of Great Britain and La France. Let us wish more happy times and success to the Dear Leader and the First Family of the Republic.September 29th (World News) ~ The Dear Leader has been credited with setting off a chain of events that caused a major power change in Osiris. Cormac A Stark, former Delegate of Osiris claims that Our Dear Comrade President Zenny personally forced the Kraken Administration of Europeia to not invite Osiris to a conference meant specifically for the top Independent regions. This caused Delegate Cormac to fly into a rage, attacking multiple regions publicly with offensive labels. Fast forward to now, Cormac has stepped down, left Osiris, been banned from The LKE, and has been stripped of all leadership positions in Osiris. Did the Sun of Zennyism have a hand in this major power play? We shall never know. The Dear Leader's power should never be underestimated.October 1st ~ The Dear Leader President Zenny has made the announcement of the adoption of her 3rd son. Comrade Andrevic Krosnow/Crossmilch has accepted the Dear Leader's offer to become her son. He has 2 brothers, Modern Sin Fominov (MSLuvsZenya) and Tommy Fominov (Westnesia). Andrevic has been granted the title 3rd Son of the Dear Leader.October 2nd ~ The Dear Leader President Zenny continues to advance the shining Zennyist ideology forward! Alongside with the recent expansion into Kingdom of Reunion, a Zennyist Party has been founded in the region of The Kingdom of Great Britain. This move was greeted with much support by multiple natives of the region. His Grace Fitzgerald Fominov, Duke of Kensington remarked that "This is why you are the best, Zenny". Zennyism is unique in that it attracts those from all sides of the spectrum, uniting them for advancement of their region rather than petty politics or economics. Let us carry forward the banner of Zennyism across the world! And Now For Something Less Serious This Foreign Update was created by the Foreign Office of The Communist Bloc.
  2. Zenny

    Update III

    ~ The Republic of The Communist Bloc ~Established December 29th, 2013 Population: 161 Government of the Republic President: ZennyHead of State/Founder: KovatskVice President: SkydiveriaMinister of Information: LentrotkaMinister of Education: UxlciMinister of Foreign Affairs: SjydiveriaMinister of Defense: ZennyMinister of Immigration: Modern Sin Fominov Skydiveria Steps Down, Zenny Steps Up The Dear Leader, President Zenny September 19th ~ August elections concluded on August 5th, with then-incumbent Skydiveria winning unopposed. On September 1st, Skydiveria resigned the Office of President citing RL responsibilities that would create small reductions in activity. Comrade Zenny was quickly sworn in. Immediately after, Skydiveria was appointed Vice President to continue serving as WA Delegate and as Minister of Foreign Affairs, both roles previously held by Zenny. Since this change in leadership, development of the region has sped up. The region now holds 43 registered citizens, over 160 resident nations, a rapidly growing People's Revolutionary Armed Forces with operations multiple times a week, and large media sector under the leadership of Comrade Lentrotka, Minister of Information. President Zenny, on September 16th introduced a new ideology and plan for the region known as Zennyism. This plan is focuses upon giving the Armed Forces special priority as a tool for rapid development, creating internal political forces to maintain regional political independence, and supporting our region's right to self-determination. The plan has since been endorsed and praised by Information Minister Lentrotka, Immigration Minister & 1st Son of the Dear Leader Modern Sin Fominov, and multiple elected members of the People's Democratic Assembly. The people and their elected representatives fully support the implementation of Zennyism's ideals into government. Headlines from the Bloc! The following headlines were published in the last week of TCB Central Television coverage:September 16th ~ Legislative elections have concluded, with 4 candidates standing for 4 seats. Because of a perfect amount of candidates to the seats made available, voting was decided to be unnecessary. Our Dear Comrade President Zenny will be swearing them in. The newly elected Assemblymen of the People's Democratic Assembly of TCB are as follows: MSLuvsZenya (MSF), Togeria (Akatsukizad), Tactia, and Lentrotka. September 18th ~ In an effort to increase the standing and power of the region, Dear Leader President Zenny has launched a WA endorsement campaign, pushing for WA members not endorsing Comrade Vice President Skydiveria to do so. In less than 48 hours, our Republic's endorsement percentage went from a moderate 53% to a high 72% and our regional WA voting power went from 51st to 36th, passing regions like The New Inquisition, Albion, and The Internationale. September 18th ~ Multiple Proposals have been made in the newly elected People's Democratic Assembly. 1st Son of the Dear Leader, Comrade MSLuvsZenya (MS) has been elected as Chairman of the People's Democratic Assembly after Comrade Tactia withdrew, supporting MS. Comrade Tactia has proposed a new Judicial branch amendment to the Constitution, and has been pushing for the assembly to begin created a Criminal Code, something the Republic has needed for quite a long time. September 19th ~ In a great sign of military development, the People's Revolutionary Armed Forces (PRAF) has taken 2 regions in a single update, showing its ability to take more than 1 region in a 12 hour period. The Dear General President Zenny led the operations, take both The West Tropicals and Nazi World! This is truly the beginning of a new chapter in our region's military development. September 19th ~ The Shining Sun of Zennyism, President Zenny has issued a Presidential Decree, raising the Endorsement Cap of the region from a low 3, tripling it to 9. The Decree can be found here: http://w11.zetaboards.com/The_Communist_Bloc/topic/10556382/1/ Brightening Outlook for the Bloc! The following was written by Comrade Minister Lentrotka for The Communist Journal/TCB Central Television on September 17th: And Now For Something Less Serious This Foreign Update was created by the Foreign Office of The Communist Bloc.Current Foreign Affairs Minister: Skydiveria
  3. Zenny

    Update II

    ~ The Republic of The Communist Bloc ~Established December 29th, 2013 Population: 79 Government of the Republic President: SkydiveriaHead of State/Founder: KovatskVice President: ZennyMinister of Information: TBAMinister of Education: IllhosMinister of Foreign Affairs: ZennyMinister of Defense: TBAMinister of Immigration: Ukotrium Elections Conclude, New Government Formed! Citizens making their choices for the next President & Cabinet On May 6th, citizens headed to the polls to vote for President and Ministers of Education, Foreign Affairs, and Immigration. All minister positions ran unopposed and received 80% approval. Former Minister of Information Ukotrium was elected Minister of Immigration. PDA Chairwoman & Vice President Zenny retained her seat as Minister of Foreign Affairs. Illhos, a newcomer and owner of the private newspaper Terroean Economic Union, won the post of Minister of Education. A tight race was run for President between Former Minister of Defense Skydiveria, Former Minister of Information Ukotrium, and new citizen Bolnoa. Then-President Russian Communist Federation stated he would not seek reelection due to real-life circumstances after two terms serving as President Candidates for President were asked what their main goals for the coming term would be. The main theme of each candidate was achieving better recognition for TCB in the international community. Skydiveria said he would achieve this by reaching out to more regions and determine if friendly relations should be considered. The Communist Bloc has a strict embassy policy of only accepting embassies with regions interested in maintaining relations with the region. Candidate Bolnoa claimed that the key to better foreign relations was better activity levels both on the RMB and forum to draw in other regions. He led on that he would favor more embassies being opened with many regions, and that his policies would increase foreign influence.Candidate Ukotrium stated he would improve TCB's standing in the international community through setting an example for other regions to follow. He stated that our democratic principles, constitutional protection of civil rights such as freedom of speech, and tolerance of other ideologies makes TCB stand out in the socialist/communist realm of NS. Comrade Skydiveria was elected President of The Communist Bloc with 60% of the vote, Ukotrium receiving 40%. The President, and the rest of his cabinet, took their Oaths of Office on May 8th. UCR Negotiations Success! Representatives of The Communist Bloc, Das Kommune, and The Chernobyl Union leave SiegMacht, pleased with the results of the negotiations. The internal conflict in UCR intensified in April when long-time members left the region and formed The Chernobyl Union, concerned that the new administration in UCR was becoming too authoritarian. The Chernobyl Union then proceeded to send telegrams to members of UCR, pushing for members to defect and leave UCR, as well as organizing operations to raid and take the Delegate seat. Foreign Affairs Minister Zenny arrived in UCR on May 13th and released a statement addressing citizens of UCR. She said "It troubles me greatly to see regions pick at other regions, hoping to suck the life out them for their own selfish gain. I believe deeply that if regions want to succeed, they must do their -own- recruiting, their -own- organizing, their -own- system, rather than trying to steal members from others who have spent their time and effort to build a region. I'm very aware that UCR is facing these obstacles now." President Skydiveria arrived in UCR an official state visit the following day, introducing himself and stating his mission. "I am positive that we can go about this in a civilized and calm manner to prevent further conflict" said the President. Multiple regions have been involved in both sides of the conflict, including North Korean leader V-Ming and the region Das Kommune, a long-time ally of TCB. On Thursday, representatives from Das Kommune & The Chernobyl Union arrived in SiegMacht to discuss a peaceful resolution after The Chernobyl Union declared war on UCR, claiming UCR's Delegate, Communal Earth, provoked them through telegrams. In a surprise turn of events, Comrade Skydiveria represented UCR at the peace talks as well as The Communist Bloc. The Delegates of Das Kommune (Koyena) and The Chernobyl Union (Chermania) represented their regions. President Skydiveria began the summit by stating that interference in UCR's internal process must cease and that The Chernobyl Union must respect UCR's sovereignty at this crucial time as it is forming its own Constitution. He continued, demanding that The Chernobyl Union must cease recruiting the citizens of UCR and said that they should consider being apart of UCR's process to form a new government, rather than making constant demonstrations and demands, saying that civil and mature debate is needed rather than emotion. Ankha, a representative of UCR, stated after that "I am from The Chernobyl Union, apparently here to wait for peace to fall from the sky. But, why not try?" He then claimed Communal Earth was a "dictator" and said that UCR does not want peace. Skydiveria replied, repeating that Communal Earth had sent him to represent UCR at the peace talks, and that peace was a goal that UCR wanted. Chermania then referenced to the bans of multiple members and questioned the claim that UCR was building a democracy when opponents had been ejected previously. After much discussion, back and forths, and yelling, Chermania proposed conditions for a temporary ceasefire between the regions, asking that updates be given regularly to The Chernobyl Union on the progress of the Constitution, civil rights, and elections. Skydiveria said UCR agrees with those terms on the condition that all recruitment telegrams to UCR citizens cease. The terms were agreed to, and the situation as of now has deescalated. Tensions between the former and current citizens are still high, with a long road ahead. TCB Continuing to Grow! The Communist Bloc has been continuing its progress forward, the following has been accomplished in the last few months.The regional population has seen a 43% increase in the last 30 days, to a high of 79.Zenny, with the help of Aleksandr Severu, has successfully created a recruitment telegram for the region. Recruitment campaigns are set to begin, with 15,000 telegrams already bought.3 Amendments have been passed the Constitution, including reforms in the citizenship process, Founder powers in the Cabinet, and changing election frequency from every 4 months to every 3 months.Early discussions on the creation of a Judicial Council have gone well, with discussion regarding how many members there should be on the council, what oversight the public will have, and wether the posts should be appointed or elected.TCB has hit a total of 30 registered active citizens on the regional forum. And Now For Something Less Serious
  4. Zenny

    Update I

    ~ The Republic of The Communist Bloc ~Established December 29th, 2013 Population: 75 Government of the Republic President: The Russian Communist FederationHead of State/Founder: KovatskVice President: ZennyMinister of Information: UkotriumMinister of Education: SkydiveriaMinister of Foreign Affairs: ZennyMinister of Defense: VacantMinister of Immigration: Vacant PDA Tackling Issues The Peoples Democratic Assembly convenes for a vote The Peoples Democratic Assembly is working hard this term. In under 15 days, they have successfully passed 5 pieces of legislation, 4 of which are Constitutional Amendments. Some of these changes include:Scrapping the Ministry of Justice and the position of First Secretary.Residents applying for citizenship must supply a WA nation.Creates the Ministry of Information, in charge of running the regional newspaper as well as running TCB Central Television. With elections just around the corner and the beginning of a new term, members of the PDA have truly outdone themselves. They face many issues going into the next term, and many discussions are already scheduled to take place. Including military structure, appointed vs elected positions, a regional anthem, and many other topics that our Assembly will decide on. Slavia A Hot Topic Tempers flair during discussions regarding Slavia The most widely discussed topic in The Communist Bloc as of late is the invasion of Slavia by UIAF forces. After the founder of Slavia had ceased to exist, President Slovsko made a personal trip to The Communist Bloc to discuss the situation and ask for assistance in protecting their region. At the time of this request, TCB had no WA's to spare. Comrade Zenny, Minister of Foreign Affairs released a short statement welcoming the President, saying they would of course support Slavia and that they were optimistic about the situation: "We all are watching Slavia with great interest, and we will work to make sure Slavia stays in the hands of its native population." Not much longer after that short visit had the government of Slavia been toppled by the mighty forces of the UIAF. Debate and discussion in and outside of the Peoples Democratic Assembly raged on regarding how to respond to the situation. The former Minister of Defense and Minister of Information both supported legislation banning any diplomatic relations with regions that took part in the invasion. The President, Comrade RCF, as well as the Head of State Comrade Kovatsk and Foreign Affairs Minister Comrade Zenny argued against such action. The legislation was vetoed by the President and has not seen action since. Foreign Affairs Minister Comrade Zenny met with General North East Somerset on the issue of Slavia earlier this week. After a 2 hour long discussion on Slavia, consequences of the invasion, and Slavia's future, Comrade Zenny was fully satisfied and reported to the TCB Foreign Relations Roundtable: "This is what happens when you talk things out with your opponents rather than shutting them out and acting like they dont exist." The Foreign Minister continued later: "Revenge or isolation shall never be our regions foreign policy. The Communist Bloc will put resources into the eventual reconstruction of Slavia and coordinate with their government. Also, not only will we not seek isolation from those that participated, but we will seek them out and communicate with them, so that such an event does not occur again. It is only through communication that we can rise from this stronger than when we started. This will work for TCB, and I encourage Slavia to take upon themselves the same attitude." TCB Quickly Organizing Not even 2 months into its formation, The Communist Bloc has over 70 residents, over 25 citizens, and a functioning government.Our most recent accomplishments include:Formation of the Peoples Revolutionary Armed Forces as well as proper defense policies and enlistment applications.6 additional embassies approved and up in foreign regions.A real-world and regional map, as well as 2 successful RP's.Userbars for all positions, via our design expert, Comrade Kovatsk!Our first successful meeting of the Cabinet.Development of the State-Run newspaper (The Communist Journal) and TCB Central Television (regular video news bulletins). And Now For Something Less Serious
  5. Zenny

    Tiny Issue :)

    When Im signed in I cant see The Communist Bloc's embassy x) I thought my request was ignored till I signed out and boom it was right there haha. I assume its just something wrong with the subforum and whos masked to see it. Hope it can get fixed! Much Love, /s/ Zenny
  6. Name of region: The Communist Bloc Forum: http://w11.zetaboards.com/The_Communist_Bloc/index/ Ambassador: Zenny Description of region: The Communist Bloc is a Republic. The WA Delegate is elected along with about half of all ministerial posts. The legislative branch is composed of all citizens (membership is compulsory). The founder is Head of State, and the Delegate is basically leader of the executive branch of government. Other notes: It is my job as Minister of Foreign Affairs to expand TCB's foreign outreach. We plan to put out regular updates to all our embassies and hope that these regular exchanges can lead to bigger projects in the long-term when we have a better political and cultural understanding of one another.