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  1. Belgdenia

    Picture Countdown

  2. Belgdenia

    Rite of Passage: Cormac II

    Some Euro questions here- What country in europe has the best beer? Where were chips created (fries)? Where is merseyside? Why is it called Merseyside? Who is the king of merseyside? Who is the best at designing furniture in scandinavia? (You can use google but precise if you did thx)
  3. Belgdenia

    Challenge for Chief Minister

    Can I just second all of this, even tough I am late?
  4. Belgdenia

    Picture Countdown

  5. Belgdenia

    Picture Countdown

  6. Belgdenia

    Picture Countdown

  7. Well, Equilism life is slow...

  8. Belgdenia

    Who knows how to do it

    I can make a cake
  9. Belgdenia

    Rite of Passage: Genose

    Amazing stuff Genose, Loved it!
  10. Belgdenia

    Rite of Passage: Genose

    I admit to divided loyalties, with the BVB Dortmund being the contender Worsened by the fact that I disagree with most of the recent transfers... maybe the cocaine finally melted Rodgers' brain completely. (If you feel the urge to scream at me for that, like most Reds, let's bottle-fight in the E-Bar or something, before this becomes a first degree thread hijack) I've been away for so long that I'd be happy to TO THE E-BAR!
  11. Belgdenia

    Challenge for Chief Minister

    yeah I remember reading this last month
  12. Belgdenia

    Rite of Passage: Grand Kierania

    instead of player a and be put the senators names
  13. Belgdenia

    Rite of Passage: Grand Kierania

    How about the rules of offside in football/soccer using the senators as examples It's the most difficult rule in the book so It'll be good
  14. Belgdenia

    Rite of Passage: Grand Kierania

    I like hama's idea
  15. Belgdenia

    MH- what next?

    I'd like to add a new sad part- An AirAsia flight from southern indonesia to singapore has disappeared. No more details are known, except the nationalities of the 155 crew and passengers. --