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  1. Daedreonia

    The War on Christmas

    *gets on knees* Marry me!
  2. Daedreonia

    The War on Christmas

    Oh, good. I like you now.
  3. Daedreonia

    Intelligent Design

    *progress music* Gasp! Those are two MALE bananas! I won't abide by it! >_>
  4. Daedreonia

    The War on Christmas

    Honestly, I really can't tell if you're being sarcastic. Liberals control very little of buisness, and liberal does not mean non-religious. I know many religious liberals. Commercialism will use whatever it can to generate money... Secretary's Day? Valentine's Day? Christmas is what you make it. Most people take it as an excuse to get presents, but that doesn't mean liberals are destroying Christmas. That seems like a rather angry and uninformed position.
  5. Daedreonia

    The Pants Game

    Never, never, never give pants. -Winston Churchill Pants should be interesting, interesting, interesting. -Lord Byron Song titles: Agenda Pants - The Faint Keys to Your Pants - The Rolling Stones Pants With Butterfly Wings - The Smashing Pumpkins Madonna, Sean, and Pants - Sonic Youth Pants Over Copenhagen - Nekromantix
  6. Daedreonia

    Intelligent Design

    I'd just like to say that the Frank Zappa reference in the subtitle of this thread is great.
  7. Daedreonia

    Caption Contest #17

    "Honey... we're gonna need the large ice scraper." Officer... I swear, he just like... came outa the freakin' sky! Merry Chr-*WHAM* Give me coal, will you?!
  8. Daedreonia

    Sign In

    Well, hello there. Daedreonia reporting for duty. *salute*