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  1. Pick one. They are all open, choose one.
  2. Sure thing! Is Ironmantial your nation's name or not?I thought since Astarial hasn't updated the list for a while, I should compile the list of requests that are not already taken since the last update: Monkye- 55 Felasia- 47 Niccasnan- 11 Datford- 7 Rogmark- 43 Kinzvlle- 12 Holy Green Water- 32 Belgdenia- 41/42 Omayad- 25 Chillinwidylan- 16/44 Atrington- 10 LokiAllNight- 28 Collatis (me)- 54 Casearius- 52 The United American Peoples Republic- 9 Penumbrapolis- 31 Ironmantial- 30 If you are not on this list, then your request was already taken, or you are already on the Asta's list. Hopefully Astarial will update the official list soon. (BTW, should we bother including people who have not been active in ages?)
  3. Asta can do that, I'm sure. I am also interested in getting a map, or at least a close up of mine. However, Asta might not be here for a bit, so you can always find a map maker on the NS Forums.
  4. No problem. My pleasure to help. For the list, what is your NS nation name?
  5. Both are open, but, as of now at least, I am going to say only one per person. So, should I put you down for 31?
  6. 25 is taken (just check the first one), but you can have 26.
  7. You must not be seeing the second one. This one:
  8. Unfortunately, both are taken. Just double check right here first: Or here:
  9. 9 is taken, though you can still have 8 if you want. None the less, I don't believe that you can have two, though I will avoid making a final ruling on that.
  10. Well, 23 is taken regardless. You can still have 22, though.
  11. Everything not listed here: Or here:
  12. Sorry, but that is already taken by Small Huts. You may have another spot though. Both are open, so you can have either one, just specify.
  13. Collatis

    Challenge for Chief Minister

    Okay people, as the newly elected delegate, I think we really need to get this election started. Monkye has been gone for ages. Before Pat left, we both agreed that we needed to something about the whole Chief Minister thing. EDIT: The election thing has now started! It is right here: http://www.equilism.org/forum/index.php?showtopic=15014&view=getnewpost