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  1. Khronion

    WZEU-WZSB Treaty

    Staggers to life Yes, that would be a motion passed.
  2. Khronion

    WZEU-WZSB Treaty

    *Blows dust off of lectern* Greetings, Internal Ministry. I know, it’s been a while, but we have some business to attend to. We have been in talks with the current WZSB government. These talks have produced the following proposed treaty, which would formalize the existing alliance between our regions. We may change parts of the treaty, but keep in mind that will mean we must renegotiate. I move to hold a vote on this in a week.
  3. Khronion

    Word Association Game!

  4. Khronion

    Word Association Game!

  5. Khronion

    Constitutional Redrafting Proposal

    Any further news on this front, or do you need any help drafting parts of it?
  6. This is sounding great to me! Apulita has suggested he could make an interim badge in case we can't locate the old one. As far as the AMA thread, would someone from Equilism want to be co-accredited? (e.g. "We are ______ and Khronion, representing Equilism and Warzone Europe. Ask me (us) anything!)
  7. Khronion

    Warzone Europe Activity Conference

    I would defintely support opening up RPs (or even having an RP union of sorts). We don't have a whole lot of expertise in leading them in the region right now. If the E-Army is looking to start up again, our Dominion Sovereign Forces would be more than happy to coordinate.
  8. Khronion

    NationStates World Fair 2015

    Hooray! I'm hoping WZEU and Equilism can start working more closely together on a wider number of areas. This seems like a cool place to start.
  9. Khronion

    NationStates World Fair 2015

    I'd be down to help out with an Equilism booth.
  10. Khronion

    Constitutional Redrafting Proposal

    This may be a difficult change to write in, so I'm fine with taking point for the revisions: I suggest we delegate powers to ministries instead of ministers, and then declare ministers to be the head of said ministries, in charge of determining how they function and delegate authority. The main reason is so that chief ministers can appoint their own deputies and legally devolve powers to their deputies without needing to pass consitutional amendments to authorize said action. For example, if a defense minister wanted to authorize a deputy to carry out military action, the deputy would not have the same authority that the defense minister does to act without oversight. Does that make sense? Basically, it should be painless for a minister to appoint deputies vested with his or her power. The check on an appointee's power is that we can always recall a minister who is irresponible with his or her appointments.
  11. Khronion

    Warzone Europe Activity Conference

    We could look into it. I've also got a couple copies of Guns of Icarus if anyone's down to try and form a team We'd need a couple of people to form a full team though. That or we can join up with another region to play perhaps.
  12. Khronion

    Constitutional Redrafting Proposal

    While you're at it you should define how succession works in the event of the Governor's death or disappearence due to exams or other extenuating life circumstanceshaha. I like the idea of Internal Ministers largely because there's a degree of prestige involved in the title. It's good for members to feel accomplished.
  13. Khronion

    Warzone Europe Activity Conference

    Elections are good at doing that. If you don't vote, you probably aren't active