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  1. May General Elections by Malphe, Deputy Minister of Communications and Lead Gameside Advocate Candidates for Delegate Siwale (left) and Bootsie (right). The North Pacific prides itself on species diversity in government. Election fever gripped the North Pacific a little earlier than expected this time around- a few weeks before the formal start of the election multiple candidacy announcements threads were made for Vice Delegate and Delegate by many future candidates, including Bootsie and Siwale for delegate. This practice drew some complaints from members of TNP's community, claiming it was subverting the process of democracy through citizens pledging their votes behind candidates before the election began and before they saw their platforms, giving the first people to announce their candidacy an advantage in votes. In light of this, Vice Delegate candidate Darcania archived their early announcement thread. The candidacy declarations began at the start of May; for delegate six people were running- Vice Delegate Siwale, Minister of Culture Bootsie and Citizens Yuno, Bobberino, The South Falls and Mall. Siwale - Siwale- the standing Vice Delegate- ran on an extensive campaign with goals set for each sector of government which totaled at approximately 4137 words and 25250 letters. This set out goals and promises for each sector of government, such as that the NPA would hopefully break the barrier of 40 troops deployed in an operation and that the Ministry of Communications would publish 4 TNL issues and four NBS broadcasts in the coming term. Siwale also promised to expand the Gameside Advocate program and increase TNP's presence on the world stage. Bootsie - Bootsie has a storied history in TNP, and this wasn't the first time they'd run for delegate. They were most recently Minister of Culture under Gladio but also a former Vice Delegate and a standing Security Councillor. Their platform was shorter than Siwale's- 1749 words- focusing on Bootsie's ideals and hopes for the term on each of the Ministries as well as the Security Council. There were fewer concrete promises in Bootie's platform than Siwale's, but Bootsie promised increased activity in the NPA, making the Diplomatic Corps more active and engaged and to reestablish TNP as a world leader in cultural activities and community building. Bobberino, The South Falls and Yuno - Bobberino, The South Falls and Yuno, the latter of which the delegate of the East Pacific, declared their candidacy for delegacy but didn't post a campaign thread or campaign through other methods to a noticeable extent. Mall - Mall, as is tradition, ran for delegate on the basis of couping the region and calling in raider groups to support his rogue delegacy (excluding Nazis and the Dutch). For Vice Delegate, Dinoium, Brendog, Darcania and Deropia ran. Deropia - The standing Minister for World Assembly Affairs and an NPA officer, Deropia ran for Vice Delegate under goals and promises including capitalizing off the summer population boom to get all Security Council endorsements up to over 900, implementing another iteration of TNP for #1 (where TNP pushes for first place in regional WA endorsements) and processing all citizenship applications within 12 hours of their posting. Brendog - Brendog was the Minister of Home Affairs and former Minister of Communications, having been in TNP since November 2016. They ran under similar goals as Deropia, such as organizing a reiteration of TNP for #1, processing citizenship applications within 8 hours, promoting the endorsement tool on TNP's forums to increase the endorsements in TNP and organizing themed weeks on the RMB. Dinoium - A newcomer to TNP and NPA soldier, Dinoium ran an enthusiastic campaign for Vice Delegate, promoting himself as "A Humble Nation for the Job!". Darcania - Darcania- TNP administrator and Speaker at the time- ran for Vice Delegate but dropped out of the race before voting had commenced. Darcania would later take a break from TNP, distancing himself from NS temporarily. For Speaker, ABC ran and for Attorney General Goyanes ran. There was no competition for either of these positions. ABC (Speaker) - ABC, otherwise known as TNP's resident duck, ran for speaker on the platform of continuing citizenship checks as they were, public polls on the future of the RA digests and promoting the Regional Assembly through dispatches and references. Goyanes (Attorney General) - Goyanes had been elected as Attorney General in the previous term, and ran for reelection. No particular platform was posted, but it's logical to think that Goyanes' goals were more of the same, or what was promised in the previous election. The voting period ended on May 11 2018 and the results came in shortly afterwards; for Delegate, Siwale was elected, with Bootsie taking in a surprising lack of votes compared to Siwale. For Vice Delegate, Deropia was elected. For Speaker and Attorney General, ABC and Goyanes were elected, as you'd probably expect. Tu iudex eris by Limerick1, Court Justice This column does not represent the views of the Government of The North Pacific. The importance of participating in the elections for Delegate and Vice Delegate as a candidate and a voter are well known. Most people are well aware of the importance of our various ministers; their responsibilities and the standard to which they must be held. The question that needs to be answered is whether or not the Court's responsibilities are widely known and if the extent of the Court's power is well understood. Perhaps it is anecdotal evidence but consider this, in the recently closed election to fill a vacancy in the court, 66 votes were cast in total, 10 being abstentions. The sobering fact is that in the General Elections, 68 votes were cast for one candidate for the Delegacy alone. The title of this article is "Tu iudex eris" which is “You be the judge” in latin. This title was inspired by the sobering participation in our recent elections. Why latin you may ask. It is simply because it allows me to feel like a legal scholar, so please indulge my self confidence booster. First we will enumerate the responsibilities of the court. Court officials are called on to be as close to experts as possible regarding the different legal documents enacted by The North Pacific. This would include the Constitution, Bill of Rights, Legal Codes, various procedures, and a host of different treaties negotiated with other regions. Why is this important? Well as anyone who has taken a gander around our legal archives would know, there's a lot to know. Many people simply do not have the time nor the willpower to read, dissect, and understand these documents. They do not have the knowledge to contemplate the context in which they were enacted. It is imperative however that candidates for Justice and Attorney General do put in the time and work to do this as it is vital for them to perform their duties. It is the Court's responsibility to protect the integrity of these documents and to give citizens a platform to challenge government overreach. By interpreting these documents and ruling on ambiguities in the law, it allows weaker legislation to remain flexible. And the legislation doesn't necessarily need to be weak for this to hold true. Legislation cannot account for all happenings and situations different than the ones contemplated when the bill was passed by the Regional Assembly. Once again, it is the Court that allows these pieces of legislation to be flexible and to have their ambiguities addressed. The Court's "Request for Review" function allows citizens to bring forward laws they feel to be unjust or unconstitutional, and to have the Court review the actions of Government officials in an effort to keep the Government accountable for their actions and overreach. While this overview of the Court's responsibilities is quite brief, I urge the reader to consider further review and contemplation of the Court's responsibilities outlined in our legal documents. I can only hope that by encouraging this kind of research, we as a region will see greater voter participation in our judicial elections. The truth is that we as a region cannot afford to neglect these elections. The Court has major responsibilities and the power to set precedents that could prove influential for years to come. It is not enough to just vote for a candidate for Justice. Citizens must read and understand the candidate's platforms and decide for yourself whether they are qualified for the position should they be elected. Citizens must believe that the officials they choose to understand the gravity of the position and the significance of the laws they are responsible for interpretating and enforcing. With this article, I call on those who haven't researched the topic already, to read up on our court's responsibilities. And when the time does come to elect our justices, we must remember the power we vest in our choice. And thus make the best choice for us. I would like to note here at the end of my article that in no way was this article meant to be a commentary on the latest judicial election as this article was planned before the beginning of the election. In order to avoid possible influence on the voters in the election seeing as I was a candidate, I chose to delay the release of this article until the conclusion of the election. I am grateful for the opportunity extended to me but i will always call on our citizens to do their research and to make the best possible choice for them. Regional Assembly Highlights by ABC, Speaker of the Regional Assembly and Deputy Minister of Home Affairs Activity in the Regional Assembly remained stable throughout May and hosted a few proposals that were brought to vote and many more that were discussed. Election Commissioner Confirmations Status: All Admitted On May 21st, Delegate Siwale re-appointed themselves and Crushing Our Enemies to the Election Commission, after which debate on their admission began. Great debate ensued, dividing people on whether or not Siwale should be allowed to serve because of their status as Delegate. Deropia motioned for a vote which was seconded by Artemis and voting began on May 25th. Voting ended on the 28th and both were admitted. Crushing Our Enemies received 24 votes in favor of their appointment, none against, and 2 abstaining Siwale received 22 voting in favor of them, 4 against, and 1 abstaining. Vacancy Bill Status: Passed Back on March 9th, Darcania brought a proposal in front of the RA to remove the exemption of holders of government office from not logging in for two weeks during a leave of absence. Darcania motioned for a vote on April 4th, after which voting was supposed to begin on April 12th, but it never did. A month later, a second motion to vote, happened soon after which a vote did begin. Voting on the bill began on the 17th and was passed on the 21st with 30 voting Aye, 2 voting Nay, and 1 abstaining. A Motion to Establish a New Line of Succession Status: Passed In Late April, Vice Delegate Siwale, proposed to the Regional Assembly a new Order of Succession. After a motion to vote was brought by Wonderess and seconded by Isimud, voting began on May 2nd. The motion was passed with 25 voting Aye, 3 voting Nay, and 12 abstaining. World Assembly Affairs Digest May 2018 By Bobberino, TNP Citizen and NPA officer Minister: Pallaith Deputy Minister: Kranostav, Stoskavanya From the Minister's Desk: I'm happy to be back in the place where it all began for me. The ministry has changed a lot since I was last here and I want to build on all the work this team has put into making MoWA a well-oiled machine. We'll have a bigger focus this term on drafting and improving resolutions ahead of time so we're proactive as well as reactive. I look forward to the crazy summer season in the WA!
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