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  1. Pooch

    Declaration of Intent

    You are correct we have no idea. But what we do know is that Vac is once again an active and important member of KGB. That is a sign of a lack of judgement and discretion! Thinking that it is possible that Don is still involved isn't that far of a leap when we see the other choices the region is making.
  2. Pooch

    Declaration of Intent

    We have no proof other than people's words that Don isn't the root admin of the forum or founder still! Bottom line, is that forgiveness is something that takes time. The actions of the region and the individuals involved were so offensive and egregious that I am not at that point.
  3. Pooch

    Declaration of Intent

    RE: Vac I certainly can hold it against KGB that they brought a serial harasser back into the region at the earliest opportunity to promote activity. After the way Vac treated people I care about in this game (and continues to) I could never allow a region that I care about to come into contact with him. In TWP we have a policy that we will not work with a region who houses harassers. I did not know he was in Europeia or TGO, but I can assure you that I will bring up the topic with the Delegate KoGB does not deserve a second chance after their founder threatened to porn spam TWP, Osiris and Europeia's forum with pictures of of NSers who wronged him. We still don't know who owns the founder account. For all we know it's Don. We only have their words. Who since his declaration of war against TWP, Osiris and Europeia has gone on to try to attack us by enlisting help from Nazi Europa. BTW, the new king was in full agreement with Don in declaration against TWP. No KGB doesn't get a second chance in my book this quickly. For those of you unaware of this story the full story can be found here: http://www.westpacific.org/forums/index.php?/topic/2464-treachery-from-the-kingdom-of-great-britain/ Because of people who are associated with KGB, like Vac and Don and their despicable actions; I cannot condone any association with them at this time. Furthermore, I will not be associated with any region who is allied with KGB.
  4. Pooch

    Declaration of Intent

    I could not be more opposed to this. This is not the kind of region that Equilism wants to be associated with. This affiliation will have an extremely negative impact on Equilism. I will go into this with more depth and detail when my schedule allows. In the interim, I implore Equilism to reject this idea quickly and strongly.
  5. Pooch

    Vote for Mayor

  6. Pooch

    June 2017 Mayoral Election Vote

    United Vietussia
  7. Pooch

    Vote for WA Delegate

    Secret ballots!
  8. Pooch

    WA Delegate Standing/Nomination Thread

    I would like to nominate Drall! He is an up-and-coming with great dedication and a good head on his shoulders. In TWP we look very highly of him and feel like he will be of great service to Equilism!
  9. Pooch

    NEW recruitment for positions

    I would like to apply for Chief Tactical Officer. My favorite characters were always tactical. With my character's strong spirituality based on my home planet's beliefs, I would always feel that, "Today is a good day to die!" Name: Kamal Zuro Primary Race: Bajoran Gender: Male Age: 45 Hair Colour:Black Eye Colour: Brown Height (m): 1.86 Weight (kg): 89 Other Physical Characteristics: Tall, strong and capable middle aged man. Birthplace: Jo'Kala, Bajor Birthdate: Father: Mother: Siblings: Spouse: Children:
  10. I feel that the two people involved are two different cases. Shadoke is generally a nice person every time I've spoken with him. However, he has destroyed a forum in the past. Was allowed back into many regions because Raven vouched for him saying he had learned his lesson. Then in a raid he gets the admin account of the regions discord and messes with it. Seems to me that he hasn't learned. I would not support his reinstatement. Ike doesn't have prior record of forum destruction. Deleted a few channels in a Discord server (not protected by COPS). I would support a 2 month ban. But are either of these players trying to get into Equilism? I think no real decision should be made until they become necessary.
  11. Pooch

    Vote for Mayor

  12. Pooch

    DothrakiMango for Mayor

    I concur with Westwind. It is nothing personal, I just don't know you. With time I hope that changes!