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  1. March 2018 Mayor Vote

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    Hello, Equilism! The 1st of March is here. It's time to hold the Mayor Election! You may stand or nominate another citizen for the position here in this thread. If you are nominated, you must accept your nomination here in this thread to be listed. This thread will be open for four days, after which a vote will be held for 3 days.
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    Ooh thank you for the link! Approved and welcome as a citizen of Equilism!
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  6. Nation in Equilism: Infamous Space Pirates *Discord Tag: Kuramia#7390 Other Regional Affiliations (if any): Europeia, Kantrias Other Alias(es) in NS (if any): Vhearun, Kuramia General Availability: Whenever you can poke me on Discord. I work retail. Mostly have Thurs off. Experience in Foreign Affairs: FA Deputy multiple terms for Europeia, FA Minister for Europeia
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    I, Infamous Space Pirates, do solemnly affirm that I will uphold the Charter of the Town of Equilism, its laws and treaties, and I affirm that I will defend the security and build the prosperity of the region, all to the best of my best ability. I will treat all Equilism citizens with dignity and endeavour toward diplomacy and common understanding. I understand that the Town may revoke my citizenship in case of criminal proceedings and that I am free to resign my citizenship at any time.
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    Welcome, UV!
  9. March 2017 Senate Elections Shake Things Up Europeia is a region that has always held its Senate to high standards, and that was one again the case in our recent elections. Out of our seven precious senators, only three, Malashaan, Rand and United Vietussia ran for reelection. A crop of faces both new and old joined the race - successful CA Chair Grizzli, rising citizen JayDee, returning former Senator Isaris, regional founder HEM, ancient-hand from the early days Verteger, new citizen Constie and, returning after a long absence, Cerian Quilor. In a heated but polite campaign, the records and programs of all the candidates were thoroughly examined, and hard questions were asked of each and every candidate. Major topics for debate were the Citizens Assembly and current legislation on the floor of the Senate. The election itself proved to be a real change, with only one of the three previous Senators winning reelection - Malashaan, arguably the region's greatest legislative mind. Indeed, he won with the largest mandate in Senate election history, with 59 votes, twelve more than even the second-highest vote getter. The Senate also shifted direction in electing a slightly more conservative, or at least, conservative-minded, Senate that the last one. Following Mal, in order of votes received was Grizzli, Ceian Quilor, Isaris, HEM and JayDee. The elections of JayDee and Grizzli in particular prove that Europeia is always willing to elect new faces who have proven themselves through dedication to the region. Scandal Alert In what was supposed to be a week of fun and games, many of Europeia’s most prolific players were caught being sentimental in their speeches. Cerian Quilor Seven Deaths Sopo Cheryl Frazier When confronted about this shocking development, Cerian Quilor promised that such sentiment would not be routine, and we should expect his typical cynicism to return in the coming days. Meanwhile, Europeians and Foreign Visitors from around the globe participated in lots of festive games, including ‘President Spam points’ a game where each person adds points to a person who served as Head of State in a certain 2-year period. While everyone else was busy spamming away, two teams of Europeians raced it to the finish line in a tour around the history of Europeia’s 10 year existence, pitting the Europeian Chancellery vs. a team composing of Kaboom, Jahka, Wild Child, and United Vietussia, in which the Chancellery emerged victorious. All topped with a nostalgic look into Europeia’s past by some of Europeia’s oldest and most well known players. PS-I have been informed by my superiors that the last quote is actually from Miss Congeniality, I apologize for the confusion. Euro10 Celebration Offers a Glimpse into Regional Economy Europeia is a region where effort is rewarded. Earlier this month, that reward came in the form of capital. Executive Order 95.10 was signed by President Aexnidaral Seymour, establishing the Second Regional Bank of Europeia (SRBE). Government salaries and entitlements were created, taxes and bank fees defined, and the economy of Europeia was begun again. Backlash by dissident members of the citizenry was palpable and immediate, even among members of the Administration. "This economy will ruin Europeia and set the Old Guard in positions of great wealth and power!" said Minister of the Interior, Leo Drakan. The Chairman of the SRBE, Writinglegend, counters, "This low energy individual will be proven wrong by our magnificent BANK. My success is your success." The SRBE and its policies, spanning the length of Euro10, the tenth anniversary celebration of Europeia, were the frequent subject of debate throughout Europeia. An income tax, a seniority fee based on a citizen's date of entry, and a post-count fee all raised the stakes. "The frighteningly vaguely named 'Bank's Discretion Fee' is never even defined in an objectively quantifiable way, leaving citizens at the mercy of the Bank!" alleged Senator Isaris. Finally, the Senate made its will known, and vetoed Executive Order 95.10 and the Bank it spawned. Citizen response was overwhelmingly positive to the effort put on by the Ministry of Culture for this particular little game, including a comment from GraVandius. "I actually love it. This is the first time I've been having a lot of fun in Euro for a few months." In Other News The Europeian Republican Navy has led a number of successful operations in recent weeks, dethroning delegates and tagging regions left and right, including Nova Terra, Union of Proletarian States, Empire of Russia, Foxy, Brothers for Life, Central Rhodesia, and Unovathalamuss. The Presidential Elections have opened, with three tickets dueling for the Goldenblock: Kaboom/Rand, Calvin Coolidge/Darcness and Common-Sense Politics/Cat A Pact of Non-Aggression was signed between KGB and Europeia has been signed. Sopo was elected Chair of the Citizens Assembly
  10. Name: Kuramia Region of Origin: Europeia Preferred Clan: Wolf Clan!
  11. State of the Township Address

    You've been a blessing to this region, Isaris!
  12. Europeia Survivor: Culture Clash!

    Did you fill out the application on the NS GP forums? I don't think the forums will be set up with the event until the 8th.