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  1. Kuramia

    July 2018 WAD Vote

  2. Kuramia

    Town Moderator Confirmation Vote

    So many choices. Aye
  3. Kuramia

    May 2018 Town Moderator Election

    Thank you, Deg! I accept the nomination.
  4. Kuramia

    WA Confirmation Vote

  5. Kuramia

    WA Confirmation Vote

    Degtyarev is our only standing candidate in the April WA Delegate Election. Citizens, please vote Yes, No (Aye and Nay are acceptable variants) or Abstain to confirm Degtyarev as the WA Delegate of Equilism. This vote will be open for 3 days.
  6. Kuramia

    April WA Standing

    From 1 April Citizens of Equilism will have 4 days to stand or nominate another nation candidate for WA delegate. After this phase there will be a vote open for 3 days. This is not an April Fool's joke!
  7. Kuramia

    March 2018 Mayor Vote

  8. Kuramia

    Mayor Standing

    Hello, Equilism! The 1st of March is here. It's time to hold the Mayor Election! You may stand or nominate another citizen for the position here in this thread. If you are nominated, you must accept your nomination here in this thread to be listed. This thread will be open for four days, after which a vote will be held for 3 days.
  9. Kuramia

    Become a Citizen!

    Ooh thank you for the link! Approved and welcome as a citizen of Equilism!
  10. Nation in Equilism: Infamous Space Pirates *Discord Tag: Kuramia#7390 Other Regional Affiliations (if any): Europeia, Kantrias Other Alias(es) in NS (if any): Vhearun, Kuramia General Availability: Whenever you can poke me on Discord. I work retail. Mostly have Thurs off. Experience in Foreign Affairs: FA Deputy multiple terms for Europeia, FA Minister for Europeia
  11. Kuramia

    Become a Citizen!

    I, Infamous Space Pirates, do solemnly affirm that I will uphold the Charter of the Town of Equilism, its laws and treaties, and I affirm that I will defend the security and build the prosperity of the region, all to the best of my best ability. I will treat all Equilism citizens with dignity and endeavour toward diplomacy and common understanding. I understand that the Town may revoke my citizenship in case of criminal proceedings and that I am free to resign my citizenship at any time.