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  1. Malphe

    [Treaty/Bill] Warzone Human Rights Commission

    I hardly doubt that, but I doubt the effects of the bill; I'm finding it difficult to imagine that anything could really come of it. I imagine that the commission could fade into obscurity and do very, very little. That being said, after a fair amount of thought, I do think that this is for the better. I vote Aye.
  2. Malphe

    [Treaty/Bill] Warzone Human Rights Commission

    I'm somewhat conflicted on this one to be honest, and I don't recall having seen this bill before. Is it possible to conduct debate in this thread?
  3. Malphe

    [Passed] WZEU Civil Rights Act

    So, are we in agreement? I can't help but notice this thread stagnating, and I imagine its because everybody has ran out of things to say.
  4. Malphe

    [Passed] WZEU Civil Rights Act

    I would, personally, explicitly state in the act that the punishments recommended in the current draft shall be only for the most heinous of violations of the act, to differentiate between calling somebody a doofus and considerably more hostile statements. Perhaps state the recommended punishment for less blatant harassment or Hate Speech in order to give it some context, as well. That provided, i'd be happy to vote aye for this.
  5. Malphe

    [Passed] WZEU Civil Rights Act

    I am content with the majority of the proposal, despite Section One being pointlessly long in my opinion. However, Section Three and Section Four aren't honestly to my liking. They both seem awfully broad; methinks that they could be construed to enact harsh punishments upon the most petty of crimes (that arguably shouldn't be crimes regardless). I'm sure that these could be implemented effectively, and likely would be, but I do feel that they could be abused. That said, this is not a bad proposal; far from it, I quite like it and I will likely end up supporting it.
  6. Malphe

    Word Association Game!