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  1. Cadmus

    Admin Request Thread

    I hereby renounce my citizenship from the Equilism Township effective immediately.
  2. Cadmus

    Notice of Closure

    About damn time.
  3. Cadmus

    Vote for WA Delegate

    Congrats Drall (even though I never met you)
  4. Cadmus

    Vote for WA Delegate

    I voted but I don't see the results; is that how that works?
  5. Cadmus

    Vote for Mayor

  6. Cadmus

    Vote for Mayor

  7. Cadmus

    Stand for Mayor

    I second this nomination
  8. I do not support Shadoke's banning here, even though, a) he no longer goes by that name and b) he's already made all his amends, and has been forgiven in many former regions he was banned in. As a friend who knows a lot more of the person behind the nation, it was a one-off unjust decision back when he was quite immature and not worthy of being on NS, and granted he knows what he did was completely wrong and has worked tirelessly to erase this lapse in judgement for the past few years. I can't say much in defence on his behalf because I believe he may never even come here, but to clear things up from what you may have been told, he's not that kind of person anymore, far from it, and his actions should not be continued to be a stain on his reputation, even here. If you'd like to know more to help ease your decision to perhaps overturn this decision, you could try to reach Lord Ravenclaw; he's the one who took him under his 'wings' and helped him to change, and he now goes under as Benjamin Ravenclaw by name. Do take into consideration my words; I will however not play any mediator between your decision and your investigations of his reparations, I can help point the way but I won't force any decision to overturn. As for Ikania, well, I don't particularly care.
  9. Cadmus

    Albion Diplomatic Feed

    Oh right, I had to approve them.
  10. Cadmus

    Equilism Anime Fan Club HQ

    I have become a full-time weeb. I have completed many anime already and would probably review them.
  11. Cadmus

    Leo Drakan for Moderator

    Something during my term that I always wanted to address but never had the time to was the fact that apart from the Founder, the Town Moderator can truly grant and/or remove citizenship. What is your position concerning if say the Mayor or Delegate should also be defined to have these powers rather than just the TM itself, and how would you able to bring this into motion?
  12. Cadmus

    Admin Request Thread

    Whoops, sorry about that. Btw I hereby resign from being apart of OPR and OTRE staff pls, thank you.
  13. Cadmus

    WA Delegate Standing/Nomination Thread

    I nominate Small Huts for WA Delegate; he has shown to engage more WA participation and insight into proposals through his analyses on his WA telegrams, and should continue this goal.
  14. Cadmus

    Admin Request Thread

    I got another for you, America udr. Pres. Trump!