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  1. Given that the rightful government has now been restored to the delegacy, I should think that this motion is rendered moot. If there is any adjustment to be done to the treaty, it can be conducted in a bilateral manner.
  2. Treaties are not signed for the Machiavellian benefit of a single party, and that is not why we abide by them. We abide by them because that is the interregional and legal standard. If we abandon our treaty allies, who we have made a commitment to stand by, what does that say about us? What does that say about our trustworthiness in signing future treaties? What message does it send to our other treaty allies, such as Equilism? Is this same argument not also applicable to Equilism's relationship towards us? This action to unilaterally nullify a bilateral agreement sends the message that we do
  3. By rightful government, I mean the government with which this treaty was agreed, and which we agreed in the treaty to respect as the rightful government. In this case, at this time, yes, that means one native WA. I do not see anything in the text of the agreement which indicates that this would be a problem. We already de jure recognize this government as legitimate, and I see no compelling legal or moral reason why we should change that; indeed, I see no legal mechanism by which we may change that, except through negotiation with said government, as detailed in the treaty. I disag
  4. I object to the consideration of this motion, and hereby move that the question be postponed until such time as the rightful government of Warzone Sandbox is in a position to present its case and to negotiate on an equal footing.
  5. Sure. I only moved to vote on it because our governor said that they would like it put to a vote as soon as possible.
  6. As Requested by Governor Ancian, I hereby move to vote on this treaty. I vote Aye.
  7. I think we're in agreement. Excellent. I'll add it to the law codex then.
  8. All laws rely on sane interpretation and implementation. This one is no different. If you have specific suggestions for how to guide that implementation, don't hesitate. I'll add that this kind of legislation, which enables and sets a precedent for swift and effective sanction and ejection of harassers, is precisely the sort of laws which have been lauded by the Empress in her public speeches. In fact, her comments on the subject were part of what inspired the strict anti-harassment measures.
  9. The amendment to the Gendarmerie bill is to clarify the powers and responsibilities of the Gerndamerie Officers so that the new requirements for due process do not conflict with the previous legislation, which basically gave a blank check to law enforcement for summary justice. Basically, this is bookeeping to prevent future misunderstandings. We have laws which define citizenship, but don't define other types of residency (temporary visitors, refugees, ambassadors, etcetera). The definition provided in this bill is broader, to provide for the possibility that crimes are committed
  10. So, Warzone Europe is woefully behind on its standards of equality and civil rights protections. Here I am proposing a bill to help bridge the gap, and bring WZEU back into the fold of developed democracies. Bill Title: WZEU Civil Rights Act Preamble: The purpose of this legislation is to guarantee basic equality before the law and the right to equal participation. Section 1: All citizens of Warzone Europe are equal before the law, regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, nationality, social or economic class, religious creed, physiological ab
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