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  1. Sorry if this seems wrong. I vote Aye.
  2. Office of The Secretary of State for Culture, Media, and SportFormal Invite29.10.2017 https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/360932511163088910/374272702409867264/Untitled.png[/img] You are formally invited to The Kingdom of Great Britain's Shadow of Halloween Festival! We will have spam games, radio broadcasts, and quite a lot of fun! If you are interested, click the invitation to visit our forum and click HERE to join our discord server! Be sure to apply for our cultural masking!
  3. Thank you West for the pros and cons. The Treaty is a pact of nonaggression. It offers very limited status to KoGB but allows KoGB to work closely, but not too closely, with Equilism on cultural events such as festivals and things such as radio broadcasting and weekend games. KoGB has activity and has some form of military strength that, if permitted by those in charge, will benefit Equilism in the long run. I’ll respect the will of my fellow citizens after the text is posted. For now, this is merely a statement of intent for the small treaty.
  4. Vac has shown repentance for his past actions, mind you. He was banned twice for a long period of time and the decision to bring him back in took quite a debate. We ended up deciding to bar him from FA and extremely high positions for the time being. If you need to talk more on this, contact me directly. I am done for now.
  5. I am going to be blunt. You and I know that there is no way to prove the change of passwords outside of allowing you access then changing the email/password after you access it. Due to the importance of our safety along with yours, we cannot allow that. If there is any way that you know of to prove that we have secured these accounts without exposing sensitive information let me know and I’ll bring it to the king. These hideous accusations that we will let a horrible person like Don maintain these accounts needs to be put down as they are simply not true.
  6. I can make on statement. Don is completely exiled. He has no access to any founder or root account as the emails and passwords have been changed and his known IPs have been banned. I know this much as I have seen them rushing to change these and was involved in the regiOnal dedonification The porn spamming knowledge came from KoGB. Our King found out and asked Cat to deliver the message as far as she could for the protection of all people and regions threatened. If need be, I can send you proof of these events. To be fair, Vac has been on a short leash and hasn’t reach
  7. Re: Vac. Vac has been in high level internal positions in Europeia and in The Galactic Order. You cannot hold it against the KoGB unless you push these two regions on the issue as well. He has also apologized publicly and privately to those he has impacted. You are right that he was a manipulator of people, that includes the people that “should have spoken out”. These people have now either left or have repented their actions and have done their best to reverse the damage done to the region.
  8. Hello everyone, you all know me. As KoGB's Prime Minister, I will be representing The Kingdom of Great Britain until a suitable ambassador is found. How are you all today?
  9. If you do win, will you continue to take the duties of Town Moderator upon you? Will you be able to remain unbiased?
  10. Ladies and Gentlemen, Today is when standing opens for a new mayor for our township. We are in need of a strong leader who is prepared to make decisions and changes that will benefit the region. State your nominations/standings below. Nominees MUST accept the nomination before they are eligible to be on the poll. Standing closes in four days.
  11. @Pyntuma should get access to the Culture subforum. Thanks.
  12. @Metztli requires citizenship masking. Thanks.
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