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  1. KoGB's Ambassador

    Hello everyone, you all know me. As KoGB's Prime Minister, I will be representing The Kingdom of Great Britain until a suitable ambassador is found. How are you all today?
  2. Restoring the Commonwealth

    If you do win, will you continue to take the duties of Town Moderator upon you? Will you be able to remain unbiased?
  3. Ladies and Gentlemen, Today is when standing opens for a new mayor for our township. We are in need of a strong leader who is prepared to make decisions and changes that will benefit the region. State your nominations/standings below. Nominees MUST accept the nomination before they are eligible to be on the poll. Standing closes in four days.
  4. Admin Request Thread

    @Pyntuma should get access to the Culture subforum. Thanks.
  5. Admin Request Thread

    @Metztli requires citizenship masking. Thanks.
  6. Become a Citizen!

    Consider yourself a citizen! Welcome!
  7. @Kurald Emurlahn (Drall) is the only candidate. Vote AYE, NAY, or ABSTAIN on his confirmation into office.
  8. Stand for World Assembly Delegate

    @Kurald Emurlahn (Drall) Must accept the nomination.
  9. Admin Request Thread

    @Siol Alse approved for citizenship.
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  11. Admin Request Thread

    @Omega needs access to the OCE private forums, if you don't mind
  12. Admin Request Thread

    @Omega need citizenship masking please.
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    Welcome to Equilism. Your oath has been approved.