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    Foreign Update 2, 2 March 2017

    The Realm of Balder Foreign Update, 2 March 2017 Balder Forum Population - 5,065 nations ~ Delegate Endorsements - 195 ~ Endorsement Cap - 15 ~ Forum Posts - 115,318 Monarchy Queen - Rach Eriksen Crown Prince - North East Somerset Statsraadet (Executive) Statsminister - Fake Minister of Foreign Affairs - OnderKelkia Minister of WA Affairs - Zander Cerebella Minister of Integration - Cinder Minister of War - North East Somerset Minister of Culture - Ervald Storting (Legislature) Lawspeaker - Cinder MP - Fake MP - Onderkelkia MP - Rain MP - Tomb Alliance ratified between Balder and The North Pacific Balder is delighted to announce that we have formed an alliance with The North Pacific. Drafted as part of negotiations which began in October, the Treaty of the Northern Folk enshrines provisions for mutual recognition, mutual defence and intelligence sharing between the parties. These mutual obligations will serve to advance the interests of both our regions. The Treaty of the Northern Folk is based on the close historic friendship between The North Pacific and Balder, derived from our shared identity as Independent game-created regions. It also reflects the practical collaboration between our governments, which most recently has involved working together to revitalise the World Assembly Legislative League as an instrument for achieving our regions' aims in the Security Council and the General Assembly. We look forward to continuing and expanding our cooperation with The North Pacific under this framework. Election of New Storting and Lawspeaker Cinder, Fake, OnderKelkia, Rain and Tomb were returned as Member of Parliament in the most recent round of elections to the Storting. The number of votes increased by 50% over the previous Storting election in December, reflecting the general rise in regional activity. The new Storting quickly convened to elect a new Lawspweaker, with Tomb standing down from the position having held it the previous term. Rain was initially selected by a majority vote, but resigned as Lawspeaker shortly afterwards. Following a fresh vote, Cinder has been confirmed in the position of Lawspeaker. A New Administration under Statsminister Fake The new Storting nominated Fake to serve as Statsminister (equivalent to Prime Minister of Balder) and the Queen accordingly appointed him to this office in the State Opening of Parliament. Fake succeeds OnderKelkia, who had held the role for three consecutive terms since August. Fake served as Minister of Integration last term and has enjoyed a rapid political rise, having only joined the forums in November. Fake has announced that the primary focus of his administration will be on improving government accessibility and integration. Wasting no time in announcing the composition of the Statsraadet, the Statsminister appointed OnderKelkia as Minister of Foreign Affairs, Zander Cerebella as Minister of WA Affairs, Cinder as Minister of Integration, Wycliffe as Minister of Culture and North East Somerset (who also serves as Crown Prince) as Minister of War. Wycliffe was subsequently removed from his position by a majority vote of the Storting due to his involvement in a serious incident involving Discord channels belonging to another region. The Statsminister has since appointed Ervald as Wycliffe's successor at the Ministry of Culture. Plans for an Assembly of Citizens In order to provide an institution which allows citizens of Balder outside of the Storting to engage with legislative affairs, the Storting is considering the Folketing Act. Authored by new Culture Minister Ervald with the assistance of Lawspeaker Cinder, this legislation would establish an assembly of citizens known as the Folketing. The Folketing would have the authority to propose legislation for formal consideration by the Storting, allowing any citizen to put forward an item of legislation. The underlying proposal to establish the Folketing has received widespread support, but the Storting has debated a number of questions regarding how the Folketing should be organised. For instance, following deliberation, it has been decided that no member of the Statsraadet (the region's Cabinet) may serve as Formand (presiding officer of the Folketing) or as a deputy to the Formand. Once established, the Folketing will hopefully offer meaningful insights into work as a legislator to new citizens as they prepare to stand for election to the Storting.
  2. Hello, could anyone give me foreign dignitary masking? I'm the new ambassador from Balder to Equilism. You have any doubts about my identity? Ask OnderKelkia, our Foreign Minister.
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    Yes, I am Ryccia, and I am here to represent the region of Balder as an ambassador.