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  3. Visit our Discord and our Forum WA Delegate: Frattastan | Culture Officer: Harmoneia | Foreign Affairs Officer: Guy | | Media Officer: The Church of Satan | Outreach Officer: Calalin | Speaker of the Assembly: Vulturret Forum Move Announcement To escape the dreaded Tapatalk, The Rejected Realms' official forum has been relocated to https://rejectedrealms.com. Accounts have been converted, so if you were previously registered on the old forum you can reactivate yours with a simple password reset. If you are experiencing any technical issues don't hesitate to contact one of the administrators on NationStates or Discord. The Delegate has retired: Long live the Delegate Frattastan plotting his return as TRR Delegate. The Rejected Realms has held a Delegate election, leading to retiring Delegate Wabbitslayah being replaced by Frattastan. Proceedings kicked off with a challenge by Canton Empire against the seating Delegate Wabbitslayah. As rumours abounded that Wabbitslayah is unlikely to recontest, no fewer than nine candidates stepped up to challenge for the position in total, a record for TRR Delegate elections. Spurred by the high number of candidates, the campaign was a vigorous and well-contested one, drawing much attention from both within and outside the region. Early frontrunner PowerPAOK/Nequedem/Glacikaldr was hampered by a dispute with Wabbitslayah regarding a supposed agreement regarding the timing of his challenge, having echoes of being TRR's own Granita Pact. The candidacy of prominent invader Souls was sufficient to bring NS Gameplay into overdrive, with various commentators opining that his candidacy is either the biggest danger or the best thing to happen to TRR in its existence. The lack of a clear frontrunner led to a second round of candidacy declarations as Marilyn Manson Freaks, Wopruthien and Frattastan engaged the citizenry with their visions for the region. The various candidates were mostly differentiated by personality and experience rather than serious policy differences, and the outcome of the election appeared as uncertain as it ever was. In the end, for the second time in as many elections, the final outcome was determined by one vote. A surprisingly strong showing by insurgent candidate Marilyn Manson Freaks was good enough to make this a tight contest throughout the voting period, leading to frantic googling about TRR's voting system and a 200% increase in the viewcount for Wikipedia's article on it. Manson and Frattastan had dominated the voting, but it was the latter who emerged victorious. This is Frattastan's second stint as Delegate, the first being a highly successful term in 2013-14. His platform set out a detailed agenda for the region, particularly in the areas of Foreign Affairs and the World Assembly. Work is already underway to implement Frattastan's policy programme, with the hope of harnessing the activity and energy that the region is capable of when it works together. Written by Guy Not Steering Clear of VD (Debates) For a long time barely noticed by the citizenry, the Rejected Realms Vice-Delegacy became a recurrent topic in Assembly discussions this year, and even turned into a contentious a topic in the most recent Delegate election. Originating in August 2011, when Sedgistan appointed three Vice-Delegates as endorsees who could back him up at a time when there multiple swappers threatening the delegacy (including the infamous Rejected Redeemer, whose identity was a source of controversy), the position had almost been forgotten, with no new appointments since 2015, and one of the original endorsees continuing to maintain it despite her decreasing activity. In part this lack of institutionalisation occurred due to the uncertainty concerning the necessity and the purpose of a Vice-Delegate in a region without ejection powers, where maintaining high endorsement and influence level is not as vital as it would be in other feeders and sinkers. This February, then-Delegate Catalyse proposed to add the Vice Delegate as a member of the government, but the discussion died down without any consensus on the proposed change. Her successor wabbitslayah sought to do the same, "promoting" outgoing Officer Marilyn Manson Freaks to the position of Vice-Delegate, with concurrent cabinet access for the first time in TRR history, and envisioning him as a general advisor and aide to the head of government. This move should have been paired with legislation allowing for the Delegate to appoint new government members, in addition to the four elected ones that make up the Cabinet right now, but the relevant constitutional amendment failed to pass by a single vote, continuing to leave the Vice Delegate office in a legal limbo. To add to the confusion, in a quick and somewhat confusing succession of events in the last days of his term, wabbitslayah fired Marilyn Manson, appointed former delegate The Church of Satan, and then reappointed Marilyn Manson. In the most recent Delegate election campaign several candidates stated their views on the VD issue. Eventual winner Frattastan asked that the position should be codified and returned to its original limited role as backup endorsee or abolished altogether, with some voters showing uneasiness at the latter prospect. Local anarchist icon The Grim Reaper, self-described "NS equivalent of like a CEO you call in to handle a corporate dissolution and then you fire them for incompetence with a beefy golden parachute" and "really good at this whole legislature thing", submitted an alternative proposal meant to establish Zyonn as the first person behind the Delegate in any order of precedence, and allowing her to take over the region at will, but this suggestion seems to have been largely ignored despite the increasing religious devotion towards 'Lady Zyonn'. In typical Reject fashion it's expected that the issue will be talked to death until there's a consensus. If ever. Written by Frattastan Less than Diplomatic For the past several months, the Rejected Realms has been gripped in crisis. No fewer than 22 players have made and broken alliances, plotted schemes -- often behind their friends' backs -- and backstabbed each other when expedient. With the struggle for power as vicious and the stakes as high as ever, the question on everyone's minds has been "who will emerge on top?" That's because TRR has been playing Diplomacy, a popular 1950s boardgame that is set in the run up to the Great War. Six games have already been played, following the formation of an official Diplomacy league within the region. Participants take control of one of seven European powers, with the goal of taking over the entire continent and being crowned the Diplomacy champion of TRR. Wopruthien has taken an early lead with one solo victory and one draw, and Souls is close on his heels in second. Any player is free to join the league and become involved in the brutal games of Diplomacy. You also have ample opportunity to stab Frattastan in the back. Now who wouldn't want that?! Or if betraying Frattastan is not your cup of tea, maybe you can gain revenge on Souls for his NS transgressions. Whether a citizen, interested observer, or ambassador to sign up register your interest in the TRR #Roleplay Discord channel. Written by Wopruthien Invitation to TRR's CYOA Game: "Fallout Arizona" War. War never changes. Even with the Old World rushing off to its doom, there are those who still safeguard the values, lessons, and convictions of America from the ruins of the atomic fallout. In the West, the values of democracy and the rule of law, and, in the East, the lesson to never repeat the same mistakes. The clash of the Bear, the New Californian Republic, and the Bull, Caesar’s Legion, was inevitable as their quests for glory consumes them. What remains by 2897 is a shell of both, as the NCR prepares to push back against the final holdouts of the new Caesar. First Sun City in the ruins of Phoenix, and then the final march to Flagstaff. A swift victory is promised by Mason Salvatore, one of the two possible candidates for presidency within the NCR’s upcoming election in the senate. All that stands in the way of the reborn crime family’s rise to power is candidate Aaron Hanlon, the nephew of retired Chief Hanlon of the NCR Rangers who is facing waning support. The NCR-Legion war has become a final opportunity for the many schemes of the Old World to take root. Will the conquest Arizona be what finally allows the NCR to remake America, or will the legacy of Caesar be one that forever changes the NCR’s very values? You enter Arizona as a Reject (not like this though, sadly), watching helplessly like the many other casualties of this war as the senate decides America’s future and the Legion does its best to make them pay dearly. Will you correct America’s path; or will you be its downfall? Or maybe you might just end up dying to an extra sneaky bark scorpion. Ultimately, you decide, in the Rejected Realm’s Choose Your Own Adventure Game: “Fallout Arizona”! The polls will be made daily—or as regularly as I can remember and am able to make them—and will be open for the entirely of the interregional community, resident or otherwise (not that we would ever banject or eject you, or could for that matter, even if you did move in a puppet just to vote). So here’s where you come in: we’re inviting you to join in on our CYOA Game written by yours truly, Glacikaldr, or Nequaldraok if you’re looking for a portmanteau. The concept was first inspired by this YouTube video by ShoddyCast, but I could list many more that would be best to keep hidden: otherwise I’d ruin some of the many surprises I have instore for you! So far we’ve just done a few parts within Chapter 1, and you can catch up on the setting, story, and previous options chosen, as well as the character sheet we’ve made through both gameside and offsite polls that we will be developing together throughout the process with almost every decision we make, through the dispatch following dispatch: here. Further, if you’re looking for a better to stay updated on when a new poll is made, look no further than the new subscription service for the game! You can learn how to subscribe, for either RMB mentions or Discord pings, here. Thank you for joining us on this journey if you choose to do so, and we look forward to seeing as many of you over on our polls as able and willing! Written by Glacikaldr
  4. Foreign Ministry Introduces Diplomatic Teams by Cerian Quilor, Citizen The expectations and workloads of diplomats and ambassadors is always variable. If a region has many embassies, but few ambassadors, those few will be stretched thin to do too many regions each, and the expectations will, assuming a fair Foreign Minister, be comparatively low (post the update, check in once a week for inquiries, usually small things like that). When you have a lot of ambassadors, and few embassies, you can run the risk of what is essentially 'unemployment' (that is, more demand for jobs than jobs available). And while opening more embassies can solve than, opening embassies is somewhat more important than just 'job creation'. Still, an option. And sometimes you end up with something of an embarrassment of riches - lots of ambassadors, and lots of embassies. And then too many ambassadors still. Ideally, an ambassador should be establishing a rapport with their assigned region, socializing, flying the flag of your region, and keeping up on all publicly available current events. Sometimes, a region is too active to keep up on everything and stay social and handle whatever else an ambassador has to do. TNP, proving how robust our regional community is, has reached that 'embarrassment of riches' stage. We have more ambassadors than embassies to assign them. And thus, to that end, Foreign Minister Bootsie has launched the creation of diplomatic teams, wherein multiple ambassadors are assigned to one region, for the full purpose of bearing the flag, representing the region and all other duties. The trial regions were The West Pacific and The East Pacific. So far, the results seem to lean positive in the long run, with one saying they felt that, over time, the program would "steadily produce competent diplomats and would further TNP's good reputation in NationStates," while another commented that they appreciated the fact that the program made it so that they didn't have to be "the only one faced with the responsibilities of a region, especially one as large as The East Pacific." While so far, it's too early to tell just what the impact of this program will be, or if it will be extended to other regions, but the only way to find out is to keep our eyes on newly appointed Minister Guy and the rest of the Foreign Ministry. The Spotlight #2: An Interview with the MoWAA Sil Dorsett by Kasch & Sil, Min. Communications & Min. World Assembly Affairs Kasch: Hello and welcome to the second interview as part of the Spotlight segment for The Northern Lights, Issue XI. Today, I am joined by our current Minister of World Assembly Affairs, Sil Dorsett. Sil Dorsett: Thanks for having me, Kasch! It's a pleasure to be here. Kasch: It's great to have you on the Spotlight! So, first question - how has your term as Minister of World Assembly Affairs been going so far? Sil Dorsett: It's been a busy first month! The Security Council has been really active with resolutions of all kinds; liberations, condemnations, and even a commendation for our own r3naissanc3r! It's been keeping us active, and I'm glad to see it. We're in a bit of a slow period with nothing at vote right now, and I don't mind the break, but I'm looking forward to things picking up again. Kasch: At the beginning of the term, what vision did you see for the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs and how did you, or do you still plan to achieve it? Sil Dorsett: One of the visions I had for the ministry was for us to be able to generate deeper discussions on resolutions. A lot of times, when I opened a voting and discussion thread, the responses mostly just had the vote, without any explanation as to why. Providing reasoning for a vote was what I always tried to do even before joining the staff, as it generates discussion, so I've been encouraging that in the opening post of the threads. I've also been closely monitoring the proposals and seeing which proposals are likely to reach quorum and starting the discussion threads early, which gives us time to have a solid discussion, rather than rushing through, tallying votes, and just coming up with something to send out to the rest of the WA nations in the region. Kasch: It certainly seems like you have a defined vision for the ministry! Next question, is there anything in particular you like most about being the MoWAA? Sil Dorsett: I think the thing I like most about being the Minister is the closer interaction that I have with the rest of the Executive Council. It provides me with the ability to gain insight into the inner workings of TNP's government. When I was Deputy Minister, Pallaith trained me well on the inner workings of the WA Ministry, but now there's so much more open to me, and much more to learn, and I really enjoy that. Kasch: Going away from the WA for a minute, what were your first impressions of TNP and how its government works? Sil Dorsett: Hmm, there's an interesting question. To be honest, when I first joined the game I was founded in TNP and never really thought to look outside the region. TNP was the largest region and it was very active, so I was satisfied with staying. It wasn't until after being introduced to the World Assembly Develoent Program and endotarting that I joined the forums and was welcomed. I think there was one comment that said "Finally, the elusive Sil reveals himself." It was a good introductory experience. As far as the how the government works, my first impression was that it just worked, and that nothing seemed radical and out there. Kasch: From all the people you've met so far in this community, who has had the largest effect on your NS Career and why? Sil Dorsett: Absolutely would be Pallaith. No question there. Pallaith took notice of my efforts in a WALL thread where there was a proposal on its way to being submitted that I thought was amending other resolutions, which isn't allowed. Although I was completely wrong, it wasn't really amending, he appreciated the effort and research that went into my analysis and offered me the Deputy Minister spot. He strapped the rocket on my back. Kasch: Pallaith was a very good WA Minister during his term, so I can fully understand that. Okay, from the time you've spent here and on NationStates, what has been the most important thing you've learned? Sil Dorsett: The most important thing I've learned is that there's more to the game than answering issues and voting on resolutions. There's communities out there, on-site and off, that make the whole experience much more fulfilling. You just have to be willing to dive in and take a chance on it. Kasch: I couldn't agree more. And since you are a relatively new nation, who do you look up to most in either TNP or the whole of NationStates? Sil Dorsett: That's a tough one, because there are plenty of people who are such a positive influence. Honestly, I can't mention just one. Just can't do that. From a gameside perspective, I appreciate the commitment and dedication of both Lord Ravenclaw and r3naissanc3r, and everything they've done inspires me to work harder for the region. From a cultural and roleplay perspective, I have to give it to Goyanes for his creativity and artistic skill. Every time he posts more details about his nation or a new map it makes me think of how I can flesh out my national identity more. Kasch: Some very well-respected names there, now, for other regions - which region, apart from TNP, is your favourite in NS? Sil Dorsett: Oooh, an even harder question! But it actually goes the opposite way than the last question. As I said earlier, I haven't really looked at other regions. Perhaps I'm due for a stint in Foreign Affairs to make up for it! I will say that we have a solid ally in Europeia, through collaboration on the World Assembly Legislative League and CAIN, so I think I'll give them the nod. Kasch: Okay, enough time away from the WA, back to it! What are your views on the WADP and its effects on not just our endorsement levels, but the region as a whole? Sil Dorsett: I think the WADP is one of the strongest retention and activity generation mechanisms we have. We don't place arbitrary low limits on endorsements and threaten to ban for crossing it. Well, let me correct that, there are still limits and we can kick for getting too close to the Vice Delegate, but the number to hit is ridiculously high that it shouldn't be a problem for anyone. It also makes us the safest region to be in, because all those endorsements means more influence, which protects you. The combination of those things I think makes others want to stay here. The awards system that the WADP has encouraged me to get started with endotarting. When I first saw the awards system, I wanted to be Click-to-Endorse champion, and within the first month of my nation's existence I did that. I spent one night doing over 1500 endorsements to get there. And then once I had the championship, I figured it was time to introduce myself to the forums. So, I also think WADP drives overall regional activity, probably in part through retention of nations. But that's based on my personal experience. Kasch: It really sounds like you dedicated your time to the WA! But now, if you could give one piece of advice to any nation considering getting involved with endotarting and the WA, what would you say? Sil Dorsett: "Join. Endorse. Vote." Join the World Assembly to expand your gameplay experience. Endorse everyone, especially the Delegate and Vice Delegate. We have tools available that can help, including a page on our forum that'll tell you everyone you haven't endorsed. Finally, vote on resolutions, because every vote counts. I sent a telegram to the entire region about this not too long ago. Kasch: Going forward, what does a potential MoWAA need to know if they want your position? Sil Dorsett: Potential ministers should know that they're responsible for the content and distribution of our recommendations, and there are tools available to the minister and deputy ministers that make it simple. They'll also need to be prepared to answer a lot of questions from the community. Also, keep a close eye on proposals, and also read what's being posted on the on-site forum, though really I encourage everyone in the staff to do that. Awareness of everything that's happening around the World Assembly subforum is crucial. Kasch: Great advice, and leading onto the next question - if you could change one thing about this community, what would it be and why? Sil Dorsett: I'll be honest, I can't really think of anything I would change. TNP is such an open and welcoming community with its own unique culture, and I'm not one to think about changing it while I'm still learning and adapting. So, I apologize for the non-answer there, but I think it should still speak to how great the community is. Kasch: Totally valid answer there, it was a hard question! So, we've spoken about the WA and TNP in general, now for another topic. Other than the MoWAA, what other ministries could you see yourself managing, and why? Sil Dorsett: Well, the first thing I need to do is be more active with Home Affairs. I've already been encouraging others to join the forums when I'm answering WA related questions, but it's about time I start ramping up activity in HA and encourage even more to come aboard. Once I have some experience there, perhaps I'll apply for a Deputy Minister spot there to gain the managerial experience. Kasch: If everyone else was to CTE, and you could only save five nations from dying, who would you save? Sil Dorsett: Haha, only five? Wow! I don't even think I could save myself under those conditions. Let's see. Guslantis, because who doesn't love guinea pigs? HMS Unicorn (r3naissanc3r) deserves it. I'll save BouncyAbbeyKitty too. You (Kasch) because you've had a hand in everything and can do everything if it comes down to it. And I have to let Pallaith live too. There that's five, and that's with me CTEing too. Kasch: I feel very honoured to be on that list, but I am sure there are a lot more nations we could have mentioned. Now, if you could go back in time and tell the first few hundred nations anything, what would you say to them? Sil Dorsett: Absolutely, that's why five was incredibly hard. Now, to the first hundred nations, I'd go back and tell them ahead of time of how much NationStates will grow, to give them some inspiration. There's been over five million nations created. That's an impressive feat, and it all started with them. Kasch: After all, not even this interview would be happening without some of those first nations. While we're on the topic of history, what has been your favourite moment since joining NS? Sil Dorsett: When the General Assembly stopped talking about nukes. Haha, just kidding, That'll never happen. My favorite moment in NS, in the 6 months I've been around, was when the WA nations came together and were able to flip the result of a liberation repeal when Eternal Scholars was invaded a second time in the middle of the vote. We got the job done, the region stayed liberated until the new invaders were out, and now just recently we were able to hand that region back over to its rightful owners. Kasch: That must have been pretty memorable, and in terms of the MoWAA and its work in writing recommendations, how do you think the ministry could be improved and changed so that writing these becomes easier and more efficient? Sil Dorsett: That will come with more input in the discussion threads and with the staff reading through the on-site forums to gather up feedback from others across all of NationStates. With more input, we'll be able to write an informative recommendation faster. We should also continue to collaborate with our World Assembly Legislative League allies, letting them know when we start a discussion thread, letting them know what our vote is, and working together on the recommendations, and try to have everything ready to send within a day of a resolution coming to vote. Kasch: Okay, and in terms of communication with our allies over GA and SC Proposals, are there any regions which stand out in terms of legislative capability, other than TNP? Sil Dorsett: I'd say Europeia and Balder have very solid WA programs and are heavy hitters with high endorsement counts. Together we make up a large chunk of the available vote. They are two of our WALL allies, and we have our own Discord server with them and International Democratic Union, so communication and collaboration with them is easy. IDU also has an advantage as their delegate is a member of the GA secretariat. Kasch: Since we're nearing the end of the interview, just a few more questions. Firstly, what were your thoughts on NS before you joined? How did you see the community beforehand and what did you expect from it? Sil Dorsett: To be honest, I went in with no thoughts or expectations at all. I started out as one of those players that was just curious about answering issues and how a nation would change as a result. It was a legitimate leap of faith that I took in joining the TNP community, and I'm glad I did. Kasch: Penultimately, if you could move to any other region in the game, and leave TNP behind, what region would that be? Sil Dorsett: Haha, if it really came to that, I'd at least go to one of our allies, and definitely to a large, safe region. Which one in particular? I couldn't really say. I'd want to do more research and see which regions share our values, something I haven't worked on yet. If I feel up for it, maybe I'll move a puppet around and see what's out there, but I'm personally in no rush to do so. Kasch: Personally, I would very easily choose Europeia, that's just me, though. Now, final question - you have one day left to do anything on NS before it shuts down forever, what do you do and why? Sil Dorsett: Last day, I'd go through all of my nation's information pages and print them. All the charts, print those too. Regional information pages, do them too. That way, I have a final report card of my nation to look back upon. I don't trust the internet's Wayback Machine site to do it right! Kasch: Well, it's been absolutely great having you on the Spotlight with me today, and I wish you the best of the luck with the rest of the term! Folks, that does it for this month's Spotlight! Sil Dorsett: Thanks for having me, Kasch. It's been a pleasure. NBS Radio becomes TNPs first radio show by Kasch (co-edited by King Leonidas), Minister of Communications & Citizen The Northern Broadcasting service was developed under the supervision of myself, and FrozenTopHat. We both noticed the activity and the use of the Discord voice chat channels. We soon realized that not only could there be a potential advantage to the voice chats, but there could even be an entire project that can contribute to it. Inspired by a similar program run by Europeia, we knew that it was not quite an original idea. We suspected that many regions might have tried and failed at it before. Yet we were strong-willed, as leaders of the Communications Ministry, to assure the voices of the North were heard at all costs. If you have never heard of the Northern Broadcasting Service before, it is the group of members responsible for the development, hosting, and participation of weekly broadcasts and events for the pleasure and entertainment of the community and others who wish to follow up on current events. A program contained within the Northern Broadcasting Service, NBS Radio, was founded by FrozenTopHat and myself about five weeks ago. It has continued to work well alongside the Northern Lights and other ministries within the region. Our motivation to progress this project was the lack of goals and objectives. I had rebuff the belief that The Northern Lights would be my only working point as Minister of Communications. We understood that focusing on numerous projects at once can reduce the quality of our work, but I truly saw something within the NBS. How it could be managed by the ministry, the potential in the people and the ministry itself, and FrozenTopHat vehemently agreed. It is one thing to perusal text on a screen, but it is on an utterly new level when the voices behind that text are presented to the community. How did the first broadcast go? Well, when planning the very first broadcast, I must say, I was incredibly anxious about it. We did not quite know what topics that should be discussed in our broadcast, neither how it should be presented, but with some poking and querying, I managed to obtain a list of several topics for the show. Everything went splendiferous that day, we have almost consistently maintained our reliable starting times, and efficiency in producing great content for all of our listeners. The number of people taking interest and listening to our broadcast is steadily on the increase, so hopefully to come at the end of the term, we attain a regular, dedicated group of listeners. We have a variety of ideas for the Northern Broadcasting Service and hope to establish some of them in the coming months of the term. One of those conceptions being an interview show, which is already in action through The Spotlight, a monthly segment in the Northern Lights. The first session went successfully, with Tomb as our very first guest. I am thrilled to announce the next person on the show will be Sil Dorsett, current Minister of WA Affairs! As you can presume, there are almost endless possibilities when it comes to the Spotlight, with new topics, questions, and people to interview every month! Not just through text, voice interviews are very much on the table. Another idea some of the broadcasters and I were going over, was an opportunity for broadcasters of NBS and the EBC to collaborate on some projects. To produce excellent content for both shows would be an incredible chance for us to work with them on a broadcast. If you are part of the EBC, and do regular broadcasts through Mixlr, contact me so something can be arranged! I think it would do both communities a massive favor in terms of increasing popularity, listeners, and regular air time. It would also give our broadcasters a chance to meet others from Europeia. All of the broadcasts from then on have followed the same patterns, and have all been produced and executed excellently by all of those involved. It is a great pleasure to work with everyone on this project and watch it grow from its infancy. I would to thank numerous people for their help on this project, and I believe some credit may be overdue for all of its expansion and growth. Essentially, to FrozenTopHat, for lighting the sparks of inspiration within me. Thanks to everyone who had contributed to the broadcast so far. NBS Radio could not have been what it is today without you and I know that this is only just the beginning. CAIN conference keyword density analysis by Nasania, Citizen This column does not represent the views of the Government of The North Pacific. Nationstates is a political game and ideologies do have a place in Nationstates politics-though it may not always be acknowledged as such. My hypothesis is that political ideologies can be measured by taking a tally of the buzzwords the political actor chooses to throw around. The words you choose to use matter, and that certain biases can show themselves in the particular kind of language you use. First off we need to set goal posts that do not move based on personal feelings or such. It is logical to identify the core ideal that an ideology espouses..The ones I shall use are taken from Daniel Berk's Ideology quiz, which I have found to adequately measure 99.6% of respondents who have taken the quiz (around 500 people have taken the quiz) and are Liberty, Equality, Stability. Buzzwords for Liberty are: Discretion, liberty, liberate, free, freedom, one, choice, enterprise, Conscience, Deregulate, reason, each, option, own, optional, Individual, opportunity, open, any, voluntary, unlimited, unrestrained, person, private, consent, self, independent, freely, Volunteer, Domination (when spoken in negative), dependence (Negative). Equality= Redistribution, fair, equitable, social, society, expand, equalize, equality, people, fairness, universal, every, community, together, justice, common, sense, sensitive, masses, group, balance activism, all, same, access, distribute, share, shared, Discrimination (negative), differences (negative). Stability= Experience, the region, leader, leaders, peace, order, law, stability, member, citizen, tradition, heritage, authority, decision, decisive, certain, some, protect, safe, safety, secure, security, insure, establish, fundamental, trust, permit, reliable, Chaos (negative), Activity (negative). Using these keywords all we have to do is read the document and start tallying for all synonyms or derived words of the above. References such as 'I hate equality' will logically be tallied as negative Equality stance. We then subtract negatives from the positives to get overall score. The Ideology of Liberty is Libertarianism or Anarcho-Capitalism when radical; Equality is Democratism and Communism when radical; Stability is Conservativism and Fascism if radical. 2/3 % score is radical threshold-if one prizes a principle over the others to this extent they qualify as an extremist. The document we shall analyze today is the CAIN treaty and see what kind of bias is hinted at in the document: First the preamble: "We, the undersigned governments; mindful of the impact Nazism has on the community we all share, devoted to combating scientific racism, appalled by the glorification of Nazi Germany, determined to overcome gameplay differences, and committed to making the NationStates community more accessible; do hereby establish and join the Coalition Against the Ideology of Nazism, herein referred to as "CAIN", and agree to recognize and adhere to this Treaty and the commitments set forth within." So, by the buzzwords, I have counted there are 6 Equality Keywords and 1 conservative keyword. Let's sum them up and find proportions 6+1=7 6/7=85.7% Equality bias and 14.3% Stability. So the Preamble is showing a conservative communist signature - this is likely a response to the Nazi ideology in which hierarchy is seen as the Fundamental order of nature and Society is best organized as a hierarchy of fuhrers. It's also likely appealing to the Nazi's natural enemies - the communists. Now this doesn't mean this a communist document (in fact we will soon see that the author is NOT a communist). So let's continue to the next section which seems to be pro-stability as it's setting standards of law and order. These are the numbers I counted: +L=1 +E=2 +S=9 -L=0 -E0= -S=1. .L=1 E=2 S=8 1+2+8=11 so 72.7% Stability So it scores Fascist... If this score is valid-then we have to assume there was some pandering to a fascist group-Nazis are NOT fascists-the two groups in RL actually nearly went to war with each other over Austria-the main thing about Nazism is it's virulent anti-communism while Fascists were actually an offshoot of the socialists. In Nationstates the closest equivalent to Fascism is Francoism. For the rest of the document I am going to do some cursory tallies. The Membership admin section scores as follows: L=8 E=3 S=22 8+3+22=33, 22/33=66.7% Fascist Functions section L=5 E=1 S=13 68% Fascist General Provisions L=4 E=1 S=8 61.5% stability Hardline Conservative Now I add up the totals of the above and I get: Total= L=18, E=13, S=52, sum the results 18+13+52=83, find percentage 52/83=62.6%, Hardline Conservative. And at that a Liberal Conservative. the score of this document is similar to Imperialist and Independent Manifestoes when I scored them several years ago (to be exact Liberty =33% Equality=18% Stability=48% Moderate Liberal Conservative: Emperor Onder of LKE had a score of L=22% E=15% S=63% ), so I would have to conclude that the conservatives had a lot of power over the procedural aspects of this document. This alliance of Imperialists/Independents with Communists will probably have a lot of problems as they don't see eye to eye with each other (Radicals of one ideology will perceive even moderate members of another ideology as their radical counterparts e.g. a communist will perceive a conservative as a fascist and a Fascist will see a moderate Laborist as a communist). The KDA predicts the Communists would most like the preamble but dislike the definitions section -they would probably prefer to replace "region" with "communities" so it’s less overtly statist-and likely include a condemnation of Fascism. Communitarians might also be a little wary about this treaty as Equality is the lowest score in the document (communitarians like to balance Equality and Stability)... Brunhilde was the author so we have to ask: What was Brunhilde's score using a quiz I designed to measure ideology based on a similar system? Liberal Conservative or Right Libertarian Independent/Imperialist (54% Liberty, 46% Equality, 77% Stability). From doing a survey of regions with 500 respondents- Lazarus, TCB, and TRR, and TSP tended to be communist or heavily left-leaning... TNP, TEP, TWP all were Communitarian or conservative. The Communist Bloc used to have communitarians but many of them have since left their region and formed regions such as Wintercrest, so TCB is largely dominated by communists at this time. Osiris and the Pacific have a lot of Francoists so Osiris was likely the CAIN member most opposed to adding Fascism to the list of target ideologies. Conservatives also likely were opposed to adding it as they themselves might get labeled as "Fascists" (even though they're not) by hardline leftists. LKE is likely satisfied with this treaty considering their scores are an almost exact match, Looking at the list of signatories only 3-4 regions are outright communist or had a communist past. Imperialist-Independent-National Sovereigntist-monarchist regions seem to make up the majority (62.5%) of signatories with at least 15 of the 24 signatories (Note I am separating Communist regions from Independent ones). "Democratic" regions made up at least 7. If I were to predict what will happen and considering the bias of the dominant members of this coalition .some of the more left-leaning regions may de facto leave this coalition at some point in the future-especially as the Nazi's continue to lose power... many left-leaning and especially Libertarian Socialists will lobby in their home regions to leave this coalition, possibly viewing this as something that increases Imperialists' power in Nationstates or not "fair" to their own regions-however those regions will likely stay in the coalition as their own establishments will want to keep them in the coalition. North Pacific Army Bulletin by Owenstacey (edited and co-authored by Kasch), Citizen February was a quiet month for the NPA, as most of the operations have been for training purposes. The NPA has deployed at least 6 troops on each operation, and considering the regular inactivity spurts that occur around this time of the year, this is an impressive level of consistency. At the start of February, the NPA conducted three successful detagging operations, with nine participants. This was a good operation for setting up the level of activity and commitment for the rest of the month. After this, the NPA were deployed to Taijitu for the second time, as the founder had ceased to exist again. The operation secured the region until the natives could resolve the situation. The operation was successful, with the founder being restored. In total, 18 troops were deployed. The third operation of the month came around the 10th of February, when a joint force of 8 troops performed some more training exercises in both Warzone Australia and Warzone Asia. This operation was successful, and rounded up the end of the month nicely. We can expect to see more of the same over March, and as usual, Gladio has executed his duties with great maturity, efficiency and strong leadership. To summarize, the NPA conducted three detagging operations, helped Taijitu recover their founder for the second time and conducted two additional training exercises nearer the end of the month. That rounds it up for February, more to come next time. The Northern Lights: Beauty in Truth Publisher: Plembobria :: Executive Editor: Kasch :: Managing Editor: Tomb :: Assistant Managing Editor: FrozenTopHat :: Graphic Artist: Imki + SillyString The Northern Lights is produced by the Ministry of Communications on behalf of the Government of The North Pacific and distributed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Except where otherwise indicated, all content represents the views of the Government of The North Pacific.
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  6. January 2017 General Election Results by Tomb, Vice Delegate 2017 found The North Pacific (TNP) in a time of excitement. With the General Elections season starting on January 1st, campaigning was going strong, the feeling of rivalry was felt by all, and there was an air of excitement all around the region. TNP elects its Delegate, Vice Delegate, and Speaker of the Regional Assembly (RA) every four months in what is known as the General Elections. With the three highest offices in the region up for grabs, General Elections are usually a time period of excitement and increased activity. This General Election was no different. As the Elections started out, the Delegate's race appeared to be the most contested one. Incumbent Delegate Plembobria, former Vice Delegate Bootsie, and Deputy Attorney General Darcania all initially declared candidacy for the position. Each candidate had considerable support and a strong resume, and the race looked really packed for a minute. Soon enough, Bootsie and Darcania both withdrew from the race leaving Plembobria as the only candidate standing. The field was not vacant for long though as Deputy Minister and Assistant Attorney General Sasten declared his candidacy for the office along with citizens Yalkan, Hesskin Empire, and Lord Emmanuel. Ultimately, the race came down to Plembobria and Sasten in the end with both candidates battling it out till the last vote. Plembobria, the incumbent Delegate, cited his strong first term in office in which he saw success in increasing activity levels across the board. He promised to continue this while also embracing and allowing his cabinet ministers to create and achieve individual policies and goals for their ministries. Sasten ran on a campaign promising to maintain the progress of the past term while also working towards new achievements as a region. Plembobria would go on to win the Delegate’s race, securing 57% of the vote. The Vice Delegate's race was equally interesting. As far as the candidates go, former Delegate Tomb and current Attorney General Ash both declared their candidacies for the office. However, Ash, would later go on to resign his citizenship in the region, thus effectively removing himself from the race and prompting a Special Election for the position of Attorney General. As a result, Tomb ran unopposed, but still faced the possibility of having the nominations for the position re-opened should that option receive a majority of the vote. Tomb ran on a campaign based on four key goals. Chiefly among them is strengthening the Security Council by raising the endorsement levels of its individual members. Tomb also outlined his plans to continue the World Assembly Development Program (WADP), which has been a success since its release, to frequently (and quickly) perform security checks on citizenship applicants, and to use the office of Vice Delegate to try and connect more to the in-game population. Tomb went on to win the Vice Delegate's election unopposed with 100% of the vote. The Speaker's race was by far the most exciting, and it remained a nail biter until the last vote was cast. Standing for the position were Kondratev, Deputy Speaker of the RA, Pallaith, Minister of WA Affairs, and Argnantim, a newer citizen who has much potential. What was exciting and unique about this particular race is that each of the candidates were considered to be from a newer generation of players - a new class of rising stars. Aragnatim ran on a campaign promising to essentially simplify the bill making process while also providing mentoring to those who need it. As a new member in the region, proposing a bill can seem like it is an intimidating process, and Argnantim promised to tackle that problem if he is elected. Pallaith's campaign was focused on continuing the progress made under Speaker Zyveskistaahn while also working to complete citizenship checks in a timely manner and turnout the weekly RA digest more frequently. Kondratev's platform was centered on reforming the citizenship application process procedurally while also introducing other reforms, such as weekly RA discord meetings, to increase the efficiency of the office and the RA in general. Pallaith went on to win the Speaker's race, winning with 60% of the vote. Aside from the General Election races, TNP also held two Special Elections, one for Attorney General, following Ash’s resignation, and one for Court Justice, following Eluvatar's removal due to inactivity. As both races started out, only one person declared candidacy for each election (Lord Emmanuel - Attorney General and Altmoras - Justice), and so nominations were re-opened after the majority of the voters sought that option in both races. After nominations were reopened, Lord Emmanuel withdrew from the race, and Deputy Attorney General Darcania declared candidacy. Darcania ran on a campaign promising an active Attorney General's office, one that is based on experience and a strong work ethic. Darcania ran unopposed winning 100% of the vote. In the Justice race, former Justice Abbey, former Deputy Attorney General Guy, and former Temporary Hearing Officer Barborristan all declared candidacy for the position along with Altmoras, the initial candidate. With many highly experienced legal minds in the field, voters had many options, and the competition was great, but in the end, Abbey managed to pull a win securing 73% of the vote. Regional Assembly Highlights: New Speaker by Pallaith, Speaker For the first time in a long time, The North Pacific has a new Speaker of the Regional Assembly, yours truly. Our beloved Zyvetskistaahn has at long last achieved his dream of unshackling himself from the Speaker's desk, though he has traded those shackles for those of the Deputy Speaker's office. Elections are times of change and opportunity. This is the most of both the Speaker's office has had in a while, and it couldn't come at a better time. The Regional Assembly has seen some of its busiest days as of late, and the Speaker's office is working to catch up. Top on everyone's mind these days are reforms to both the citizenship process as well as judicial procedure. In addition to the regular bills altering a small handful of words in the legal code or bill of rights, the Regional Assembly has seen an increase in proposals proposing changes to approving citizens, evidentiary procedure, even judicial sentencing. It is remarkable, then, that even with this clear desire for broad and varied change in the region, the effort is still deliberate and incremental. There is a process in place and even the most excitable or inspired member of the Regional Assembly adapts to the speed of our legislative process, even if they have to learn as they go. In the previous term the Regional Assembly grappled with the proper handling of evidence and how restrictive to be regarding incoming citizens, but they also played a part in changing the course of NationStates history by reversing course on the World Assembly Accord on campaign Spam and supporting the Coalition Against the Ideology of Nazism. Both of these were supported by delegates past and present, but it was the RA who determined their fate. Indeed, this past term saw a rare delegate veto, which triggered an override vote (albeit an unsuccessful one). In all cases the citizens respected the outcome and were careful to conduct the votes and debates as carefully and deferentially as possible. Some of these disagreements touched on sensitive subject matter, and at times seemed to hinge on very minute or nitpicky details. And yet, the RA is still standing and the work continues, no matter how many times the same proposal finds new life in another debate thread. In TNP, the citizens decide their own fate and the rules that bind them. The debates over citizenship and judicial procedure are not abstract principles or something that only affects the nations who come after them, they impact their own fate in future potential court cases, their place in the greater NS world. The RA is an important, if too often unsung, aspect of life in TNP, one that more nations should learn about and use to their benefit. This term may be the one where that aspiration starts to find life. Suffice to say, the Speaker’s office has a lot on its plate in the upcoming term. Facilitating the everyday process of self-governance is tough work at times but it is the lifeblood of democratic regions like TNP. Northern Cup 2017 comes to an end by Kasch, Minister of Communications 32 competitors, one winner and another successful year for the Northern Cup. The tournament officially began on August the 7th, 2016. It ran for 164 days, this included the Signups, the Group Stages, Knockouts and the Finals. Last year, only 16 competitors took part, so having double the competitors this year was a massive leap forward. Now, for the results. If anyone hasn't already read my Awards Ceremony dispatch, True Sebland ended up beating my national team in the final, after months of hard work and training. The Kaschovian failure in finals continue, as last tournament, Kaschovia lost out to Northern Scovia. This year was no different, with True Sebland winning 1 - 0. It is fair to note that this year's tournament was much more successful in terms of coverage, graphical ability, organization, and scheduling. Not only was there much more content for people to enjoy, but there was much more work to do behind-the-scenes. If anyone has ever managed a cup similar to this before, they will know that under the nice dispatches and graphics, is pages and pages of BBCode. Not just normal BBCode, more than the standard boldening, italicizing and underlining. It got to the point where I could no longer bunch together dispatches of leaderboards and tables because I had exceeded the limit for a dispatch in terms of BBCode. I can confidently say that in formatting things like this, I have learned so much more about the more complicated mechanics of NationStates and it's dispatch creation process. General roleplay takes a massive role in the fictional aspects of The North Pacific, and in its huge reach across our community, comes the opportunity for more and more sports themed roleplay. I am a heavily sports themed roleplayer myself, so it was only natural that I would be able to work on such a large project. Admittedly, there is not much sports roleplay present in the community, as opposed to political or national roleplay. I have tried to bring the sports themed to the forefront of the roleplaying scene, and I will continue with that effort until sports roleplay Talking of the Northern Cup I must also mention some of the things I have planned for 2017/2018. I do plan to look for more helpers with it, as I find it very draining to work on the entire thing on my own. I hope to have more spaces open for competitors, and possibly open the tournament up to 48 teams. I will be stripping back on graphical variation, as I find it is far too demanding to conjure new and interesting graphics. Most likely, I'll use more conventional and efficient methods for displaying scores and results. The standard BBcode might be used to make tables for scores and leaderboards. Along with the Northern Cup, I also have plans to develop even more sports themed roleplaying tournaments and cups. I have ideas for a tennis series and a Formula 1 style Grand Prix North Pacific version. I will be looking to improve previous attempts/iterations of a Northern Football League, and I hope to work on improving many aspects of The Northern Cup as it is. Although most of this will be forum-side, I will try and bring some of it onto NationStates so a wider variety of nations can participate in, enjoy and help with more of my roleplay projects. I cannot promise any success with the projects mentioned, but I will definitely try to make them happen. The Spotlight #1: An Interview with Vice Delegate Tomb by Kasch & Tomb, Minister of Communications & Vice Delegate Kasch: As part of our new segment for the Northern Lights, I'd like to introduce: The Spotlight! A monthly interview with a special guest from the North Pacific! This week, we have a former Delegate and current Vice Delegate: Tomb! Welcome to the Spotlight, it's great to have you here with me for this interview. Tomb: Hi Kasch, Thank you for having me! Kasch: No problem! To begin, with some of the elections behind us, and the term only just starting, what was your favourite moment of last term, and why? Tomb: Great question. As you know, I was Minister of Home Affairs for most of last term. When I received the Ministry of Home Affairs, it was in a less than desirable condition. Recruitment was being done by 1-2 people, there was no functioning executive staff, and inactivity was prevalent. Under my leadership and with Delegate Plembobria's vision for the Ministry, we were able to turn it around to become one of the most active government ministries. Today, the Ministry of Home Affairs stands strongly with a large, active Executive Staff, an active recruitment branch, a new and improved mentoring program, and all in all, I am proud and happy that we were able to turn it around. Tomb: It is not a "moment" by any means as it took months of work, but the final product -- what the Ministry of Home Affairs has come to be -- would easily be my favorite. Kasch: Home Affairs truly needed someone like you on board, you lifted the Ministry back onto its feet! Onto the next question: In the General Elections, you ran for VD and won. How does it feel to be VD, and are you looking forward to working with Plembobria over the next four months? Tomb: It feels good, as you know, it is an honor to be elected as Vice Delegate of TNP. With it of course comes a heavy sense of responsibility, not only in achieving my goals for the office, but also in the fact that as Vice Delegate, you're one heat beat away from the Delegacy, and so you're always on your feet. With regards to Delegate Plembobria, I am looking forward to working with him 100%. I think he did a great job last term, and I think he'll do just as fine this term. Kasch: And with the elections, come the cabinet appointments! So, how do you feel about the most recently selected cabinet, and what effect do you think it will have on TNP this term? Tomb: I personally could not have assembled a more well put together cabinet than what we have right now. If you look at every cabinet position and its holder - from Scorch (Minister of Home Affairs) to Bootsie (Minister of Foreign Affairs), you will find that these Ministers not only have the experience necessary to assume their positions, but they also have a never-ending drive to serve the region. These are the sort of people who go up and beyond expectations. So I really think that with this cabinet, we're set for an excellent term. Kasch: It must be reassuring knowing that you have such a cabinet! Now, concerning the Security Council, what are your aims and objectives for the council over this term, and how do you plan to achieve them? Feel free to refer to your campaign, I'm sure the readers would like to see a full answer. Tomb: My primary and most important goal for the Security Council (SC) is to raise the endorsement levels of its members to match the recent increase in the Delegate's endorsement count. As you know, in our region's current context, it makes no sense for a Security Councilor to have 600 endorsements while the Delegate has 1,300. To get to the desired range of 900-1,000 endorsements, the SC will obviously have to endotart and maintain a greater presence on the RMB. I personally have multiple events planned, including theme weeks and an AMA, that are all aimed at increasing the SC's endorsement levels. This will not be a light project, and it will require an effort from everyone – not just SC members and WA nations. So there is a lot of work to do. Fortunately, we have plenty of time to do it, and TNP's security is more than worth it. Kasch: The future of the SC looks promising! How much of an impact do you think the World Assembly Develoent Program has had on The North Pacific and its WAD/VD positions? Tomb: The World Assembly Develoent Program (WADP) is an excellent program, and it is actually part of the reason that TNP has the high amount of endorsements that we do. While other regions restrict the amount of endorsements you may have, TNP encourages and awards endorsing other nations in the region. This keeps our community safe, making it almost impossible for one to coup, due to the distribution of endorsements and influence. It also allows for the game to be more enjoyable for nations who like to stick to the game-side aspects of NationStates as they get to endotart. Kasch: Now, looking to the future of the North Pacific, what do you think 2017 holds for the region and why? Tomb: I am definitely optimistic. We're starting this year with an active, large citizenry. All of our government institutions (from our Courts to the North Pacific Army) are up and running. Our RMB and forum are both bustling with activity. Our challenge is to keep this up in the months to come. And I think this is a challenge that we're up for. Kasch: Okay, so now that we have the future out of the way, I must ask since I haven't been around for as long as you have, if you could return to any one point in your history on NationStates, what would that point be and why? Tomb: Oooh, that's a hard question. You know, I've made some really good friends throughout my time in TNP, at the same time, I've unfortunately lost some of them to inactivity over the years. Similarly, I've had some good memories holding public office and some not so good ones. That's the beauty of life, it's a roller coaster. If I had to pick one point, it would be right here and right now. There is no time better than the present. Our actions and contributions right now impact the future of our region tomorrow. Kasch: Nice answer! As VD now, how important do you see the next four months in terms of building TNP and maintaining our level of efficiency and success? Tomb: It is of utmost importance that we continue building up TNP and its various institutions over the next 4 months. While the summer slumber (the time period around summertime in which activity all around NS generally plummets) is still some time away, we need to prepare for it. We can do that by actively recruiting right now, by retaining the new members we recruit through the activities, events, and opportunities we offer, and by working with a purpose in mind. As I said before, I am optimistic about the region's future in the months to come, but the region can only move forward and improve if everyone's contributing. As long as we can keep that up, I think we're in a good position moving forward. Kasch: All sounds good! Now, for more of a different question, if you could change one thing about TNP, what would it be and why? Tomb: There is not anything major that I really want changed right now. Perhaps, I would recommend that Ministers be more involved on the RMB. We also need to keep focusing on continuing our integration and retention programs in the weeks and months to come. A pause or hiatus in recruitment or mentoring will have a direct effect on our region's activity levels. But aside from that, as they say, if it is not broken, there is no reason to fix it. Kasch: Okay, time for a fun question, who do you think will win the Spamwar this year? Tomb: me I have my bets on either you or FTH. Kasch: Me! I don't spam at all! Jokes aside, out of all the things to have happened so far this term, what has been your favourite? Tomb: Well, aside from my election , I am very happy that the Ministry of Communications started a live broadcasting program called the Northern Broadcasting Service (NBS). I think this is an excellent program, it has a lot of potential, and I am really looking forward to it expanding in the weeks to come. Kasch: Are you only saying that because I started the program? Tomb: You know, I am biased towards you, but in all honestly, I really think it's a great program. It gives the Ministry of Communications a new purpose, and it opens up a whole new way of communication for our region. Kasch: Now for the final question of the interview, if you could interview one member from our community, past or present, who would that be and why? Tomb: It would have to be IndieGirl. IndieGirl most recently rejoined TNP during the two months I was on break from NS, and so I never got to meet her. I'm a huge fan of her, especially her spamming, and so she would be my choice. Kasch: I've had the honor of interviewing IndieGirl when I was a few months into my time here, it was one of the best moments in my NS Career, and I still have the whole thing saved on my computer. I think that wraps everything up, it was great having you on The Spotlight for this interview, and I wish you the best of luck over next term! Tomb: Thank you so much for taking the time to interview me today, Kasch. Being the first interviewee of The Spotlight is an honor. Thank you again for having me. North Pacific Army Bulletin for January by Owenstacey (edited and co-authored by Kasch), Citizen The North Pacific Army is a collection of nations primarily responsible for maintaining the peace of The North Pacific and defending its allies. The NPA is led by Gladio, the current Minister of Defense. Over January, the NPA has had a hugely successful period of deployments. At the start of the month, the NPA was deployed to The East Pacific, one of our closest allies. We peacefully assisted their government in resolving an internal issue that faced them at the time. This was a hugely successful operation, it not only helped them resolve the issue, but was able to break the record for the highest number of troops on an operation, with 30 nations taking part. This broke the previous record of 28 troops in the Pacifican Union operation. Then, after a fairly quiet Christmas period, the NPA was deployed to our ally Taijitu after their Founder ceased to exist. Action was necessary to secure the region until they could solve the problem. Once again, a successful operation, with us holding the region until the founder returned. The NPA was able to deploy 22 troops for this operation. Shortly after the deployment in Taijitu, the NPA took part in a training operation in Warzone Australia. This operation was a success, with 7 troops taking part. This was a very good number of people for a training exercise during one of the updates. The success of the operations during the last month show how the current Minister of Defense, Gladio, has been able to develop an effective and active army that, in a matter of hours, can be deployed in good number. A few days ago, the NPA completed another operation in a region named 'Nations without a Region'. This operation was successful, with 23 troops deployed. The Northern Lights: Beauty in Truth Publisher: Plembobria :: Executive Editor: Kasch :: Managing Editor: Tomb :: Assistant Managing Editor: FrozenTopHat :: Graphic Artist: Imki The Northern Lights is produced by the Ministry of Communications on behalf of the Government of The North Pacific and distributed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Except where otherwise indicated, all content represents the views of the Government of The North Pacific.
  7. The North Pacific Ministry of Foreign Affairs Magicality City, 19 February 2017 Dear Mayor Isaris, The government of The North Pacific entreats you to accept Guy as an ambassador between our two regions. He has been a citizen in good standing of The North Pacific for 16 months and an all around good guy for (at least) the same period and we believe he will meet the duties of this posting admirably. His responsibilities will include above all keeping your region informed of important affairs in The North Pacific, supporting our interregional ties by interpersonal ties through social involvement, keeping our government abreast of affairs in your region, and providing services to dual citizens should they be needed and welcome. He's also the Minister of Foreign Affairs and responsible for everything that comes with that (like authorising this message). By accepting Guy as an ambassador, we hope you will continue to honour the long lasting relationship between The North Pacific and Equilism. Sincerely, Guy, Minister of Foreign Affairs.
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