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  1. Dothrakimango

    Double Letters Game

  2. Dothrakimango

    June 2017 Mayoral Election Vote

    Leo Drakan
  3. Dothrakimango

    Post a Random Fact ... that's not actually true

    Everyday, an owl spreads it's wings and proceeds to recite Hamlet.
  4. Dothrakimango

    Million dollars but...

    The game's pretty simple. You could get a million dollars, but there's a small condition. For example: A million dollars, but every time you see a red car, you have to punch the nearest person to you in the face.
  5. Dothrakimango

    Vote for Mayor

  6. Dothrakimango

    DothrakiMango for Mayor

    I appreciate your honesty and understand your concerns. I am very new to this region, but I can assure you that if I am confirmed I will be anything but careless. I understand the amount of responsibility being the head of government comes with and am willing to take it the best that I can.
  7. Dothrakimango

    DothrakiMango for Mayor

    I plan on having Isaris keep working on Public Relations in the OPR so I can focus on more domestic affairs, not to say I won't be doing any work in Public Relations.
  8. Dothrakimango

    DothrakiMango for Mayor

    I've been involved in Europeia, Zora, and Grand Central, although I'm also in Albion. The only regional position I've been in is WA Delegate of Zora, where I was non-executive, although I've run for VP of Europeia and Stationmaster of Grand Central.
  9. Dothrakimango

    DothrakiMango for Mayor

    Hello Equilism! I know not many of you know me, and I know I don’t know all of you, but I am hoping that you will elect me as your mayor. I’ve been in Equilism for only a short time, but I’ve quickly seen Equilism has a long, rich history. I know I’m running for an office that many great people have held before with a lot of responsibility, and I am confident that I will be able to uphold it well. My time in Nationstates is very short, especially compared to a lot of others in this region, and I have a lot to learn, but I’m hoping being elected mayor will teach me a lot while helping Equilism to strive as a region. My main focuses as mayor would be on recruitment/integration and culture. Equilism, while being a very pleasing and fun community, can at times seem desolate and inactive. The lack of a large amount of active Equilism members is a large culprit of this, which is why I will work very closely with the OTRE staff to increase recruitment and integration efforts. I will also work closely with the OCE staff to plan Township Day and other cultural events to increase involvement, as well as get more people into Equilism to be a part of them. Of course, I am not disregarding foreign affairs. As mayor, I will work to strengthen our diplomatic ties with other regions with the aid of our OPR staff to increase our friendships and notoriety. I will also work to increase the members in the E-Army so Equilism can be more able in our missions, as well as be more involved with missions in things like CAIN. This will help Equilism become a more notable and respected region in the world of NS. I hope to have your vote in this election!
  10. Dothrakimango

    Double Letters Game

  11. Dothrakimango

    Stand for Mayor

    I stand
  12. Dothrakimango

    Double Letters Game

    It's good, you're just playing liberally.
  13. Dothrakimango

    Application to the OCE

    Nation in Equilism: Easy Cheesey *Discord Tag: @DothrakiMango#5281 Other Regional Affiliations (if any): Not really Other Alias(es) in NS (if any): Wild Child, DothrakiMango General Availability: I'm available daily more or less
  14. Dothrakimango

    Double Letters Game

    Leo's really terrible at this game, eh?