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  1. It is my pleasure to announce the next Town Moderator of Equilism, @Isaris! Congratulations and good luck!
  2. @Isaris is the only candidate. Please vote Aye, Nay, or Abstain. Voting shall end in three days.
  3. It is yet again time to elect a Town Moderator. For a reminder as to what the Town Moderator actually does, look below. Citizens have four days to nominate others or stand themselves. Nominations must be publicly accepted. Following this period, there shall be a three day vote. Good luck!
  4. Aye
  5. I accept my nomination.
  6. General Assembly Resolution At Vote Repeal: “Reproductive Freedoms” A resolution to repeal previously passed legislation. Category: Repeal Resolution: GA#286 Proposed by: United Massachusetts General Assembly Resolution #286 “Reproductive Freedoms” (Category: Human Rights; Strength: Significant) shall be struck out and rendered null and void. The World Assembly, COGNIZANT of the inherent rights of individuals to terminate their pregnancies without government interference and not wishing to violate said rights in most circumstances, HOWEVER NOTING the significant ethical objections to the termination of pregnancies held by many nations and believing that these ought to be respected as such, ANNOYED by the blatant dismissal of these objections in GAR 286 as being "codified without regard to the freedom of individuals", which is an inherently circular argument, considering the objections are grounded in the belief that no legitimate freedom exists to terminate a pregnancy in the first place, FRUSTURATED by the vague wording of the resolution, which forces member nations to legalize, among other procedures: Dilation and Extraction (D&X) procedures, commonly known as partial-birth abortions, some of the most gruesome, bloody, and medically unneeded abortion procedures, in which a living and viable fetus is destroyed, The termination of pregnancies up to the very date of birth, by which time, a human fetus has a beating heart and all of its major organs, often in a state of viability, The termination of viable fetuses which are able to survive on their own, APPALLED that Reproductive Freedoms allows termination of pregnancy for any reason, including selection of offspring on account of sex, skin color, disability, or other discriminatory reasons, justifications which this august Assembly ought to be eradicating, rather than promoting, CONCERNED that, despite its well-formed intentions, GAR #286's vagueness leads to radical and unintended consequences, REMINDING itself that other pieces of legislation already, in much clearer terms, establish the right to terminate pregnancies in certain circumstances, and that the repeal of GAR #286 would merely allow a more reasonable compromise to be reached whilst still protecting reproductive rights, URGING member nations to look beyond the misleading title of this resolution, REPEALS GAR #286, Reproductive Freedoms.
  7. I mostly made this thread because I need to use it Start Date: the 27th of May, 2017End Date: the 9th of June, 2017Reason: I'll be on vacation in China during this time. While I may occasionally pop on, my activity will almost certainly be very low.
  8. Should you be taking a Leave of Absence (LoA), please file it in this thread the following: Start Date: End Date: Reason(s): This is only so that everyone is able to easily access information as to when another player may be absent, and for what reasons. Note that an LoA does not necessarily mean that the player will be completely absent - it could merely be a reduction in activity, because of a illness, exam, or trip.
  9. Security Council Resolution At Vote Condemn The Order Of The Grey Wardens A resolution to express shock and dismay at a nation or region. Category: Condemnation Nominee: The Order of the Grey Wardens Proposed by: Cresenthia The Security Council, Concerned by the actions of The Order of the Grey Wardens, also known as The Grey Wardens and TGW, a supposedly defender group, that has undertaken seemingly hypocritical actions in recent history, part of a pattern dating back to the occupation of Madrigal, including the following, The attempted invasion of Femdom Empire, and the attempted displacement of its natives. The invasion of Super Reich I. The numerous unprovoked actions against Kaiserreich, in particular, the puppeteering of Kurnugia. The invasion of Warzone Europe, starting a wholly unwarranted conflict with its protector, Equilism. Furthermore concerned that The Grey Wardens frequently poach nations from the raider and invader regions they publicly decry. Shocked that when these actions were pointed out, The Grey Wardens denied such claims, calling them “fake news.” Noting that as a member of CAIN, The Grey Wardens have abused the organization as a tool to take absurd positions, for the sole purpose of mislabeling their enemies as members of an extreme ideology under the guise of interregional cooperation to gain more raiding targets. Observing the possibility of other such, and even more depraved and hypocritical actions. Hereby Condemns The Order of The Grey Wardens.
  10. I'd strongly encourage an "Aye" vote on this one. The proposal that we want to repeal is, to put it kindly, a complete and utter piece of rubbish. It does absolutely nothing that hasn't been done by other GA proposals, is poorly worded, and contradicts itself. The repeal proposal currently at vote is an excellent thing to get passed. So, my reccomendation, if it wasn't already obvious, is to vote FOR the proposal to Repeal: “World Assembly Central Medicinal Database Compact”.
  11. General Assembly Resolution At Vote Repeal: “World Assembly Central Medicinal Database Compact” A resolution to repeal previously passed legislation. Category: Repeal Resolution: GA#400 Proposed by: Helaw General Assembly Resolution #400 “World Assembly Central Medicinal Database Compact” (Category: Health; Area of Effect: Research) shall be struck out and rendered null and void. The World Assembly, Commending the principles outlined and adhered to by the target resolution, Concerned by the restrictive definition of the term 'medicinal knowledge' as it omits specific medical cases, which in turn means that niche knowledge in regards to rare medical occurrences (i.e, only present in a single case and not fully understood) cannot be accounted for within the WACMD database, Bamboozled by technological research being discounted in the definition of 'medicinal knowledge', as this prevents innumerable medical technologies and biomedical advances from being archived by the WACMD (many of which are integral to having a full understanding of modern medicinal science), Confounded by the term 'medicinal knowledge' being defined by the resolution, as the active clauses instead use the separate and undefined term 'medical knowledge', with this inconsistency allowing member nations to interpret many clauses as they desire, Noting that the medical applications of technologies developed during the creation of biological weapons in the world's history would be discarded simply due to their initial place of origin, Puzzled by the fact that the proposal both allows access to the WACMD database by 'all' - an ambiguous term - and exclusively to WA member nations; a notable contradiction that, depending on interpretation, may allow for dangerous and potentially malicious misuse of the database by non-member nations, Appalled by the fact that the WACMD database exists solely online, restricting access to member nations that possess digital networks, Displeased with the waste of World Assembly funds that the target resolution ultimately represents, as other resolutions such as GA #103, GA #78, and GA #31 already perform most - if not all - of the important functions that the target resolution details, Bemused by the failure of the resolution to specify any form of curation in regards to submitted medical data, giving rise to potentially misleading information being added to the database, Believing that the resolution is not fit to legislate in regards to the restriction and regulation of private medical research nor per-nation medical legislation and policy, and that it overstretches its focus by attempting to do so, Hereby repeals GA #400, 'World Assembly Central Medicinal Database Compact'.
  12. Security Council Resolution At Vote Commend Imperium Anglorum A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region. Category: Commendation Nominee: Imperium Anglorum Proposed by: Abhichandra The Security Council, Applauding that Imperium Anglorum and its World Assembly delegation have authored 14 previous General Assembly resolutions at this time, including, "Reducing Statelessness", which introduces the Passport Organization, issues passports to stateless people, and forbids nations of robbing people of their citizenship, "Compliance Commission", which improves security for nations, and limits unprincipled nations from infringing on World Assembly resolutions, and, "Preserving Antimicrobials", which helps doctors by slowing the creation of bacterially resistant microbes, allowing doctors to provide care for their patients without the disruption, Seeing that Imperium Anglorum has also repealed several flawed resolutions, including, "Rights of Indigenous Peoples", which permitted national sub-groups to disregard and neglect nationwide laws, "Nuclear Security Convention", which had stopped the World Assembly from passing any laws in order to protect nuclear supply chains, and, "Open Internet Order", which allowed the World Assembly to fine nations without any oversight, and could potentially harm user privacy, while simultaneously slowing down the internet, Recognizing that Imperium Anglorum has provided helpful and constructive feedback on many General Assembly and Security Council drafts, Impressed that Imperium Anglorum also developed Communiqué, a system which sends mass and recruitment telegrams, and also helps with campaigning, Acknowledging that Imperium Anglorum maintains the ‘Passed General Assembly Resolutions’ index and has recorded 44 resolutions at this time, which helps aspiring General Assembly authors write drafts, and give them ideas for new resolutions, Noting that Imperium Anglorum served as Europe’s WA Delegate, and while in that role has helped draft or campaign for several General Assembly resolutions proposed by Umeria, Excidium Planetis, Tinfect, Defwa, and The Global Republic, Further acknowledging that Imperium Anglorum enacted several laws for Europe, including Europe's Basic Law, which constitutes and organizes how the region is run, and has extensively wrote and introduced other policies for Europe, Further noting that since Imperium Anglorum was elected as WA Delegate in September 2015, the region's population increased from 500 to a record high of 950 and continues to increase, while endorsements soared up from about 190 to greater than 330, Believing that Imperium Anglorum deserves to be commended for their hard work and commitment, Hereby commends Imperium Anglorum
  13. General Assembly Resolution At Vote Stock Exchanges And Foreign Investment A resolution to reduce barriers to free trade and commerce. Category: Free Trade Strength: Mild Proposed by: United Federated States of Omega Recognizing that stock exchanges provide corporations and governments the ability to raise funds, Further recognizing that there is a significant amount of capital that could be invested outside of any given country’s borders, Also noting that nations which have invested in the economies of other nations are less likely to enter an armed conflict, Acknowledging that there are certain barriers, like exchange rates, to international investment, Believing that foreign investment provides a way for corporations and governments to raise more funds than may have been previously available to them, hereby: Defines, for the purposes of this resolution, 'stock' as a portion of ownership in a corporation, 'bond' as a certificate showing the ownership of a specific amount of debt to be paid back, with interest, at a later date specified at the time the bond was bought, 'tradable derivative' as a tradable contract, which derives value from specific currencies, commodities or stocks, 'security' as a document, be it physical or otherwise, attesting to the ownership of stocks, bonds, or a tradable derivative, 'stock exchange' as a platform, be it physical or otherwise, on which securities are bought and sold, and Recommends that all stock exchanges headquartered within a member state be open to the citizens of any World Assembly member state unless this section is: waived between the investors and exchanges of nations engaged in a direct military conflict, embargo, or as part of sanctions, or waived for any specific individual or group that has been found guilty of a crime related to the buying and/or selling of securities or any individual or group found guilty of a crime that was facilitated by the buying and/or selling of securities; waived for any specific individual or group that has violated WA legislation Establishes the International Securities and Exchange Commission (ISEC) to develop, maintain, and publish a model code of securities regulations, which may act as a guide for member state governments; Empowers the ISEC to regulate the exchanges on which currencies are traded to prevent artificial manipulation of the exchange rate and to ensure that these exchanges operate without bias toward the citizens of any one nation. Reserves the right for member states to implement whatever regulations they see fit on domestic exchanges, within the confines of current WA legislation.
  14. Like, very very strongly. Esteemed Nations of the Township! This is your World Assembly Delegate speaking to you, to give you a bit of background and advice on the current Security Council Proposal at vote. The proposal itself repeals "Condemn Canterlot", a recently passed SC proposal. It cites several reasons, including "Canterlot, while an invader region, has not yet done anything significant enough to warrant a condemnation", explaining why the previous resolution to Condemn Canterlot should be thrown out. I, along with most of the sensible population of NS, am strongly FOR this proposal, as Condemnations are seen as Badges of Honor for raider regions, and Canterlot as failed, failed quite tremendously I might add, at achieving anything noteworthy enough to merit a Condemnation. Furthermore, the original proposal sported several errors and was rather poorly written. So, in conclusion, I am strongly advising all to vote FOR the passage of the SC Proposal: Repeal "Condemn Canterlot", as the proposal is an affront to raider regions everywhere, and is frankly undeserved. Thank you for your time, Drall World Assembly Delegate
  15. Strongly encourages the passage of this resolution. Like, very strongly.