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  1. Kurald Emurlahn (Drall)

    [Vote] December 2017 Mayoral Election

  2. Kurald Emurlahn (Drall)

    Vote for Town Moderator

  3. Kurald Emurlahn (Drall)

    WA Delegate Confirmation Vote

  4. Kurald Emurlahn (Drall)

    Stand/Nominate for World Assembly Delegate

    I respectfully decline. Given how inactive I've been over the last two terms, I'd like to see someone else take up the role and see what they can do with it.
  5. Kurald Emurlahn (Drall)

    Vote for Mayor

    For the purpose of timeliness, I'll be closing this thread. Results are 4-0-0. Isaris is confirmed as Mayor of the Township. Congratulations!
  6. Kurald Emurlahn (Drall)

    Restoring the Commonwealth

    Now that sounds like an opportunity to pick up on! I'd love to see us return to Gameplay as an active and powerful force, we could certainly spice things up a bit! re: WA numbers - those are quite low, and most of them aren't particularly active.
  7. Kurald Emurlahn (Drall)

    Vote for Mayor

  8. Kurald Emurlahn (Drall)

    Town Moderator Election Results

    It is my pleasure to announce the next Town Moderator of Equilism, @Isaris! Congratulations and good luck!
  9. Kurald Emurlahn (Drall)

    Vote for Town Moderator

    @Isaris is the only candidate. Please vote Aye, Nay, or Abstain. Voting shall end in three days.
  10. Kurald Emurlahn (Drall)

    Stand for Town Moderator

    It is yet again time to elect a Town Moderator. For a reminder as to what the Town Moderator actually does, look below. Citizens have four days to nominate others or stand themselves. Nominations must be publicly accepted. Following this period, there shall be a three day vote. Good luck!
  11. Kurald Emurlahn (Drall)

    Vote for World Assembly Delegate

  12. Kurald Emurlahn (Drall)

    Stand for World Assembly Delegate

    I accept my nomination.
  13. General Assembly Resolution At Vote Repeal: “Reproductive Freedoms” A resolution to repeal previously passed legislation. Category: Repeal Resolution: GA#286 Proposed by: United Massachusetts General Assembly Resolution #286 “Reproductive Freedoms” (Category: Human Rights; Strength: Significant) shall be struck out and rendered null and void. The World Assembly, COGNIZANT of the inherent rights of individuals to terminate their pregnancies without government interference and not wishing to violate said rights in most circumstances, HOWEVER NOTING the significant ethical objections to the termination of pregnancies held by many nations and believing that these ought to be respected as such, ANNOYED by the blatant dismissal of these objections in GAR 286 as being "codified without regard to the freedom of individuals", which is an inherently circular argument, considering the objections are grounded in the belief that no legitimate freedom exists to terminate a pregnancy in the first place, FRUSTURATED by the vague wording of the resolution, which forces member nations to legalize, among other procedures: Dilation and Extraction (D&X) procedures, commonly known as partial-birth abortions, some of the most gruesome, bloody, and medically unneeded abortion procedures, in which a living and viable fetus is destroyed, The termination of pregnancies up to the very date of birth, by which time, a human fetus has a beating heart and all of its major organs, often in a state of viability, The termination of viable fetuses which are able to survive on their own, APPALLED that Reproductive Freedoms allows termination of pregnancy for any reason, including selection of offspring on account of sex, skin color, disability, or other discriminatory reasons, justifications which this august Assembly ought to be eradicating, rather than promoting, CONCERNED that, despite its well-formed intentions, GAR #286's vagueness leads to radical and unintended consequences, REMINDING itself that other pieces of legislation already, in much clearer terms, establish the right to terminate pregnancies in certain circumstances, and that the repeal of GAR #286 would merely allow a more reasonable compromise to be reached whilst still protecting reproductive rights, URGING member nations to look beyond the misleading title of this resolution, REPEALS GAR #286, Reproductive Freedoms.
  14. Kurald Emurlahn (Drall)

    Leave of Absence Applications

    I mostly made this thread because I need to use it Start Date: the 27th of May, 2017End Date: the 9th of June, 2017Reason: I'll be on vacation in China during this time. While I may occasionally pop on, my activity will almost certainly be very low.
  15. Kurald Emurlahn (Drall)

    Leave of Absence Applications

    Should you be taking a Leave of Absence (LoA), please file it in this thread the following: Start Date: End Date: Reason(s): This is only so that everyone is able to easily access information as to when another player may be absent, and for what reasons. Note that an LoA does not necessarily mean that the player will be completely absent - it could merely be a reduction in activity, because of a illness, exam, or trip.