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  1. Today, it is with great pride that I announce some great strides in Equilism's foreign relations. Beginning on Wednesday, July 19th, I am pleased to announce that Equilism will be partaking in a state visit with Olympia. Olympia is a small but booming region that has hopped onto the stage with ideals similar to ours, and having talked with some of their leaders, I can't wait to begin our relations with them. I am also announcing a summer festival with the Kingdom of Great Britain, another region that I think we will be able to foster a healthy diplomatic relationship with. The festival is set for the week of August 18th. I hope that our citizens will turn out for these events to meet and greet two great regions who I hope we'll be able to work with closely going into the future. -United Vietussia Dion
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    Vote for World Assembly Delegate

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    State of the Township Address

    When I stood for election as Mayor, I never thought I'd win. Leo was a great candidate with great plans for this Township, but I am glad to see him step back in order to focus on the big role of Town Moderator. Now, I find myself as your Mayor, something I never thought I'd say. I have great things in store for this term, and I can't wait to share them with you. First things first, I have some Officers to appoint. This first one was a no-brainer. I've seen this individual lead our region in foreign affairs in Equilism and make major contributions in Europeia. There's nobody else I'd rather have heading up the Office of Public Relations than Isaris. Isaris' knowledge of foreign affairs is head and shoulders above many in our region, and I know he'll do great things for the Office. Although relatively unknown, I have tapped Otis as my Officer for Tourism and Real Estate. He boasts a large résumé in Europeia in our Ministry of Interior, which is the equivalent of the OTRE. In his two Ministerial terms, he helped run a recruiting tournament which spurred on manual recruitment numbers and brought in numerous nations. To end, I'm double tapping my opponent, Leo. He will not only be leading the Office of Culture and Entertainment but he will be my Deputy Mayor. He has shown his chops in his two Town Moderator terms and lord knows how many other positions he holds throughout NationStates. Leo is a great pick with his eagerness to showcase and promote our region. Thank you to everyone who voted me into this role. I hope I can live up to your expectations as your third Mayor. Regards, United Vietussia Dion
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    Forward for Equilism - UV For Mayor

    Yes. If I'm elected, a contingency should be in place if, heaven forbid, something should happen to me.
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    Forward for Equilism - UV For Mayor

    I think that I am most different from Leo in that my plans for recruitment are more thought out. With recruitment, under my plan, we'll be able to theoretically bring in a lot of new nations as I showed in my platform. I feel I'm a lot more well rounded as my strength, which is something a Mayor needs. I've had experience with all fields as I showed, with Europeian Deputy Minister terms in Foreign Affairs (esp. Feeders), Interior (esp. recruitment), and Culture (esp. Weekend Games). However, I feel I go a step further than Leo in that I have military experience, which the Mayor exerts control over. I think Leo has a strength in that he's a better known face having been reelected to a second Town Moderator term. That makes it harder for me to win as he's had much more experience in Equilism. However, neither of us have experience as a Mayor, so I don't think that you can truly use experience in this case, as Mayor is significantly different from Town Moderator or WA Delegate.
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    Forward for Equilism - UV For Mayor

    1. I agree with Leo here. R/D and military gameplay are important aspects of NationStates, and should be legislated in the future. However, it is okay for the power to lie in the hands of the highest elected official in Equilism. 2. I did a few raids with DEN a few years back, amassing the rank of Sergeant, which was equivalent to the highest rank a member could before leading an operation. Raiding was quite simple then, as you could pinpoint the exact time of update. Nowadays, people have to rely on a rough 5 minute range, which gives defenders plenty of time to stop raiders. Indeed, raiding is more difficult, while defending is easier.
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    June 2017 Mayoral Election Vote

    United Vietussia
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    Forward for Equilism - UV For Mayor

    Forward for Equilism United Vietussia (UV) for Mayor Well, I can already hear what you're thinking. "Why would someone stand last minute to run for Mayor? The polls only open in a matter of hours." Truth be told, I've been debating it in my head nonstop. However, now that I will have limited duties in Europeia, I've decided once again to devote my time to Equilism. Today, I present myself to you to become Equilism's next mayor in hopes of pushing Equilism forward in the NS community. Culture If elected, I think it would be a great idea to hold at least 1 major RP event (like a sports league) and minor RP event (like a festival) within my term. To accomplish this, if elected, I will be tasking the OCE straight away with brainstorming ideas for RP events to be held. The minor RP event would likely come first, as it would take less planning to accomplish followed by the major. I also want to look to install some sort of a weekly activity, whether that be a computer game, a writing contest, or even a search (like the egg hunt). Who knows? I'll be working with the OCE if elected to set up such a calendar if I'm elected. Foreign Affairs As a two-time Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs in Europeia (specifically serving Feeders), I've learned quite a bit about the workings of NS diplomacy. Our FA can use some work, but we definitely saw this as the largest area of the Executive last term. There are many great FA minds in this region, and if elected, I'd like to work with them in finding a way to help our Foreign Affairs grow now (e.g. Mayoral updates) and lay down the infrastructure for future citizens (e.g. training modules, lectures, mentoring systems) to learn how to be great ambassadors for Equilism. Recruitment The fact of the matter is that we just can't rely on stamps. Going forward, we need to find ways to make manual recruiting, that is, using our sample telegrams to send recruitment messages to new nations, more appealing. As Deputy Minister of Interior in Europeia, I noticed a system in Europeia that I'd like to utilize in Equilism known as the "5 Minutes a Day" program. With it, we ask all members of the OTRE to try and take only 5 minutes (just 300 seconds) out of their day to recruit. Imagine the results. According to Equilism's Discord, we have about 10 people on staff in the OTRE. I know that I can send about 30 telegrams in 5 minutes. If everyone did that, we'd have at least 300 telegrams sent per day. Over three months, that's over 25,000 telegrams. Using NationStates 1% success rate rule, that could bring in over 200 nations to Equilism. We still aren't even counting the time that could be put in past 5 minutes and new members that could join the OTRE. Integration I know when I joined Equilism, it was a bit overwhelming at first, as I didn't really know what to do. All I saw was a bunch of subforums with descriptions. I think the best way forward is to set up a mentorship system, where one older member of Equilism will take on a new citizen for about a month in order to show them the ropes. This can establish a great first relationship in Equilism for a new citizen while they are also learning the lowdown of Equilism. Conclusion I know this is unexpected. I know I'm not an expected candidate. I know you may not know me that well. Does that mean I can't be as good as Mayor? Equilism is a region with a lot of potential. I hope you'll realize this potential and tick the box for United Vietussia later today. Together, we can move forward for Equilism.
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    May 2017 Town Moderator Vote

    Aye aye, cap'n.
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    Asian Elimination

    (South Korea + 1, Myanmar - 1) Afghanistan 5Azerbaijan 9Bahrain 4Bangladesh 6Bhutan 7Brunei 6China 5Georgia 6India 12Indonesia 7 Japan 32Jordan 5Kuwait 6 Kyrgyzstan 4 Laos 5Lebanon 5Malaysia 5Maldives 5Mongolia 6 Nepal 5Pakistan 4Philippines 6Qatar 5Singapore 7South Korea 21Sri Lanka 8Tajikistan 5Thailand 12Timor-Leste 6Turkey 5Turkmenistan 5Vietnam 5Yemen 5 Myanmar is out!
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    Asian Elimination

    (South Korea + 1, Myanmar - 1) Afghanistan 5Azerbaijan 9Bahrain 4Bangladesh 6Bhutan 7Brunei 6China 5Georgia 6India 11Indonesia 7 Japan 31Jordan 5Kuwait 6 Kyrgyzstan 4 Laos 5Lebanon 5Malaysia 5Maldives 5Mongolia 6 Myanmar 2Nepal 5Pakistan 5 Philippines 6Qatar 5Singapore 7South Korea 20Sri Lanka 8Tajikistan 5Thailand 12Timor-Leste 6Turkey 5Turkmenistan 5Vietnam 5Yemen 5 Like this
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    One Word Story!

    There was once a ship which sailed away into the furthest horizon. It never would have gone, knowing that where it ended there was death. The only thing that was motivating the ship was treasure. The treasure was ancient and was rumored to grant unimaginable magical powers. It was captained by a brilliant admiral who guided kittens through dangerous
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