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  1. Nation in Equilism: Aweidlak Pention *Discord Tag: @TheNationofthePeople#6236 Other Regional Affiliations (if any): Equinox, Europeia, and United Kingdom. Other Alias(es) in NS (if any): Albion Blue General Availability: Almost whenever I am needed. Experience in Foreign Affairs: FA Minister in Equinox, ambassador in United Kingdom and Europeia.
  2. I, Aweidlak Pention, do solemnly affirm that I will uphold the Charter of the Town of Equilism, its laws and treaties, and I affirm that I will defend the security and build the prosperity of the region, all to the best of my best ability. I will treat all Equilism citizens with dignity and endeavour toward diplomacy and common understanding. I understand that the Town may revoke my citizenship in case of criminal proceedings and that I am free to resign my citizenship at any time.
  3. Treaty of Westminister ApprovedBy JayDee(Europeia - June 1, 2017) - Europeia’s Senate ratified the Treaty of Westminster on May 31. The treaty establishes a formal military and diplomatic alliance between the region and the United Kingdom (UK). President Darcness presented the treaty to the Senate on May 19. President Darcness praised the work of past administrative teams in his address to the Senate when presenting the treaty. “Throughout the past year, our regions have consistently collaborated militarily, culturally, and diplomatically, the president said.“Through our collaborative efforts
  4. President Darcness Proposes Alliance with United KingdomBy Deepest House(Europeia – May 20, 2017) – President Darcness announced the Treaty of Westminster to the region in a joint statement with the United Kingdom in a declaration from the Goldenblock on May 19. President Darcness, Minister of Foreign Affairs Writinglegend, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Akillian Talleyrand, and Foreign Secretary of the United Kingdom George Windsor signed the joint statement. The legislative bodies of both regions must ratify the treaty for it to take effect. Treaty of Westminster builds on the Status o
  5. Calvin Coolidge Resigns Presidency Amid ControversyBy Deepest House(Europeia – May 14, 2017) – President Calvin Coolidge resigned his office today in an announcement from the Goldenblock, the official resident of the president. His vice president, Darcness, immediately assumed the presidency and was sworn in. Calvin Coolidge’s resignation came as his administration faced increasing scrutiny regarding his handling of former citizen Trinnien’s alleged disclosure of classified information. Minister of Culture Sopo also resigned in the final hours leading up to Calvin’s departure from office.“Over
  6. Writinglegend Shakes up Ministry of Foreign Affairs By United Vietussia, with contribution from Deepest House(Europeia – May 8, 2017) - In an unexpected but perhaps necessary turn of events, Minister of Foreign Affairs Writinglegend reestablished the Europeian Foreign Service (EFS) in a recent announcement. The introduction of the EFS to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs represents a radical departure from the previous ministry model."Upon taking the helm of this ministry," Writinglegend said in his address announcing the changes, “I stated, 'We need real, targeted growth and opportunity wi
  7. If you have any questions about Europeia please feel free to post them here!
  8. Hi Equilism, i'm the new ambassador from Europeia and I was wondering if I could be masked?
  9. Hi, I'm the new ambassador from Europeia and I would like to be masked as a diplomat! Thanks!
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