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  1. Roleplay Reel by Iraelia, Citizen One of the most important aspects of NationStates is role play. After all, the premise of the game is acting as your nation's leader and answering issues to determine the status of your nation. Of course, that's just about, answering issues. However, for those whose minds are entranced by fiction, there exists more than just issue answering, there is role play. There are many ways to role play in NationStates: on the NationStates forum, in your own RP world, but the most prominent form of role play in The North Pacific exists in the world of Eras. Based on The North Pacific forums and operating their own discord server, Eras RP has been used as a setting for about three years now and is open for anyone in TNP to join. Order is maintained by a team of role play moderators who ensure that people are obeying the rules of North Pacific RP. While things have slowed down recently in Eras, a lot of important events have occurred in the past few months that will shape the future of role play in Eras. The biggest such event currently ongoing, though somewhat stalled due to the two key people being busy with real life, is the Council for the Reaffirmation of the Alliance of Northern Unions (ANU). In Eras, many nations have banded together to form alliances and unions in order to strengthen their nation’s position in the world. The two largest alliances are the Pan-Gotic Union (PGU) and the Phoenix Union (PU). The PGU is a union of nations that are ethnically Gotic, the Eras equivalent of German. The PU is a union of nations that are positioned on the Phoenix Strait, an area of strategic and economic importance in Eras. The predecessor to the PGU, the Northwestern Union (NWU), had been working on an agreement with the PU which would form the Alliance of Northern Unions (ANU). However, before either party could ratify the agreement, the NWU was disbanded and replaced by the PGU. Now that the PGU is firmly situated, members of both the PU and the PGU have gathered at a conference to discuss the actual ratification of the ANU. However, the proposed alliance is seeing significant opposition from powerful nations like the Ilian Coalition and Xentherida, members from within the proposed alliance, and it's future is most definitely in question. Another important event that has been transpiring is the formation of the Trillium Compact (TC) which is the successor to the Trillium Accord (TA), and is an organization of democratic nations designed to further the goals of national sovereignty and voluntary cooperation between nations. The TC, having just been ratified, has now gone searching for new members to join their ranks. These proposed nations are Iraelia as an Associate Member and Goyanes and Syrixia as Observer Members. Many of these proposed members have received criticism from some sitting members of the TC. Syrixia is a self described autocracy and fails to meet the important democratic requirements in the eyes of the Ilian Coalition, Xentherida, and the Hastfradic League. Goyanes, while democratic, has strong allegiances to the PGU and PU which has off set several members of the alliance. Iraelia is also a democracy, but a history of racial tension in the nation has put the TC on edge. Needless to say, these nations will have to fight tooth and nail for entrance into the TC. On a more local level, there have been several ongoing national role plays. One such story is Modergen, a character RP within the nation of Goyanes which centers around a terrorist attack on a newly built subway station in Goyanes by an organization seeking to re-institute dictatorial rule to the nation of Xentherida. They bomb the station under the guise of fascists from the nation of Ninhundland, a neighbour and sworn enemy of Goyanes, in the hopes that it may lead to war and further their end goal. Another active story is Yavneh Roya which is a traditional Iraelian holiday celebrating independence from the nation of Syrixia. This Yavneh Roya, the Prime Minister of Iraelia invited nations of the world to celebrate with the Iraelian government. The final major event that is ongoing is the Post Crown Conflict wherein Eras had recently gone through a major conflict where the nations of Samaria and Scallendovia declared war on the nation of Cogoria. The conflict has devastated the region and resulted in the destruction of Scallendovia. As a result, both Cogoria and Samaria have sent representatives to the Merillian League, acting as a neutral third party, to sign a peace treaty. Both nations signed the treaty, and the conflict has finally come to an end. This has been Roleplay Reel #1. Discord Analysis by Atlae, Deputy Minister of Home Affairs This column does not represent the views of the Government of The North Pacific. There have always been things that separate regions, from the truly dedicated to the inactive ones, and is practically mandatory for activity: a means for communication. Many regions simply utilize their RMB to communicate, while others talk offsite on platforms such as IRC, Skype, or Discord. Today, we’ll be discussing Discord, specifically for the feeders, or the Pacifics. First stop, the North Pacific. As a control, let’s analyze TNP. It has a general channel, #the-agora; a debating channel #poolside (formerly #the-ring-of-fire); a gaming channel, #tnp-gamers-union; a music channel, #music-hall; and a spamming channel, #the-sewers. It’s RP, however, is located on another server dedicated to TNP RP. As for its governmental and regional functions, #magicality-grand-plaza and #regional-assembly-private are reserved for citizen-only activity, and #world-assembly, discussing WA activities. TNP has 8 voice channels, all of them accessible except for the ones reserved to the Security Council and the Administration. Next is the East Pacific. Its Discord is much less active as its citizens prefer Skype, using it to talk about RP, politics, and as a general chat. However, they do have channels akin to TNP’s, with a general channel (#hotel-california), a gaming channel (#gaming), a music channel (#hall-of-music), and of course, a spamming channel (#spam-games). Unlike TNP, they have an RP channel similar to TNP’s but held within TEP’s main server, called #tep-evolved. However, it is not active much due to most RP talk on a Skype chat, also called TEP Evolved. Its only citizen-exclusive channel is #the-plaza, and their April Fool’s nuclear command center was held at #strategicaircommand. TEP has only two voice channels, General and Music Hall. The Pacific, commonly referred to as NPO (New Pacific Order), has a quite active Discord server, with a general channel (#pacifica_harbour), a music channel (#radio_pacifica), and a spamming channel (#spam_fields). It has its roleplay in its server, (#roleplaying_discussion), and has a channel called #bot_development, which is hopefully self-explanatory. The Pacific also has a citizen-only chat called #the_square. It has three voice channels, dedicating a general, gaming, and a music channel. The South Pacific, whereas, is very active when it comes to Discord. Like the previous regions, it has a general channel (#lampshade-bar), a gaming channel (#games), and a spamming channel (#coconut-grove). However, it has two channels dedicated to RP: #bantam-harbour and #roleplay-discussion. The latter is an advisor chat where one gets questions answered, while the former is a much more recent development, RPing within the Discord server (much like the recent trend of RMB role-playing in TNP’s RMB). TSP, however, has 8 citizen-only channels about regional government (TSP refers to residents as citizens, so Legislator is the equivalent). It has 8 voice channels, two of which are restricted to the regional government. The West Pacific is our last stop for now. It has a very active Discord and a considerably less active Skype. As usual, it has a general channel (#the-lounge), a music channel (#karaoke_lounge_and_tiki_bar) not just for Karaoke Friday, and a spamming channel (#the-clubhouse). It also has a politics channel (#politics_and_stuff), a military recruitment channel (#twpaf_recruitment), and another channel called #celebrate-twp (the purpose is hopefully obvious). It has 5 roleplay servers, dedicated to Discord RPs of differing genres. It also has a channel dedicated to D&D (Dungeons & Dragons). It has #hall_of_nations as its citizen-only channel and has 4 voice channels (one general, one Karaoke Friday, and two D&D). To conclude, we have seen many different utilizations of Discord. What each of the servers has in common is some general and spamming channels and a regional politics chat which makes it a characteristic of their region. While activity among them varies, it certainly sets them different from regions that do not have Discord servers. North Pacific Army Bulletin by Iraelia, Citizen This month, only four operations have been performed. This has been the first month under which Darcania has been the Minister of Defense. The first operation was a training op in Novis Vandium. Six soldiers made it in and the operation was a success. The second operation was a training op in the regions of Warzone Australia and Warzone Sandbox. Four soldiers took part and both operations were a success. The third operation was a training op in the regions of Puppet and abandon nations dump and The New Old South. Only the operation into the Puppet and abandon nations dump was successful. Five soldiers took part in this operation. The fourth and final operation was a training op into the regions of both The New Pacific nations and Warzone Africa. Both operations were a success. Six soldiers took part in the operations. This has been your monthly NPA Bulletin. Monthly Memoirs by Kasch, Vice Delegate Monthly Memoirs is back again for July! This month, I put a spin on the questions and how they were submitted. This July, you got to ask the questions! Overall, 5 questions were asked and 22 answers were received! We had questions submitted from members in all corners of the community. Here are those questions: And here are the answers! abc, Deputy Minister Iraelia, Citizen Brend0g, Deputy Minister Lord Ravenclaw, Security Councilor Emperor von Friently, Resident Scorch, Minister Atlae, Deputy Minister flemingovia, Citizen Skittleyflakes, Citizen The Spotlight #4: An Interview with Security Councilor Lord Ravenclaw by Scorch & Lord Ravenclaw, Min. Communications & Security Councilor Scorch: Hello and welcome to the Spotlight segment for The Northern Lights, Issue XIV. I am joined today by former Delegate, Lord Ravenclaw. Thanks for joining me on the Spotlight. It is great to have you on.Lord Ravenclaw: No problem, it makes a change from sleeping on my recliner these days.Scorch: Let's get started. First question. What was your first impression of TNP?Lord Ravenclaw: Intimidation, quite honestly. I was a reasonably new player at the time I first encountered TNP, I was still new to regional politics and I was the Foreign Minister for an ally of TNP, Osiris at the time. The community, specifically the Regional Assembly and the Court intimidated me a lot as it was so much more rigid than Osiris or anything I had experience with prior.Scorch: I had a similar reaction however TNP was my first experience in NationStates. My next question is what drew you to Foreign Affairs in NationStates?Lord Ravenclaw: Well in a past game browser-game called Travian, I developed a knack for diplomacy and building alliances and factions so when I started looking for things to do in NationStates I figured that things wouldn't be too different from there… boy was I wrong.Scorch: Interesting. What was your first official government position in any region in NationStates?Lord Ravenclaw: Interior for Earth Reborn sometime in early 2009.Scorch: What has been your favorite position to hold in TNP?Lord Ravenclaw: Delegate was fun, it was a unique experience unlike anything else I've ever encountered within NationStates.Scorch: It seems it is a position like no other. Has the development of Discord been something that you expected when you started having TNP use Discord?Lord Ravenclaw: Well we have to remember that I started promoting Discord in November of 2015, starting with Alexandria. Gradually other regions tried it out for themselves, regions which shared some relationship with Alexandria, so Albion and Europeia were early adopters, the South Pacific at the end of the year, and TNP followed when I had the means to promote it here (when I was Delegate). I didn't expect it to catch on at all, truthfully. I had hoped, but never expected it so I'm rather pleased to have been surprised by this. We recently passed 800 members of the main TNP server.Scorch: That is incredible. It is crazy to think about how much Discord is used now. What has been the biggest change in NationStates since you started playing?Lord Ravenclaw: Well I can't pick one so I'll pick two: the influence changes to the GCRs which introduced decay back in 2013 and the Regional Officers implemented in 2016; both of these significantly change the dynamic and really do require regions to think more cautiously about their security.Scorch: Both of those events happened before I arrived but it is hard for me to imagine NationStates without either of those aspects. What has been the most surprising event for you in your time in TNP?Lord Ravenclaw: Surprising? The most surprising thing to me is that I stopped being afraid of the Constitution, Legal Code and Courts. I have always preferred roles which do not require me getting tangled in legalese, treaty-writing notwithstanding on that. That said, the days of me authoring legislation are gone, and they never visited TNP as I'm still terrified of even attempting to do that here.Scorch: Is there a position you wish you had served in TNP?Lord Ravenclaw: Hm, well I've held the positions of Minister of Foreign Affairs, Vice Delegate, Delegate, Minister of Culture, Senior Diplomat, Temporary Hearing Officer, Deputy Minister of Culture, Advisor to the Delegate and Security Councillor. Honestly, I think that I've held any position which interests me or that I have skills in.Scorch: Final question. What has been your favorite part about playing NationStates?Lord Ravenclaw: I've met some very interesting people, and I've formed some amazing friendships - McMasterdonia, Hileville, Xoriet and several others. I'm always surprised by the diversity of the people I encounter in the game, as there truly is a huge range of players of varying backgrounds within NationStates and if you make an effort to get to know some of these players they can offer you a unique insight into what their life is like, and it's a unique dynamic that is one of the most fulfilling things about forming a friendship with someone from a different part of the world.Scorch: You really can meet interesting people through NationStates and form amazing relationships with them. Well, thank you for joining me today on the Spotlight. It has been a pleasure. The Northern Lights: Beauty in Truth Publisher: Pallaith :: Executive Editor: Scorch :: Managing Editor: Brend0g :: Graphic Artist: Imki + SillyString The Northern Lights is produced by the Ministry of Communications on behalf of the Government of The North Pacific and distributed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Except where otherwise indicated, all content represents the views of the Government of The North Pacific. Index of issues
  2. Regional Assembly Highlights by Owenstacey, Deputy Speaker The Regional Assembly has been very active over the last month, with three votes going to the floor and another three currently under discussion. The first vote on the floor was the Election Reform Bill which was briefly mentioned in last month's edition. The main premise of the bill was to create a group of election commissioner, that is confirmed by the RA, to take control of all elections in a six month period. As well as this, the Attorney General election would move to the General Election cycle. The bill proved to be very popular and passed convincingly with 16 voting for, 6 voting nay and 10 abstaining from the vote. The second bill to go to vote was the Delegates’ Day Bill. This was a much simpler bill than the last and was proposed to change the to not only spread out the holidays but move it to a date that had a little more meaning to the day. The proposed date, 9th September, is important to Delegates in The North Pacific because it was the date of the first transfer of power under the first ratified constitution. When reaching the floor the bill was hugely successful with The North Pacific Citizens, of whom 29 voted aye, 4 abstaining and no one voting nay. The final vote was the Election Commissioner confirmations brought to the RA as a result of the Election Reform Bill. These confirmations were brought to the RA for discussion after Pallaith, The North Pacific’s Delegate, announced Crushing Our Enemies, SillyString, Darcania, Eluvatar, Syrixia, and Siwale as his choices for the positions. After a short discussion, the vote was brought to the floor and all of his choices were passed with a large majority with each only getting one nay vote. There are currently three bills under discussion: the Mandatory Ministers Bill, the Regional Officers Clarification Bill and the Copyediting the Constibillocode. Overall, this month has been a busy one for the Regional Assembly with multiple bills being introduced and voted on with some major changes being made to TNP law. North Pacific Army Bulletin by Iraelia, Citizen Since the last issue of The Northern Lights, the North Pacific Army was notably less busy, with only three operations have occurred compared to the seven that occurred last month. This has been the first full month that the newly appointed Minister of Defence, Sasten, has led the NPA.The first NPA operation was a raid on Warzone Asia. The raid was attempted at the major update and failed due to mistiming. A second attempt was made at the minor update, but soldiers from the Grey Wardens got in before us.The next attempted NPA operation was a raid on Novis Vandium intended to liberate the region, which was a success. Six NPA soldiers took part in this operation.The final NPA operation was a raid on Anterra. We once again raided the region with a West Pacific-North Pacific coalition, but some defense forces had beat us into the region and our forces suffered a six second mistime. Five NPA soldiers took part in this operation. Communications over the Years by Kasch, Vice Delegate The Ministry of Communications is certainly not a stalwart of the government in comparison with ministries such as Defence and Foreign Affairs - both legally required along with Home Affairs. It has, however, earned a well-deserved vein in the strong, beating heart of the North Pacific, has faced and overcome a barrage of immense challenges in the past, from the cogency and literary acme of The North Pacific Wire to the inconsistency and inadequacy of previous ministers. But the important question is: where did it all begin? One of the primary associations made with Communications is the publishment and production of regional news. Before any recognizable elections took place for the minister position, writers and editors were already keen to make an impact. The first step in establishing a regional news platform appeared towards the end of July in 2004. Forum user Multaan opened a thread announcing the creation of 'TNP News Central, A new source of news.' A forum area where users could post news and articles independently. The second step towards and official news publishment for the region was taken on September the 8th, 2005, when Tresville announced the North Pacific Wire, an off-site blog where Tresville and other contributors wrote articles and posts for the whole region (and other communities) to see. TNP Wire saw unprecedented success, spearheading the publication of news in the North Pacific for a majority of 2005 and saw a re-opening in May 2007. Overall, over 60 items were published by TNP Wire - a feat which has not yet been matched. A Communications Ministry was a requirement in the constitution of the North Pacific Confederation back in 2005. Elections for the position took place much longer before this was an established legal document, however. The first of these elections was in August 2004. The accepted candidates for the election of the Minister of Communications were Sydia, Hiooland and Cathyy. The results of the election are shown below. Sydia won the first election for Minister of Communications over 12 years ago. It is unclear what Sydia did during their term as the minister because I was unable to locate any sources of information on the Old Blue forum in relation to it. The dozens of the ministry can be unequivocally identified through independent research conducted on Old Blue. Tresville, Hersfold, Erastide, Sydia, WishyWashyWonder and Ator People were stanchions of the ministry who kept it upright and strong for so many years. There were others who have been lost in the floods of countless archives, but who most probably had similar influence. Over the next year or so, more of these elections took place and more ministers were elected. To round off 2005, the Regional Assembly approved a forum move from S2 (Old Blue) to S13 (our current forum). TNP Wire vacillated between various states of success and failure over the next decade or so. It was managed by countless different ministers all tasked with similar jobs. There was a structure to news publication, but to form an organized, chronological report would take hours upon hours sifting through pages of archives trying to find some sort of timeline. Even then, it would go from a news item to a fully-fledged novella - something for another day, I suppose. In 2014, under the Delegacy of HMS Unicorn, a new publication emerged named 'The Northern Lights'. This effectively ended the fitful reign of TNP Wire and begun the era of cleaner and more organized newspaper publishment. Below is the index of all the issues published by TNL. Issues Index: Issues by Word Count Issues by Number of Articles Issues by Number of Unique Writers Projects and ideas such as the Northern Broadcasting Service, founded by myself during my term as Minister of Communications, have had the chance to develop and make an impact on the ministry, but so far have not prevailed. With time, great things will come. Communications has a lot more to offer, and a lot more quality to bring to the table. With strong and guided leadership, this ministry has the potential to reach heights never reached before. Monthly Memoirs by Kasch, Vice Delegate To try and get a larger perspective on the collective experiences of members from all over the North Pacific, the Monthly Memoirs segment of the Northern Lights asks a set of questions every month and gathers the responses. I hope that this segment can serve as a reference point for times in the future when we want to look back and identify what exactly makes us North Pacificans and the experiences that we all share. This month, we asked the following questions: What is your earliest memory of the North Pacific? Summarize your thoughts/opinions on the North Pacific in one word. Why did you choose that word? How did you come to be a member of the region? Who has had a lasting impression on you from early on? Or, who has had the biggest impression on you so far? These were the responses: Brendog (Deputy Minister) Kasch (Vice Delegate) Scorch (Minister of Communications) Mystery Player (Citizen) Atlae (Ambassador) Hopefully, with the continuation of this segment, more and more members of our community will answer each month's set of new questions as I continue to collect and share the experiences of people in the community. To be a part of the Monthly Memoirs segment for July, the first thing you need to do is contact me either through forum PM or telegram through NS expressing your interest. I will add you to the list of people who receive monthly questions so that you too can be a part of TNL. The Northern Lights: Beauty in Truth Publisher: Palliaith :: Executive Editor: Scorch :: Managing Editor: Brend0g :: Assistant Managing Editor: Nasania :: Graphic Artist: Imki + SillyString The Northern Lights is produced by the Ministry of Communications on behalf of the Government of The North Pacific and distributed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Except where otherwise indicated, all content rep resents the views of the Government of The North Pacific. Index of issues
  3. Hey Omega!
  4. Hello there, I'm the ambassador from TNP, and my letter of credence is over in that international section. You may see me in other regions, too! Atlae.
  5. The North Pacific Ministry of Foreign Affairs Magicality City, 19 February 2017 Dear Mayor Kurald Emurlahn, The government of The North Pacific entreats you to accept Atlae as an ambassador between our two regions. He has been a citizen in good standing of The North Pacific for 24 days and a legislator in our Regional Assembly for the same period and we believe he will meet the duties of this posting admirably. His responsibilities will include above all keeping your region informed of important affairs in The North Pacific, supporting our interregional ties by interpersonal ties through social involvement, keeping our government abreast of affairs in your region, and providing services to dual citizens should they be needed and welcome.By accepting Atlae as an ambassador, we hope you will continue to honour the long lasting relationship between The North Pacific and Equilism. Sincerely, Sankami, Minister of Foreign Affairs.