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  1. The West Pacific Foreign Update - April 2018 Delegate: Davelands Guardians: Big Bad Badger Neenee The Holy Principality of Saint Mark Mediobogdum Rigels Light Bran Astor Overthinkers Ministers: Recruitment and Citizenry: Big Bad Badger Foreign Affairs: Saint Mark Internal Affairs: Bran Astor World Assembly Affairs: Arotania TWPAF Commander: Overthinkers Speaker of the Hall of Nations: Overthinkers Deputy Ministers: Sergeant-At-Arms: Kawaii Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs: Ark (pictured: Artist's interpretation of Guardian Bran Astor after his intense physical training.) Goldbeard's Gym Fitness Challenge a Wild Success! The West Pacific Guardian Bran Astor held a fitness challenge this last month, which lasted 28 days. The challenge involved a substantial amount of sweating and smelly saquatches, but the participants certainly felt it was worthwhile! According to Bran, at least 3 people participated, cited the challenge as one the hardest they had ever done. The West Pacific is proud of Bran Astor for his commitment to health and fitness. His challenge can be found here, for those who dare attempt it themselves: https://www.nationstates.net/page=dispatch/id=993167. Bran also gave a statement on the challenge: "It has been a busy month for IA with a 28-day fitness challenge, the rise of the Nee Pacific Order, the introduction of Haikuesday and Thank You Thursday, as well as several daily observances!" (pictured: The Symbol of the NeePO.) Hail the Nee Pacific Order! The West saw a major structural change early on in April, as the government made the decision to embrace its feederite nature to the fullest extent. The result, logically, was the Nee Pacific Order! The WFE was changed to a very appreciable blue-and-yellow color pallet. The West also adopted a flag that definitely, 100%, was NOT the flag of the (unrelated) New Pacific Order, combined with the notorious symbol of the late great humanitarian group known as the Empire. This was a momentous occasion for the native nations of the West Pacific, who have nothing to lose but their chains! Sadly, the feederite regime couldn't last forever, and so with the passing of April Fool's, the West Pacific has returned to its business as usual. West Pacificans will never forget the NeePO, though. Hail Neecifica! (pictured: Artistic repesentation of Lazarus.) Lazarus: Is It Cool or Is It Whack? Not-so-Stunned onlookers noticed yet another Lazarene government transition this past month. This time, the Khanate of Lazarus was overthrown by Khanate General Imkiville, in favor of total anarchy. For about a week, Lazarus had no government, no endorsement cap, and more factions vying for power than you could care to name. Later on, this anarchy proved to be a publicity stunt, as Imkiville had planned to set up a constitutional convention. The convention is currently ongoing, with several natives, allied government officials, and Cormac participating in one fashion or another. TWP Delegate Davelands released a semi-offical statement on Lazarus on the 26th, stating that the West is hopeful that Imkiville be able to build a Lazarene government by the natives, for the natives. (pictured: TWP/LKE partnership flag.) The West Pacific and the LKE Hold Interregional Gala The West Pacific and the Land of Kings and Emperors further solidified their diplomatic relations this last month by holding an interregional Gala. The Gala lasted for three days and was held the LKE's offsite forum, as well as TWP's Discord Server. It served as a great way for citizens of both regions to meet each other and establish friendship. Many pleasant memories were made, and The West thanks the LKE for this opportunity to get to know them better. We also hope that we will have the opportunity to engage with LKE diplomatically more often in the future!
  2. The West Pacific Foreign Update - March 2018 Delegate: Davelands Guardians: Big Bad Badger Neenee The Holy Principality of Saint Mark Mediobogdum Rigels Light Bran Astor Ministers: Recruitment and Citizenry: Big Bad Badger Foreign Affairs: Saint Mark Internal Affairs: Bran Astor World Assembly Affairs: Aleister II TWPAF Commander: Overthinkers Speaker of the Hall of Nations: Overthinkers Deputy Ministers: Sergeant-At-Arms: Kawaii Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs: Ark (pictured: Election Night, the one night of the year Bran Astor can be seen wearing a suit as he anxiously awaits the results of the Internal Affairs Minister Election.) The West Pacific Holds Its 4th Regional ElectionsThe West Pacific held it's 4th cycle of regional elections last month, starting with the vote for Speaker of the Hall of Nations on the 5th through the 8th. Incumbent Speaker Overthinkers won out over Candidate Atlae Isles, with 63.64% of the vote. The West then held the votes for the ministries of Recruitment & Citizenry, Internal Affairs, and World Assembly Affairs on the 12th through the 18th. TWP Guardian Badger ran for Recruitment & Citizenry unopposed, with the only vote for abstention being his own. Bran Astor ran for Internal Affairs unopposed as well, winning with 100% of the vote. Aleister II, also known as Lamb, ran against States of Glory for World Assembly Affairs. Aleister won the election with 65% of the vote. The last round of voting commenced for Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Sergeant-At-Arms on the 18th and ended on the 21st. Ark won out over candidate Calradia and incumbent Wyvern for DMoFA with 69.57% of the vote. Kawaii ran unopposed for Sergeant-at-Arms and won with 100% of the vote. The West Pacific looks forward to seeing these new incumbents in action, and early projections suggest that this will be the West Pacific's most active elected government cycle yet! (pictured: TWPAF Pirate Flag flown under Altino's Command.) Altino Resigns As Commander of TWPAF The West saw a bittersweet moment late in February, with the resignation of Altino as Commander of the Armed Forces. In a heartfelt letter to her troops, Altino gave a brief overview of her time as commander, beginning with the collective "oh no" moment that came about after the resignation of tenured TWPAF Commander Yuno. When she first assumed command, Altino found the prospect of rebuilding TWPAF to be daunting. She notes in her letter that making the military work was due in large part to her closest officers: KhanterWinters, Overthinkers, and Bedebao. In only six months, this crew of ragtag privateers developed TWPAF into a formidable Pirate Fleet, one that would make its presence known to natives and Nazis the world over. Altino then noted that she was needed elsewhere - specifically, Osiris. The former Pirate Captain proceeded to name her successor: Overthinkers. Alt had this to say about the new Commander: "I've had my eye on him as my replacement since Day 1 and have tested and trained him in every way I could think of since then. He's come up with some of our most organized and helpful procedures behind the scenes, he wrote the WFE that we use on tags, he's been leading you despite being locked for a good while now, and I know that he's got what it takes to be the greatest Captain there ever was!" Quite a prediction to live up to, but we at the West Pacific are confident that Overthinkers will prove Altino right. Overthinkers has served admirably in TWP in various positions, most notably Speaker of the Hall of Nations (x2) and First Mate to Commander Altino. We echo Altino's high hopes for both Overthinkers and for TWPAF overall, and our allies can be assured that the Armed Forces will continue being the Scourge of the High Seas. We would also like to congratulate Altino on her appointment as Heiress Apparent of Osiris, and we look forward to working with her to make both our regions the best that they can be. (pictured: a flag representing the joining of TWP and Lazarus through their treaty.)[/size] The West Pacific and Lazarus Sign Historical Treaty of FriendshipThe West Pacific and Lazarus made history on February 8th, with the signing of the Chol Covenant. The Covenant is a treaty which came about as a result of rapidly strengthening diplomatic relations between the two regions. In a joint announcement made on TWP's News & Info thread on the NationStates forum, TWP Foreign Affairs Minister Saint Mark opened with this: "Our regions pursued this treaty with a desire to strengthen both the friendship between each other, as well as bolster our positions in the world at large. The West Pacific and Lazarus have supported each other in crucial moments of NationStates history and this treaty will stand as a monument to that cooperation moving forward. We seek to provide a foundation upon which we may create a stronger bond between our respective communities and we hope to stand together as a voice for sovereign ideals throughout the World." Residents of both regions were proud to see this sign of friendship. Moving forward, the West Pacific hopes to hold cultural events with Lazarus, wherein the two regions can further strengthen their bond and learn more about the unique characteristics of each region. It is our belief that this diffusion of cultures will make both regions better than they would be separately. (pictured: The Westphalian flag, with some added flair.)The Red Sun Sets on Westphalia NationStates history was made on January 27th, when the region of Westphalia was invaded by a massive group of raiders headed by The Black Hawks. Westphalia was a thriving region, and strongly defender-aligned. Prior to the raid, Westphalia had just joined the reformed version of FORGE: SWORD. SWORD failed to protect Westphalia as a massive swarm of updaters invaded. What was once a thriving region soon became a wasteland, flowing with rivers of Native Tears. While most raiders targeted the region both for its defender alignment and its membership in SWORD, the West had additional reasons for doing so. Most notably, the Founder of Westphalia was a noted rule-breaker and enemy of the West Pacific. We at the West Pacific do not take kindly to rule breakers, nor to regions that align themselves with rule breakers. As such, this invasion will go down as one with which TWP is most proud.
  3. The West Pacific FA Update – February 2018 Davelands leading the GCR’s! The West Pacific’s own most adorable delegate, Davelands, has achieved 537 endorsements and is leading the GCR’s in percentage of endorsing nations, with an astonishing 79%! Election time in TWP! Elections for Speaker of the Hall of Nations began on February 1st and will be followed by those for Minister of Internal Affairs, Deputy Minister of FA, Sergeant at Arms, WA Minister and Minister of Recruitment and Citizenry. The January War A small region of 23 nations, the Alliance of Absolute Monarchs challenged The West Pacific to war and was swiftly defeated, with The West Pacific Armed Forces and aiding forces taking several protectorates of AoAA. The January War started with a dispatch by Routcher (https://www.nationstates.net/page=dispatch/id=950145) and ended with another(https://www.nationstates.net/page=dispatch/id=958193). Thanks to LWU! The Pirates Strike again! On the 27th of January, our own pirates, TWPAF, participated on a daring raid into the heart of fenderism, a region of SWORDS, the successor of FORGE. Led by The Black Hawks, with an impressive array of participating organizations (Hydra, TIoAG, TLoKaE, LWU, TRE, Unknown, TSLoO, TAE, TAFotE, & TWPAF) this raid took the region of Westphalia (https://www.nationstates.net/region=westphalia) and has led to an impressive 128 endorsements. So far, SWORD's "representative"(https://www.nationstates.net/nation=yuanduanga) has gathered 10. A toast to a new entry in the History Books of Raiding! Roleplay Map! Bran Astor, Guardian, has revolutionized roleplay within TWP, starting a beautifully made map (https://i.imgur.com/87fOvia.png) with Inkscape(#notsponsored) and has started up a new area on the forum. You can visit that here (http://www.westpacific.org/forums/index.php?/forum/24-role-play/).
  4. TWP Pulls Out of NS World Fair 6

    The West Pacific has left the NationStates World Fair 6, due to concerns over the administrative team's handling of harassment. You can read the full statement by Delegate Davelands here: https://forum.nationstates.net/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=391428&p=33107474#p33107474
  5. The West Pacifican Volume 9

    Hot off the presses, it's a new edition of The West Pacifican! In this issue: - Delegate Davelands talks elections and Internal Affairs - Overthinkers unveils his evil schemes as TWP's new Speaker of the Hall - A cautionary tale by Skymoot - And more! Check it out here: http://thewestpacific.com/the-west-pacifican/the-west-pacifican-volume-9/ Or in dispatch form: https://www.nationstates.net/page=dispatch/id=937457
  6. The Government of the West Pacific: Delegate: Davelands Guardians: Neenee, Saint Mark, Mediobogdum, Rigels Light, Bran Astor Speaker: Overthinkers MoFA: Saint Mark Commander of TWPAF: Altincredible MoIA: Rigels Light MoWAA: States of Glory MoR&C: Big Bad BadgerElections! Place your bets! In the month of November, voters tuned in to watch the latest election cycle. Due to the activities surrounding Z-Day and the change in Delegate, the Speaker elections were actually a month late, despite the First Amendment to the Manners, which offset the Speaker and Ministerial elections by one month. Nevertheless, former Speaker Drall opened the Speaker nominations on November 6, and two candidates emerged, then-Sergeant-at-Arms Overthinkers and Marilyn Manson. Soon the ballot boxes were open and Overthinkers won in a landslide victory of 18-1. The first thing on his agenda was to open the Ministerial Elections. The elected Minister positions include the Minister of World Assembly Affairs, Minister of Internal Affairs, and Minister of Recruitment and Citizenry. States of Glory was re-elected Minister of World Assembly Affairs, gathering 20 votes. Rigel (AKA Rigel's Light) received 21 votes, re-electing her for Minister of Internal Affairs, and Big Bad Badger, our immediate past Delegate, won his bid for Minister of Recruitment and Citizenry, gathering 22 votes. After the Ministerial elections, the Speaker opened up the final round of voting, for the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Sergeant-at-Arms. These positions were hotly contested and saw some intense campaigning. In the end, Atlae was re-elected as Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Laururana was elected as Sergeant-at-Arms, filling Overthinkers' vacant spot. What the new government will bring has yet to be seen, but we hope it will continue TWP's trend toward increased activity! Yo ho ho, the Pirates are here! TWPAF continues raiding and taking chocolate to hoard in our massive vaults, but now it has a shipload of new conscripts ... er ... buccaneers! YARRRR!! Our gentlemen/lady raiders, paid their respects to our nice "friends" in the Iron Order, sending them a birthday present for their region! Our crew also made new friends, especially in a region called Balloons. Here's TWPAF Commander Altino on the situation. "Once upon a time, TWPAF raided a cute little region called Balloons. The natives were happy and friendly, and so good hearted Pirates stepped in and helped them do a little redecorating. The decorations were nice, and the natives liked the flag, but they didn't want to have pirates all over their WFE, so they changed it all back and begged the Pirates to just tell them why they looted and plundered all over NS like they did. Normally, the Pirates would have just shrugged off the question and set sail to their next target, but these natives were kind enough to leave the Pirates with RO in their region, so we could change their WFE again! In gratitude, Pirates wrote back and explained that they were only here to help. Hopefully the natives are glad for our reply!" In other news, The West Pacific hosted a Halloween raid contest, where other regions such as the North Pacific, the East Pacific, et al. came to compete! We had a lot of very fun and creative flags and WFEs submitted for the contest from our fellow raiders and defenders alike. Everyone who played won a fun "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner" badge made by our very own Bran Astor! Read more here: https://forum.nationstates.net/viewtopic.php?p=32799550#p32799550 There are some exciting new Internal Affairs initiatives! Bran, the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs in TWP, is cooking up something special for the West Pacific! Mmm ... smells delicious! He is putting together a cookbook of recipes contributed by players all across NS! Another new initiative introduced under Rigel’s term by our Internal Affairs Minister herself was the emergence of Weekly Writings, of which two have been completed: "Healer of a Different Sort," and "Spooky Story Contest," the latter of which was displayed in The West Pacifican, vol. 7. Lastly, the poll suggestion thread was opened, leaving the space for polls wide open to prospective citizens wanting to see their questions answered.Ball with Spiritus! On November 30, TWP Ambassador to Spiritus Calradia announced something special - a Ball between Spiritus and the West Pacific! The Ball will take place on December 12, from 6-11 PM Central Standard Time. The event details are forthcoming. This will be an opportunity to strengthen good relations between the two regions.
  7. The West Pacifican Volume 8

    Hot off the presses, it's a new edition of The West Pacifican! In this issue: - Davelands discusses his ascension to the throne delegacy - The Pacific's Pergamon ponders "How Should a Feeder Deal with Z-Day?" - A special spooky story by contest winner Aynia - And more! Check it out here: http://thewestpacific.com/the-west-pacifican/the-west-pacifican-volume-8/
  8. Greetings from TWP!

    Hey y'all! I'm Overthinkers (often shortened to OT), recently assigned to represent The West Pacific here as an ambassador. I've heard a lot of great things about Equilism during my time in TWP, so it's a pleasure to be here. ...seeing as I'm terrible with introductions, I'll stop there.
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    Hi, y'all. I'm Overthinkers, new ambassador to Equilism from The West Pacific. Great to be here!