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    Contact Information: [nation]Skies[/nation] (Europeia, February 12, 2018) - Public attention to presidential inactivity had been stoked with the publication of an anonymous submission to the E-News Network, titled "Are Things Actually Happening?" The article accused the Executive branch of inactivity and a lack of work toward the goals delineated in President Rach's campaign. Four days later, President Rach posted a challenge in the form of a crossword in the Republic Square, a forum known for informality, and which had seen great activity from the President. There, Supreme Chancellor Lethen voiced the accusation that the President was "spending more time making [Republic Square] threads and being on Discord than actually responding to the citizenry about concerns raised", defined as lack of direction of Ministers. Despite the growing anxiety of an inactive Presidency, still no explanation had been posted. President Rach quickly responded by attacking the Supreme Chancellor and Administrator. No apology was issued. As a result, Senate candidate United Vietussia posted in the Grand Hall urging for a petition to trigger a No Confidence Referendum, on the grounds that she had neglected the office of the Presidency, harshly attacked Supreme Chancellor and forum Administrator Lethen, shown more interest in Discord and the Republic Square than the Presidency, and failed to provide guidance to her Ministers. Most signatories included a rationale with their signatures, claiming that, although they would have given a chance to the president for the inactivity, the behaviour she has shown towards Lethen, as well as loss of confidence by her own Cabinet, was enough to justify a Vote of No Confidence. As 14 signatories had signed the No-Confidence petition out of 17 needed signatures to trigger the referendum, the effort was cut short as President Rach resigned in a speech named "Tears Come from the Heart". Explaining that the recent events the region has crossed had left her jaded, she denounced a game that made her feel "increasingly stressed and paranoid.". She went on to reveal she had been considering resignation and taking a break long before the Crossword Events due to other events including a stalking incident, claiming that "These past few weeks have been one of limbo and withdrawal for me, where I have debated whether I should take a break from the game/quit.". Vice President Malashaan immediately became President of Europeia upon Rach's resignation, and has already published a speech dubbed "Here We Are Again", where he declares "We need to take a long hard look at what we collectively want Europeia to be, as how we can best implement that". The new president has yet to appoint a new vice president to help lead the administration in its second half. Despite a shaken region, President Malashaan can count on an active Cabinet whose work he has complimented both in his speech as vice president and in his speech as president of Europeia. ## More news from the Europeian Broadcasting Corporation available here.
  7. Sixth Annual World Fair Starts with President Rach Giving a Riveting Opening Address By Writinglegend; Edited for distribution by Izzy (Europeia – December 15, 2017) – The Sixth Annual World Fair, hosted by Europeia for the NationStates community, began earlier today. The theme of the fair this year is 'World of Tomorrow', and focuses on safety and security within the NationStates community. Prominent lectures on the topic have been prepared, including 'Signs of Emotional or Psychologically Abusive Behavior' by Rigel on December 15th, 'Safe Social Relationships in Online Communities' by Escade on December 17th, 'Maintaining the Roleplay/Admin Divide' by Malashaan on December 18th, and 'Tackling Sexual Harassment in NationStates' by North East Somerset (NES) on December 18th. "This year, our theme is the future of NationStates," President Rach stated in a public, official welcome to kick-start the World Fair. "It is about how we can keep and expand the opportunities to make new friends while being safe doing so."The World Fair gives an opportunity to bring the NationStates community under one banner to initiate dialogue on a given subject. Europeia is taking advantage of this by discussing the issue of security in NationStates. Communication on the issue of safety and security in NationStates will be critical this World Fair, and a Forum Administrators Conference on the issue of NationStates safety has already been planned for the event. "It is easy to forget how isolated our communities and the admins of those communities can be from each other," President Rach noted. "Improving communication is key [to] being more proactive and making our communities even more safe."Over fifty booths have been established for this year's World Fair, undoubtedly showing the width of Europeia's audience for this sixth iteration. This gives the Europeian community an opportune time to showcase its culture and what makes us unique as a whole. At a bird's-eye viewpoint, the World Fair is a cultural event to build unity within the large NationStates community. Through attracting a hefty audience, the community can come together to showcase the regions they have built and the communities they have served. Undoubtedly, this is what has made the World Fair such a special event in NationStates."I would like to personally thank the committee for allowing Europeia the privilege and responsibility of hosting the NS World Fair," Rach said in her official welcome for the fair. "The opportunity to help run and do our part has led me to love the World Fair and respect all the demanding work that all individuals and regions put into it."Europeia won the right to host the World Fair through a bid developed by the Ministry of Culture and Minister Drexlore. This will be the first time that Europeia has ran the World Fair. You can view the World Fair here, Europeia's regional booth here, and Rach's official welcome to the Fair here. The Europeian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC) will be providing ongoing coverage of this year's Fair.
  8. Opinion: NationStates Moderation Abdicates Moral Authority, Leaving Community Vulnerable with Latest Decision By Writinglegend EBC Radio Discussion with Asta, HEM, and Malashaan on the Tone-Deaf Decision(Europeia – November 18, 2017) – The NationStates (NS) Moderation team upheld their failed policy regarding off-site evidence and defamation despite a player-led petition that has garnered over one hundred signatures in four days, abdicating moral authority within their own domain. "The NS Moderation simply cannot take action on the NationStates site based on something someone did on another site," said Nervun in a statement by the NS Moderation. "We are not the Internet police."The administrators of Europeia recently banned a player after an extensive investigation revealed the individual operated multiple accounts with multiple identities within NationStates, as part of a larger scheme to initiate sexual exchanges with female members.The petition was started by Admin of The North Pacific (TNP), and former TNP Delegate, Astarial, along with other prominent players, in an effort to persuade the NS Moderation to alter the rule. The petition demonstrated what was wrong with the current rule, why it was wrong, and what the signatories wanted. "The current policy states that no "off-site" behavior, meaning behavior occurring on any online location that does not fall under the nationstates.net domain, will be punished by NS moderation," the petition reads. "We, the undersigned, believe that this policy and its justification are extremely flawed and represent an abdication of responsibility to the entire NS community." Asta Explains the Flaws Within Current Rules (:50, YouTube)The end-goal of the petition was to implore the NS Moderation to adopt a new policy for handling complaints of off-site harassment with a thorough investigation and on-site repercussions. Among the one-hundred and four signatories are Europeia's Delegate Aexnidaral, Grand Admiral Calvin Coolidge, Minister of Radio Cat, Vice President Darcness, and Admins Malashaan, HEM, r3n, Lethen, and NES. Notable global names on the signatory list are The East Pacific Delegate Yuno, Emperor of the Lands of Kings and Emperors OnderKelkia, Admin of The North Pacific Lord Ravenclaw, Admin of Kantrias Kylia Quilor, Admin of Osiris Cormac, and Admin of The East Pacific Todd McCloud. Founder of Europeia HEM called NS a 'dream' for predators due to the existing rule. "It is possible to infiltrate communities, cause tremendous abuse, and then fade into the night and re-emerge with a different persona."Despite the strong support for the petition, it was futile in changing the current policy. "Anything we find that supports the information from off-site can and will be acted on here," stated the NS Moderations’ statement. "This has been standard practice for years and will remain so." Numerous case studies show that moderation has unequivocally failed to act on players who have filed a Get Help Request (GHR) to report off-site harassment by an on-site player. A continuance of this policy is a continuance of the status quo. All statements by moderation on filing GHR's so they can investigate are belie claims that hold no weight any longer. Asta On the Double-Standard Usage of Offsite Evidence (:25, YouTube)Furthermore, they have also called the current defamation rule ‘sufficient’ yet have failed to give their case on its sufficiency, even in the face of overwhelming agreement that the rule is an utter failure. "We feel that the rule is sufficient as written but we would clarify it to say that stating general factual accounts of things happening off-site are allowable," the NS Moderation statement reads. By remaining complacent and keeping the status quo with this failed policy, NS Moderation is failing to protect community members from known sexual predators. The current failed policy allows known off-site harassers to post on the NS forums, interact with their victims, and infiltrate separate communities to search for new victims. When a concerned NS member warns these communities publicly of such an individual, they are warned for defamation due to the fact that such behavior took place on an off-site platform. Not only does this decision maintain an environment where harassers can keep their despicable behavior off-site to side-skirt rules, but victims and concerned players cannot publicly discuss such disgusting actions without being muzzled by 'defamation.'The NS Moderation team attempted to justify their response by comparing NS and off-site forums and platforms to separate social media sites. Such an analogy is a red herring and ridiculous. Off-site forums and platforms are centered on NS, with the same player base and a mutual reliance. Off-site platforms would not exist without the game, rendering the social media analogy meaningless. There is one NS community, with its players inhabiting both off-site forums and the official NS site simultaneously. Indeed, NS officially recognizes off-site forums, and actions undertaken there such as World Assembly delegate elections and votes, as the legitimate forums of both Game Created Regions and User Created Regions. Yet, the moderation team distances itself from off-site forums and their role within the game when it comes time to protect the larger community from sexual predators. HEM Discusses the Hypocrisy of the Social Media Argument (1:01, YouTube)Furthermore, the statement maintaining the current policy states that a 'Delete-On-Sight (DOS)' is not a foolproof method that completely perfects its banning of all nations of an individual. This argument has not stopped NS Moderation from DOSing nasty players in the past. While it may not be perfect, it allows for communities to be aware and identify individuals who are deviants, predators, and nasty players. It allows for removal and identification from communities, stopping predators from damaging more victims. Surely, this is a similar reason why DOSing individuals for large-scale rule breaking exists.Despite the NS Moderation team having a policy for ‘removing a user for any reason not outlined,' this rule goes largely unused by their own admission. Their claim that it is to defend the wider community if needed rings hollow, as the current NationStates gameside community is rampant with off-site convicted harassers who have coasted by unpunished by the NS Moderation team. Many other users feel similarly. Todd McCloud, Admin of The East Pacific and The World Fair, told the EBC that the decision was 'disappointing' and the petition merited a 'change in policy.' "It was a chance for players to not only outline harassers on-site, but to potentially work with administration in order to ultimately become a safer community." Malashaan Explains Why He Is Disappointed (:20, YouTube)President Rach of Europeia also noted her distaste with the decision. "Rather than protect the most vulnerable, NS moderation has instead punished those who have sought to bring such issues to light."While it is undoubted that NS Moderation cares for the players and their security, the maintenance of the status quo can only be described as a colossal blunder. The tone-deaf response is compounded by the real world discussion currently underway regarding sexual harassment. Rather than realizing the harm of this policy, NS Moderation has maintained it while continuing to admonish players who dare speak of it on-site. Every player in NS should be disappointed by the actions of those who are entrusted with the stewardship of our larger community. Rather than making a logical decision that would protect current and future victims, NS Moderation has decided to rely on a technicality to sidestep their responsibility. In the process, they have enabled sexual predators and left the community at risk.Failing to take in the full evidence, allowing deviants to maintain an active status in-game, and muzzling players who dare speak of such nasty behavior is not protecting any player but the predators who utilize this outdated policy to target new victims. Perhaps NS Administration and Moderation will soon see the error in their ways and reverse their utterly tone-deaf decision. When those who are charged with protecting the broader community abdicate their responsibilities, it is up to grassroot administrators and the NS user-base to stand up against such policies and make our community a safer place for all.
  9. President Rach Receives Mandate After Gargantuan Referendum Victory By Writinglegend, Edited for Distribution by Izzy (Europeia – November 16, 2017) – President Rach has received a firm democratic mandate from the people after a gargantuan win at the referendum polls. Fifty-four citizens voted in the affirmative for the administration, which made a whopping seventy percent of the votes received. This is one more vote than the previous, now banned, president had at the polling booth during the previous presidential election.Due to Brunhilde's administrative ban, the presidency sat vacant. Rach, in her capacity as Vice President, ascended to the office and filled the role. A petition for a removal from the office to trigger new elections was immediately made. "This is not driven by animus towards Rach, whom I like," Skizzy Grey, starter of the referendum, stated. "But by a conviction that the interests of democracy and the welfare of the region would be best served by fresh elections."The referendum quickly garnered the necessary signatures to trigger a binding vote. Debate lasted for seventy-two hours with much discourse from both sides. Individuals on the affirmative side, supporting the administration, noted that our region was 'tired' and 'exhausted' from recent events in our community, and that we would be best served by 'having stable leadership'."I think the best option is for us to heal and move on and then have a normal election after this term has concluded," citizen Nick Powell noted.Individuals who looked to pass the motion of no conference noted Rach's lack of democratic mandate. They believed that the election was carried out under false pretenses, Rach and Darc had a limited role in crafting campaign vision, and the administration had a meager mandate to serve."We need to hold a new election to define a new mandate for the region," XIV commented. "If Rach believes she's the best choice to lead us in the coming days she needs to assemble a ticket and be elected on her own merit, with a vision crafted wholly by her and her running mate, and contrasted against the others who have a vision for Europeia."Due to the victory at the referendum polls, the large majority of citizens have expressed their confidence in Rach's administration to lead Europeia forward. Rach will continue to serve as President, with Darcness, her appointed Vice President, assuming office. "This referendum and the support Darcness, the rest of administration and I have received has been truly humbling," President Rach commented in her public speech titled 'Better Together'. "We thank you for the opportunity and trust that has been placed in us as we set out to accomplish this vision."The speech, entitled 'Better Together', established a policy vision for the Rach/Darcness administration. The outlined policy goals were to establish a high level of inclusionary activities to generate the leaders of tomorrow and give meaningful value to Assistant Ministers, have a greater level of fairness through a systematic usage of awards and honors, and attempting to get all 'meaningfully involved'.President Rach observed many citizens who are 'on the margins' and remain frustrated with what they perceive to be a lack of opportunities or little knowledge on how to get involved. Her sole focus is to 'bring them out' of this state.With a resounding mandate to lead Europeia, President Rach is now committed towards articulating and establishing the policies of her administration.
  10. Brunhilde Emerges Victorious in Record-Breaking Presidential Election By Writinglegend, Edited for Distribution by Izzy (Europeia – November 5, 2017) – Vice Chancellor and former Minister of Foreign Affairs Brunhilde has been elected as the fifty-third president of Europeia in what was a whirlwind race. One-hundred and one total votes were cast this election, breaking the prior voting record of ninety-one. Both the Brunhilde/Rach and Darcness/Sopo campaigns ran energetic Get Out to Vote (GOTV) messaging, causing the record-breaking number of electoral votes.The Brunhilde/Rach campaign, titled 'Europeian Voice', saw its fair share of drama during the electoral cycle. Former Minister of Communications JayDee was the original choice to fill the vice presidential spot on the ticket, however, due to drama regarding possible poll tampering, he later dropped his name from the ballot. Brunhilde would later pick Rach to fill the vacancy, leading to several platform readjustments. Many predicted the Brunhilde/Rach ticket would face defeat at the ballot, due to pre-election poll results showing a massive lead by the Darcness campaign.The Darcness/Sopo campaign, titled 'Inch by Inch', focused on building the next generation of Europeian leaders through basic, regional service. While the former Minister of Foreign Affairs received forty-three votes this electoral cycle, ten behind the Brunhilde ticket, he remained in high spirits. "I will continue to enthusiastically work within Europeia's executive system this upcoming term," he stated in a private quote provided to the EBC. "What will define my career is not the defeat, but my response to it."The newcomer ticket of Oak/Dark Templar provided an avenue for them to get their names out to the wider citizenry. While they only received five votes, they perhaps laid the groundwork for greater Executive opportunities in their future.Following her victory, Brunhilde released an inspirational inaugural address which encouraged the Europeian citizenry to grasp the leadership opportunities before them. "Will you be the next leader who those of the future look to as someone who pushed us to stand even when our knees became weak?" Brunhilde rhetorically questioned. "Join with me as I seek to push Europeia forward." Brunhilde's nominations for the Cabinet were confirmed in their hearings before the Europeian Senate. Her nominations were as follows:HEM - Minister Without PortfolioRand - Attorney GeneralCat - Minister of RadioDrexlore - Minister of CultureWritinglegend - Minister of CommunicationsIzzy - Foreign AffairsSanctaria - Minister of World Assembly AffairsLe Libertie - Minister of InteriorCalvin - Grand AdmiralThe Cabinet features several returning and new names. President Brunhilde gave a strong message to those not nominated, and others who did not vote for her ticket."Seek to erase the inadequacies you see in the region. It is that fight, that work ethic, that will allow Europeia to control its own destiny."This will be Brunhilde's first term as President of Europeia. The pressure is heavy on the new president to achieve the goals set out in her ambitious platform.President Brunhilde's inaugural address can be found in the spoiler below:
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    I, The Second to Last Coundown, do solemnly affirm that I will uphold the Charter of the Town of Equilism, its laws and treaties, and I affirm that I will defend the security and build the prosperity of the region, all to the best of my best ability. I will treat all Equilism citizens with dignity and endeavour toward diplomacy and common understanding. I understand that the Town may revoke my citizenship in case of criminal proceedings and that I am free to resign my citizenship at any time.