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  1. Special Foreign Bulletin LKE Imperial Forums | LKE NationStates Page Emperor: Theoden Sebastian Crown Prince: Linkin Talleyrand Prime Minister: Nick Powell Ambassador: Linkin Talleyrand Nation Count: 344 | Regional Rank: 30th Proclamation of Accession Issued by The Earl of Scoll-Balow-Cambron, Wihelm Somerset, Lord High Steward, Moderator of the Guardian Council, and Guardian Counsellor, assisted by the other members of the Guardian Council, on Monday Eighth of January, in the year Two Thousand and Eighteen of the Common Era. It is hereby proclaimed, following the application of His Supreme Majesty Onder, Emperor of The Land of Kings and Emperors, King of Norwood, Basileus of Polis, Grand Prince of Niso, Prince of Maxonberg, Autokrator of The Land of Dragonia, Landgrave of Munster, Voivode and Hospodar of Moldavia, and Doge of Vienna, that the Imperial Crown has solely and rightfully come to His Supreme Highness, Theoden Sebastian, The Crown Prince of The Land of Kings and Emperors and Archduke of Niso, henceforth to be known as His Supreme Majesty, Emperor of The Land of Kings and Emperors and holder of all titles that come with the Imperial Crown of The Land of Kings and Emperors. All hail His Supreme Majesty, the Emperor! Conclusion of the Transition CeremonyThe Transition Ceremony, marking the abdication of Emperor Emeritus Onder Kelkia and the coronation of our new Emperor Theoden Sebastian has concluded after over a week of celebration. During this event we had a host of wonderful activities from speeches to party games, and more. We saw speeches delivered by both domestic and foreign dignitaries, our special thanks to the King of the United Kingdom and Supreme Chancellor of Europeia for their wonderful remarks. We would like to further thank all foreign dignitaries who attended the ceremony. It was a pleasure to host you all. Other notable evens were were Emperor Theoden creating Linkin Talleyrand as the Crown Prince, the heir to the throne, and Chief of the Imperial General Staff. Furthermore, Akillian Talleyrand was named Prince Imperial, rising to the position formerly held by Linkin Talleyrand. On January 12th, we further saw a reshuffle of the governance of the Imperial Realms and the distribution of honors to those who have faithfully served the LKE. This marked the closure of the ceremony and the end of the festivities. We once more offer our thanks to all of those who attended and The Land of Kings and Emperors now proudly looks towards the future.
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    Hello, I am Linkin Talleyrand, and I have been appointed the new ambassador from the LKE. It's a pleasure to be here! May I request I be masked as a diplomat?