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  1. http://img01.deviantart.net/eeef/i/2015/336/8/6/the_land_of_kings_and_emperors_footer_800px_wide_by_porphyrogenita-d9isg01.png[/img] Foreign Dispatch Volume X, Issue II LKE Imperial Forums | LKE NationStates Page WA Delegate: Cawdor East (Thea Sebastian) | Nation Count: 304 | Regional Rank: 35th | The Monarchy Emperor: Theoden SebastianEmperor Emeritus: Onder KelkiaEmpress: Thea SebastianCrown Prince: Linkin TalleyrandPrince Imperial: Akillian Talleyrand The Imperial Council Prime Minister: John Spencer-Churchill Deputy Prime Minister: Ivangorod1878 Minister of the Exterior: Thomas Insaniac Minister of the Interior: Wettinberg Minister of Communications: Hades-Lux of Arcadia Minister of the Cabinet Office: Vedant Madan The Imperial Senate President: Megaleiotha Eirhno (The Lion Party) Senator: Julio of Nulkia-Sova (The Lion Party) Senator: Wettinberg (The Lion Party) Senator: Ivangorod1878 (The Lion Party) Senator: Barzai (The Wolf Pact) The Lion Stands Strong Once more the Premiership, the Imperial Council, and the Imperial Senate of The Land of Kings and Emperors are controlled by The Lion Party. The foundations of the party had been called into question with former Prime Minister Nick Powell stating that he will no longer seek office, possibly alluding to the indefinite LoA he has since taken, and a similar decision being made by President of The Lion Party, Vedant Madan. However, the youth wing of the Lion Party stood stronger than expected. The February general elections saw Wettinberg and Ivangorod1878, both members of The Lion Party, campaign and were both successfully elected. Furthermore, Julio of Nulkia-Sova, another Lion Party member, was successful re-elected to the Imperial Senate. Along with these three lions, the general elections also saw Barzai of The Wolf Pact and Megaleiotha Eirhno, an independent, elected. In the Premiership we saw John Spencer-Churchill, Thomas Insaniac, and Edward Epistre each deciding to seek the position. The election went along party lines with the three members of the Lion Party quickly rallying behind John Spencer-Churchill and his quick confirmation as Prime Minister. An Anglo Adventure In the week of March 4th; Prime Minister John Spencer-Churchill, in collaboration with the Ministry of the Exterior, announced that the LKE will be participating in a state visit to the United Kingdom in the following week. The United Kingdom and The Land of Kings and Emperors have been allies since the Treaty of Argyll was first ratified in 2014, and we have been friends long before that. This is the first state visit to occur under the premiership of John Spencer-Churchill and it is expected to be a test for the young statesman. However, the United Kingdom and The Land of Kings and Emperors are on very good terms and we can only expect relations to improve with this visit. The state visit is scheduled for the week of March 10th. This state visit coincides with a diplomatic rebuilding of The Land of Kings and Emperors, as we seek to recruit new ambassadors and open new consulates in emerging regions of NationStates. We only expect to host and participate in more state visits, or cultural exchanges, and to open more consulates in the following months. A New (Imperial) Delegate February was a historic month for the World Assembly Delegacy in the LKE. After over three years in the position, Nick Powell resigned. Three years is the longest time anyone has served in the delegacy of the LKE and many were not sure who would succeed him; as the Imperial Army is a prominent force in the LKE and the delegacy requires your WA nation to be locked. Rising to the occasion however, the Empress of the LKE, Her Supreme Majesty Thea Sebastian declared her candidacy for the position. Support quickly rallied behind the Empress and she was dutifully elected by the electors of the LKE. On the night of the 26th of February, Her Supreme Majesty assumed the delegacy of The Land of Kings of Emperors as Cawdor East. Other News Of The Realm... -The Imperial Army is currently deployed in Iran, assisting our friends in The Roman Empire and The Black Hawks in the occupation of the region. Brought to you by the Ministry of the Exterior On behalf of His Supreme Majesty's Government, Peers, Electors and the Imperial Family of the LKE.
  2. Foreign Dispatch Volume X, Issue I LKE Imperial Forums | LKE NationStates Page WA Delegate: Aelbarrow (Nick Powell) | Nation Count: 364 | Regional Rank: 30th | Imperial Government The Imperial Council Prime Minister: Nick Powell Deputy Prime Minister:Edward Epistre Minister of the Exterior:Thomas Insaniac Minister of the Interior:Wettinberg Minister of Culture:Ivangorod1878 The Monarchy Emperor: Theoden Sebastian Emperor Emeritus:Onder Kelkia Crown Prince: Linkin Talleyrand Prince Imperial: Akillian Talleyrand The Imperial Senate President: Edward Epistre (The Wolf Pact) Senator: Julio of Nulkia-Sova (The Lion Party) Senator: Vedant Madan (The Lion Party) Senator: Nick Powell (The Lion Party) Senator: Thomas Insaniac (Independent) The New Emperor! His Supreme Majesty Theoden Sebastian has ascended to the throne of The Land of Kings and Emperors and all of its Imperial Realms. As the Proclamation of Accession was made by the Lord High Steward on January 8th; that date shall be remembered as Succession Day as long as His Supreme Majesty Theoden Sebastian continues to reign. The former Prince Imperial Linkin Talleyrand has been recognized as the new Crown Prince of the realm while Akillian Talleyrand is now recognized as Prince Imperial and Lord Chancellor. His Supreme Majesty Onder Kelkia, Emperor of the LKE for much of the prior decade, is now recognized as the Emperor Emeritus. Long live Theoden Sebastian! An Imperial Shuffle January has been a tumultuous month for His Supreme Majesty’s government. In early January our Minister of Culture, Kaiserholt, announced his resignation from the position. The Ministry of Culture was then subsequently put under the direction of Minister of the Interior, Vedant Madan, as the Prime Minister searched for a suitable replacement for Kaiserholt. The situation was further complicated by the subsequent resignation of Vedant Madan citing real life circumstances. In time, the Prime Minister found suitable replacements for both situations. Ivangorod1878, a Junior Minister of Communications, was appointed to lead the Ministry of Culture. The Ministry of the Interior was put under Wettinberg, a long standing member of His Supreme Majesty’s Diplomatic Corps. With these appointments, the shuffling of the Imperial Cabinet has culminated. To Arms! Habsburg Infantry As we have welcomed a new Emperor in January, we also welcomed a new Chief of the Imperial General Staff. Linkin Talleyrand, our Crown Prince, has overseen a new breath of activity within the Imperial Army. The Land of Kings and Emperors was proud to participate in a coalition, of our friends and allies, successfully attacking and occupying the known defenderist region of Westphalia. The operation, led primarily by The Black Hawks, was attended by General Linkin Talleyrand himself and has seen the deployment of The Habsburg Infantry in the ensuing days. Westphalia has a long defenderist history, being the second largest region in the defender organization SWORD. Its occupation shall serve as a display of the military will of the LKE and our friends and allies. Furthermore, January also saw the Imperial Army culminate an operation in United Islands, where we were supporting our friends in The Roman Empire. Finally, this month has seen a noticeable uptick in the registration of new soldiers in the Imperial Army. Other News Of The Realm... -Nick Powell, our World Assembly Delegate, has announced his resignation from the post. This marks the end of his three year tenure as delegate, the longest of any in LKE History.-The LKE General elections are scheduled to occur on February 9th. Brought to you by the Ministry of the Exterior On behalf of His Supreme Majesty's Government, Peers, Electors and the Imperial Family of the LKE.
  3. Special Foreign Bulletin LKE Imperial Forums | LKE NationStates Page Emperor: Theoden Sebastian Crown Prince: Linkin Talleyrand Prime Minister: Nick Powell Ambassador: Linkin Talleyrand Nation Count: 344 | Regional Rank: 30th Proclamation of Accession Issued by The Earl of Scoll-Balow-Cambron, Wihelm Somerset, Lord High Steward, Moderator of the Guardian Council, and Guardian Counsellor, assisted by the other members of the Guardian Council, on Monday Eighth of January, in the year Two Thousand and Eighteen of the Common Era. It is hereby proclaimed, following the application of His Supreme Majesty Onder, Emperor of The Land of Kings and Emperors, King of Norwood, Basileus of Polis, Grand Prince of Niso, Prince of Maxonberg, Autokrator of The Land of Dragonia, Landgrave of Munster, Voivode and Hospodar of Moldavia, and Doge of Vienna, that the Imperial Crown has solely and rightfully come to His Supreme Highness, Theoden Sebastian, The Crown Prince of The Land of Kings and Emperors and Archduke of Niso, henceforth to be known as His Supreme Majesty, Emperor of The Land of Kings and Emperors and holder of all titles that come with the Imperial Crown of The Land of Kings and Emperors. All hail His Supreme Majesty, the Emperor! Conclusion of the Transition CeremonyThe Transition Ceremony, marking the abdication of Emperor Emeritus Onder Kelkia and the coronation of our new Emperor Theoden Sebastian has concluded after over a week of celebration. During this event we had a host of wonderful activities from speeches to party games, and more. We saw speeches delivered by both domestic and foreign dignitaries, our special thanks to the King of the United Kingdom and Supreme Chancellor of Europeia for their wonderful remarks. We would like to further thank all foreign dignitaries who attended the ceremony. It was a pleasure to host you all. Other notable evens were were Emperor Theoden creating Linkin Talleyrand as the Crown Prince, the heir to the throne, and Chief of the Imperial General Staff. Furthermore, Akillian Talleyrand was named Prince Imperial, rising to the position formerly held by Linkin Talleyrand. On January 12th, we further saw a reshuffle of the governance of the Imperial Realms and the distribution of honors to those who have faithfully served the LKE. This marked the closure of the ceremony and the end of the festivities. We once more offer our thanks to all of those who attended and The Land of Kings and Emperors now proudly looks towards the future.
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    Hello, I am Linkin Talleyrand, and I have been appointed the new ambassador from the LKE. It's a pleasure to be here! May I request I be masked as a diplomat?