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    Olathe, Kansas, U.S.
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    sociology, religious studies, ventriloquism, poetry, website development
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    Antifa Luxemburgist Communist Collective, CTSN, the Revolutionary Communist Alliance

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  1. Mōšẹh ʾẠhărōn b. Hẹʿrəšẹʿl

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    I, Dialectical metaRealism, do solemnly affirm that I will uphold the Charter of the Town of Equilism, its laws and treaties, and I affirm that I will defend the security and build the prosperity of the region, all to the best of my best ability. I will treat all Equilism citizens with dignity and endeavour toward diplomacy and common understanding. I understand that the Town may revoke my citizenship in case of criminal proceedings and that I am free to resign my citizenship at any time.