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    [center][img=http://z2.ifrm.com/10711/28/0/p1090277/mofa_seal.png] [size=14]The North Pacific Ministry of Foreign Affairs[/size][/center] [right]Magicality City, 29/11/2019[/right] Dear Baron Bones, The government of The North Pacific entreats you to accept Deerfenland as an ambassador between our two regions. He has been a citizen in good standing of The North Pacific for 2.5 years and a legislator in our Regional Assembly for the same period and we believe he will meet the duties of this posting admirably. His responsibilities will include above all keeping your region informed of important affairs in The North Pacific, supporting our interregional ties by interpersonal ties through social involvement, keeping our government abreast of affairs in your region, and providing services to dual citizens should they be needed and welcome. By accepting Deerfenland as an ambassador, we hope you will continue to honour the long-lasting relationship between The North Pacific and Equilism. Sincerely, Huks Gares Minister of Foreign Affairs.