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    Farewell Address

    Though in review of my time as an ambassador to this wonderful region, I am unconscious of intentional error. I am nevertheless too sensible of my defects to think it probable that I may have committed many errors. I also hope that my successor will view them with indulgence. After around a year dedicated to this region's service with an upright zeal, I hope that my successor will be a better ambassador than I was because this region truly deserves it. This Township has truly been wonderful to me, and you've all welcomed me with open arms. I felt as if I was a member of this Township. This is not a goodbye from me. No... This is just a goodbye to my time as your ambassador. I'll always be here to check in with the region once in a while. I believe all of you have made me feel something towards this region that isn't diplomacy; brotherhood, love, and a Township member. You've all treated me so kindly, and I will always hold that in my heart. I am so grateful that I was an ambassador to this region, and I hope that when I figure my IRL stuff out, I will be able to come back and serve you all once again. I'd take that opportunity in a heartbeat if I was presented with it. I will now assign myself to the assignment of rest... I anticipate with pleas and expectations that repeat. In which I promise myself to realize the sweet enjoyment of partaking. In the mix of my fellow people of TNP and Equilism. This region holds a special place in my heart from our mutual cares, labors, and dangers. So, I say goodbye. I don't cry because my time is over for now. I smile because I was given this opportunity. I love each and every one of you. Thank you all for everything. Kindest Regards, As always... Deerf
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    Short Updates

    Delegate Transition
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    The North Star XVII

    Regional Assembly Highlights by Bobberino, Minister of Communications Speaker: Deropia Deputy Speakers: Koopa, Rom, MadJack, Owenstacey Current Business Delegate's Report Bill by Brendog Summary: This bill writes into law the recent common practice of Ministers providing reports as per their administration's requests, following the precedent established by El Fiji Grande in his Delegacy. Status: In Discussion Lessening Repeating Work Bill by Praetor Summary: An election law based bill, this addresses the addition of preferential voting into our judicial elections, eliminates restarting elections, which also permits candidates withdrawing during voting. In addition, it provides yet more power to the oligarchy by stating that after backwards tie-breaking a tie remains, the longest-standing citizen is declared the winner, in a clear bone thrown to the oligarchy to get this passed. Status: In Discussion Court Rule Amendments Consulation by Zyvetskistaahn Summary: A bill that makes some common sense changes regarding the court rules and presents them to the RA. These include the court seeking out government officials for R4Rs relevant to them, a statement re: how to submit and withdraw R4Rs, an extension for opinion drafting and submission from 7 to 14 days, and introducing rules re: Freedom of Information and an insurance plan for vexatious appeals and/or relevant reviews are vexatious. Status: In Discussion NPA Bulletin by Pierce, Communications Staffer, NPA Soldier Leadership Minister of Defense: Trondstorm Deputy Minister of Defense: Colonel Rom The North Pacific Army (NPA) participated in a few operations, consisting mainly of refounds. From the 29th of February to the 9th of March, a strong force of 20 NPA soldiers participated in a joint operation with The Black Hawks (TBH) on the region of Opstan to prevent a refound by removing the Delegate and all Regional Officers. The operation ended by the Minor update on the 9th of March, by which the region was passworded. On the 7th of March, Colonel BluieGamer of the NPA refounded Itaque Sanctus Defensus after it had ceased to exist. The region was previously protected by Chapter 7.6 Section 32 and 33, which protects regions and its natives from permanent harm and excessive force through altering the embassy list, password protecting the region, forcibly removing natives, and refounding the region. The section states that exceptions can be made upon authorization of the Delegate and majority approval of the Regional Assembly. Since the region had formerly been an embassy partner with the Confederation of Corrupt Dictators, Delegate McMasterdonia proposed the exception for ISD alongside other regions to the RA on the 15th of February and the exception was approved with a 30-3 vote. The region had ceased to exist during the vote, and it was refounded following the passage of the exception and passworded. On the 24th of March, the NPA took note during a training operation that the Hitlers Alliance had been abandoned by its natives, and was refounded by Corporal Nimarya and Colonel BluieGamer to prevent the region from being a site for fascists. Finally, the NPA captured and refounded the region Nessuno (named after Lead Gameside Advocate Territorio Di Nessuno) to prevent its use from outside individuals. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ March 2020 Judicial Election by Haven With four months since November now behind us, it's time for another judicial election. March's vote comes as the Court in recent months has faced criticisms over a series of seemingly over-punitive decisions, including in cases featuring guilty pleas and requests for commutation. It also follows the abolition of the office of the Attorney General with the passing of the AGORA Act, leading to questions of the Court's standing to decide on legal ambiguities in a trial format, among other issues. The field was exceptionally large this month, with six candidates eventually making it to the final ballot. This including respected veterans and a few fresh faces looking to make a name for themselves on the bench. The Candidates: Vivanco Zyvetskistaahn Wonderess Lady Raven Wing Eluvatar Alamei MintChocoIC13 (Disqualified) Vivanco Vivanco's campaign emphasised his experience as Attorney General, and his record of upholding the independence of the judiciary. Vivanco responded to the issue of harsh sentencing by implying punishments may seem "more harsh [sic]" due to their final nature. Though they seemed to support the idea that the Court should always be open to rehabilitation, they indicated that past good deeds should not negate a bad act in the eyes of the law. Notably, they supported establishing a civil procedure for the Court, as a forum outside of moderation for the resolution of conflicts among individuals. They stated that the administration would assume the duty of enforcing these decisions, though they did not indicate what penal actions may be incurred upon violation. Vivanco received 18.31% of the vote and was not elected. Zyvetskistaahn Having served as the previous Chief Justice, Zyvetskistaahn's reelection campaign had an air of inevitability surrounding it, heightened by a highly thorough, issue-based campaign. On procedures, Zyvetskistaahn laid out a plan for much-needed reforms following the AGORA Act, including alteration of the requests for review form, the introduction of a form for indictments, and rule amendments to reflect the inevitable delay that will come from appointing a prosecutor after charges are accepted. Other amendments he endorsed included clarifying of indictments and requests for approval for bans, the introduction of requirements that changes to indictments be approved by the Court, and changes to the guilty plea process. Zyvetskistaahn received 49.30% of the vote and was elected. Lady Raven Wing Lady Raven Wing, running a concise but thoughtful campaign, was a clear favourite for reelection as Justice, having received several high-profile endorsements early on. Her time as Justice launched them from a relative unknown in TNP politics to a highly respected and experienced member of the bench. In the wake of the AGORA Act, she indicated that the Court should, going forward, not be resolving ambiguities of law in the criminal trial process, if at all. She qualified that this pertains only to ambiguities that do not result in "Constitutional conflict". Speaking on penal restrain, she stated that she did not feel any particular cases in recent years were decided improperly or that the Court handed down any unreasonable punishments. Lady Raven Wing received 50.70% of the vote and was elected. Wonderess This was Wonderess' second campaign for Justice, having run unsuccessfully last July in a comparatively bare-bones effort. This time around, he emphasised his conservative approach to interpreting and applying the statute, declaring that it was not the Court's role to innovate on the law but instead to act as a "respectful referee" of the trial process. On the issue of retribution, Wonderess pointed to The North Pacific v Bobberino as a case in which the Court could have pursued more leniency. He made it clear, however, that he did not see it as his place to criticise the Court for its previous decisions, especially considering we the public may not have all the "pieces of the puzzle". He offered a reasonable position on heavy-handed rulings, emphasising that punishment should be, first and foremost, about the rehabilitation of the defendant and that the Court should use only such legal force as necessary to affect this outcome. He indicated that, especially with as sparse a body of case law as the North Pacific has, precedent should not be the final word, and that each case encompasses unique circumstances that require a unique approach to resolution, even if the charges are the same. Wonderess received 50.70% of the vote and was elected. Eluvatar Eluvatar, the renowned former Delegate and elder statesman who has previously served in the now-defunct position of Attorney General, only tentatively accepted his nomination for Justice. He failed to post a campaign thread, and seemed to have relied on name recognition and a robust record. Eluvatar received 32.39% of the vote and was not elected. Alamei Though a TNP native for some time, Alamei has only recently begun to actively engage in regional government. An experienced legal official for the Versutian Federation, Alamei hopes to bring their philosophy of transparency and impartiality to the North Pacific. They supported the recent reforms under the AGORA Act, stating that it made the Court more accessible to the "common citizen". They also proposed a rule change that would allow Justices other than the Moderating Justice to ask questions of trial participants, suggesting this would allow Justices an opportunity to make a more 'fully informed' decision. Alamei received 35.21% of the vote and was not elected. MintChocoIC13 MintChocoIC13 did not post a campaign, and they lost their citizenship during the initial vote. They were struck from the ballot, and a new vote was triggered automatically. World Assembly Digest by El Fiji Grande General Assembly Improving the world one resolution at a time. Oceanic Waste Disposal Ban Status: Discarded Delegate's Vote: No vote Final Vote (World): For: 13,550 Against: 2,693 Final Vote (TNP): For: 533 Against: 50 Percentage of WA nations voting: 40.3% No Recommendation Repeal: "Promotion of Recycling" Status: Failed Delegate's Vote: Against Final Vote (World): For: 3,028 Against: 12,850 Final Vote (TNP): For: 46 Against: 547 Percentage of WA nations voting: 40.8% Recommendation: This repeal ironically uses rather ambiguous reasoning to argue that clause 3 of GAR #483 is ambiguous, stating that it creates for possible loopholes and abusive regulations for member nations and large corporations, without providing prove or examples as to how the by the author predicted negative consequences might come to pass. It is also rather contradictory, in claiming firstly that clause 3 was ambiguous, but then stating that clause 3 specifically creates abusive regulations while in fact the resolution itself does not create those regulations, but requires member nations to create regulations or subsidizations and tailor them according to their needs and requirements. Although it is possible for environmental regulations such as those on recycling to impact small businesses more than big businesses, it is up to national governments to craft regulations that do not disadvantage small businesses unfairly. Considering further that the author of the target resolution is currently working together with other members of the World Assembly to properly repeal GAR #483 and replace it in order to correct actual deficiencies, of which none where mentioned in this repeal, the Ministry advises to vote Against this proposal. Disease Naming Compact Status: Passed Delegate's Vote: Against Final Vote (World): For: 8,490 Against: 7,203 Final Vote (TNP): For: 210 Against: 379 Percentage of WA nations voting: 40.5% Recommendation: This proposal appears to be written opportunistically based on current real-life events. Unfortunately its provisions appear unnecessary as a common name for a novel disease would be adopted by most nations through communications between government authorities, and medical professionals would be aware of different names if they exist. In addition, the large variation in the languages of WA nations will make the task of creating a name suitable for all languages functionally impossible, and nations need flexibility to adopt a name that suits their language. For the above reasons, the Ministry recommends a vote Against this proposal. Interference Causing Equipment Act Status: Failed Delegate's Vote: Against Final Vote (World): For: 3,511 Against: 11,040 Final Vote (TNP): For: 51 Against: 500 Percentage of WA nations voting: 38.4% Recommendation: While a well-intentioned proposal, it unfortunately falls victim to wording problems, which are at times overly complex while also creating loopholes. For example, clause 2i includes technical vocabulary that is not properly defined. Clause 3 prohibits distribution of non-compliant devices between member states while allowing member states to import and export from non-member states. Clauses 3 and 4 together ensure only member states capable of developing non-compliant devices are able to use them for government purposes such as security and defence, while those not as technologically advanced cannot purchase them, and are left without a vital line of defence. For these reasons, the Ministry recommends a vote Against this proposal, in hopes of a better resolution in the future. On the Health and Financial Well-Being of Workers Status: Failed Delegate's Vote: For Final Vote (World): For: 6,815 Against: 8,326 Final Vote (TNP): For: 463 Against: 101 Percentage of WA nations voting: 39.4% Recommendation: This proposal aims to establish leave for workers in the event they become sick, have a family medical emergency, or if they have children. These types of events in a person's life are important for them to attend to, regardless of work obligations. On top of that, in the event they are sick, it would be wise to provide some sort of program that allows them to stay home and prevent the spread of the disease. Further, workers will receive identical compensation as they would have had they been at work, easing financial stress undertaken by not attending work. Creating an umbrella program for each of these, allowing greater flexibility for workers, is the best course of action. For these reasons, the Ministry recommends a vote For this proposal. Security Council Spreading interregional peace and goodwill, via force if necessary. Liberate The East Pacific Status: Failed Delegate's Vote: Against Final Vote (World): For: 6,708 Against: 8,799 Final Vote (TNP): For: 211 Against: 365 Percentage of WA nations voting: 39.7% Recommendation: In an event that can only be described as confusing, the Delegate of the East Pacific themselves has called for an end of their tyranny and wishes for a liberation of their region. While The North Pacific is always glad to help the weak and oppressed, we believe in this case it is sufficient to point out all the wonderfull options available to end ones own tyranny and political career, like self-impeachement or a good old donation affair. While we advise a vote Against this proposal, we sincerely wish The East Pacific all the best in ending its Delegate's reign of tyranny. Commend Kindjal Status: Passed Delegate's Vote: For Final Vote (World): For: 10,818 Against: 4,208 Final Vote (TNP): For: 519 Against: 72 Percentage of WA nations voting: 40.6% Recommendation: While we have our reservations, Kindjal has demonstrated a determination in a popular field of the game that is not usually discussed in the Security Council. Although they intended to dedicate to roleplay, they struggled with writing as English is not their first language. Instead, they chose a path that led to them becoming the best in their field of NS issues. Kindjal, in adjudicating right from wrong, has topped every other nation in 10 different censuses in the game, all of which are highly competitive. We hope that this well-written commendation demonstrates that nations in all fields of the game can be commended, and serve as an inspiration to dedicated issue answerers. For the above reasons, the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recommends a vote For this commendation. Commend Cormactopia Prime Status: Failed Delegate's Vote: Against Final Vote (World): For: 4,255 Against: 8,936 Final Vote (TNP): For: 63 Against: 459 Percentage of WA nations voting: 36.4% Recommendation: Cormactopia Prime, commonly known as Cormac, despite being a potentially deserving nominee, is the subject of a rather stale proposal that doesn't paint an accurate picture. Cormac is known for being capricious but still dedicated and charismatic in any role (defender, invader, imperialist, journalist, etc) they decide to take. The proposal doesn't argue that, rather that Cormac has great recognition among their peers for a collection of accomplishments. The proposal is jumpy and doesn't flow well throughout the clauses, each of which is shakily written and barely supports the the initial argument. Several of the clauses, such as the "Affirming" clause on developing stability in Osiris, contradict further evidence on Cormac's history with Osiris. For these reasons, the Ministry recommends a vote of Against "Commend Cormactopia Prime", hoping for a better proposal down the line. Spotlight - with 9003 by McMasterdonia, Delegate McMasterdonia: Today I am joined by 9003, a relatively new member of The North Pacific who is already a prominent member of our community and in the Cards Guild specifically. Welcome and thank you for joining me! 9003: Thanks for having me! McMasterdonia: Firstly, can you tell me a little about your background in NationStates? When did you join and which region did you first call home? 9003: I've played for 7 years now. Pretty much after founding my nation I got a lovely simple telegram from Sauron recruiting for Mordor. It said “one does not simply walk into Mordor” so I did the only logical thing and simply walked in. I helped develop the then fledgling region into a hotspot of a player region after out posting the RMB bot, I joined the force of Mordor and held a warzone for a couple of months. McMasterdonia: What did you enjoy most about your time in Mordor? During your time of supporting regional development in that region, what did you learn? 9003: I learned a lot about developing the region including that the founder and in turn dark lord can be put on trial and serve as the sitting judge on said trial. In a mess of legal debate. My favorite activity in Mordor was spamming on the forum I played every one of the games to a crazy level reaching several thousand posts a week. Raising in the ranks in the forces of Mordor was also fun and fits well with me joining the NPA now. McMasterdonia: Excellent! We will get to your NPA service in a moment, but before that What made you decide to join The North Pacific? 9003: What made me join tnp was the card lotto after seeing all the legendaries going about I knew I had to get in on the action for some of those! McMasterdonia: How did you hear about the card lottery? Always interested to know how our outreach is going! 9003: I heard about the lottery from the marketplace discord after The Northern Lights posted some winners. The chance to win a soops or mindless contempt while collecting Ex flags was a huge draw. They are the peak ex flag card, after that I knew I couldn’t sit it out any longer. McMasterdonia: Did this create any conflict for you? In terms of deciding to leave Mordor for The North Pacific? 9003: Well all in all I still haven't "left" Mordor my main has due to a small snafoo with NS breeze. Blowing my 7 years of residency. So I switched a puppet in but for the most part the Mordor government has fallen aside and is quite and a shadow of its former glory McMasterdonia: And ever since, you have been very involved in The Cards Guild! What is it about Cards that you find enjoyable within the context of NationStates? 9003: I love cards because they give nationstates more of an active game rather than logging on once in a while to answer issues. McMasterdonia: Regarding the NPA, it has been great seeing you get involved there. What made you decide to participate in our Army and how have you found it to be? 9003: After serving in the forces of Mordor and reaching the rank of general there I partook in the UDL for a while before hanging my hat up on r/d for a good while. However, once I saw the NPA was an active army I knew I had to join and give it another shot. McMasterdonia: Would you say that before joining the NPA you would have identified as a defender? 9003: I would say I identified mostly defender. After some espionage missions among den (pre-predator days) I jumped for a mission or two of tags and always enjoyed it but until now didn't have an army that supported the view. I very much like the NPAs method to preserve the wfe and flag. As the big part of raiding I didn't like was destroying random regions when they didn't do anything warranting destruction. McMasterdonia: Wow! So you were involved in espionage ops against DEN? 9003: I was mostly just there to muck things up and see if they were up to any large scale raids. The level of opsec was next to zero during that time. McMasterdonia: So joining the NPA could be another espionage operation? 9003: For who! The now defunct forces of Mordor lol. And nah I wouldn't move my main nation into the region if I was, I would have far too much to lose. McMasterdonia: Naturally I am just teasing! How has your experience differed to your prior military experience? 9003: The npa has a larger occupational force and a larger active force. Most operations of Mordor’s forces were missions with 5 nations. Therefore seeing the NPA show up to a joint op or even just a regular op with 7+ jumpers is impressive and having the Generals here to help out new folks is awesome. McMasterdonia: You also mentioned earlier that you like that the NPA does not (as a general rule) do destructive raids. Are there any circumstances where you think a destructive raid is desirable and necessary? 9003: Well in the case of anyone The North Pacific is at war with would be a very justified cause or any region that is causing distress to the greater nationstates community. McMasterdonia: Do you see yourself getting involved in other areas of The North Pacific? Are you interested in pursuing higher office? 9003: I'm trying to. Truth be told when I first moved here it was during the delegate election and I tried to run to only be shot down by just a few days short on the residency requirement. Now, I have learned that it would be far better to learn more about the position before I try and run for it. But I would love to run for more at some point. For now, I am enjoying serving as a Deputy Guildmaster. It is great fun! McMasterdonia: What about the executive staff? Have you considered getting involved in other Ministries? 9003: I have been considering joining the culture Ministry. It fits quite well with Cards and I would be interested to get involved in their other activities. McMasterdonia: That concludes our interview! Thank you once more for your time 9003. We look forward to seeing your future contributions to The North Pacific. 9003: My pleasure, thank you for having me![h][/h] The North Star: Lighting The Way To The Truth Publisher: McMasterdonia :: Executive Editor: Bobberino :: Managing Editor: Robespierre and Cosmosplosion The North Star is produced by the Ministry of Communications on behalf of the Government of The North Pacific and is distributed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs externally and the Ministry of Home Affairs internally. Except where otherwise indicated, all content represents the views of the Government of The North Pacific. Index of Issues
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    The Diplomat [Open]

    The young man woke up at his desk. Papers were scattered all over the floor. He found it in himself to wake up. Alerts from legislation passed in the land of Equalism kept popping up on his phone in his emails. He felt his head a little bit. "Ugh... What happened?" he asked himself before he found the strength to get up on his feet. He walked down the stairs in the embassy. "Good morning, Jean-Paul, how are you doing today?" it was his secretary, Amaia Sung. The young man shook her hand and smiled warmly. "I'm alright, Ms. Sung. And yourself?" she smiled and embraced him in a hug. "I'm okay," she said as she went to making her coffee. He got back on his feet and went back to his desk before he felt a tug on his hand. Amaia sat him down. "Stay. Your report can wait. You need some time to relax." Jean-Paul shrugged and stayed seated for a little while. Exhaustion filled his body. Amaia noticed. "Sleep. I'll wake you up in a little bit." He did as he was told and drifted off to sleep.
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    [CENTER][IMG=https://i.imgur.com/f4UEI8F.png][/CENTER] [h][/h] [IMG=https://i.imgur.com/sG8YGQy.png][SIZE=7]General Election Report[/SIZE] [RIGHT][I]by [/I][URL='https://forum.thenorthpacific.org/profile/5011753/'][I]Angshire[/I][/URL][I], Deputy Minister of Communications[/I] and [URL='https://forum.thenorthpacific.org/profile/5060645/']ACR of Deerfenland[/URL][/RIGHT] [h][/h] [B]The Candidates[/B] [LIST] [*]Delegate: McMasterdonia, Nessuno, & Felis. [*]Vice Delegate: Artemis & Robespierre. [*]Speaker: Deropia & Dreadton. [*]Attorney General: Vivanco & Hopps [/LIST] [B][I]The Election for Delegate[/I][/B] Following a very successful term, incumbent Delegate McMasterdonia announced his plans to re-run for Delegate, on a campaign of increasing citizen participation, strengthening the executive government and the ministries, and furthering opportunities for newcomers and returners to get more involved in TNP government. Providing detailed reports about each of the ministries, and goals for the next term, the plans that McMasterdonia had made for Delegate were laid out from the beginning. His campaign received immense support from the general populace, praising his efforts and accomplishments in his previous term. The second candidate, Nessuno, represented the Animal Party, one of the few political parties of the North Pacific. Having served as the Lead Gameside Advocate for the previous term, and advocated for a “Revolution” in the North Pacific. His campaign included plans for radical changes, including a merge and reform of all the current ministries into five brand new ministries, and incorporating the Gameside Advocates into them. His call for the widespread adoption of socialism and purge of counter-revolutionaries created outcry against his campaign, with many voters simply denouncing it as a “joke campaign.” Nevertheless, he did garner support among some of his fellow GAs, as well as other citizens who are primarily on the RMB. Finally, the third candidate was Felis, an unexpected candidate who had nominated themselves close to the end of the nomination process. Having spent all of his time-constrained to Eras roleplay, Felis was notable as the only candidate for Delegate who lacked previous experience in the North Pacific government. While he did indeed run and managed to gain votes, Felis never made an official campaign thread and, therefore, never officially ran on any campaign promises. Nevertheless, Felis did manage to win votes in the election, although his support came mostly from his fellow Eras roleplayers. In the end, Delegate McMasterdonia won 89.00% of the vote, the highest out of any candidate across all four races of the January 2020 Election. Nessuno and Felis racked in at 8.00% and 3.00% respectively, coming in 2nd and 3rd. With only five voters choosing to abstain, the Delegate election also had the highest amount of voter participation among the four elections. 8.57% of voters wanted to re-open nominations. [B][I]The Election for Vice Delegate[/I][/B] Unlike the race for Delegate, the Vice Delegate race was highly competitive from the start. The first candidate, incumbent Vice Delegate Artemis (Sundred), had previously faced no competition in the September 2019 elections. He campaigned on the success and growth that TNP experienced. At the same time, he was Vice Delegate under McMasterdonia, while also promising to increase cooperation with the Cards Guild and host a region-wide endorsement event with the Ministry of Culture. Most of the questions were regarding his membership within the Security Council, with some condemning it as an unelected group of “elites.” Artemis, however, argued against that notion, and his campaign received mostly positive reviews from the general public. The other candidate, Robespierre, served as Minister of Defense before his election campaign. Although a relative newcomer to the community, Robespierre boasted an extensive repertoire of accomplishments and previous positions. He based his campaign on a commitment to activity and transparency, while also maintaining that members of the Security Council will be held accountable to those same standards. His campaign also received mostly positive reviews, with many citizens commending his efforts in other government offices, while also being excited to see a fresh new face in the running. He also managed to gain the support of most of the North Pacific Army, and his promises to increase the power of the RA were met with wide acclaim. At the start of the election, it was expected that sitting Vice Delegate Artemis would win. However, in a surprising political upset, it was Robespierre that won, with 53.06% of the votes. Artemis was close behind, placing 2nd with 46.94% of the votes. The Vice Delegate race was the closest of all four elections, with Robespierre winning by a vote of 52-46, a margin of just six votes. Only 1.90% of voters wanted to re-open nominations, the lowest amount across all four elections. There were seven abstentions. [B][I]The Election for Speaker[/I][/B]r There were two candidates for the office of Speaker. This was a highly competitive matchup between Dreadton and Deropia, who both had their own beliefs to bring to the table. Deropia, a former Deputy Speaker, came into the election with several things that he wanted to accomplish. Speakers Checks and updating the Citizenship Rolls as well as engaging the region as a whole in legislation passed by the RA was a big thing that he wanted to be accomplished. Dreadton’s story was different when he ran. With some prior experience in running a campaign for Speaker. Coming into the election, he did not have any significant plans for projects. However, he ran with several goals of what he wanted to accomplish. Monthly Citizenship Reports, Adoption of Bill Tracking Indicators into the Regional Assembly Procedures, and the addition of Deputies. Coming in with 73.33% of the votes, Deropia captured the office of Speaker with 66 votes under his belt. Dreadton won a mere 26.67% of the votes with 24 votings under him. 14 Nations abstained, which meant that Deropia was elected as Speaker. [B][I]The Election for Attorney General[/I][/B] Just like the speaker and delegate races, the election race of the Attorney General was also uncompetitive, and one nation came out in a landslide victory over their opponent. Vivanco ran on three core covenants; justice, a new light, and the people. He also came in with substantial experience under his belt. He acted as an ambassador to the Democratic Socialist Assembly, as well as the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs. He also showed early on in his candidacy that he was knowledgable about the topic of law and that he is interested in pursuing it as far as he can. Hopps, unlike other candidates, did not have a campaign, but he, just like everyone else, had his visions that he would follow if he were to win the position. With 85.19% of the votes, Vivanco was elected Attorney General. Forty-six voted for Vivanco, a mere eight voted for Hopps, and 51 voted to Abstain, but with that, Vivanco was elected as the Attorney General. [h][/h] [IMG=https://i.imgur.com/sG8YGQy.png][SIZE=7]Regional Assembly Highlights[/SIZE] [RIGHT][I]by [/I][URL='https://forum.thenorthpacific.org/profile/5011753/'][I]Artemis[/I][/URL][I], Minister of Communications[/I][/RIGHT] [CENTER] [B]Regional Assembly Highlights, January 2020[/B] Speaker: [URL='https://forum.thenorthpacific.org/profile/5032634/']Deropia[/URL] Deputy Speakers: [URL='https://forum.thenorthpacific.org/profile/5047450/']Bobberino[/URL], [URL='https://forum.thenorthpacific.org/profile/5062031/']Kaschovia[/URL] [h][/h] [B]Current Business[/B] [URL='https://forum.thenorthpacific.org/topic/9191639/']Term Limit Removal Bill[/URL] by [URL='https://forum.thenorthpacific.org/profile/5000902/']Pallaith[/URL] [/CENTER] Summary: The Term Limit Removal Bill aims to do just as the title says. This constitutional amendment would amend Article 3 Section 12 to strike out a provision that limits the Delegate to being elected more than two consecutive terms. The bill has garnered a large amount of attention from a wide variety of members of the community. Opponents to the bill have indicated that this bill will not lead to an increase in competitive elections and will lead to a stagnation in our executive branch. Supporters of the bill have argued the opposite, citing that this bill will lead to an increase in competition and encourage members to run against incumbent Delegates. [CENTER] [B]Status:[/B] In Discussion [URL='https://forum.thenorthpacific.org/topic/9191629/']Military Modernisation Bill[/URL] by [URL='https://forum.thenorthpacific.org/profile/3108012/']McMasterdonia[/URL] [/CENTER] Summary: Originally drafted as an amendment to the Constitution and the Legal Code, the Military Modernisation Bill has been altered as an amendment to the Legal Code with the promise of discussion on a separate constitutional amendment. The MMB aims to replace from the Legal Code the chapter regarding the North Pacific Army and modernize the laws governing the NPA. This amendment aims to allow more flexibility to the operations of the NPA while still maintaining the Independent ideology and oversight from the Regional Assembly. [CENTER] [B]Status:[/B] In Discussion[/CENTER] [h][/h] [IMG=https://forum.thenorthpacific.org/proxy.php?image=https%3A%2F%2Fi.imgur.com%2FsG8YGQy.png&hash=830f89855f5628222c1a0109e1ef13e8][SIZE=7]NPA Report[/SIZE] [RIGHT][I]by [/I][URL='https://forum.thenorthpacific.org/profile/3238036/'][I]Rom[/I][/URL][I], War Correspondent[/I][/RIGHT] [CENTER][IMG=https://forum.thenorthpacific.org/proxy.php?image=https%3A%2F%2Fimages-ext-2.discordapp.net%2Fexternal%2FxZe5fWJxB_Qa7O49OfMCIrZS6-WzCcnW9LS8CnnWlvM%2Fhttps%2Fi.ibb.co%2FXy6S7hG%2FBquQOG8.png&hash=c9403e130971d2b1a91554263dfc8fcc] [B]Leadership Minister of Defense: [/B][URL='https://forum.thenorthpacific.org/profile/5061510'][B]Trondstorm[/B][/URL] [B]Deputy Minister of Defense: [/B][URL='https://forum.thenorthpacific.org/profile/3238036/'][B]Colonel Rom[/B][/URL][/CENTER] [h][/h] The North Pacific Army (NPA) had a very busy January, continuing to do a wide variety of operations. From doing fash bashes, tag runs, raiding regions to liberating regions, the NPA conducted several different types of operations throughout January. To begin the month, the NPA, along with some of our friends, raided the region of Iran. A total of twenty-six (26) NPA soldiers participated in the operation, which lasted for a little over a week. This operation was considered to be a success as we were able to hold the delegacy despite several attempts made by defenders to liberate the region. Another big operation that the NPA did in January was tagging regions that had an embassy with the Confederation of Corrupt Dictators (CCD). A total of nine regions that had embassies with CCD got tagged by the NPA between two different tag runs. These tag runs sent a strong message to regions that are considering relations with CCD that they have gained the attention of the NPA, and that we will tag your region if you wish to align yourself with CCD. The NPA also participated in a couple of liberations in January. One of the first liberations we did this month was to liberate the region Christianity Union. This region was being held by Farkasfalka, a fascist region that also is allied with CCD. Later in January, the NPA, along with other defenders, liberated the region of Cheddar, a region that was being held by Lone Wolves United (LWU). [h][/h] [IMG=https://forum.thenorthpacific.org/proxy.php?image=https%3A%2F%2Fi.imgur.com%2FsG8YGQy.png&hash=830f89855f5628222c1a0109e1ef13e8][SIZE=7]WA Digest[/SIZE] [RIGHT][I]by [/I][URL='https://forum.thenorthpacific.org/profile/5008463/'][I]Brendog[/I][/URL][I], Minister of Home Affairs[/I][/RIGHT] [CENTER] [IMG=https://www.nationstates.net/images/ga.jpg] [B][COLOR=rgb(44, 130, 201)]General Assembly[/COLOR][/B] [I]Improving the world one resolution at a time[/I] [h][/h] [B]Data Protection Accord[/B] [I]Status:[/I] [B][COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]Failed[/COLOR] [/B]| [I]Delegate's Vote:[/I] [B][COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]Against[/COLOR][/B] [I]Final Vote (World):[/I] [I]For [/I]- [COLOR=rgb(97, 189, 109)]3,814[/COLOR] (26.2%); [I]Against - [/I][COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]10,713[/COLOR] (73.8%) [I]Final Vote (TNP):[/I] [I]For [/I]- [COLOR=rgb(97, 189, 109)]91[/COLOR] (15.8%); [I]Against - [/I][COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]484[/COLOR] (84.2%) [I]Percentage of TNP WA nations voting:[/I] 41.9%[/CENTER] [I]Forensics Accord[/I] is a poorly-written proposal that was submitted with virtually no drafting. Firstly, its title is misleading as it suggests the proposal is about forensics in general, when it exclusively covers "forensic genetics". Another major flaw of the proposal is that it does not mandate any action from nations, as its clauses only "encourage", "welcome" or "emphasize" certain things, meaning it is essentially useless and arguably has no area of effect. Its category of health is also arguably incorrect, as it does not fit the description. Furthermore, the proposal is ironically full of both vague undefined terms and unnecessary definitions. It defines the word "forensics", which is not used at all in the rest of the text, while its other definition is for "impunity", a word used only once. The vague term "forensic genetics", which is used multiple times, is undefined, while other terms such as "international sentient law" or "sentient rights international law" are unclear and/or grammatically incorrect. For the above reasons, the ministry urges a vote [B]Against[/B] this proposal. [CENTER][h][/h] [B]Ensuring Safe Syringe Use[/B] [I]Status:[/I] [B][COLOR=rgb(97, 189, 109)]Passed[/COLOR][/B] | [I]Delegate's Vote:[/I] [B][COLOR=rgb(97, 189, 109)]For[/COLOR][/B] [I]Final Vote (World):[/I] [I]For [/I]- [COLOR=rgb(97, 189, 109)]13,592[/COLOR] (86.9%); [I]Against - [/I][COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]2,041[/COLOR] (13.1%) [I]Final Vote (TNP):[/I] [I]For [/I]- [COLOR=rgb(97, 189, 109)]552[/COLOR] (94.4%); [I]Against - [/I][COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]33[/COLOR] (5.6%) [I]Percentage of TNP WA nations voting:[/I] 41.9%[/CENTER] Ensuring the use of safe, sterilized syringes is a worthwhile goal for the World Assembly even if it does not seem like an obvious issue, as it will contribute to the overall reduction in the transmission of bloodborne illnesses. The current proposal does this in such a way that it does not place undue strain on medical systems in less developed member nations. For these reasons, the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recommends a vote [B]For [/B]the proposal[B].[/B] [CENTER][/CENTER] [h][/h] [CENTER][IMG=https://www.nationstates.net/images/sc.jpg] [B][COLOR=rgb(209, 72, 65)]Security Council[/COLOR][/B] [I]Spreading interregional peace and goodwill, via force if necessary[/I][/CENTER] [h][/h] [CENTER][B]Commend Benevolent Thomas[/B] [I]Status:[/I] [B][COLOR=rgb(97, 189, 109)]Passed[/COLOR][/B] | [I]Delegate's Vote:[/I] [B][COLOR=rgb(97, 189, 109)]For[/COLOR][/B] [I]Final Vote (World):[/I] [I]For [/I]- [COLOR=rgb(97, 189, 109)]11,930[/COLOR] (81.5%); [I]Against - [/I][COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]2,710[/COLOR] (18.5%) [I]Final Vote (TNP):[/I] [I]For [/I]- [COLOR=rgb(97, 189, 109)]445[/COLOR] (90.4%); [I]Against - [/I][COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]47[/COLOR] (9.6%) [I]Percentage of TNP WA nations voting:[/I] 38.0%[/CENTER] While previously The North Pacific had voted against commendations for the same individual, we no longer believe that a small incident over a miscommunication should prevent the commendation of a notable individual. Since the previous attempts, The Order of the Grey Wardens, founded by Benevolent Thomas, has cemented its place as a premier defender organization, and Benevolent Thomas has been recognized internationally for dedication to defending. Along with his service in developing several regions, including many prominent duties in European Union, working to revive 00000 A World Power (a prominent defender region) and significant roles in 10000 Islands as delegate, and all achievements highlighted in the proposal, Benevolent Thomas is most deserving of a commendation. For these reasons, the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recommends a vote [B]For[/B] the proposal. [h][/h] [CENTER][B]Codemn Norlands[/B] [I]Status:[/I] [B][COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]Failed[/COLOR][/B] | [I]Delegate's Vote:[/I] [B][COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]Against[/COLOR][/B] [I]Final Vote (World):[/I] [I]For [/I]- [COLOR=rgb(97, 189, 109)]1,741[/COLOR] (12.8%); [I]Against - [/I][COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]11,878[/COLOR] (87.2%) [I]Final Vote (TNP):[/I] [I]For [/I]- [COLOR=rgb(97, 189, 109)]57[/COLOR] (10.8%); [I]Against - [/I][COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]467[/COLOR] (89.2%) [I]Percentage of TNP WA nations voting:[/I] 37.5%[/CENTER] A roleplay proposal, which not frequently seen in the Security Council, is one that addresses the roleplay activity of a nation, rather than gameplay actions such as raiding/defending or regional politics. A roleplay condemnation is viewed as a badge of honour for playing a good villain IC while contributing to the roleplay community OOC. On the surface, this appears to be a perfectly fine proposal of this category. However, upon closer examination, many actions by the subject, Norrlands, such as launching unprovoked nuclear strikes, or pushing another nation to launch 14 nuclear warheads, is indicative of unrealistic and excessively militaristic roleplay. Furthermore, the subject roleplays solely in the Discord server of Sonindia, and has not made any contributions to the general NationStates roleplay community. For the above reasons, the ministry recommends a vote [B]Against[/B] this resolution. [h][/h] [CENTER][small][U][B]The North Star[/B][/U][B]:[/B] [I]Lighting The Way To The Truth[/I] Publisher: [URL='https://forum.thenorthpacific.org/profile/3108012']McMasterdonia [/URL]:: Executive Editor: [URL='https://forum.thenorthpacific.org/profile/5011753']Artemis [/URL]:: Managing Editors: [URL='https://forum.thenorthpacific.org/profile/5062147/']Angshire [/URL]and [URL='https://forum.thenorthpacific.org/profile/5047450']Bobberino[/URL] [I]The North Star is produced by the Ministry of Communications on behalf of the Government of The North Pacific and is distributed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs externally and the Ministry of Home Affairs internally. Except where otherwise indicated, all content represents the views of the Government of The North Pacific.[/I][/small] [B][URL='https://www.nationstates.net/page=dispatch/id=1114798']Index of Issues[/URL][/B][/CENTER] [h][/h][h][/h]
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  7. Deerfenland

    The North Pacific Ambassador

    [center][img=http://z2.ifrm.com/10711/28/0/p1090277/mofa_seal.png] [size=14]The North Pacific Ministry of Foreign Affairs[/size][/center] [right]Magicality City, 29/11/2019[/right] Dear Baron Bones, The government of The North Pacific entreats you to accept Deerfenland as an ambassador between our two regions. He has been a citizen in good standing of The North Pacific for 2.5 years and a legislator in our Regional Assembly for the same period and we believe he will meet the duties of this posting admirably. His responsibilities will include above all keeping your region informed of important affairs in The North Pacific, supporting our interregional ties by interpersonal ties through social involvement, keeping our government abreast of affairs in your region, and providing services to dual citizens should they be needed and welcome. By accepting Deerfenland as an ambassador, we hope you will continue to honour the long-lasting relationship between The North Pacific and Equilism. Sincerely, Huks Gares Minister of Foreign Affairs.