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    Be Nice to the Previous Poster

    Gives FL $2,000,000,000 to buy his favourite house/country/corner of the planet he wants to.
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    Kicks Vasili while he's kicking FL
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    the last one wins

    Huh? I think I stumbled into the wrong place..... Oh wait, last person wins. Wow! Like golf... althought thats lowest score.
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    Cleaning up Iraq

    Thats not entirely true. It might be easy for us to say while we are over in our home in a different country. But within Iraq, a lot of people live in fear over what will happen to them from day to day. The US might think the world is safer because they managed to take out a dictator, but who is really much safer? The US is now twice as panicy as before, and IEDs are going off like fireworks everytime you change the radio frequency. Yes the US and its allies have lost a lot of troops, but its nothing in comparison to the Iraqis that have been killed. Who lives it knows it, and until you go down to Iraq and see first hand whats going on, you cant throw out remarks about whats better or worse for a country. As for creating something new, no one in the muslim world will even consider it unless it was formed themselves. If us in the West force the issue, it will only be seen as a puppet state, which will only cause more attacks. Yes we're trying to hand over power, but in order to do this right, we can't make 90% of the rules. We can solicit information, but overall, they would need to make it look like the people of Iraq decided for themselves. The Palestinians voted in Hamas. If people want to vote in radicals or dictators let them do so. At least most of the people will be happy, and they can stop living in fear. No one person can please everyone, thats what our problem is now... thinking our own ideas.... that can't even please the home country.... will please a whole country that has grown to hate us.
  5. Mystral

    The Mohammed Cartoons

    I agree you don't have the right to resort to vilence so quickly, but paradoxically, only in an idea world would that statement be true. Everyone set their boundaries differently. In this case, a few radical people decided they wanted to add feul to a smoldering fire. Most Muslims tried to hold in their anger even with all the trouble in the EU. But when the radicals distributed the cartoons it lead to protest, which they then snowballed into riots. Its the same with most other things, which is why a lot of times protesters, no matter how peaceful they originally intend to be, are normally escorted by police. The Muslim riots are an example of how quickly things can go from bad to worse given the right circumstances. I'm not saying the Muslim rioters had the right to go on a rampage, I'm just saying that everyone needs their space. Extremist exist in every culture, and they wait for the right issues to come up to provoke others who might be borderline. The more people you bring to a party, the more others are willing to join your cause is it not?
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    Nope... Rhombi?
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    the last one wins

    are not my geometrically inspired friend
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    Who Will Post Next?

    no..... Rhombi?
  9. Mystral

    The Mohammed Cartoons

    Relative to the person who want s to beleive it as the truth. Everyone likes to make fun of everyone. But most times we know the type of response we'll get. Then again... I'm sure we knew the type of response we were going to get this time too. Which could bring up the arguement of the cartoons being used as a pivot to give the West more reason to force thier veiws on the "barbaric and unhuman practices" of Muslims. But thats just my current thoughts on the matter....
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    the last one wins

    REALLY now Elle.... Is there no other option?
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    Nope..... Rommel?
  12. Hmmm.... can I ask for spot #7? Cold mountains in the North and some coastline for swimming in the summer! Capitol would probably be just above where "7" is written
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    Nope... Chauce?
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    Who Will Post Next?

    Nope.... Noot?
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    Politics in the Classroom

    No, don't misunderstand.... I'm not saying that it isn't media worthy. What I'm saying is that what happens in a classroom shouldn't be blown out of proportion by the media. Arguements like this I'm sure happen all the time in lecture hall across the globe, but why it is that only ones like these ever make it to the public spot light? The veiws expressed by different people are menat to be kept between the people they were expressed to. There is no need to broadcast them all over the place where the world can judge who was right and who was wrong. In the end all it does is scare people into being more careful about what they say to others, and therefore cause more compromise among the general consensus. And who made the biggest fuss over this whole thing? FOX. The rest saw the oportunity and jumped on the band wagon, in a sort of snowball effect. Thus this whole thing has been blown out of proportion