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  1. Diplomatic Application

    Nice to meet you.
  2. Admin Request Thread

  3. Stand/Nominate for Mayor - December 2017

    Okay, I'll stand.
  4. NS -Fifteen Years of NationStates

    The links at the bottom are all 404, which is nostalgic at least.
  5. Become a Citizen!

    Welcome to Equilism.
  6. The Rum Den

  7. NS -Fifteen Years of NationStates

    HEEEEEYYYYYYY West, where did you think you'd be in 2017? I've been here since 2006, 11 years. I have "quit permanently" more than once, yet here I am. I was going to be a mortician or a archaeologist. I failed totally. But I got married, soon I'll have a child (within the year, fingers crossed) I'm living the blue collar dream so to speak. Everything ended up so different than I had imagined but I still managed to be successful at least. Thank the Lord.
  8. Vote for Mayor

  9. Vote for Mayor

  10. Equilism Anime Fan Club HQ

    We should all watch something (new) and review it. Also some reviews: Berserk 2016, TERRIBLE. I enjoyed the golden age movies and was willing to make myself like this series even if it was a little rough around the edges, but despite this it was still bad. My only real gripe is the bad CGI animation which was just so jarring that it was tough to watch. But it DOES get better but it never got good. Also CLANG. Kill La Kill, not a review but this a lesbian coming of age story and I'm not the only one who sees it right?
  11. One Word Story!

    There was once a ship which sailed away into the furthest horizon. It never would have gone, knowing that where it ended there was death. The only thing that was motivating the ship was treasure. The treasure was ancient and was rumored to grant unimaginable magical powers. It was
  12. Word Association Game!

  13. Have You Ever?

    Nope, Missed actual classes though. Have you ever eaten a meal that was entirely gathered/hunted by yourself?