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  1. tarricoe

    Foreign Affairs Update - March 2020

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    Double Letters Game

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    Double Letters Game

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    Admin Request Thread

  5. Nominations for mayor will be open over the next 4 days, followed by a three day vote. Please stand or nominate another citizen for candidacy,
  6. tarricoe

    October 2019: Mayor Vote

  7. Security Council Resolution At Vote Condemn The New Inquisition A resolution to express shock and dismay at a nation or region. Category: Condemnation Nominee: The New Inquisition Proposed by: Cormactopia Prime The Security Council: Acknowledging that The New Inquisition is currently dormant, but recognizing the possibility The New Inquisition could rise again to pose a threat to other regions; Denouncing The New Inquisition for pursuing imperialism through acts of duplicitous subversion, unprovoked aggression, and wanton destruction against peaceful, sovereign regional communities throughout the world, including as a constituent region of the former United Imperial Armed Forces (UIAF); Reproaching The New Inquisition for once establishing a formal alliance with The Black Riders and maintaining a close military partnership with The Black Hawks, both previously condemned by this Security Council for their acts of regional destruction, acts at times supported by The New Inquisition; Rebuking The New Inquisition for the following deplorable offenses against interregional peace and goodwill: Support for the Crimson Order, a rogue regime led by Lewis and Clark, which perpetrated a more than two month long coup d'etat against the constitutional government of The North Pacific; Support for and formal alliance with the Empire, a rogue regime led by Lady Phedre, which perpetrated a more than four month long coup d'etat against the constitutional government of The East Pacific; Declaration of war against The North Pacific to support allies the Empire and Gatesville, which had also declared war against The North Pacific; Absurd claims of sovereignty over Valhalla, used to rationalize war against the Founderless Regions Alliance (FRA) and its member regions, which once included Lazarus and the Rejected Realms; Occupation of Belgium to use as a staging ground for invasion of the Rejected Realms, the latter invasion including the use of involuntary conscripts forced to participate without their knowledge or consent; Subversion of the community and government of Lazarus by a senior official of The New Inquisition, without censure from the government of The New Inquisition, ultimately resulting in the expulsion of this official and other citizens of The New Inquisition from Lazarus; Support for the Imperium -- a rogue regime led by The dourian embassy, which at the time was controlled by a puppet government answerable to Nevadar and Durkadurkiranistan ii of Gatesville Inc, and which perpetrated a one month long coup d'etat against the constitutional government of Osiris -- providing significant military support and strategic data to deliberately prolong the coup; Termination of an alliance with the South Pacific due to ratification of a treaty of mutual defense between the South Pacific and the Rejected Realms, which at the time had a chilling effect on the sovereign right of other prominent allies of The New Inquisition to formalize alliances with Lazarus and the Rejected Realms; Assertion of illegitimate claims to sovereignty over Concosia to rationalize war against the United Defenders League (UDL), following attempts by the UDL to liberate Concosia from forced colonization by The New Inquisition; Use of wars against the FRA and the UDL to rationalize invasion and occupation of countless regions throughout the world, often with little or no actual connection to the FRA or the UDL, including but by no means limited to the following regions that have previously endured UIAF occupation: The True Rebirth, Middle Earth, New Zealand, Australia, Slavia, Scotland, Slavya, Canada, and Eastern Europe; Declaring The New Inquisition to be among the most belligerent and dangerous regions in world history, and desiring to place an enduring censure upon the actions of its bellicose, imperialist regime; Hereby Condemns The New Inquisition.
  8. tarricoe

    August 2019: Town Moderator Nominations

    I nominate Isaris and Lamoni
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    March 2018 Mayor Vote

  10. tarricoe

    Corrupt a Wish

    Granted, you are shot into orbit around Earth with to too little fuel to return. You will travel around the world until you eventually de-orbit as space junk. I wish I had a million dollars.