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  1. Equilism Anime Fan Club HQ

    Hey Monk, thanks for the invite Im not really into Anime though, i just adore the dark theme in Death Note. Its so pleasantly EVIL... heheh If you know more shows like this ...
  2. E-Army Promotions

    Noooooooooo, not the Merl..... *Sits in the corner and cries himself to sleep*
  3. Greetings

  4. Answer a Question with a Question

    Don't you know what she meant?
  5. European Elimination

    Lol lets start one in asia, and then eliminate new zealand first
  6. European Elimination

    Cause you guys eliminated the netherlands
  7. E-Army Promotions

    Uhmmm commagain?
  8. Guess the Postcount

    Nope 4448 6680?
  9. Who Will Post Next?

    Surprise surprise Wagger?
  10. European Elimination

    I'm boycotting this game
  11. E-Army Promotions

    Lol, eye-friendly? What was wrong with the old colours?
  12. E-Army Promotions

    Lol no, cause i don't really have an account or such... It depends on the grace of other people how my city develops, .... i think?!?!?!?
  13. E-Army Promotions

    Lol Just discovered it today, thought i might try it out It grows as people click to your site... Thats all, don't really get the point of it... but wanted to try
  14. Sign In

    Welcome to Gavencia, The Hypercube, Epsilon Eridonus, Rodhama, Obnoxioustan and Gorga Blak *checks his list* Did i get everyone? Ow and welcome again Dali!
  15. E-Army Promotions

    Hey wes *takes a bow*