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  1. Notherfork

    Equilism Map: Request your spot here! (archive)

    Perhaps Tse can slap a new slot onto Terra Ora.
  2. Notherfork


    OOC: Done and done.
  3. Notherfork

    West Equilism Trade Association

    The Nothian Council of Equilibrium has discussed the charter, and overall they are pleased. Their only real concern was over the name. It is supposedly a trade association, yet it goes far beyond trade. They propose changing the name to something more universal, like the Allied Nations of West Equilism, or the West Equilism Union, etcetera. Director of Foreign Relations for the Nothian Alliance, Paultz J. Morradu
  4. Notherfork


    OOC: When it was created, the Equilism Theatre was meant for these kind of role-plays. It hasn't been used in awhile, but if no one objects I'll go ahead and move this and the Peace Summit to the Theatre.
  5. Notherfork

    The Semantics of Enslavement

    I was home schooled for a large chunk of my life, and went to high school for a year and a half until I realized everyone around me were effing morons. The public schooling system is total crap, especially in California.
  6. Notherfork

    West Equilism Trade Association

    The Nothian Council of Equilibrium has discussed WETA, and so far we have been very enthusiastic. However, we do have a concern over the import tariffs. Notherfork currently has no tariffs, and we fear imposing them will damage our economy. Director of Foreign Relations, Paultz J. Morradu
  7. Notherfork

    Sign In

    Greetings, and welcome to Equilism! Don't worry, signing in isn't really necessary, it is just a good way of introducing yourself. Please, make yourself at home. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me.
  8. Notherfork

    The Semantics of Enslavement

    You should slam some knowledge down upon her.
  9. Notherfork

    The Semantics of Enslavement

    My old high school history teacher was like that. I always enjoyed embarrassing her in front of the entire class whenever I managed to debate her into the ground. It is sad when someone like me has more knowledge about history than an 'effing history teacher.
  10. Notherfork

    List of Recruited Nations

    Imandaristan Andrea02 Marranicastan Cervantesia Donquidilladonia Macbethitania South Amyicas Bacon prime Pyro Islands JHolmes Drachefaust Brendan Draper Young Liberalists Alashar The Great Mole Jashen Lekuonberri Boil Infested Carcass Crazed Pacifists Satqot Nordsa Camel Tents Trobonia Mordor Orc Napolas Gaea The Elven Warriors How To Save A Life The Technocrazies Geith Gwonavia Teppostania Admundia NymphKnomes Libido loco Darkness Layer Spamarchia Obszonitat LolyLove Sheri Towne Ckittens Shuntalung Svecina Appleuni Juusho Dominantus Ludicrous Pirates Gnatu Clanarra Modern Jewtopia The Dream Kingdom New Jacksonia Lacrete Siol Ghoraid Leedia Present Rome Triondia Total: 57
  11. Notherfork

    Opening of the Embassy!

    Such a fun update.
  12. Notherfork


    Most intriguing... If you wish, I believe it could be arranged so that you can address the College (if you think it is that important). You might want to PM me, and we'll discuss it, then we can see where this goes from there. Best regards, Lord Chancellor Notherfork
  13. Notherfork


    ***Notherfork is pleased***
  14. Notherfork

    Mentor Program

    I think I can do it, Flex.
  15. Notherfork

    Word Association Game