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  1. Afterfostercare

    Stalk Mark It

    Just a note to Karyanite: One of your companies has been bought out. Read the press relase here: It appears however that your shares of Peets Tea have sold at a higher rate than what you bought them at. I'll do the calculations later but here is the press release: http://www.thestreet.com/story/11750651/1/...mp-tea-inc.html Your profit, if I calculated correctly, would have been at the time of the take-over: $111,852.60
  2. Afterfostercare

    Stalk Mark It

    I am hoping to get to this very soon. I'll try for tonight. Sorry for the delays but thanks for playing.
  3. Afterfostercare

    Stalk Mark It

    I'll get on this over the weekend. Love the Redhat. I'm a Linux Ubuntu user myself.
  4. Afterfostercare

    Stalk Mark It

    Challenge: Pick any one company from your portfolio, and read one of it's recent press releases. Then come back here and discuss predict how it will affect your share price in the future and maybe how long.
  5. Afterfostercare

    SC Resolution: Liberate Christmas

    Voted FOR
  6. Afterfostercare

    Stalk Mark It

    You choose as many companies as you wish (the fewer the easier it is to administrate for me, and play for you) up to a total of 0ne Million dollars using the price of June 29, 2012 closing price. I'll await your final company selection before I proceed.
  7. Afterfostercare

    Stalk Mark It

  8. Afterfostercare

    Updating NSWiki

    I think it's a good idea, even if old links that new players read bring them to the wiki they will see old information
  9. Afterfostercare

    Stalk Mark It

    A Challenge has been posted in post number two of this thread at http://www.equilism.org/forum/index.php?s=...st&p=308614
  10. Afterfostercare

    Stalk Mark It

    I have updated your STALKS TSE Moana Congrats on joining the Stalk Mark It!!! See and check your porfolio at http://www.equilism.org/forum/index.php?s=...st&p=308591
  11. Afterfostercare

    Stalk Mark It

    I guess it does not matter, but if you are able, go US, nyse, or Canadian TSE then all others in that order. We can do conversions in google finance to US dollars I think too.
  12. Afterfostercare

    Stalk Mark It

    Yes of course Tse Moana you are most welcome to join. Looking forward to your Stalks lol I would also like to start a discussion about a challenge. Visit http://www.sedar.com and look up any one of your owned companies (or all of them if you like.. ) and once your company is found, click below that on the documents available from your company. Find the "MD&A" closest to the top (most recent) and give it a read... you can skim, but try to read it and see what the status of your company is. How are things going in your company? Report your overall impression from what you read. It's a lot, but you should find some interesting stuff in there about your company, how it operates.. some stats... if business is improving, or not, or some new or proposed plans.. expansions of market to other countries? Looking forward to your report from the latest MD&A document
  13. Afterfostercare

    Post a Random Fact ... that's not actually true

    I have to admit I've consumed that much already, but it did not taste good.
  14. Afterfostercare

    Stalk Mark It

    This is a permanently open to new players game. Also I have added your portfolio to the mix in this thread's original post. Check it out at this link
  15. Afterfostercare

    Particracy: Help Needed

    I am in Jelbania as the Grey Party and I have just updated the current debates with the Grey Party's opinions and research.Feel free Tarricoe to join Jelbania and we can all discuss the same game here as we play.