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  1. LannaN

    Equilism Has Lost a Friend

    I met Moo-Cows through defending for the ADN. He was a good person and leader. He will be missed.
  2. LannaN

    the last one wins

    What are their business?
  3. LannaN


    Seriously, you never know what's gonna happen...
  4. LannaN


    I wasn't judging anyone, nor making myself look better.
  5. LannaN


    What about the baby? Oh well... to all those people who have killed an innocent baby because of their lack of responsibility, I hope it bites you one day. "Humans aren't perfect." ---> I agree. Some kill others just so their life will be 'better.'
  6. LannaN


    What about the baby's life? It should be let go of because its mother's life is more important? If the 'mother' has a plans ahead of her life, then she shouldn't be having sex. What's wrong with giving birth to the baby anyway?
  7. LannaN


    I'm not a man, but I'm definitely pro-life/anti-abortion. I believe a mother should consider abortion when her life is endangered, other than that no because pregnancies and newborns are God's greatest gifts to all living creatures on Earth. What is Pro-Choice? As far as I can see (sorry, I didn't read any other posts), everyone (disregarding the ones who were raped) in the United States does have a choice of whether or not they should have sex, and using protection. Why do you want to have the choice of letting a baby die or live? That's just wrong. I hope by saying that, you don't intend to have a child of your own in the future. P.S. I apologize for bringing this up.
  8. LannaN

    Provincean Forum

    New Provincean Forum: http://s12.invisionfree.com/TheProvinceOnline We look forward to seeing you guys there. The Province, Lanna
  9. LannaN

    The Province's weekly update

    I know, I know... this is 'weekly update,' but I never update it every week.
  10. LannaN

    The Province's weekly update

    I'm sure some of you have been seeing me around... Not leaving anymore.
  11. We would like to invite our allies to join us in our forum and help make this a success. http://s7.invisionfree.com/TheProvince/
  12. LannaN

    The Province's weekly update

    Hehehe... thanks, guys I decided not to leave anymore, but as soon as this little mess gets cleaned up, then I'll be seeing all of you in August... one month to get everything set up again before school starts
  13. LannaN

    The Province's weekly update

    From the looks of it, this nation, Sbabek, prolly isn't from 10000 Islands, but somewhere else.
  14. LannaN

    I'll be back in June

    Hello there good friends. Today, I will be leaving for a break. I'll be back in June. With spies in The Province, I can't afford to send Ambassadors to your region. I apologize. Good luck with you and your region. I look forward to continue our relations in June. Lanna, President of The Province ADN Member Anti-Nazi/Fascist League Member Kuomintang Member