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Found 2 results

  1. It is yet again time to elect a Town Moderator. For a reminder as to what the Town Moderator actually does, look below. The Town Moderator will run Town Hall meetings and administer any additional rules, including assessing consensus, opening and closing votes, updating the legislative record, and maintaining an updated list of citizens. The Town Moderator must strive to remain apolitical and run meetings without bias. As such, the Town Moderator will serve as a standing Judicial official for the duration of their term. Citizens have four days to nominate others or stand themselves. Nominations must be publicly accepted. Following this period, there shall be a three day vote. Good luck!
  2. Although I'm sure we're all weary from Z Day, the wheels must keep turning here in the Township. It is now time to elect a new Town Moderator to lead our Town Hall and administrate our legislative processes. To give our newcomers some idea of the duties of the Town Moderator, the following quote is from Article 5, Section 1 of the Charter: Any citizen may stand for election or nominate another citizen. If you are nominated by someone else, you must publicly accept your nomination here in this thread to be listed on the ballot. The standing/nomination period will last for 96 hours (4 days) and close on 5 November 2016. Once that period has closed, a 72 hour (3 day) voting period will begin in a separate thread; if there is only one candidate on the ballot, this vote will be 'yes' or 'no' to confirm the candidate. If the candidate is rejected, the election process will restart. With all that said, I hereby declare the November 2016 Town Moderator Election open! @Misandria and @NewCascadica have volunteered to serve as Election Aides. One of them will open the voting thread on the 5th and they will both ensure that all votes are from valid citizens, with one of them announcing the result. Candidate(s) Cadmus