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Found 2 results

  1. The third season of Fight for Armello has officially drawn to a close and our winners have been determined. Thank you all for playing and congratulations to everyone who has received one of our special awards! Before I distribute these awards, I'd like to reflect on what brought us here together: the celebration of the Township's first anniversary. It hasn't been the easiest road to travel, nor has it been the fastest either but it's a road we would have regretted not taking nonetheless. The spirit of Equilism is fierce and unyielding, like a mother bear protecting her cubs, and its people are much like the heroes of Armello. They do not carry the journey's burdens on their shoulders, but in their hearts. They cannot rest easy knowing that more should be done to help and protect Equilism. As we continue to celebrate the first year of the Township's existence vis-à-vis the Star Trek Convention with our new friends from the United Federation of Planets, ask yourself what you can do to help Equilism. There are many ways that you can contribute to our Township, like joining one of the Offices or the E-Army; get out there and find your path. Anyway, on to the awards: To the members of the Bear Clan, @Calvin Coolidge and @Triestine, I award the title of Bear Clan Champion and this badge to wear proudly in their forum signature(s): (Spoiler: bbCode format, remove the *) To Triestine, the highest-scoring player of Bear Clan and this season total, I award the title of Sovereign of Armello and this badge to wear with the highest honor: To @Small Huts, the highest-scoring player of Rabbit Clan, I award the title of Rabbit Clan Chieftain and the following badge to wear with pride: To @Kurald Emurlahn (Drall), the highest-scoring player of Rat Clan, I award the title of Rat Clan Chieftain and this badge to wear with equal pride: Finally, to @Sam111, the highest-scoring player of Wolf Clan, I award the title of Wolf Clan Chieftain and the corresponding badge. For her part in earning these points, I also award this title and badge to @Kuramia: For the first time in the game's history, there is no Steward as the highest-scoring player is also the Sovereign. Thank you all again for playing and congratulations to our winners! You are all true heroes of Armello and deserve these badges! I hope you'll join us for Season 4, which will be announced at a later date and for our ongoing Star Trek Convention with the United Federation of Planets, here.
  2. Ladies and Gentlemen, Following on from the awards already announced by the Home Office and the Office of Records and Statistics, I am happy to announce that there are yet more awards to be given. Firstly, I believe some recognition of the work of past leaders of Equilism deserve attention. While all those receiving Order of the Flame medals today have served as past Chief Ministers in the Commonwealth of Equilism, I have considered them for these awards based on their longstanding and wide-ranging efforts to support our community. First up, those who are receiving Lordships of the Order of the Flame Kubrikistan: My immediate predecessor as Chief Minister, and the person who has spent the most time as Equilism's WA delegate (though I'm closing the gap at the moment). He has served in many other positions in Equilism over the years as well, and his insight in the senate is of great value to the region. The dedication and hard work that Kubrikistan has shown since his joining the region in 2009 has been truly commendable. I hope that he accepts this award as a recognition of all that he has done. Zeorus: Zeorus is another who has spent many years in Equilism, filling many roles over that time, not the least as Chief Minister and as WA delegate. I have watched him grow into a fine young man since he joined the region in 2008 and in that time he has served with distinction both in government offices, and as a citizen. Zeorus also created the Order of the Flame, an action without which I would not be writing this post today. While he has recently retired to a life in the greener pastures of RL, the Order of the Flame award is a token of Equilism's thanks for his services, and a reminder that he is welcome back whenever he would like to, whether it be to serve the community once more, or to catch up with old friends. Knights of the Order of the Flame Tarricoe: While Tarricoe has been retired, more or less, for a little while, he is another that has served Equilism well, particularly as leader of the government on several occasions. When considering who I felt deserved recognition, he was a name that sprung to mind, as I remember things more than five years in the past, and I feel that his efforts through his time in Equilism should not go unrecognised. As such, his work is recognised in this awarding of a Knighthood in the Order of the Flame. Felasia: While Felasia's time as Chief Minister may have had an untimely end, it would be remiss of us to remember him solely for that. He is another who has served Equilism for a long time, and been here even longer than I have. He has served in many positions for Equilism in the past, and continues to serve with distinction in his current role as Global Moderator. For his long and continued service, and in acknowledgement that his heart is and has always been in the right place, I award Felasia a Knighthood in the Order of the Flame. Equilism Meritorious Service Award: Foreign Affairs Astarial: While the list of Astarial's contributions to Equilism is long, given the awards she has already received, it was difficult to find a new one to recognise continued excellence. As she is currently serving as our Foreign Affairs Officer, I felt it most appropriate to reward her services in this area, which are many. It is with great pleasure then, that I give to Astarial the Equilism Meritorious Service Award for Foreign Affairs.