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NationStates Regions

Found 2 results

  1. I've kept the [region] bbCode thing in since I want that in the in-game resolution if I can get that far. I'd especially like your thoughts, @Westwind as both the leader of the E-Army in this mission and the native Delegate mentioned in my draft. I've cited The guard as the source of our assistance after looking at some of the movements of the nations that assisted you. I don't know anything about the region but I'm guessing I should probably reach out before including them in anything I present officially. I think this would be a very good idea given the circumstance of the region in question. However, would it piss off The Invaders? :\
  2. Here is the resolution itself: GA#197 "Banning Extrajudicial Transfer" GA Resolution #197 Banning Extrajudicial Transfer A resolution to improve worldwide human and civil rights. Category: Human Rights Strength: Significant Proposed by: Quadrimmina Description: THIS WORLD ASSEMBLY, RECOGNIZING the loophole in international law regarding human rights, a loophole which allows for human rights to be violated by member nations by the simple transfer of individuals outside of WA territory. FURTHER RECOGNIZING the treaties, alliances, and other associations made between WA and non-WA nations that could provide the means and opportunity for such violations to occur. HEREBY bans in all member nations the willful, knowledgeable transfer of any individual from a member nation to another jurisdiction by an individual, organization, or member state for the purposes of denying or violating any of the political or civil rights that are guaranteed to that individual in the jurisdiction of the member state by law. URGES member nations to take action to, in a way compatible with national security interests, the interests of the individual(s) involved, applicable law, and practicality, restore those rights that were denied due to the transfer with the consent of the individual in cases in which such a transfer has taken place prior to the enactment of this resolution. Here is my draft: Draft - Repeal "Banning Extrajudicial Transfer" Repeal “Banning Extrajudicial Transfer” A resolution to repeal previously passed legislation. Category: Repeal Resolution: GA#197 Proposed by: Isaris Description: WA General Assembly Resolution #197: Banning Extrajudicial Transfer (Category: Human Rights; Strength: Significant) shall be struck out and rendered null and void. Argument: The World Assembly, UNDERSTANDING that the intent of Resolution #197 was to improve human and civil rights around the world by banning the extrajudicial transfer of individuals to deny them political or civil rights; CONFUSED as to why this Assembly would expect member nations to extend such rights to criminals, terrorists, and other international fugitives, and ban their transfer to another jurisdiction; CONCERNED of the adverse effects such a ban could have toward the security and safety of citizens within member nations, as well as the infrastructure of those nations; ALARMED that the Resolution does not specify that this ban is only in concern to the jurisdiction of other members, but is in fact a ban on the transfer to any other jurisdiction, even that of a non-member; DISTURBED that it effectively forbids member nations from fulfilling an obligation of a treaty, alliance, or other association with a non-member via this ban; COGNIZANT that this Assembly cannot create laws which affect non-members or violate their sovereignty; HEREBY repeals “General Assembly Resolution #197, Banning Extrajudicial Transfer”. I've never written anything for the WA before, so I'm a little nervous posting this. Edit: I am abandoning this project after the response it received on the NS forum.