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  1. Regional Update Year 2021, n°1 LKE Imperial Forums | LKE NationStates Page | LKE Discord WA Delegate: The Sovereign Realm of Nulkia | Nation Count: 473 | Regional Rank: 39th | The Monarchy Emperor: Theoden Sebastian Emperor Emeritus: Onder Kelkia Crown Prince: Valfor Talleyrand Prince: Akillian Talleyrand The Imperial Council Prime Minister: Wilhelm Cransnikov Deputy Prime Minister: Azrael Dreemurr Wineholt Secretary of State for the Interior: Zecheriah Stevenson Secretary of State for Culture: Raeliana von Clair-Rouvier Secretary of State for the Exterior: Julio Von
  2. @Isaris is the only candidate. Please vote Aye, Nay, or Abstain. Voting shall end in three days.
  3. Fellow citizens of Equilism, the time has finally come to open the polls and hold the election for Town Moderator. I'd like to thank our outgoing moderator, Tarricoe, for stepping up during the first month of our Township, as well as Isaris, who has been most helpful to Charter position holders and appointed officers alike during our first month. This time around, we have a real treat as two citizens have thrown their hats in the ring. As a reminder, the duties of the Town Moderator are outlined in the Charter as follows: Further information on the Town Moderator's respon
  4. As none of the three new Officer position are contested, I present the three candidates to the town for confirmation of their new positions. Officer of Tourism & Real Estate (OTRE [Immigration]) - Hyper Hippies Officer of Culture & Entertainment (OCE [Interior Affairs]) - Yakitzland Officer of Public Relations (OPR [Foreign Affairs]) - Belussa
  5. Equilism Township Election Results 25 March 2016 The Mayor: - The Noble Republic of Tarricoe - 2 - The Stiff Drink Pouring of North Pooch and Vodkaland- 7 - Abstain - 1 Townhall Moderator: - The Noble Republic of Tarricoe - 6 - Abstain - 4 The World Assembly Delegate: - The Democratic Kingdom of Isaris - 4 - The Noble Republic of Tarricoe - 0 - The Sacred Protectorate of Patrimonium Petri - 2 - Abstain - 4 Election Certified this 25th of March 2016 by Westwind, Emeritus Rex, Co-Founder, and Father of Equilism On behalf of
  6. *The town crier steps up on a soap box* “Hear ye, Hear ye ! All ye citizens of Equilism, one and all ! Please may I have your attention as Emeritus Rex Westwind, Co-Founder and Father of Equilism announces voting in the first elections of the Equilism Township !” *Westwind takes the place of the town crier on the soap box, trying to steady himself with his cane and wondering why the Townhall doesn’t have a better platform…..or a podium...* Citizens of Equilism, we have traveled a long road to arrive at this day with a new Charter to
  7. With the ratification of the Charter of the Equilism Township, we now have the need to hold elections to fill the three positions provided for in the Charter. While the Charter provides a schedule for elections, all positions must be filled from the beginning. Therefore this initial election will include all of them. Subsequent elections are to be be held as scheduled. The positions up for election, and their responsibilities are: The election for Delegate, being due for April 1st, should not need a second electio
  8. Salutations, fellow citizens of Equilism! Some of you already know me, but for those of you who may not, an introduction: I am Isaris, and Equilism has been my home for almost seven years. Over those years, I have previously served the region as a Member of Parliament, and also as the World Assembly (WA) Delegate. With a tenure of 280 days, I was the sixth-longest serving Delegate in our region’s history. I have seen Equilism go through many changes, from Confederation, to Protectorate, to Commonwealth, and now to Township. While it is true that during that long stretch of time, I
  9. After a week of nominations and campaigning being open, it is now time to vote for an Arbiter General This vote will run for seven days, and be open until the 15th of March. Should my previously discussed period of absence preclude me from closing the vote at that time, there will hopefully be an acting Chief Minister doing that for me. Best of luck to both candidates, and please make a note in the thread when you have voted so that all votes can be accounted for.
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