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NationStates Regions

Found 2 results

  1. A Foreign Update From The New Pacific Order (NPO) Population: 4101 Publication Date: 02/01/2014 (3807 days of Order) The Pacific Senate: Emperor: Krulltopia Regent: Rothinzil Senator of Justice: Laws and Bylaws Senator of Foreign Affairs: Elegarth Senator of Security: Pierconium Senator of Internal Affairs: Feux Senator of the Army: Aleisyr Senator of Communication: Milograd ----------------------------------------------------------- Strengthening the Economic Future of the Order Today, the Pacific Security Reserve announced that it intends to revitalize the adoption efforts of the regional currency, the Franco (₣). Announced December 3rd, 2005, the Franco was established as the regional currency by the Pacific Security Reserve. While initially popular, the use of the Franco by the nations of The Pacific has declined significantly in recent years. Pacific Security Reserve Chairman, Christmas Jong Il had this to say about the announcement: "After recent discussions with a group of citizens, we realized that there was significant interest in the idea of a regional currency. We feel that adoption of the Franco as their national currency is a terrific way for the nations of the Pacific to demonstrate regional pride and to honor ten years of Peace, Strength, and Prosperity." Currently over a hundred nations use the Franco as their official currency, world-wide. Nonetheless, plans are in motion to double that figure in the coming weeks by requiring currency harmonization for citizenship. This would establish the Franco as the most popular currency in The Pacific and the thirtieth most popular currency overall in The World! In order to learn more about the Franco or otherwise participate in the economic system of The Pacific, visit The Pacific Market and Exchange (citizenship required). ----------------------------------------------------------- From the Senate of the New Pacific Order The Senate of the New Pacific Order hereby announces that Milograd's Probationary Sentence is now complete. In light of his behavior during the Probation Period, he has been granted back his senate position, as Senator of Communication.The Senate of the New Pacific Order is happy to announce the ratification of The Charcoal Treaty, between the Pacific and Mordor.The Senate of the New Pacific Order is happy to announce the ratification of a new treaty, between the Pacific and Lazarus.----------------------------------------------------------- Makhnovia Successfully Liberated 19-Jan-2014: On this night, the New Pacific Order's military stormed into Makhnovia and removed the Fascist forces that were occupying the region on behalf of the Right Wing Uprising, a radical international terrorist organization. Senators Aleisyr, Feux, and Milograd participated in the operation alongside a coalition of international forces that also sought to remove the invader delegate, whom possessed twenty-two endorsements before they were sent to the unforgiving gulags that constitute The Rejected Realms. Emperor Krulltopia personally gave the order for Pacifican forces to mobilize in preparation for this mission mere hours before it commenced. A tall order, the PEF was able to work with allies, friends, and other militaries from abroad to make this happen. The New Pacific Order continues to believe that Fascism has no place in NationStates, and as such, will continue to oppose the Fascists in all corners of the game. This is a great victory for the Pacific and for the people that populate our region. Hail Pacifica! ----------------------------------------------------------- The Future of War The New Pacific Order Research Committee has made breakthrough discoveries regarding genes manipulation, in order to create The Pacific's next Super Soldier. Senior Bio-technician and Doctor on Human Resources, Ineptus Eureka, head of the committee has stated that "a new dawn of war is fast approaching, where our enemies won't even need be harmed or defeated, they will just surrender unconditionally to our forces" While no official details were given about the new breed of soldiers, rumours speak of genetic combinations using the best Pacifican material: Emperor Krulltopia, the Bunny of War, and Senator Elegarth, the Bane of Beers. ----------------------------------------------------------- On Behalf of the NPO Senate, Thank you for reading our foreign update. Hail Pacifica! Hail Krulltopia!