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NationStates Regions

Found 2 results

  1. Here's a bare-bones star (I threw it together in 5 minutes, it needs work!) "Let them eat pancakes!"
  2. The Monkye

    Universal Suffrage Act

    GENERAL ASSEMBLY RESOLUTION AT VOTE Universal Suffrage Act A resolution to increase democratic freedoms. Category: Furtherment of Democracy Strength: Significant Proposed by: Elke and Elba Description: ACKNOWLEDGING that the legitimacy of the government of each and every member state is determined by the will of all of its constituents citizens, FURTHER ACKNOWLEDGING that an acknowledgement of such will is largely only possible through elections - of which results are determined by the votes of all of its citizens, The World Assembly, MANDATES that all citizens are allowed to vote in elections held in their respective states provided that the said citizen has: a) not been certified to be mentally incompetent to give any form of informed consent, b) attained the minimum age of voting, c) not been disenfranchised due to conviction of a criminal offence, and; CLARIFIES that, a) nothing in this resolution forces member nations to hold elections where no elections are held, b) nothing in this resolution disallows member nations to extend suffrage to citizens and inhabitants not covered under this resolution, and, c) nothing in this resolution forcibly sets a minimum age of voting on member states, which are free to set one as the respective member states deem fit.