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Found 1 result

  1. Restoring the Commonwealth My fellow Equilismers, I have not stood for a fourth term as your Mayor under my own free will. I have been forced here by my sense of duty and responsibility to our great region. Equilism has struggled through this summer. Mayor UV, despite his best intentions, has unfortunately been absent for some time now. Sadly, real life often gets the best of the best of us and I hope that is merely the case here and that he is well. I have no intent of using this platform to sling mud at our exitting Mayor. There is more pressure in the office than it can appear from the outside. As someone with three terms under their belt, I know that all too well. Equilism is in a dire situation. Do not be fooled by the influx of puppets from the N-Day 2 event, our regional population has fallen quite a bit. This drop is partially due to the lack of action by the Office of Tourism & Real Estate. If I am elected Mayor, I will be overseeing this office personally until I can find a replacement for Officer Otis, who has failed to perform his duties. I am open to retaining Otis in the Office's staff but I am no longer comfortable with him leading it in light of this failure. If we do not raise our regional population, Equilism will slowly decay and die. We cannot allow that. Equilism has existed as a region for almost 14 years. We are a part of something that is truly historic. We need to honor that history and make our region great again. To that end, I believe that we need something to unify our region, a common purpose to define who we are as a people. As such, I propose that we make it our ultimate goal to restore the Commonwealth of Equilism Nations. That, however, is a lofty goal and one unrealistic to achieve in our current state. We must take baby steps and our first step should be to reach a regional population of at least 500 nations. With a sizeable population in our region, we will be able to have a true debate on the changes we will need to make to bring the Third Commonwealth into fruition. These changes will not be able to happen overnight. They will take time and require patience as we work to redefine our legal system in light of our goal through incremental changes. We will also require the support of our forum administration as we will need to recreate or rename a variety of things once we have reached this stage of our plan. Make no mistake; this endeavour will not be easy, but it is because it will not be easy that we must do it. This unifying goal will be the primary focus of my administration if I am elected Mayor. I will make every effort and stop at nothing to see it achieved. If I cannot achieve this goal by the end of this term, I will seek re-election again to continue this effort, and if not then, then again and again until it is achieved. This great region has fallen into disarray and obscurity. It has become a laughingstock of the gameplay sphere and bullied by foreign aggressors. We cannot idly accept this and mourn our pride. We must do everything in our power to build our strength and show the world we mean business. This recruitment effort will also be at the center of my military policy. Since its creation, Section Sigma has struggled to gain new membership and that must change. All new Equilismers will be highly encouraged to join the force and fight for our region under my leadership. If I am elected Mayor, I plan to retain Director Chron as he possesses the necessary knowledge and skills to lead our forces into the field. Our lack of forces is not any fault of his but is the fault of the failure on part of the Office of Tourism & Real Estate during this past term. Our Director cannot train recruits that do not exist. Strengthening our military is vital to our security, our foreign policy and for the goal of restoring the Commonwealth. The truth of the matter is that we do not currently even have the numbers to participate in any military operation. Our military strength is no better than it was under the E-Army, despite our increased effectiveness to lead, train and be aligned with the Executive. If you are reading this platform now, I urge you to sign up for Section Sigma immediately if you truly support my campaign. Our region needs you, our allies need you and the world needs you! On the subject of our foreign policy, as Mayor, I would remain committed to our allies. However, I believe it is time for me to concede on my previous support of the protectorate relationship with Warzone Europe. Due to the state of our military, we cannot meet the obligation to defend the region. It is time to renegotiate our relationship with Warzone Europe. If I am elected Mayor, I will be authoring an amendment to our treaty that will allow Warzone Europe to retain its residency on our forum but no longer obligate Equilism to protect the region. Here at home, I would like to focus our Office of Culture & Entertainment on providing fun activities for everyone to enjoy that can also serve to bring in new members to Equilism. I will continue the Equilism Cinema weekends as long as there is an audience coming in. I hope to retain Sam111 as the Officer and work closely with him to develop and run a deviation of Fight for Armello. This deviation, Fight for the Alpha Quadrant, will be themed around Star Trek, a much-beloved series here in Equilism. If this latter subject is of particular interest, I would be happy to provide more details in additional comments. Together, we can make Equilism great again and restore the Commonwealth. Never doubt our ability to accomplish things when we work together as a region. Remember our amazing feats on Z-Day 2016 and both N-Days. Even though we are a small region, we can accomplish great things. Imagine what we can accomplish when there are even more Equilismers to know and befriend. I hope you will join me in fighting for the Third Commonwealth to become a reality. If you are not convinced just yet, I hope you will ask questions. I will do my best to answer them. Until then, that is all. Thank you for your time, Isaris