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NationStates Regions

Found 2 results

  1. Equilismers! Now that the law has been amended and all elected officials can serve as the Election Commissioner, the February 2018 Town Moderator Election can begin! Unfortunately, whomever is elected will have a slightly shorter term than normal due to the delay. The standing and nominations period must remain open for 4 days, and will be followed by a 3 day vote. Please stand or nominate someone for the office in this thread.
  2. Greetings, citizens! I have an important announcement. It has been a slow first week in the Executive Office Complex. The Foundership, the Mayor, and myself have been busy ironing out a plan for the region’s regrowth. There is a lot to discuss, and we appreciate your patience in this historic time for our Township. An issue that we all agree on is that one of the first steps we must take is to rebuild our government. As such, it is a great joy for me to announce that I will be creating the three Regional Officer positions that I promised in my campaign for WA Delegate. I will now summarize the responsibilities and expectations of the positions: Officer of Tourism & Real Estate (OTRE [Immigration]) The OTRE will be responsible for promoting the Township across the world, recruiting new members and integrating them into our community. They will be responsible for devising a standardized recruitment telegram, as well as developing and maintaining a consistent recruitment program. They will be expected to advertise the region on the NS forum and should not fail to post on it for 20 days or more. So that they may properly perform these duties, they will be granted Communications regional powers. The OTRE may create new positions to assist in their duties as well. Officer of Culture & Entertainment (OCE [Interior Affairs]) The OCE will be responsible for promoting activity within the region. They will be responsible for informing citizens of all important events taking place on the forum, such as elections and cultural festivities, using the mass telegram system and the RMB. They will be expected to encourage residents to register on the forum and engage with the community on the RMB by promoting games, discussions, RPs, etc. Naturally, they will also be expected to maintain an active role on the forum themselves and should not fail to post on it for 20 days or more. In addition to the necessary Communication powers, the OCE will also have Polls powers to encourage socialization within the community. The OCE may create new positions to assist in their duties. Officer of Public Relations (OPR [Foreign Affairs]) The OPR will be responsible for establishing and maintaining diplomatic relations with other regions at the discretion of the Mayor, and assisting the Mayor with negotiations. They will be responsible for handling the construction and closing of embassies, both within NS and on the Equilism forum. They will also be responsible for promoting important events in the Township to allied/friendly regions, using their RMBs and off-site forums. They will be expected to gather information on the events and issues concerning other regions of the world through use of the NS forum, regional RMBs, and regional off-site forums, and convey them to the Mayor, as well as the Township as a whole when appropriate. Again, they will be expected to maintain an active role and should not fail to post on the Equilism forum for 20 days or more. In order to properly perform their duties, the OPR shall have Communications and Embassies powers. The OPR may create new positions (such as ambassadors) to assist in their duties. These will be elected positions, and will facilitate the need for a special election to be held by the Town Moderator in the Town Hall. Should the Moderator be unable to host the election, the duty shall fall to the Mayor. While we encourage citizens to apply to serve as Election Aides, the Mayor shall not be required to appoint any in this instance given the circumstance of the region. The nomination period shall begin on 1 April 2016, 4:00 PM Pacific Time (PT) and end on 5 April 2016, 4:00 PM PT, during which time anyone who is a citizen of Equilism may nominate another citizen or announce their own candidature for these positions. Voting will begin promptly afterward, and will last no less than 72 hours. A majority vote is required to win an election if there is more than one candidate. If no candidate receives a majority, a runoff election will be held between the top two candidates, which would also last no less than 72 hours. In the future, the election period for these officials shall be held concurrently with the election for the WA Delegate, meaning that these first ROs will have a shorter term than normal. Please name your nominee or announce your candidature in this thread. If you are nominated by someone else, you must publicly accept the nomination to be considered a standing candidate. While a platform is not required, if you wish to post one, please do so in a new topic in either the Public Courtyard or here in the Town Hall. Please note that the main difference between the two sub-forums in this instance is that only registered members can view the Town Hall. As noted above, this thread will automatically lock when the nomination period is over. If you are not yet a citizen, please visit this link to swear the Oath of Citizenship. As a gesture of hospitality to our ex-pats and newcomers, during this special election only, we will allow residents who become citizens during the nomination period to also run for office. Please take advantage of this one-time-only opportunity to become involved in this historic era for Equilism! If you are unsure of your citizenship status, please check this list. If you have sworn the Oath and have not yet received the proper citizen masking, please message an admin such as Westwind or Whamabama for assistance. NOMINATED OTRE STANDING OTRE Hyper Hippies NOMINATED OCE STANDING OCE Yakitzland NOMINATED OPR STANDING OPR Belussa