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Found 1 result

  1. Equilism Township Information Center Welcome to the Equilism Township! Thank you for visiting our forum, you're awesome! This thread is here to serve as a quick guide about our region for newcomers. If you're reading this as a guest and aren't sure how to create an account, please look near the top left corner of the page. Next to the paintbrush-shaped icon, you should see the words "Sign Up", assuming you're using the default theme. If you'd like to change the theme, you can do so using the drop-down menu found near the bottom left corner of the page. When registering your account, please use the name of your main nation in NationStates, if you have more than one. If there is an issue with your name (for example, too long), please contact a member of our administration team for assistance. The admins are Westwind, Whamabama, and Chaucerin, and you can click their names to visit their profiles in order to easily send them a private message. Creating an account will make you a Registered Equilism Member, which will allow you to post on existing threads and create your own. You'll also have a profile, which you can edit in various ways, including adding an avatar and a background. Once you've made at least one post on the forum, you'll automatically become an Equilism Member, or as we might affectionately call you, a tourist. Your avatar will appear next to all of your posts, so please be sure to keep in mind the Terms of Use when uploading images onto the forum. As a quick reminder, the Terms of Use will be listed here now: Becoming a Citizen While there are definitely many things for Equilism Members to do around the Township, the best way to become involved in the region is to become a citizen. Only citizens are allowed to post and vote in the Town Hall, run for office and vote in elections. If you'd like to become a citizen, click here to visit the 'Become a Citizen!' thread and take the Oath of Citizenship. Once your oath has been accepted, you'll be an Equilism Township Citizen! Congratulations in advance! If you haven't already done so at that point, that'd probably be a good time to make a thread of your own here in the Newcomer Station to introduce yourself to your fellow citizens. Foreign Dignitaries If you're visiting Equilism from another region on behalf of its government, you are free to request a special masking from the Township's admin team. However, this is not required. Foreign Dignitaries are also welcome to become multi-citizens here in our region, but please be aware that your status as a citizen will supercede your status as a Foreign Dignitary in matters of Equilite law. You can find all of the interregional embassies that Equilism is host to by visiting International Avenue, found near the bottom of the forum's main page. About the Equilism Township Equilism is an old region; it was originally founded by Equility on January 13, 2004, and is set to celebrate the 14th anniversary of its founding next year. Its government, however, is very new. The Equilism Township was chartered into being in March of last year after the previous government, the Second Commonwealth, collapsed due to inactivity and the Senate was dismissed, leaving an interim government to try to figure out how to fix the situation. The solution was the Township we have today, where Equilism can be whatever we want it to be! The Mayor, currently @GraVandius, is the elected leader of the Township, serving as the region's chief executive. The Mayor is responsible for things like negotiating treaties with other regions and essentially deciding the overall domestic and foreign agenda of Equilism. The Mayor is assisted in his duties by the Deputy Mayor (currently vacant), and the various Officers. These are the Officer of Culture & Entertainment (currently vacant), the Officer of Tourism & Real Estate (currently vacant), and the Officer of Public Relations (currently @Isaris). Citizens who are interested in public service should message the Mayor or apply to be a Junior Officer at one (or more) of these links: Office of Culture & Entertainment Application - Help organize and manage fun activities for your fellow citizens! Office of Public Relations Application - Represent Equilism in other regions and learn the fine art of diplomacy! Office of Tourism & Real Estate Application - Recruit people to our region and help newcomers feel at home in the Township! Section Σ Application - Join Equilism's newest military force and defend the Township's honor in the global arena! The Town Hall is where are all legislative processes in the Township take place. All citizens have the right to propose new legislation and vote on proposals in the Town Hall, which is administered by the Town Moderator, another elected official. Think of the Town Moderator like the United States' Speaker of the Senate, except elected by all of the citizens instead. The current Town Moderator is @Kuramia and no Deputy Town Moderator has been named. The World Assembly Delegate, currently @Isaris, is also elected by the People of the Township. The World Assembly Delegate, as the name implies, represents the region in the World Assembly, voting on resolutions based on a poll of the citizenry. The World Assembly Delegate also helps the Mayor represent the region abroad and helps newcomers integrate into Equilism life. A great way for new citizens to help Equilism is to endorse the current World Assembly Delegate. Click here to visit Isaris's nation page. If you've made it this far, way to go! You're even more awesome! If you have any questions, please feel free to message anyone linked in this post or visit this thread.