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NationStates Regions

Found 26 results

  1. Isaris

    Vote for WA Delegate

    The standing/nomination period has closed and there are two candidates eligible for the ballot. If you haven't read their platforms yet, you can find Leo's here and Drall's here. Please cast your vote in the poll for your preferred candidate. Good luck to both!
  2. Astarial is the only the only candidate standing for the Office of Town Moderator. Citizens may now vote whether or not to confirm Asta as Town Moderator. If not confirmed, nominations will be re-opened again. Citizens, please vote yes, no, or abstain to confirm Astarial as Town Moderator.
  3. Isaris

    Confirm Pooch as Mayor

    Apologies for the brief delay on this opening, citizens. I have a guest in my home currently and couldn't get to this until now. Since Pooch is the only candidate standing for Mayor, a confirmation vote is now opened. Citizens may confirm or reject Pooch to continue his service as Mayor in the coming term. If Pooch should not be confirmed as Mayor by the majority of the voters, a new standing period will begin. Citizens will have 72 hours to cast their vote before this thread is locked. Voting shall be done by posting. Do you consent to the confirmation of Pooch as Mayor of the Equilism Township? Please vote yes, no, or abstain.
  4. Resolution At Vote GENERAL ASSEMBLY RESOLUTION AT VOTE Repeal "International Criminal Court" A resolution to repeal previously passed legislation. Category: Repeal Resolution: GA#102 Proposed by: Mousebumples Description: WA General Assembly Resolution #102: International Criminal Court (Category: Human Rights; Strength: Significant) shall be struck out and rendered null and void. Argument: THE WORLD ASSEMBLY: RECOGNIZES that through the passage of previous legislation, the World Assembly has established a standard of conduct within WA member nations: GAR# 9, Prevention of Torture, outlawed torture and established procedures for the investigation and prosecution of those involved in torturing others. GAR#18, The Prisoners of War Accord, established standards of appropriate treatment and care for PoWs. GAR#23, Ban on Slavery and Trafficking, outlawed slavery and forced labor. GAR#25, WA Counterterrorism Act, worked to prevent terrorism by helping to coordinate counterterrorism activities and requiring WA member states to cease any state terrorist actions. GAR# 38, Convention Against Genocide, outlawed genocide and allowed for the prosecution of perpetrators of such a crime within WA Member States. GAR#40, The Landmine Convention, worked to negate the future deployment of landmines and mitigate the future risks to already deployed landmines. ACCEPTS that such international standards are good and right within such an international body, even though the application of such legislation is limited to acting within the sovereign borders of WA member nations. HIGHLIGHTS the following clause in GAR#102, International Criminal Court, which reads: AUTHORIZE the ICC to issue arrest warrants for any person ("wanted person") suspected of these crimes if their home jurisdiction refuses to bring them to justice, unless an extant WA resolution requires they be tried elsewhere; NOTES that the jurisdiction of the World Assembly, and thereby the aforementioned International Criminal Court, is limited to only acting within WA member nations or through their actions within their territories. BELIEVES that each WA member nation ensures that crimes outlawed within WA legislation are appropriately pursued and prosecuted within their sovereign territory, removing the need for the International Criminal Court to issue said arrest warrants. UNDERSTANDS that the existence of GAR #79, Ban on Ex Post Facto Laws restricts the crimes that can be brought before the International Criminal Court to those that are presently outlawed by existing WA resolutions, which would require additional legislation to outlaw international travesties that are not currently covered under existing WA resolutions. ASSERTS that WA member nations will be most effectively served repealing the International Criminal Court, due to its limitations in both efficacy and utility, as outlined above. REPEALS GAR#102, International Criminal Court. Co-authored by: Ainocra Voting Ends: in 3 days 18 hours
  5. The Monkye

    Universal Suffrage Act

    GENERAL ASSEMBLY RESOLUTION AT VOTE Universal Suffrage Act A resolution to increase democratic freedoms. Category: Furtherment of Democracy Strength: Significant Proposed by: Elke and Elba Description: ACKNOWLEDGING that the legitimacy of the government of each and every member state is determined by the will of all of its constituents citizens, FURTHER ACKNOWLEDGING that an acknowledgement of such will is largely only possible through elections - of which results are determined by the votes of all of its citizens, The World Assembly, MANDATES that all citizens are allowed to vote in elections held in their respective states provided that the said citizen has: a) not been certified to be mentally incompetent to give any form of informed consent, b) attained the minimum age of voting, c) not been disenfranchised due to conviction of a criminal offence, and; CLARIFIES that, a) nothing in this resolution forces member nations to hold elections where no elections are held, b) nothing in this resolution disallows member nations to extend suffrage to citizens and inhabitants not covered under this resolution, and, c) nothing in this resolution forcibly sets a minimum age of voting on member states, which are free to set one as the respective member states deem fit.
  6. The Monkye

    Condemn Auralia

    SECURITY COUNCIL RESOLUTION AT VOTE Condemn Auralia A resolution to express shock and dismay at a nation or region. Category: Condemnation Nominee: Auralia Proposed by: Wrapper Description: The Security Council: RECOGNIZING that all WA Member States have the duty to carry out in good faith their obligations to follow international law, including World Assembly resolutions; DISMAYED that, while a member of this Assembly, The Federation of Auralia routinely passed laws violating World Assembly resolutions; ANNOYED that Auralia has encouraged other member nations' non-compliance with international laws they disagree with; SADDENED that Auralia has abridged the rights of world citizens and advocated the destruction of the environment; SHOCKED that Auralia authored its own commendation proposal, then submitted it via a subordinate jurisdiction, which had no legal standing as a member of this institution, thereby making a sham of the commendation process and resulting in the expulsion of both jurisdictions from the World Assembly; CONCERNED that, since its expulsion, the nation, as the founder and controlling member of a purported coalition of nations called the The Collaborative Initiative of World Assembly Charter Working Group, has regained membership in the WA in order to continue its efforts to decimate this institution; OUTRAGED that said group advocates so-called "peacekeeping operations", thus allowing military action by the World Assembly, which is against everything this institution stands for; HEREBY CONDEMNS The Federation of Auralia.
  7. After a week of nominations and campaigning being open, it is now time to vote for an Arbiter General This vote will run for seven days, and be open until the 15th of March. Should my previously discussed period of absence preclude me from closing the vote at that time, there will hopefully be an acting Chief Minister doing that for me. Best of luck to both candidates, and please make a note in the thread when you have voted so that all votes can be accounted for.
  8. The Monkye

    Liberate Anarchy

    SECURITY COUNCIL RESOLUTION AT VOTE Liberate Anarchy A resolution to strike down Delegate-imposed barriers to free entry in a region. Category: Liberation Nominee (region): Anarchy Proposed by: YoriZ Description: The Security Council, Recognizing that the region of Anarchy has existed as a community in NationStates for over 10 years, Noting the region's historic neutrality in the war between invaders and defenders, its acceptance of nations of all backgrounds, and its laudable mission to encourage political debate and dialogue amongst its members, Lamenting that Anarchy was invaded on February 3, 2014 by The Black Riders, a group notorious for region destruction, tag raiding and other nefarious behavior for which it was condemned twice by this Council, Dismayed that the invasion has turned to a long-term occupation, during which natives who dared protest against the invasion had been ejected and all dissent had been suppressed, Aware that it is a matter of time before The Black Riders' WA Delegate gains sufficient influence to lock-down the region, and painfully aware that they could unleash destruction without interference from defenders, natives, and the world at large, Concious that natives have no hope to reclaim their region once that happens, Noting that Security Council intervention is the only course of action that could save Anarchy from The Black Riders' rapacious assault, Hereby Liberates Anarchy. Debate this resolution in the Security Council forum.
  9. The Monkye

    Responsible Armaments Trading

    GENERAL ASSEMBLY RESOLUTION AT VOTE Responsible Armaments Trading A resolution to slash worldwide military spending. Category: Global Disarmament Strength: Mild Proposed by: Sciongrad Description: The General Assembly, Reaffirming its position of international peace and goodwill, Recognizing the extreme hazard to national populations posed by the unregulated trade of weapons and armaments, Hoping to limit the involvement of member nations and their citizens in violence made possible by the aforementioned unregulated trade of weapons and armaments, And to this end resolves; 1. The term "armament" shall be defined as military equipment, such as firearms, ammunition, and/or any other device that may possess a practical application in military conflict, including the parts necessary in their construction or production; 2. The term "transfer" shall be defined as the movement of an armament from one member nation, political subdivisions thereof, and/or non-state entities associated with a member nation to any other such entity, including non-member nations and non-state entities not associated with any nation; 3. The term "end-user certificate" shall be defined as an affidavit completed by the buyer of armaments subject to the provisions of this resolution which verifies that said buyer is the final recipient of the product; 4. All manufacturers, exporters, and brokers of armaments within member nations shall be required to register with the relevant government(s) of the nation(s) in which they operate, and the terms of such a registration shall, at minimum, encompass the provisions of this resolution; 5. The export of armaments by any manufacturer, exporter, and/or broker operating within a member nation shall make the sale of their armaments conditional on the completion of an end-user certificate by the buyer; member nations are strongly urged to implement systems of end-use monitoring to ensure that the end-user certificate is authentic, when possible; 6. The sale or transfer of armaments shall be prohibited if: There is reason to suspect they will be used to initiate, or aid the aggressor in, a war of conquest or expropriation, There is reason to suspect that they will be used in contravention of extant World Assembly legislation on human rights, The armaments are non-discriminatory in nature, or if they pose a long-term environmental hazard when used, There is reason to suspect that they will be diverted from their originally intended recipient, or There is reason to suspect that the armaments may be used in such a way that contributes to socioeconomic deterioration in the recipient nation; 7. The sale or transfer of armaments to non-member nations with the intent of then transferring them to nations where the aforementioned circumstances apply shall be prohibited.
  10. The Monkye

    Vote: Government Theme

    Ok ladies and gentlemen, Being that we have two well thought out options for the next government theme, I thought the fairest way to decide would be by vote. Obviously we don't want it to drag on too long, so I will aim to have the vote closed and the new theme decided upon by Sunday the 9th of March, Australian time. Option 1: Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire theme Hand of the King - Chief Minister Lord Commander of the Kingsguard - Chief of StaffMaster of Coin - Home OfficerMaster of Laws - Records and Statistics OfficerMaster of Whispers - IntelligenceMaster of Ships - Foreign Affairs OfficerGrand Maester - Arbiter General Great Council - The SenateSmall Council - The CabinetThe King - The FounderThe Kingsguard - The E-Army Option 2: Foundation Theme: The Emperor - FounderFirst Minister - Delegate The Encyclopedist - Chief Minister The Mayor - Internal Affairs The Speakers - Senators The Traders - Ambassadors The Merchant Prince - External Affairs The Mule - E Army The Psychohistorian - Intelligence The Conspirators- Arbiter General Foundation - Cabinet Second Foundation - The Senate
  11. Kubrikistan

    Rainforest Protection Act

    Rainforest Protection Act A resolution to increase the quality of the world's environment, at the expense of industry. Category: Environmental Industry Affected: woodchipping Proposed by: The Scientific States Description: The General Assembly Recognizing tropical rainforests as are forests characterized by high rainfall, home to many unique ecosystems with a variety of creatures, flora and fauna Aware that tropical rainforests play a crucial role in maintaining a stable climate by absorbing and encapsulating vast amounts of CO2 Believing that the preservation of tropical rainforests is beneficial because they absorb vast quantities of carbon dioxide Further believing that tropical rainforests are home to millions of different species, and contain many beneficial aspects to help the planetary climate Concerned that continued degradation will tip the balance and transform them from carbon sinks into carbon sources, thus increasing the rate of global warming Further concerned that the practice of slash-and-burn agriculture destroys vast swaths of tropical rainforests each year. Noting that tropical rainforests may contain as yet undiscovered plant species who's potential medicinal properties may lead to important advances in medical science. Further noting that tropical rainforests are home to many non-industrial tribes who's lives and lifestyles are threatened by deforestation and contact with diseases that they have no immunity towards. Further concerned that there has yet to be a WA resolution to tackle the issues generated by tropical rainforest deforestation, which include extinction of species, displacement of native residents, and drastic environmental consequences. Defining the following terms: a. Tropical rainforest a forest ecosystem characterized by mean annual temperatures above 24 °C and annual precipitation greater than 800 cm; b. Slash-and-burn agriculture an agricultural technique which involves cutting and burning of forests or woodlands to create fields. c. Protected area An ecosystem with an area of at least 1000 hectares of natural habitat, not altered by exploitation or occupation that is subject to special legal protection and restrictions to exploitation Hereby Mandates that tropical rainforest areas be given protected area status. Bans the use of slash-and-burn techniques in rainforest areas of WA nations. Also Bans the exploitation of mineral resources in tropical rainforest areas through any techniques that damage the surface ecosystem, in part or in full. Exempts non-industrial tribes from those provisions that would lead to the destruction of their lifestyles. Establishes the Tropical Rainforest Protection Agency (TRPA) to oversee exploitation and reforestation of tropical rainforest areas in WA nations. Authorizes the TRPA to: -(I)conduct inspections of national tropical rainforests in order to determine the state of said rainforests -(II)establish, on a case by case basis, the quantity of timber that may be exploited from a nation's tropical rainforests. -(III)monitor reforestation efforts and the effects mineral resource extraction for the purpose of establishing quotas and certifying compliance. Prohibits WA nations from accepting imports of timber or mineral resources that are not obtained in a manner compliant with this resolution. Strongly encourages nations to seek the development of new and more sustainable agricultural techniques that can improve the lives of farmers living in or around tropical rainforest areas. Co-Author Grobladonia Votes For: 4,872 (70%) Votes Against: 2,116 (30%) Voting Ends: in 2 days 17 hours
  12. Kubrikistan

    Commend A Slanted Black Stripe

    Commend A Slanted Black Stripe A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region. Category: Commendation Nominee: A Slanted Black Stripe Proposed by: Ramaeus Description: The Security Council, Observing that on August 16, 2008, a group of nations calling itself the “Empire” invaded and took over the The East Pacific (which was inactive at the time) and that their occupation lasted four months: a significant amount of time for an occupation of that magnitude, Recognizing that the Empire managed to wrestle the inactive Pacific giant into a stranglehold and that breaking this power required an extensive amount of effort from the regions local and legitimate stewards, Understanding that, prior to the invasion of The East Pacific, the nation known as The Ancient Sages of A Slanted Black Stripe did not participate in the regional government of The East Pacific and that the invasion and subsequent actions of the Empire stirred A Slanted Black Stripe (ASBS) into action, Noting that the Empire arbitrarily ejected over 100 nations from The East Pacific out of spite and noting that many of these were WA member nations loyal to the legitimate government of the region or simply disinterested, a grievous abuse of the powers of the delegate, Realizes that said ejections stirred ASBS into action and, with the help of a few prominent members (Kandarin, who gave advice on influence, and 1 Infinite Loop who game advice on the type of campaign needed to remove the Empire from power) of The East Pacific government, started an unendorsement campaign along with Dannistaan, a trusted member of The East Pacific, to rid the empire from power, Further Recognizes that the main reason that ASBS's unendorsement campaign worked was due to its honest and straightforward message, whilst the Empire's primary means of combating the campaign was through deception, a tactic their members (such as “Lord Rahl”, AKA “Biyah”, who helped organize a number of phony and failed “liberation” attempts of The East Pacific) were very familiar with, Further Observing that the Empire, after being severely damaged by the resistance it met from loyal TEP locals such as ASBS, resigned December 21, 2008 and that on December 24, 2008 ASBS was elected delegate of The East Pacific alongside vice-delegate Dannistaan, Admiring the diligence of ASBS as not only interim delegate of The East Pacific, a position which ordinarily requires the dedication of much attention and work, but as the key nation responsible for rebuilding and reforming the legitimate government of The East Pacific (the Confederacy which still thrives today) after the Empire's coup, Further Admiring the diligence of ASBS in this trying position, admiring the nation's dedication and loyalty to the sovereign development of its home region. admiring its involvement in the drafting of TEP's Concordat (the Confederacy's constitutional document which guides The East Pacific to this day), respecting this nation's contributions as an election commissioner after its term was over, and believing the actions of ASBS worthy of recognition and acclaim, Hereby commends The Ancient Sages of A Slanted Black Stripe. Votes For: 4,951 (84%) Votes Against: 942 (16%) Voting Ends: in 2 days 18 hours Debate thread.
  13. Kubrikistan

    Nuclear Proliferation Accords

    Nuclear Proliferation Accords A resolution to slash worldwide military spending. Category: Global Disarmament Strength: Significant Proposed by: United Federation of Canada Description:The World Assembly, Believing that the benefits of the peaceful application of nuclear technology should be available to all World Assembly member nations and convinced that all member nations are entitled to participate in the exchange of information for the further development of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes, Disturbed by the possibility of widespread devastation that could occur as the result of a nuclear war and further believing that the proliferation of nuclear weapons increases the danger of nuclear war, Recognizes that some nations choose to possess nuclear weapons, and further recognizes that some nations choose not to possess nuclear weapons, or have yet to develop them, Alarmed at the potential threat posed to all nations in regards to the acquisition of nuclear weaponry by rogue states, terrorist and/or extremist organizations, For the purposes of this convention defines: A. A nuclear weapon as a weapon whose destructive power comes from energy produced exclusively by nuclear reactions, B. Proliferation as the spread of nuclear weapons, fissile material, and weapons-applicable nuclear technology and information, Hereby declares member nations shall not: 1. Directly transfer ownership of nuclear weapons to any other nation, 2. Directly receive ownership of nuclear weapons from any other nation, 3. Assist any nation in the manufacturing or design of nuclear weapons or, gaining control over such weapons, Further declares: 1. That nations may transfer weapons to other nations for the purpose of disarming, and decommissioning such weapons as long as all materials are transferred back to the originating nation, 2. May station nuclear armaments on territory of another nation, as long as such armaments remain under ownership and control of originating nation, Nothing in this act shall be interpreted as: 1. Affecting the right of member nations to research, produce and/or use nuclear energy for peaceful purposes, or their participation in the exchange of equipment, materials and scientific and technological information for peaceful purposes, 2. Affecting the right of member nations to develop nuclear arms using their own technology and manufacturing capabilities, Requires member nations ensure nuclear weapon designs and specifications remain national secrets and further ensure that they be prevented from falling into possession of persons and/or nations who have the intent to contravene these accords. Votes For: 2,026 (24%) Votes Against: 6,252 (76%) Voting Ends: in 2 days 6 hours Debate thread.
  14. Kubrikistan

    Reducing Automobile Emissions

    Reducing Automobile Emissions A resolution to increase the quality of the world's environment, at the expense of industry. Category: Environmental Industry affected: Automobile industry Proposed by: Abacathea Description: Commending the efforts of many WA member-states to improving the quality of the environment and their willingness to adapt feasible approaches towards achieving this goal; Believing that the reduction of waste emissions from the automotive industry is an international issue with significant climate implications and that no simple solutions exist to tackling these issues; Noting that waste products and emissions from mechanical forms of transportation such as cars, buses, trains, shipping, and air travel, constitute a significant source of atmospheric pollutants, and believing that every nation and industry should accept a collective responsibility and affirmative response attitude towards lowering their output of these pollutants; The General Assembly; 1: Defines, for the purposes of this resolution; "automobile" as a mechanically propelled vehicle designed for the carriage of goods or people powered in part or fully by an engine or likewise device, and "emissions" as gases released into the atmosphere that are established to be harmful to persons or the natural environment, 2: Mandates, under this resolution; (i) A requirement of all member nations to take any and all economically viable measures to reduce automobile emissions; (ii) The establishment of the International Automobile Emissions Commission (IAEC) with the following mandate: -to create procedures for the collection and publishing of automobile emissions data by member nations and automobile manufacturers, -to establish recommended automobile emissions standards based on this data, -to submit an annual report to the World Assembly on automobile emissions in member nations, including projections of future automobile emissions and progress towards the implementation of IAEC standards; 3: Further requires all member nations and automobile manufacturers to implement IAEC reporting standards; 4: Encourages member nations to incentivize the development of automobile emission reduction technologies, as well as the modification or replacement of in-service automobiles producing excessive emissions; 5: Further encourages member nations to share effective emissions reduction technologies with other nations. Votes For: 5,104 (73%) Votes Against: 1,880 (27%) Voting Ends: in 2 days 15 hours Link to the debate thread.
  15. Kubrikistan

    Condemn New Edom

    Condemn New Edom Description of resolution's category Category: Condemnation Nominee: New Edom Proposed by: Bodobol Description: The Security Council, RECOGNIZING that each World Assembly member nation has a duty to adhere to each of its resolutions, DISGUSTED that New Edom, a member of the World Assembly, has repeatedly violated several resolutions, including General Assembly Resolutions #9, #15, #23, #30, #35, #38 and #160, and shows no signs of trying to adhere to its duty, APALLED that said nation has committed acts of genocide against the native Elwe people inside its own borders and denied several rights to LGBT citizens, including those outlined in GA Resolutions #15 and #35, SHOCKED at the discriminatory actions of the government against those who criticize it, including forcibly disbanding the Feminist Party and sentencing its members to hard labor or execution and jailing and raiding the homes of anarchists and socialists, DEPLORING the government of New Edom for doing little to stop widespread discrimination against its own LGBT citizens, and actually encouraging it by making homosexuality appear abnormal via the establishment of several, albeit voluntary, re-education camps throughout the nation, DENOUNCES New Edom as a misogynistic, homophobic nation whose human rights abuses include allowing women to be forced into marriages, HEREBY CONDEMNS New Edom. Votes For: 1,767 (35%) Votes Against: 3,285 (65%) Voting Ends: in 3 days 3 hours Link to the debate thread.
  16. Kubrikistan

    Foreign Trademark Recognition

    Foreign Trademark Recognition A resolution to reduce barriers to free trade and commerce. Category: Free Trade Strength: Mild Proposed by: Auralia Description: Recognizing that businesses often use trademarks to identify their goods or services, Believing that international recognition of trademarks will reduce consumer confusion in the marketplace while rewarding businesses for producing higher quality goods and services, The General Assembly, Defines "trademark", for the purposes of this resolution, as a group of words, a visual design, an auditory expression, or some combination thereof that is used to identify goods or services from a particular source; Further defines "trademark right", for the purposes of this resolution, as the set of exclusive rights granted to a distributor of goods or services regarding the use of a specific trademark, including the right: to use that trademark to identify goods or services from that distributor and to distinguish those goods and services from those of other distributors, to seek damages from and injunction against any other entity using that trademark in conjunction with the distribution of similar goods or services, to license any of these rights to others, and to extinguish any of these rights; Further defines "foreign trademark", for the purposes of this resolution, as any trademark for which a trademark right is recognized by the member nation where the relevant distributor is located; Mandates that each member nation recognize the exclusive rights associated with foreign trademarks for as long as the relevant distributors actively make use of their foreign trademarks when distributing goods and services in that member nation; Authorizes each member nation to create reasonable limitations and exceptions to the exclusive rights associated with certain foreign trademarks when such trademarks are: merely descriptive of a product or service, or synonymous with a particular type of product or service, deceptive or fraudulent, confusingly similar to a trademark already recognized by that member nation, or to the name of another distributor or geographical location in that member nation, except when that trademark or that name was purposefully chosen to cause confusion in the marketplace due to its similarity with a foreign trademark, in violation of general restrictions on freedom of expression, or prohibited by any additional trademark regulations created by that member nation, so long as such regulations remain consistent with the goals of this resolution; Clarifies that nothing in this resolution should be interpreted as requiring member nations to recognize domestic trademarks; Further clarifies that nothing in this resolution should be interpreted as limiting the World Assembly from further legislating on trademarks. Votes For: 6,450 (81%) Votes Against: 1,494 (19%) Voting Ends: in 1 day 18 hours NS Forum debate.
  17. Kubrikistan

    Commend SkyDip

    Commend SkyDip A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region. Category: Commendation Nominee: SkyDip Proposed by: Abacathea Description: Recognizing the purposes of the security council to denounce, liberate and commend regions and nations deemed worthy of the relevant accolades. Believing: That the nation of Skydip has earned the right to be commended by this august assembly through their constant and evident strives to better not only the World Assembly nations but also nations who find themselves enthralled in it's murky depths. Impressed: With the nations authorship of several fine Security Council resolutions by the WA representative of SkyDip, Ambassador Elias Greyjoy, including a Commendation, Condemnation, and multiple Repeals. Admiring: The good work Skydip has done for their own nation including being among the top 1% of the world for least corrupt governance, top 5% for happiest citizens and 1% for welfare for it's state, highlighting exactly how respectable and ultimately commendable this nation is. Further recognizing: Not just the tireless efforts Skydip has provided to ensuring the residents of it's own nation are happy, safe and well looked after, but admiring the great work Skydip has done for new nations entering the often dread worthy Security Council in terms of being a guiding figure and supportive elder statesmen of this branch of the World Assembly. Believing: That Skydip in their role as Delegate of Europeia will only be able to further benefit other nations and the Security Council as time progresses through their knowledge and approachability and that this commendation will further cement and acknowledge the work Skydip has put in and will likely continue to put in, to the world community as a whole. Acknowledging: The heavy weight SkyDip carries in the international community as an expert in matters of the Security Council and other areas such as military tactics, inter-regional foreign policy, and knowledge of the world at-large Overlooking: The semi badass portrayal this nation lends itself to in the international community for the above more laudable pursuits and achievements. Hereby; Commends Skydip. Votes For: 2,920 (61%) Votes Against: 1,858 (39%) Voting Ends: in 3 days 6 hours Link to NS Forum debate here.
  18. Kubrikistan

    Rights of Neutral States

    Rights of Neutral States A resolution to slash worldwide military spending. Category: Global disarmament Strength: Mild Proposed by: Sciongrad Description: The World Assembly, REAFFIRMING that it is a right of states to refrain from conflicts that do not directly involve them, BELIEVING that it is a responsibility of this Assembly to uphold this right, And to this end resolves; The term "neutral state" shall be defined as any state that has formally declared a policy of non-involvement, either in a specific conflict that involves one or more other states or in all such conflicts beyond its own borders (as 'general neutrality'), that has not participated in a relevant current conflict, and is in full compliance with the obligations of neutrals as listed in this resolution; The term "belligerent" shall be defined as any state with armed forces involved in a relevant conflict; The obligations of neutral states are as follows: The state shall not allow any belligerent’s forces to cross or remain within its lands, excepting as clause 5 of this resolution lists, to launch attacks from or through its territories, or to recruit therein, nor shall it be legal for its people to serve belligerents as mercenaries; The state may not perform any actions within or against belligerents that this resolution forbids belligerents to perform within or against neutrals, except that it may use reasonable force to repel belligerent forces that are violating its neutrality; The state must not sell or otherwise supply war materiel to a belligerent, or allow anybody within its borders to do so, or allow its agencies or businesses to transport war materiel for belligerents, or (except as any other WA law specifies) allow war materiel for belligerents to cross its territories; The rights of neutral states are as follows: Belligerents may not declare war or commit any acts of war against states neutral in the relevant wars, and no WA member may do so at all to states that follow ‘general neutrality’; Belligerents may not send armed forces into or across neutrals’ territories, except as this or another WA resolution specifically allows; Belligerents must not conscript people with a neutral’s nationality into their service, unless that neutral state agreed before the war that those people also hold the belligerent’s nationality; Belligerents must not interfere with neutrals’ international trade, except as any other WA law specifically allows; Belligerents must not compel prisoners of war (POWs) to enter a neutral’s territory with the express intent that those people be caught and interned therein; The following individuals or groups of belligerent states have the right of free passage within the territories of neutral states and vice versa; furthermore, any states trespassed upon have the right and duty to intern any trespassing personnel until either the conflict ends or both sides agree to their release: Accidental strays who intend on leaving immediately; Warships that were in serious danger of wreck, for a reasonable time to have their own crew make repairs to improve seaworthiness (but not to improve specifically combat-related systems); As members of diplomatic missions, within reason; Casualties or POWs being repatriated with both belligerent sides’ consent; Escaped POWs; Member nations that form military alliances with any non-member nation must make full compliance with the provisions of this resolution by that ally a term of the alliance. Votes For: 1,393 (43%) Votes Against: 1,831 (57%) Voting Ends: in 3 days 18 hours Link to the NS forum debate here.
  19. Kubrikistan

    Invasive Species Response Act

    Invasive Species Response Act A resolution to increase the quality of the world's environment, at the expense of industry. Category: Envinronmental Industry Affected: All Business Proposed by: Icamera Description: The World Assembly, CONCERNED that the serious universal issue of invasive plant and animal species has been overlooked by the international community; HIGHLIGHTING accidental overproliferation of invasive species as not only a threat to ecosystems across the world, but also a significant, yet preventable financial burden for businesses and governments; STRIVING to reduce such consequences by promoting international response to present invasive species outbreaks and cooperation in curbing future spread of dangerous species; Hereby; DEFINES "invasive species" as any non-sapient plant or animal species posing a serious risk of rapid, uncontrolled, and detrimental population growth upon being introduced to a new environment; INSTITUTES an international ban on the unregulated introduction of potential invasive species to nations in which said species are likely to overtake or displace indigenous flora and fauna; MANDATES that nations or other groups desiring to introduce any potentially beneficial non-native species conduct highly thorough research into the potential consequences thereof and maintain a fund for use in population control efforts should they become necessary; REQUIRES that nations maintain a reasonably comprehensive, freely accessible registry of indigenous species indicating their reproductive capacity, biological predators, genetic variability, and ideal environmental conditions, among other information relevant to population growth capacity or pest control; ENCOURAGES cooperation between member-states and the World Assembly Science Program in identifying species with the potential to thrive in and dominate certain environments or cause extinctions of native species; PERMITS customs officials to take necessary action against individuals suspected of cross-border smuggling of potential invasive species via airports, docks, post, or national and local borders; OUTLAWS practices of the shipping industry conducive to the accidental spread of invasive species, namely the discharge of ballast water in coastal waters or internal waterways and use of inadequate vessel-cleaning procedures; GRANTS businesses, particularly those involved in agriculture, forestry, fishing, and other industries whose profitability is likely to be hampered by the costs of invasive species management, full access to the aforementioned registries; FURTHERMORE AFFIRMS the right of said businesses to apply for guaranteed low-interest loans to be spent on management of harmful invasive species, upon the presentation of credible scientific evidence proving the necessity of assistance. Co-authored by Ceni Votes For: 3,657 (71%) Votes Against: 1,522 (29%) Voting Ends: in 3 days 14 hours --- Debate for this resolution can be found here.
  20. Kubrikistan

    Ombudsmen Act

    Ombudsmen Act A resolution to reduce income inequality and increase basic welfare. Category: Social Justice Strength: Mild Proposed by: Imperium Londinium Description: The WA: RECOGNISING that the ability of citizens to exercise their rights is limited and finite in comparison to the scale and power of corporate or governmental bodies; UNDERSTANDING that, for most parties to a conflict, costly legal action is often the only available option due to lack of adequate independent arbitration; BELIEVING THEREFORE that the free services of Ombudsmen are necessary to ensure that the cases of individual complaints are fairly ruled upon. Hereby: CREATES national Ombudsmen Services in every nation to serve the public and national interests; MANDATES that national Ombudsmen Services have the following powers and requirements : A free to access and use service to provide a forum for complaints from individuals against government agencies or corporations The power to compel organisations or government agencies to negotiate with individuals The power to accept or decline complaints based upon local laws and customs The power to advise or mediate between individuals and organisations to achieve a fair result ADVISES nations to increase the remit of Ombudsmen Services to make the recommendations of the Ombudsmen legally binding to all parties; RECOMMENDS that nations create individual Ombudsmen Services with remits over specific areas of interest, such as Healthcare, Finance etc; CHARGES Ombudsmen Services to uphold fair practice in arbitrating complaints of maladministration or violation of rights, noting that the legal representation of a company or government agency is likely to be superior to that of an individual; CREATES the International Ombudsmen Oversight Committee (IOOC) which is charged with ensuring that the Ombudsmen follow the principle of fairness, the local laws, and industry best practice; DEFINES the role of the IOOC to be an international forum comprised of members from each WA state Ombudsmen service, as a place to share industry best practice and to highlight to the public areas where national Ombudsmen Services can or should improve; ORDERS all national governments make all reasonable attempts to make their citizenry aware of the new Ombudsman Service, and the right of all citizens to make reasonable complaints about government organisations or corporations; DECLARES that nothing in this Act shall limit national sovereignty of member nations to determine whether the evaluated opinion of their Ombudsman Service is provided on the basis of a pure mediator with no legal power, a mediator whose verdicts are legally binding, or some other alternative. PERMITS individual nations to rename their Ombudsman Services as they see fit, so long as the service still complies with this resolution. Votes For: 1,712 (35%) Votes Against: 3,128 (65%) Voting Ends: in 3 days 7 hours
  21. Repeal "Freedom in Medical Research" A resolution to repeal previously passed legislation. Category: Repeal Resolution: GA#171 Proposed by: Christian Democracts Description: WA General Assembly Resolution #171: Freedom in Medical Research (Category: Free Trade; Strength: Significant) shall be struck out and rendered null and void. Argument: The General Assembly, Realizing that Resolution 171, Freedom in Medical Research, says the following, "Doctors, and other medical professionals that utilize controversial forms of treatment shall not be penalized by either the individual, post-procedure, or the government, unless fully informed consent was not acquired," Regretting that this provision prevents patients from suing physicians who have harmed them while providing "controversial forms of treatment" and that it further prevents governments from prosecuting or removing the medical licenses of physicians who act negligently while providing "controversial forms of treatment," a phrase that the resolution never defines, Believing that the patient, at least in some cases (which should be determined by law), is entitled to compensation for any loss or injury that he suffers at the hands of a physician, even if that patient did provide informed consent to the procedure that harmed him, Opining that consent to a controversial procedure is not necessarily consent to every potential loss or injury that might result therefrom, Suggesting that physicians who perform "controversial forms of treatment" and want to avoid lawsuits require the persons whom they are treating to sign contracts waiving the right to sue (see Resolution 205, Freedom to Contract) instead of relying on this Assembly to protect them from their own negligence or incompetence when they harm their patients, Concerned that the provision quoted above unduly might restrict the authority of governments to regulate or to ban unproven medical procedures that are performed by charlatans and that are likely to cause severe harm or significant financial loss to patients and their families, Noting that Resolution 171, Freedom in Medical Research, also says the following, "Medicinal drugs, and other such substances shall visibly print the side-effects, ingredients, and the company in which the substance was produced on the vessel in which it's sold in," Understanding that it is often impossible to fit an entire list of the ingredients and potential side effects of a drug on the label of the vessel and that it is more reasonable for the drug and its container to be accompanied by a separate pamphlet or booklet that contains a full list of ingredients and potential side effects in a font size that is large enough to read, Worried, therefore, that the requirement that all side effects and ingredients be printed on the vessel is unreasonable, Holding the position that Resolution 171, Freedom in Medical Research, is flawed for the aforementioned reasons, Clarifying that the passage of this repeal does not prevent member states from enacting and enforcing their own laws to provide legal protection or immunity to physicians who offer and provide controversial or experimental forms of medical treatment, Repeals Resolution 171, Freedom in Medical Research, thus rendering it null and void. Votes For: 3,816 (70%) Votes Against: 1,619 (30%) Voting Ends: in 3 days 5 hours --- Debate at the General Assembly forum.
  22. Repeal "International Competition Law" A resolution to repeal previously passed legislation. Category: Repeal Resolution: GA#70 Proposed by: The Dourian Embassy Description: WA General Assembly Resolution #70: International Competition Law (Category: Free Trade; Strength: Significant) shall be struck out and rendered null and void. Argument: The World Assembly, Cognizant of the intentions of GA#70 to reduce anti-competitive practices in the international market, Admiring those intentions and lauding the efforts of the International Trade Administration, Believing that the resolution in question has limited effectiveness, because it does not account for new or evolved anti-competitive practices, Disappointed that the failure of foresight has led to the proliferation of many such practices worldwide, Recognizing that the methods of regulation tasked to the International Trade Administration are excessively cumbersome, Noting that the resolution seeks an international solution to the problems many national regulatory agencies face, Understanding, however, that easing the burdens national regulatory agencies face in the pursuit of good business practices, rather than assuming those burdens, would be a preferable solution to those problems, Believing that the World Assembly can work to ease those burdens and stop anti-competitive practices more easily without GA#70, Hereby repeals GA#70. Co-Authored By Glen-Rhodes. Votes For: 2,822 (83%) Votes Against: 588 (17%) Voting Ends: in 3 days 17 hours
  23. Kubrikistan

    Outer Space Peace Act

    Outer Space Peace Act A resolution to slash worldwide military spending. Category: Global Disarmament Strength: Significant Proposed by: The Black Hat Guy Description: The World Assembly, RECOGNIZING the need to preserve the peaceful future of space travel and colonization, REALIZING that nations will inevitably attempt to use space to further their own military efforts, DESIRING to promote peace within space, given that it necessarily will be further colonized in order to preserve the future of sentient species, HOPING that space will become a place of peace in which nations will not engage in warfare, DEFINES for the purpose of this resolution: (i) “Space” to be the entire area of the average distance from a inhabited area's land to its center plus half of that distance, that is inhabited by a civilian population of a sapient species at the time of the passage of this resolution, (ii) Chemical weapon to be any chemical agent designed to cause death or disease to any living being without the use of explosive, bludgeoning, burning, puncturing, etc, force, (iii) Nuclear weapon to be any weapon that derives a force that would generate at least a 100 meter radius explosion at sea level on Earth from nuclear binding energy; (iv) State of war as the period following the declaration of war in retaliation against attacks by other nations, HEREBY MANDATES that no WA member states place any nuclear weapons in any area of space, unless they are in a state of war and have reasonable evidence to suggest that said nation possesses nuclear weapons; FURTHER MANDATES that no WA member states place any chemical weapons in any area of space; REQUIRES that nations dismantle or move out of space any nuclear weapons they have placed in space after they have left a state of war or when there is no longer a material nuclear threat from the nation they are at war with, whichever is earlier; CLARIFYING that "Space" as defined by this resolution extends beyond the orbit of modern orbital weapons, and as such current orbital weapons are not affected by this resolution; ENCOURAGES nations to further limit the use of weapons in space; FURTHER ENCOURAGES nations to use space and related technology for the single purpose of benefiting all sapient species, not solely their nation or region; ESTABLISHES the Space Disarmament Committee (SDC) with the following duties: a) To send officials to all nations to ensure compliance with the terms of this resolution, b) To classify chemical and nuclear weapons as such in order to prevent abuse; REQUIRES that all member states comply with the officials sent by the SDC; MANDATES that nations take measures to ensure that private entities comply with the terms of this resolution. Votes For: 3,284 (30%) Votes Against: 7,776 (70%) Voting Ends: in 1 day 14 hours
  24. Kubrikistan

    Repeal "Condemn Hippostania"

    Repeal "Condemn Hippostania" A resolution to repeal previously passed legislation. Category: Repeal Resolution: SC#107 Proposed by: SkyDip Description: WA Security Council Resolution #107: Condemn Hippostania shall be struck out and rendered null and void. Argument: The Security Council, RECOGNIZING the World Assembly as a sovereign and governing body of the member nations therein, REALIZING that many nations which hold membership in the World Assembly are in violation, intentionally or otherwise, of some laws passed by the General Assembly, BELIEVING that it is fully unrealistic to expect all nations in the WA to comply to the letter of every mandate, law, and sub-council given power in these halls, FURTHER BELIEVING that The Republic of Hippostania exaggerated tales of their WA transgressions and that the nation in question sought a Security Council Condemnation as a tool of notoriety and fame, NOTING that Hippostania has not carried out any unique or particularly world-affecting misdeeds as characterized in SC#107 and that many of the crimes mentioned have been trumped-up with extravagant claims and information provided by Hippostania, a practice highly discouraged in the Security Council, COGNISANT that far more evil nations exist in the world that deserve the attention of the Security Council and that such Condemnations should have their use restricted to nations that commit the most egregious transgressions in order to not diminish its value, CONFIRMING that such relatively minor infractions should not be forever immortalized in the halls of the Security Council, WISHING TO altogether strike down a Condemnation that could be easily applied to many nations across the world, HEREBY REPEALS SC#107. Votes For: 5,227 (80%) Votes Against: 1,298 (20%) Voting Ends: in 3 days 4 hours
  25. Repeal "Physical Sites Protection Act" A resolution to repeal previously passed legislation. Category: Repeal Resolution: GA#244 Proposed by: The Dourian Embassy Description: WA General Assembly Resolution #244: Physical Sites Protection Act (Category: Environmental; Industry Affected: All Businesses) shall be struck out and rendered null and void. Argument: The World Assembly, Acknowledging the good intentions of GA#244, Believing, however, that the vast assortment of sites in WA nations would be better handled by those individual nations, Further insisting that the WA cannot begin to comprehend the cultural significance, nor regulate the use of innumerable sites that exist in WA nations, Clarifying that man-made sites may become significant through their commercial use, and that banning such use would irreparably harm a site's cultural significance, Insisting that the PHPC’s interference in a nation’s preservation could actually cause more harm to the site’s integrity and value, Noting the development of a culturally significant site may be tied directly to non-interference in its creation and maintenance, Realizing that individual nations can protect their cultural heritage more efficiently and effectively than the World Assembly as a whole, Considering the flaws present in the original resolution, and confident in the ability of WA nations to legislate on this issue individually, Hereby repeals GA#244. Co-Authored by Gatchina Votes For: 6,725 (77%) Votes Against: 2,001 (23%) Voting Ends: in 2 days 16 hours